A Dream Evening With Margaret

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The evening was warm and the half moon shone through an almost cloudless sky as Duke waited for Margaret to arrive. He only called her Margaret in the privacy of his thoughts. She preferred “Margie”. They had met on the Web and began exchanging e-mails. There had been neither intention nor even the thought that they would meet. Then she sent him a sensual photograph. Not revealing but definitely sensual. She had not included her face so at that time he still had no idea what that looked like. Then she sent him a picture of her unadorned breasts! STILL no face. The picture revealed a very attractive set! Finally a face picture. She was beautiful! Now he had developed a fervent need to see the rest of her body. She explained that the only other pictures she had were very “naughty” and would not send one. He almost cried.

Then, in his e-mail, came the picture. He spent many an hour jacking off to that one. His hunger for her grew, but he knew that it would never be fulfilled; yet, here he was waiting for her to come to his hotel. He had flown in and she agreed to meet him. He offered her a catered dinner in his suite.

There was a knock on the door.

She came in wearing the black dress that she had worn in the breast picture. Now it was much more demure. He did not offer to put her light wrap away as he had told her that she was to leave if she got uncomfortable and wanted her to know that he was serious about that.

Duke kissed her lightly and invited her to sit down while he reached for the red and white roses (one of each) that he had picked up for her. She looked at the room he had rented for his stay. He saw her eyes land on the wine he placed in the bucket and smiled. He knew she remembered telling him she liked that wine. She seemed to relax a bit and offered him her wrap. Then she took his hand and sat on the couch. He was glad as he wanted to get to know the human woman as he knew the electronic on he had met in his computer those long months ago. They talked of their lives and got more with each other. Dinner arrived right on schedule and they sat down to be served. After finishing a sumptuous meal she asked to see the rest of the suite. He showed her the master bedroom with its large bath and then he showed her the hot tub with several candles spread around. It was big enough for four people with each couple sitting side by side.

They returned to the living room and found the remains of the meal had been cleared and Duke noticed that the Do Not Disturb sign was missing from the inside doorknob. Efficient staff at this hotel, he smiled to himself. They sat on the couch and started kissing and generally acting like a couple of teenagers necking in the back seat of the car. Duke began a light banter and Margie was chuckling frequently. It seemed only natural that he should begin fondling her breasts. No bra. Thanks. He allowed his hand to slip to her right hip to see if there were any panties. He couldn’t feel any! But he could feel the heat of her. She was as anxious as he. Hmmm. I guess it’s time.

Duke asked if she wanted to try the hot tub? Yes. He told her to go ahead and he would bring the wine. Duke used this opportunity to swallow three Viagras. By now he was certainly hoping he would need them!

As he walked into the room she was bending over to light the last of the candles and he got a perfect shot of her beautiful pussy and the equally perfect rose bud of her asshole. It looked better than the meal he had recently finished. It was all he could do not to drop to his knees right there and start feasting. He loved eating pussy. She turned and saw him staring. She gave a slight wiggle of her ass and asked, “Like what you see?”

“No”, he replied. “I love what I see. That is the most delicious looking pussy I have seen in a long while. And that marvelous ass! I would like another kiss from that marvelous mouth then an hour or two kissing, licking, sucking and fondling that beautiful pussy.” With his words his final piece of clothing dropped to the floor and his erect cock literally. sprang into view. He knew that it was a very average cock; he also knew that he knew how to use it.

She turned and put her hand around his cock and they embraced. He grabbed for her breast and began to gently squeeze and finger her nipple as they enjoyed a passionate kiss with their naked bodies rubbing against each other in a slow sensuous rhythm.

