A Fair Agreement Pt. 01

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A Fair Agreement 1

Jimmy Wills walked up the stairs to the second floor of the two-family home and let out a deep sigh before knocking on the door. He owned the house for three years now, and rented the upstairs apartment to the couple who currently lived there only two months later. They had been model tenants at first, with the husband going to work everyday and the wife working from home.

For the past few months, however, things weren’t going so well. The Shiffrin’s had been having financial troubles, and were now two months behind on the rent. Jimmy tried to be patient and work with them, so he was wondering what prompted the note that was slid under his door asking him to come upstairs when he got home.

The door opened after a few moments. Paul Shiffrin stood there, an expression on his face that looked like a combination of sadness and nervousness. Paul was about forty years old, average height, and a slightly pudgy build. He had dark circles around his eyes, leading Jimmy to believe he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in about a week.

“Hey, Paul. I got your note. What’s up?” Jimmy asked, trying to soften the baritone of his voice to show some concern. He had grown to like the Shiffrins, often sharing meals and drinks with them.

“Please, come in, Jimmy,” Paul responded, gesturing with his hand. Jimmy entered and saw Lisa, the wife, sitting on the couch.

Lisa was an Asian-American BBW, with light-bronze skin, maroon hair that came down to her neck, and hazel colored eyes that were slightly almond-shaped. She had on a purple button-down blouse that showed off her ample bosom and a black pleated skirt that came down to her knees. Her thick legs were laid out straight on the couch. When she saw Jimmy enter, she curled her legs, making space on the couch for her landlord. “Hi Jimmy,” she said with a smile that looked a little forced.

“How you doing, Lisa?” Jimmy asked, sitting on the couch next to her.

“I’m okay,” she shrugged.

Paul sat down in a chair and leaned forward, his hands folded on his lap, and looked down at the floor.

“Okay, what’s up you two? What’s going on?” Jimmy asked, breaking the silence.

Paul looked up. “Well you know the two of us have been having money troubles lately.” Jimmy just nodded in response. “We, well, Lisa and I, wanted to to let you know that we appreciate you being patient with us during the past few months.”

“It’s no problem. I know shit can happen, and it’s not like you’re deadbeats.”

“Well, we appreciate it anyway,” Lisa said.

“And we asked you up here to see if we could come to some sort of arrangement for the rent until we can fully pay you back,” Paul continued.

“Arrangement? What kind of arrangement? Like a payment plan?”

“Not quite,” Paul answered, his voice barely above a whisper.

“Well then, what do you mean?” Jimmy asked, looking back and forth between the husband and wife.

“Well, I, that is, we, were wondering if you would be willing to have Lisa as a sort of payment?”

“Wait, what do you mean?” Jimmy asked, the confusion evident on his face. He looked over at Lisa, who was staring at the arm of the couch.

“Since she’s home during the day, we thought that, maybe a couple of days a week, while I’m out at work, you could come up and, well, ‘visit’ with her.”

“You mean have sex with her as back payment for rent?” Paul could only nod in response. “And you, Lisa, are you okay with this? You agreed to this?”

Lisa looked up at Jimmy and nodded. “We’ve been talking about this for a couple of weeks now,” she said. “As a matter of fact, it was my idea.”

“Your idea?”

“Yeah. We were trying to come up with something as a solution, and we don’t wanna have to move.”

The three of them sat in silence. Jimmy reached out and touched Lisa’s leg with a cocoa-colored hand. “I’m gonna have to think about this. I hope you understand, this is just a shock to me.” The Shiffrins nodded. Jimmy got up and walked to the door. “I’ll get back to you,” he said as he exited.

Two days later, Paul came home from work and walked up the stairs to his apartment. He paused at the door, hearing laughter on the other side. He entered, and saw Lisa sitting on the couch with Jimmy. Jimmy was wearing jeans and a tank top. Lisa had on a pair of denim shorts that came down to mid-thigh and a sheer white blouse that showed her pink bra underneath. Her feet were propped up on Jimmy’s legs, and the two of them stopped mid-laughter bahis siteleri when they saw Paul walk in.

“What’s going on? Does this mean you came to a decision?” Paul asked.

“You could say that,” Lisa answered, giggling.

“Sit down so we can talk,” Jimmy said, his dark hand stroking Lisa’s feet.

