A fantasy for hubby

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A fantasy for hubbyWe’ve rented a nice hotel room and are getting it ready for a visitor – mmmmm – who could it be? You and I are laying out a few things, a little oil, some wine that’s all we really need.There is a nice Jacuzzi in here – we need to get all steamy and clean – she’ll be here soon Terje – my present to us together – hmmmmmmm – you are wondering. We hop in – washing each other – soaping each other – feeling each other – mmmmmmmmm you are nice and hard – allllll ready – I massage your cock under water – slippery and warm – I dip under and take you in my mouth as long as I can hold my breath – circling my tongue around your throbbing piece – massaging your balls as I come up – we need to keep that baby hard because you are going to neeed it trust me. I’m alllll freshly shaven and clean as are you. A knock on the door – you answer as I dry off- our friend is here.A beautiful Asian greets you and drops her jacket in front of you at the door – nothing underneath mmmmmmmmmm – she walks in brushing past you bahis siteleri canlı smelling wonderful – I tremble at the sight! You shut the door and I ask her over – we have talked before so we know what is to come – this is my surprise for you. I tell her to kneel down so she can suck on your wonderful hard cock – I tell her to take it deep and slow – faster little by little – tickle his balls baby – make him feel wonderful! I lay down under her so I can lick her sweet pussy – suckling on her clit – so wet and juicy already mmmmmmmmmm. She is wriggling with pleasure – I suck harder and fuck her with my tongue – mmm tastes sooo nice! I grab your hands and place them on her tits and we massage them together – she is in heaven as are we. She takes you slowly in – running her teeth along your shaft – ever so gently – firmer as she pulls you all in then out again – again and again – you are soooooo hard mmmmm! Her long black hair swaying across her nice tits – my hands squeeze them pulling her farther into canlı bahis my mouth – fucking her harder with my tounge mmmm so goooood! She starts to grind and sway – sucking you harder faster – you are loving this by now I would hope – see it – feel it – strok your cock like she is sucking it mmmmmm.We all get up and she lays on the bed – I bend over her and start to finger her wildly and deeply as you take me from behind plunging your cock into my pussy again and again until I cum – slapping my ass til it burns mmmmm I can feeeel the handprints – fuck sooo good! You grab my hair yanking it hard – drawing me in deeper – mmmmmmmmmm – I hum pleasure into her soaking pussy – getting it soooo hot for you soon! You switch to my ass and fuck it – deeeep and hard – I love you in my ass – hurts soooo good – slapping my ass some more – thrusting thrusting – don’t cum yet – save some for her! I finger and suck her til she cums – juices are soooo wonderful – she is soo wet and ready for you…….how do you want her – bahis siteleri I want to see her on top of you taking you alllllll in before you fuck her from behind while she licks me clean – she’s riding your cock up and down – she’s moaning at the pleasure – u feel so good inside her – slowly and gently at first – you squeeze her breasts – she bends over you so you can suckle them – mmmmm she moans loudly as I finger her ass while you thrust upwards into her. You flip her around – her face over my pussy – she sucks my swollen clit and hole as you plunge into her Asian pussy – long deep thrusts – sooooo ready to cum! Thrusting pounding oooooooooooo – you pull out and cum allll over our breasts – trembling – I lick and suck you clean while she uses her tounge to lick up all that wonderful cream from my breasts – I rub her breasts with my hands while sucking you still – rubbing your cream all over – mmmmmmmmmm – rubbing and lightly squeezing your balls with my creamy hands sucking them dry. I let her suck your spent cock while it relaxes – you tremble in her mouth with pleasure…… We all lay on the bed and relax – ready for round two after some wine and rest. We can always play while u watch and get hard allll over again – that’s for another time……………….