He got into the tub and helped her in so they could continue the petting session. The water was warm, not hot. There was one slight problem. Her hand on his cock was beginning to feel entirely too good. He broke the kiss and reached for the cock ring he had set next to the tub earlier. It was a tight fit, which was good. It would prevent him from cumming until he took it off and he wanted this marvelous woman to be thoroughly sated before that happened. She had told him she was multi orgasmic, Duke began to rub her body gently. Everywhere güvenilir bahis except between her legs. He was in no hurry and wanted her fully aroused before even going to her pussy with his hands. He took her right nipple into his mouth and began to suck and nibble on it while his hand worked on the left nipple and continued to rub her delicious body. He kissed her neck then her throat; her ear then her lips; her eyes then her throat again. He trailed a line of kisses and tongue down to her left breast where he kissed squeezed and nibbled around the nipple without ever touching it. Finally he gave in to her urging and clamped his lips on that stunning nubbin. He sucked mightily then licked with a rapid back and forth tongue. He nibbled on it. He squeezed it with his lips while his hands were squeezing what he could get to of that spectacular butt. At long last he felt she might be ready. He indicated that he wanted her to sit on the edge of the tub. She did and he spread her legs then he spread her pussy lips with his hand and just played. With feather touches, he followed the course of the outer lips from top to bottom and then the inner lips back to the top. He traced the outline of her love tunnel and allowed his finger to travel slowly up towards the distended clit. As he gently ran his hand over it Margie began to shudder and groan. “Oh, fuck, that feels good. Do it some more.” He ignored her as his finger was joined by another and began the slow track back to that nice inviting hole. He let it travel to her brown rose bud. His finger gently probed and stroked around it while his mouth began to suck on her pussy lips. He stuck his tongue into her sex tunnel and began to fuck her with in slow motion. Pushing it in as far as he could and curved it in a circle, giving her a glimpse of delights yet to come. His nose was breathing warm air on her clit and he began a slow tortuous licking up to her clit. Her groans and demands had become more insistent as her hands were pulling his head towards it for all they were worth. He stopped with his lips locked on her button and began to suck and lick slowly but with increasing speed until her body told him he had reached the right tempo. She began to shake and shudder as her hands tried to bury his head inside her. She screamed! Her hips were bucking so hard he had trouble maintaining contact. Her orgasm must have lasted for a full minute or maybe even more. When she began to subside her removed his mouth because he didn’t want an over sensitive clit to give her displeasure. He wanted to stimulate her to many more before this evening was done. Damn, this woman excited him! His hands went to her breasts as he trailed a series of gentle kisses up over her belly to those same breasts and then to her face. He held her in his arms and whispered in her ear how wonderful he found her to be. It was the literal truth.

As Margie came down from her orgasmic high her hand found his throbbing cock again and started to stroke it slowly. They each took a drink of wine and talked of little things. Inconsequential thing. She continued to feel his cock from tip to the cock ring at its base. She asked about it and he explained its purpose. She said that she wanted to feel it in her mouth and that she had never learned to breath under water. He said that would mean that she would have to take his whole cock into her mouth to get the ring in there.

“That’s the point, Lover.” She grinned.

So they left the tub and he had the pleasure of running a towel all over her breathtaking body. She had just enough extra meat on her to be pleasing to his eye and hands. (He didn’t like skinny women. Not necessarily fat, mind you, but … pleasingly plump he really enjoyed!) Besides it gave him a chance to kiss her several places while he dried her! He just loved that hairless pussy! “Damn, she makes me horney!” he thought. With one last loving nibble on each nipple he began to dry himself. She grabbed the towel saying, “My turn. You don’t get all of the fun, you know.”

She managed a few kisses of her own. She never did dry his cock. She made it a little wetter because of trying to take it down her throat. He didn’t want to be standing while these types of ministrations were going on so her gently pulled her off him and handed her a glass of wine and a candle while he filled his hands with one of each. He would rather have kept his arm about her, but there were always some practical matters to attend to, after all. With his cock obscenely bouncing before him, her followed that spectacular ass into the bedroom. I’m going to try to cum in that hole, too, he thought. I hope she will allow me to do that. I know I can cum more than once if she has enough patience. Thank God for Viagra! The old man’s best friend!

As they approached the bed and began to rid themselves of the candles and wine glasses she ask what he enjoyed most about sex.

