A DREAM FRIEND Chapter Seven

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A DREAM FRIEND Chapter SevenT-Minus 33 HoursI have to admit that the stew I’d made from the remnants of yesterday’s soup turned out well. The Southern sweet cornbread made the difference. We had a long standing deal, if I cooked Rose Ann cleaned. As she bent over the sink to clean the dishes, the sight of panty crotch peeking out from under the flannel shirt she was wearing kept me in my chair at our counter.Thinking of all the men’s shirts she wore around the trailer I asked, “Rose Ann, did you leave your dad any shirts to wear? You must have most of them in your closet.”Laughing, she dried her hands with a dishcloth. Tossing it beside the sink, she walked behind me. Massaging my shoulders she told me, “I’d wear your shirts but yours are too small. I like wearing loose shirts when I want to be comfortable. My Dad has big, broad shoulders so I steal his shirts. You have these narrow, girly shoulders…” Rose Ann said laughingly. Leaning closer she whispered in my ear, “My boobs don’t fit in your shirts.””I’m lucky then,” I replied, turning to grab Rose Ann about the waist and pulling her, squealing and laughing, to sit on my lap. Pushing my hand up her shirt, soon I was squeezing a large tit while my other hand was tickling her side to make her howl. “I get big boobs to play with and I get to keep my shirts,” I told Rose Ann. Rubbing my thumb over a nipple that was getting hard, I stopping my tickling so she’d calm down for a kiss. “Besides, I’m a runner,” I told her. “I’m built for endurance.””Mmm, I hope so,” she whispered between kisses. “Because I’m sure as hell gonna test your endurance… Over and over and over.” Rose Ann seemed content to remain in my lap, enjoying our kissing while enjoying her tits being played with. Until she sighed and pulled my hand away from her tit. Sliding off my lap she said “But first there’s that little chore I wanted you to do.” Standing beside me, with a wiggle in her hips Rose Ann reached beneath her shirt to shimmy her panties off.”I’m liking this ‘little chore’ already.”Moving back in front of me, Rose Ann put a foot on the chair between my legs and used it as a step to put her ass on the counter. Smiling, she began unbuttoning her shirt from the bottom up. “I’ve been thinking about what you said this morning and since I can’t easily look, I thought you could look to see if I’m still physically a virgin.” “I think I can do that,” I replied distractedly while watching as Rose Ann flared the bottom of her shirt to the sides of her hips. As she spread her legs my eyes were focused on the prettiest pussy I’d ever seen. Plump outer lips spread just wide enough to let small, pink inner lips peek through. I’d yet to see Rose Ann’s pussy so close up and I took my time looking. By God, her virgin slit looked so small and tight!”Your peach fuzz is gone,” I grinned.”C’mon, Daniel. You’ve seen the bikini bottoms I wear. You think I can wear them without some grooming? I’ve been waxing since I was 16. Although,” Rose Ann finished with a sly look. “Although, Mom thinks I only wax my legs. Cleaning the trailer isn’t the only thing I did this morning. You like?””Very much,” I told Rose Ann, running my fingers lightly over her pussy lips. Hairless as a baby’s bottom and just as smooth. Starting from near her ass I split her lips with two fingers and ran them slowly up her slit. Listening to Rose Ann’s breath catch, I looked up between her breasts and asked her if she liked that.”Very much,” she parroted back at me with another quick inhaled breath as my fingers softly touched and slowly began to circle her clit. Touching her for a few more seconds, a few more moans, I slid my fingers down her slit, dipping the tips in her hole. Rose Ann sank back onto her elbows as I pulled her ass closer to the edge of the counter. With no other place to put her feet, she rested them on my shoulders as I put my hands on her thighs. Rose Ann was excited in anticipation of what I would do yet hesitant to expose herself in so intimate a way for the first time ever. Pushing gently, Rose Ann resisted briefly before letting me press her knees open and to the sides. As her knees opened wider, her pussy lips parted further to fully expose more of her wet, pink pussy.Using my thumbs I split her plump outer lips to expose more of her much smaller inner lips… As well as the glistening wet, pink walls of her pussy hole. Her pussy opening looked incredibly small and tight as I opened