Paul sat in the same chair as before. “Did you already…?” he asked.

“No, we haven’t done anything yet. We’ve just been talking,” Lisa answered.

“I’ve been thinking about this arrangement you proposed, and I don’t think it’s fair,” Jimmy said.

“What do you mean it’s not fair?”

“Well, you’re the husband. You’re supposed to provide for your wife, right?”


“And how is it fair that, since you can’t provide for her, Lisa is the one who has to step up like this? How are you suffering?”

“I’m letting you have sex with my wife!” Paul exclaimed.

“Yeah, but we decided that’s not enough. I mean, if I come over and give her the dick while you’re not here, it’s ‘out of sight, out of mind’ for you. You can pretend it’s not happening.”

“We think you should be punished more, Paul,” Lisa chimed in, a smile on her face.

“Punished how?”

“You’re gonna watch me fuck your wife,” Jimmy said calmly.


“This isn’t up for negotiation, Paul,” Jimmy replied. “I’m making changes to this agreement. Since you’re not man enough to take care of this woman, you’re gonna watch how a real man does it.”

Paul started to rise from the chair. “What do you…”

“Sit down, Paul!” Jimmy said, raising his voice. Paul sat back down, shock on his face.

“I told you he would act like that if you asserted yourself,” Lisa said to Jimmy.

“Yeah, you were right,” Jimmy answered. He patted Lisa’s leg before gently removing her feet from his lap. He stood up and walked over to Paul.

“Here’s the new deal. Lisa is now mine. I come over when I want, use her how I want, and you don’t say shit about it,” Jimmy said, leaning in towards Paul. “You are now our bitch. What we say, you do. Is that understood?”

Paul just looked up at Jimmy, dumbfounded. Jimmy glanced back at Lisa. “I think poor Paul is at a loss for words. Maybe he needs to get used to the new situation.”

Jimmy walked back over to Lisa and held out his hand, helping her stand up. Her head came up to his shoulders, so he had to look down into her eyes. He pulled her closer, wrapping his arms around her torso and making sure his hands landed square on her plump ass. They gently kissed, their tongues dancing together.

Paul’s heart was racing in his chest, and his head was a swirl of emotions. How had this happened? This wasn’t supposed to be how it went down. He was watching his wife kiss his landlord!

“Do you get it yet, Paul? Do you understand now what this is?” Jimmy asked him while holding Lisa. Paul, still in shock, couldn’t answer.

“Let’s see if this helps his comprehension,” Lisa said. She began unbuttoning her blouse.

“Fuck that,” Jimmy said, before taking her blouse and ripping it open. In a flash, the shirt was on the floor, and Jimmy’s hands were expertly undoing the clasp of Lisa’s bra. She dropped the garment on top of the shirt as Jimmy grabbed her full tits in his brown hands. He leaned down and began licking on her peach-colored nipples, making a show of it. Lisa moaned, her nipples quickly getting hard from Jimmy’s tongue.

Paul could do nothing but watch, his mouth open, as Lisa’s hand slid down into Jimmy’s pants. “Oh, is this for me?” Lisa asked coyly.

“That’s what dumbass Paul said,” Jimmy replied. He looked over to Paul. “That is what you said, right?”

Without waiting for an answer, Jimmy helped Lisa undo his pants and pull them down. Paul could see the bulge in Jimmy’s boxers from his erection. Lisa smiled when she pulled the waistband of the underwear over Jimmy’s hard cock and watched the member bounce right back up, aimed at her stomach.

“You’re definitely bigger than Paul,” she remarked, her thick fingers softly stroking Jimmy’s rod.

“I bet I am. Just look at him sitting there. He looks like he has a small dick.”

“You should see it. It’s probably half the size of yours, maybe not even that.”

“I have to see this,” Jimmy said, chuckling.

“Really?” Lisa said, looking up into his eyes, her hand still on Jimmy’s member.


Lisa stepped over to Paul and knelt down in front of him. “No,” Jimmy said, sharply. canlı bahis siteleri “You don’t kneel down in front of him anymore.”

Lisa stood up and reached down to Paul’s zipper. “Please, don’t,” Paul begged, grabbing Lisa’s wrist.