“Well, it may sound corny, but I get my greatest thrill türkçe bahis out of pleasing the woman. I just love it when I know that I have taken care of all of her needs and wants and she just needs to rest. Oh, I enjoy climaxing don’t get me wrong. I need that too, but the greatest sex organ for humans is the brain. Mine has a need to prove that I have given her all she wants and then some, I guess. I don’t believe it is an ego thing, just a pleasure thing. I really enjoy it. That’s why I wear a cock ring. It keeps me hard until you want me to cum.”

They were lying on the bed and his hand had strayed to her pussy of its own accord. She was on her elbows and knees with her mouth really close to his cock while she examined it and gave it light kisses and little licks. He didn’t want to go 69 yet. He wanted to explore with his hands and eyes. She had sent him several photos of her body so he knew the look of it. Now he needed to get the feel of it. She was wet again, but only mildly so. He began to spread the succulent pussy juice around with his fingers so he wouldn’t irritate her.

She was sucking on just the head of his cock with her tongue doing wonderful things. She acted like she really enjoyed sucking cock.

His pussy slick fingers were drawing circles around her anus. Then back to her dripping love canal. He was avoiding her clit completely. He sensed she wanted to just enjoy the feel and taste of his cock in her mouth without too many distractions right now. Besides he wanted to concentrate on the feeling she was giving him! Man, did she know how to suck cock. Only women who really enjoyed it ever learned how to do it right.

He reveled in the sensations.

He began to trace a circle around her anus with very gentle pressure, occasionally bringing more lubricant from her now wet pussy. He began to urge her to bring her hips over so that he could taste once more that sweet nectar from her womanhood. As she complied he dipped his fingers into her love canal for more lubrication and began to insert his finger into her ass. Just up to the first knuckle and then he rotated it as he pushed in a little further. All the while he was licking her lower lips and nibbling on her clit with his lips while his other hand squeezed her nipple and played with her lovely breasts.

The sensations he was getting from his cock as she continued to suck and tongue him was beginning to distract him somewhat, so he took the hand that was on her breast to his own cock and signaled that he wanted her to stop sucking. She did and rose up to her hands and knees giving him better access. While he finger fucked her ass and played with her breast he began a slow, tortuous trip to her anus with his tongue. Letting her know where he was headed but never quite reaching the goal before he turned back to her clit. Then began the trek again. Coming closer each time to that enticing sphincter. This time he scooped up a large quantity of her juices on his tongue and deposited around his finger so that he had plenty of lubrication. He plunged his finger into the third knuckle as he probed with his tongue.

It was time to extricate himself from beneath this thrilling woman. He crawled from beneath her and was sorry to leave swollen nubbin between her labia, but he promised himself he would return. Finally he was kneeling behind her and she had taken the hint and was working over her own clit. He delved into her fuck hole to get his cock well lubed and almost changed his mind. It was so hot and wet in there. It felt like his cock had found a home that it had been waiting for a looooong time. He stroked in and out for a couple of minutes while he used his thumb to take more lubrication to her anus. He reached under the covers for the tube of KY that he had placed there earlier and used that as well.

Then he slowly began to insinuate his thumb into her annual opening. His finger had prepared the way and the muscles there were beginning to relax. Still he stroked her pussy saying a silent thanks to the inventor of the cock ring. He could no more have lasted in that hot hole than he could have survived in a furnace. Once he had his thumb in her ass as far as it would go and knew that he had the path well lubricated at least that far. He began to twist his thumb in her anus and his cock in her pussy. He knew he would have to hurry or she was going to come by her own hand. And in this position he couldn’t reach her pussy with his hand! Duke asked her to take her hand from her clit and concentrate on just what he was doing.

“Oh damn! Are you going to fuck me in the ass? Really fuck me in the ass?”

“Yes. Just wait for it. I promise you will enjoy it and that it won’t hurt. I also promise that I know what I’m talking about. Try to relax.”

He eased his cock from her marvelous pussy and squeezed a generous helping of KY on the end and smeared some over his entire cock. As he removed his thumb from her ass güvenilir bahis siteleri he heard her moan. He quickly put the end of his stiff cock at the entrance.

“Take off that cock ring! If you’re going to do it I want to feel you cum up there!” she almost shouted at him.

“I will, Lovely Lady. I will.”