her wider. I couldn’t help thinking how tight free spin she’d be around my cock.Never having seen one I was no expert on hymens. I’d always assumed a girl’s hymen would be a thin membrane but just one look convinced me that all my assumptions were wrong. This was more like her pussy walls had fused together leaving only a small opening for her monthly menstrual flow. Excited as Rose Ann was, there was a different flow from the gap in her hymen. A flow of fragrant pussy juice that signaled how much the void behind her hymen ached to be filled.Grinning, I looked up and saw Rose Ann watching me. “Maybe… Maybe if you look closer. Like that man in the sex tape,” she said before I had a chance to say anything. Leaning back to prop herself up on one arm, Rose Ann ran the fingers of her free hand through my hair, pulling my head slightly towards her pussy. My Mum didn’t raise a fool! I was willing to muff dive into that sweet pussy for hours if she wanted. Using my thumbs I pulled her outer lips apart again. The small, pink inner lips were drenched with juice.Pressing my lips hard against her pink, slippery skin my tongue slipped deeper into her slit and down into her pussy hole. After seeing how substantial her hymen actually was I wasn’t worried that my tongue would tear it. Rose Ann cried out as I pushed my tongue into her tight pussy as far as I could. Damn, her pussy tasted as good as it looked. I licked up every drop of pussy juice as quickly as it appeared from the small gap in her hymen. All the while Rose Ann’s thigh muscles and stomach were clenching and releasing. With closed eyes Rose Ann was muttering instructions, “Like that… Like that…”Rose Ann’s neck bent backwards as she gasped at the feeling of my tongue as it moved even this short way inside her. Sliding her elbows forward, she laid prone on the counter. Rose Ann had unbuttoned her shirt but the ends still covered her tits. Licking her slit and running the tip of my tongue towards her clit, I told her to expose her breasts. She obediently pulled her shirt open.Looking over her mound I could see how hard her nipples were as they protruded above the soft mass of her breasts. Tickling her clit with my tongue tip I told Rose Ann I wanted to watch her play with her tits. Obediently hands grasped her tits… Fingers moved, sinking into flesh as she molded her tits into different shapes and peaks. Even better was how Rose Ann reacted when I molded my lips around her hard clit. The first hint of my sucking on her clit caused Rose Ann to behave as if she’d been shocked by an electric current. Shouting, “Oh, God!”, clenched stomach muscles pulled her head and shoulders off the counter as fingers sank so deeply into her tits I was sure they’d leave bruises. I continued to suck and flick her clit with the tip of my tongue. Gasping, Rose Ann collapsed back onto the kitchen counter. Her hands left her tits to grasp the edges of the counter even as her legs opened wider.Sucking harder on her erect clit, I moved a thumb to her hole. Stretching the pink skin towards her ass, widening her tight hole hole, the tip of my thumb went deep enough in her tight pussy to touch her hymen. Moving my thumb to stir the pussy cream oozing from the gap in her hymen caused Rose Ann to cry out louder in pleasure. Each time my thumb stretched her pussy hole wider, deep stomach muscles clenched in pleasure that pushed more pussy juice from behind her hymen.I opened my mouth wider to suck the skin around her hard, engorged clit into my mouth while running the flat of my tongue over her clit at the same time. All the while thumb fucking her pussy. Immediately her neck bowed with high pitched cries of, ‘Oh, fuck yes! Fuck Yes… Oh, God! FUCKFUCKFUCKMEEEE…’Sucking, licking harder on her clit while thumb fucking Rose Ann’s pussy faster, in no time her breathing began coming in gulps mixed with continued yells of, “Ohh, fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me!” Thighs clamped hard about the sides of my head while her hands found the back of my head to pull my face forcibly between her pussy lips. Humping her pussy furiously to spread her juice over my chin and mouth, Rose Ann came with a loud, wordless wail.I kept licking and sucking Rose Ann’s pussy as she continued to come. Pushing my hands under her ass I lifted her pussy up so I could eat her more easily until, crying out, “No more! Oh God, no more!”, her hands were pushing my face away from her pussy. Watching the bonus veren siteler mouth of her pussy hole pucker and