Jimmy stepped over and slapped Paul on the face. “You don’t touch her like that, ever!” Tears started welling up in Paul’s eyes as he looked up past the hard rod that was right in front of him and into Jimmy’s face. Paul released his grip on Lisa and she fished his penis out from his pants.

“You were right!” Jimmy exclaimed as the flaccid member flopped to the side.

“See, it’s nowhere near as big as yours.”

“How did you ever get any pleasure from that little thing?”

“It was adequate enough,” Lisa shrugged.

Jimmy kissed Lisa on the lips. “Well, now you’ll have more than adequate.” He put his hand on Lisa’s shoulder and gave a gentle push. Understanding what he wanted, Lisa got down on her knees and stroked Jimmy’s dick. Paul closed his eyes when he saw Lisa wrap her lips around the hard shaft.

“Keep your fucking eyes open!” Jimmy growled, accentuating the order with another slap to Paul’s face. “You agreed to me fucking Lisa, so this is what you get.”

“I didn’t want to be here when you did it!”

Jimmy slapped him a third time. “Get this in your fucking head. It doesn’t matter what you fucking want anymore!” He placed his hands on the back of Lisa’s head and started gently stroking her maroon hair.

More tears started flowing down Paul’s cheeks as he watched Lisa move her head back and forth. He could see a thick vein on Jimmy’s dick disappear and reappear as Lisa worked her magic. He could hear her holding her breath as Jimmy pushed his cock to the back of her mouth, Lisa’s jaw and throat muscles relaxing as he went deeper. The gasp for air as he pulled back out.

“You could never go that far into her mouth, could you Paul?” Jimmy taunted the sitting man. Saliva started flowing down Lisa’s chin as Jimmy started fucking her mouth and throat faster. The pulsing moan coming from Lisa was in time to the rhythm of Jimmy’s dick sliding in and out of her mouth.

Lisa reached around and grabbed Jimmy’s ass. She pulled him in, swallowing the entire length of his shaft. She held it for a few seconds before releasing and inhaling a huge breath. She gasped for a couple of seconds before she repeated the action, causing Jimmy to moan loudly.

“Damn, Lisa. You’re a fucking champ!” Jimmy said, looking down at her with pride. “And I think your little hubby is enjoying it too!”

Lisa turned her head slightly to look at Paul’s lap but kept Jimmy’s cock sliding in and out of her mouth without missing a beat. She saw that her husband’s dick was indeed hard! Paul tried to quickly put his member back in his pants when he was slapped again by Jimmy.

“You don’t do anything I don’t fucking tell you!” Jimmy said, his finger in Paul’s face as if chastising a child. Paul just nodded in response.

“Damn, I’m gonna cum baby!” Jimmy exclaimed. Lisa used her hand and pumped Jimmy’s shaft faster, her lips still forming a tight seal.

“Don’t swallow, don’t swallow!” Jimmy ordered as he shot his hot load into Lisa’s mouth. Lisa kept stroking, pumping every drop out of his dick.

“It looks like you enjoyed watching me fuck Lisa’s mouth.” Jimmy said to Paul as he helped Lisa stand up. “And since it’s obvious that you need some relief, I’ll allow you to have some.” Jimmy whispered into Lisa’s ear and her eyed went wide for a second before she giggled a little, some of the cum dripping out of her mouth.

Before Paul knew what was going on, Lisa bent over and spit Jimmy’s cum on Paul’s erection. “Now jack your little shit off,” Jimmy ordered as some of his cum started staining the front of Paul’s pants. Paul reached down and slowly started stroking his cock, tears flowing from his eyes and his cheeks red from Jimmy’s slaps.

“You got yours, now what about me?” Lisa asked, playing with Jimmy’s semi-hard cock. Jimmy reached down and undid the button on Lisa’s shorts. He slid them down, revealing Lisa’s pink thong that matched the bra that was discarded on the floor. He playfully grabbed her plump ass as Lisa kicked the shorts off and to the side.

“Get on your knees and bend over,” Jimmy told her. Lisa did as she was told and Jimmy got on the floor behind her. Paul watched as Jimmy slid Lisa’s thong down. Jimmy spanked her ass a couple of times, making Lisa squeal bets10 güvenilir mi in delight.

Jimmy reached around and grabbed Lisa’s dangling tits. He pulled her up and kissed on the side of her neck while roughly groping her full breasts. Lisa moaned, rubbing her ass against Jimmy’s groin.