He knew he couldn’t take it off right away or he wouldn’t last more than seconds as horny as she had made him. But he would take it off after he had give that virgin as ass good fucking He wanted her to enjoy this as much as he.

He withdrew his thumb and placed his cock at the entrance

He reached under the pillow and withdrew my tube of KY. After putting a generous amount on my cock and making sure that it was good and slippery he began the assault on Margaret’s virgin ass. Very slowly he began to push. Just a little. More KY. Another push. This time with just slightly more vigor. The head began to penetrate.

“If this gets uncomfortable and you want me to stop, just ask. It’s no good if you aren’t enjoying it,” he whispered in her ear.

“Go slowly, but keep going!” she replied.

He pulled back out and added still more KY and entered her again. This time the head was completely buried. He slowly began the age-old motion. Slowly and gently but entering a little more into that tight bottomless pit.

“Damn! Your are so tight and hot!”

My every fiber was screaming to give one massive push and bury my cock to the hilt in this marvelous ass, but that he would not do. He knew that the back side of the G-spot was just in about three inches. If he could get deep enough to begin massaging that, her pleasure would increase immensely. He had her so well lubricated and knew enough to take it extremely slow so she felt no pain. He had been here often enough to know that if she was pleasured he would be. He stopped going in and began to rotate his hips to help spread the muscles a bit. As he did this he was fondling her breasts, squeezing her nipples, massaging her beautiful ass and kissing her neck. He wanted to enjoy every fiber of her.

Ever so slowly her began to penetrate deeper. He was now in about three inches and began to pump slowly in and out but with increasing speed. She began to moan. And tighten her sphincter around his cock. He was getting a little deeper with each thrust. He had to begin to concentrate on the multiplication tables because he was sooooo close! And still he slid in and out of her wonderful ass. Her moaning increased in tempo and she was now actively pushing back against him. She wanted more! He gave it to her. He was pumping more rapidly and had reached 17 times 6! Her ass was gyrating wildly and his control was slipping even more rapidly. Damn. What was 17 times 6?? What was 2 times 2?? She suddenly tightened her ass muscles. Tighter and tighter until he thought she was going to nip his cock right off his body. Then she began to mew low and guttural. Her whole body was shaking, completely lost in the throws of ecstasy. “Fuck me, Darling. Fuck my ass! Harder, damnit! Fuck me harder!”

Suddenly he lost it! He began to squirt. He was buried balls deep. Damn! It had been years since he had cum like this! Even after he had been completely drained she continued to vocalize low senseless sounds. Her orgasm seemed to go on and on. Finally she just collapsed! It was as if every muscle in her body quit working at the same time.

His now flaccid cock was left hanging in the air.

He lay beside her, completely drained breathing as though he had just run a mile full tilt. They drifted off to sleep without saying a word.

He awoke about an hour later and went to the shower. It must have awakened her for she joined him just as he was finishing up. He had a very enjoyable time washing her everything!

They were sitting around the fireplace awaiting the midnight snacks he had ordered. They talk of nothing. They just communicated. She was snuggled close without any need for sexual activity. She began to describe her feelings about their sex. She was enthralled that she had cum so hard from the anal screwing. (He thought that it was amusing the way her language changed during sex. Then it was ass fucking now it was anal screwing! Ah, the infinite vagaries of the female mind!) She told him how, although she had had anal sex before, she had never enjoyed it. And yet this time she had had a climax like never before. She didn’t think it could happen again, but she wanted to try! She wasn’t trying to arouse him. She was just talking to him.

The snack arrived. Eggs with Welsh rarebit, a nice light rose` wine, English muffins dripping with butter, and a peach torte with Swiss chocolate dripped lightly over it for her. He was a diabetic and couldn’t indulge. He cheated and took an offered bite of hers.

He asked her how long she could stay. She replied that since tomorrow was Sunday she could spend the day with me. As we finished the snack, he suggested that we adjourn to the hot tub for a few minutes then get some rest. She agreed.

She stepped into the tub before me and asked me to sit on the edge. He smiled quizzically and did as he was asked.