relax, pushing more juice through the gap in her hymen, I couldn’t resist pushing against her hands to dip my tongue in her hole.Realizing I wasn’t going to abuse her sensitive clit, Rose Ann stopped trying to push my face from between her thighs, letting clenched hands drop to her sides. Lifting her ass and pussy up further, I could look over her mound and watch as muscles continued to clench and relax in undulations from her mound to her neck in the aftermath of her orgasm. Fresh tremors would ripple through her body at each gasp she made as I continued to feast on her tight, little pussy mouth.Sealing my lips around her pussy so I could suck hard, I brought fresh pussy cream up from deep in her cunt. It seemed Rose Ann would never run out of cunt sauce for me to lap up from the bowl of her pussy. Swallowing to empty my mouth of saliva, I sucked up as much pussy juice as I could. Leaving her pussy I rose up from my seat to lean over Rose Ann.Reluctantly passing by her tits without stopping, I wasn’t sure how she would react to my pussy flavored kiss. I needn’t have worried as her mouth opened and eagerly accepted my pussy coated tongue and the juice from her pussy I fed her. While I alternated between kissing Rose Ann and sucking on her tits, leaning over her as I was, all I needed to do was lower my hips an inch or two in order to rub the thin material of my shorts covering my shaft into Rose Ann’s pussy.Rose Ann reacted to the shaft of my cock rubbing up and down her slit as if I was ready to penetrate her. Moaning, “Yes. Take me. Please, please, take me!”, while humping her slit energetically against the bump in my shorts. One of the hardest things I’ve ever done was to pull my cock away from her pussy. Instead I kissed my way down past her stomach and back over her mound. Sitting back down on my stool, I saw the large wet spot on the front of my shorts. My pre-cum, her cream… I needed new shorts!Lowering my face back to Rose Ann’s fragrant pussy, I took my time sucking on her pussy gash. Rimming and stretching her tight hole with my thumb while listening to her beg me to fuck her. Small, inner lips were larger, easier to suck on as desire plumped them up. Longer and harder, showing itself prominently, Rose Ann’s engorged clit was longer and far less hidden by a sheath. I didn’t debate very long before deciding to find out how sensitive her clit still was.Sucking on her inner lips while slowly licking my way up her pussy slit to her clit, I expected Rose Ann to stop me before I reached her clit. Only a weak hand pushed against my forehead, though. Even that small effort stopped as I softly sucked her clit and the skin surrounding it past my lips. Lightly tonguing her clit caused Rose Ann’s back to bow and her breath to catch. Reaching up to capture her tits in my hands, for several minutes I feasted on her pussy while molding her tits and rolling hard nipples between thumbs and forefingers.Rose Ann’s breathing became deeper as she surrendered to my attentions. I kept my mouth in place while Rose Ann shifted her hips, side to side, raising or lowering her pussy to positions below my mouth as she wanted. Soft instructions of, ‘Like that… Like that…’ became more urgent demands of, ‘Faster… Faster…’ as she told me how to lick her clit. Shallow breaths became gasps as her muscles began getting tight signaling another orgasm. I stopped my hands from playing with her tits so Rose Ann could concentrate fully on the sensations from her pussy. Her orgasm crept in slowly unlike her first which seized her in a moment. Her wordless cries of pleasure were quieter. Clenched abdominal muscles allowing for only small cries and gasps for air as she came.Rose Ann’s orgasm seemed less intense than her first but it must have been no less satisfying. Hips bucking and twisting, I grabbed the convenient handles of her protruding hip bones to hold her so my mouth could feast on her pussy. The rougher I ate between her slit the harder her hips tried to tear her pussy from my mouth. God, her orgasm seemed to last much longer than her first before, gasping for breath and crying out over and over, ‘Oh God!’, she used strong hands to push my face away. Clasping her thighs together, Rose Ann drew her legs up with both hands placed protectively between her legs to prevent me from continuing to eat deneme bonusu veren siteler her. Rolling onto her side, she seemed incapable of doing anything except to lie shaking on the counter, gasping and moaning as she tried to catch her breath. The