Sitting in the chair, Paul kept slowly stroking his dick, lubricated by another man’s cum. He watched as Lisa reached behind her and played with Jimmy’s cock until it was hard again, which didn’t take long.

“Gimme that dick,” Lisa said in a breathy voice. She got back on all fours and reached between her legs, using her fingers to spread her pussy lips. Jimmy aimed his head at his target and the two of them guided him in, his thick manhood sliding easily Lisa’s wet slit. “God, that feels so good,” Lisa moaned. “That little thing never filled me like this.”

Jimmy grabbed Lisa’s thick thighs and roughly shoved his organ all the way in, making Lisa yelp. His fingers dug into the flesh of her hips as he started fucking her. Paul could see Jimmy’s dick coated in Lisa’s juices every time his member slid out. The force of Jimmy’s groin slapping against Lisa’s body caused ripples to flow over Lisa’s ass and thighs with every thrust.

“Oh God, yes!” Lisa began moaning.

“This pussy is so good,” Jimmy said. Lisa started moving her hips, bouncing her ass back and forth in time to Jimmy’s movements. “Yeah, throw that pussy back at me,” Jimmy moaned. That seemed to set Lisa off, because her movements became more energetic.

Paul continued to stroke himself as the sounds of Jimmy’s and Lisa’s bodies slapping together filled the room. Paul wanted to feel ashamed at the fact that he was enjoying watching his well-endowed landlord fuck his wife, and she was enjoying it. He couldn’t remember her ever moaning so much when he was between her legs.

Lisa’s dangling tits swayed back and forth and her belly jiggled a little. Her maroon hair was becoming stuck to her sweaty face. Lisa’s toes were curling, and her arms were starting to shake as she was having trouble holding herself up with the pleasure flowing through her. Eventually, with Jimmy pounding into her, she gave up and went down to her elbows.

“You better take this dick,” Jimmy growled, tightening his hold on her hips. Paul could see the muscles in Jimmy’s legs rippling. “You ain’t going anywhere until I fill that pussy with my cum!” This sent Paul over the edge, and he felt his balls tighten. He closed his eyes and felt the cum flowing out of his dick, dripping down and around his hand, mixing with the cum of his wife’s new lover.

“Damn, you couldn’t help yourself, could you?” Jimmy taunted him. “You enjoy watching me fuck Lisa, admit it,” he continued, a grin on his face.

Paul kept his mouth shut as Jimmy kept fucking Lisa’s hole.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck!” Lisa exclaimed. Paul could see her entire body shuddering as an orgasm flowed through her.

“Yeah baby, grip this dick!” Jimmy said through clinched teeth. He shoved his member all the way in and held it. Letting out a loud groan, Jimmy shot his seed in Lisa’s womb. When he pulled out, Lisa collapsed, her legs buckling. She rolled over and lay on her back on the floor, her chest heaving from the exhaustion. Paul could see some of Jimmy’s cum leaking out from her pulsating cunt.

“What the fuck are you waiting for? Go get a rag for her!” Jimmy ordered. Coming out of his stupor, Paul stood up and walked to the bathroom.

When he came back into the living room, Jimmy was kneeling besides Lisa’s head, and she had his cock in her hand. She began licking him clean.

“You taste good with my pussy juice on your dick,” she said, a playful twinkle in her eyes. She didn’t even look at Paul as she spread her legs and let him wipe the dripping cum from her sex and thighs.

“Me too,” Jimmy said to Paul when he was finished.

“B-b-b-but I…” Paul began stammering before Jimmy’s hand flew towards his face again. Without another word, Paul used the warm rag to clean off Jimmy’s phallus, which still hadn’t gone down fully. When he was done, Jimmy and Lisa walked over to the couch while Paul went to put the rag back in the bathroom. When he returned, the two lovers were on the couch, with Lisa sitting up and Jimmy laying back, his head on Lisa’s lap. She had her hand on Jimmy’s tool, playing with it absent-mindedly while they talked.

“Now go fix us something to eat,” Jimmy ordered Paul when he saw him come back into the room. Paul nodded his head in understanding and turned towards the kitchen. “You better get used to this, because this is gonna be your new normal!” Jimmy called to Paul’s back before reaching up and playfully tweaking one of Lisa’s nipples.