orgasmic blooms on her face and tits were a deeper shade of pink than any I’d seen previously.Rose Ann’s hands placed between her legs to protect her pussy were ineffectual from a rear assault. From my seat I had a perfect view of the underside of her wet, swollen lips and puckered asshole. Putting my hand on her hip to hold her in place, by leaning forward and turning my head I was able to run my tongue from ass to clit, cleaning her lips of juice. Rose Ann was either too exhausted to protest or she enjoyed me lapping up her cream like a cat.Deciding to push my luck, I dipped my fingertip slightly into her slit to coat it with juice. I’d only dated one girl who liked ass play. Wondering how Rose Ann would react, I used my wet finger to circle her asshole. I watched it pucker and relax during my play without any negative verbal utterance from Rose Ann. Lubricating my finger with more of her cream, even daring to ease my finger up her ass to the second knuckle didn’t cause her to say, ‘Whoa up! Nope, not gonna happen! My naughty mind couldn’t wait to find out just how far Rose Ann would allow ass play! But, unfortunately, that experiment would have to wait. Putting the bared tip of my cock anywhere near Rose Ann’s wet, virginal and all too ready pussy was a temptation I knew I couldn’t resist.Sliding Rose Ann up the counter so her legs wouldn’t hang over the edge, I turned her on her back for more kisses and tit play as her blush began to fade. With my hands filled with her large, beautiful tits, Rose Ann giggled and observed, “You really like playing with my big boobs, don’t you?””Did you ever have a boyfriend who didn’t,” I replied and pinched her hard nipples.Squealing in either shock, pain or pleasure, perhaps all three, at my treatment of her nipples, she laughed and replied, ‘No’. Then, “Christ! How the hell can I still be so goddamned horny after coming twice?””Perhaps because you sense all the things I’ve yet to do to you,” I answered before leaning down to capture and suck on a still hard nipple.”Perhaps,” Rose Ann said, laughing as she tried to mimic my British accent. Relaxing further on the counter top she closed her eyes and asked dreamily, “Why the fuck haven’t you been doing this all the damned time?””You didn’t ask.””What? What do you mean, ‘I didn’t ask’?”Straightening up so I could see her face, and the beautiful body laid out on the kitchen counter in front of me like a smorgasbord of everything a man could possibly want, I replied, “I told you I would not do or say anything that would influence your judgement as to whether or not you wished to lose your virginity with me. I have not. However, when you asked, nay demanded, that I use my fingers and now my mouth… I certainly wasn’t going to refuse.”Rose Ann struggled to sit up on the counter. “Do you mean we wasted all this time because I didn’t ask,” she demanded in disbelief.”Well, yes, when you put it that way.””What other way is there for me to put it? Fuck! I’d kill you if I didn’t feel so damned good!””Then I should keep you feeling good until tomorrow night then,” I leered.”What makes you think I’ll let you anywhere near me now? You and your damned promises?”Pulling Rose Ann to the edge of the counter, I stood between her legs to press her hard to my chest for a long kiss before I replied, “Because once a privilege is bestowed, it cannot be revoked save by mutual consent. Much like the privilege of playing with your boobs.” I gave added emphasis to my statement by grasping one of Rose Ann’s tits and squeezing it. “M’Lady, my consent is not given. Therefore, I will continue to use you, when I wish to use you and where I wish to use you, up to the limits established.””And in what law book is that from,” she asked quietly.”Chapter one, section one, paragraph one of our new Charter For Living As Lovers Instead Of Roommates,” I answered while going in to kiss and suck on Rose Ann’s tender neck.”Mmmm, I like our new Charter,” Rose Ann murmured. “Will it include the privilege of sex after tomorrow night?””Most definitely,” I breathed in her ear, enjoying the quick, inhaled gasp and small groan caused by my warm breath.”And you’ll enforce our new Charter vigorously. Using me when, where and as often as you want?””M’Lady, you’ll be astonished at how merciless we British are at enforcing Charters.””Oh God, yes,” Rose Ann managed to say before grasping my ears and pulling to dislodge my mouth from sucking on her neck and bringing my lips to hers for a passionate kiss.Working on Chapter Eight…