A Dirty Dog Does Germany Ch. 02

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After an auspicious start to my first tour of Germany, I eagerly awaited Mandi’s arrival. When she finally got to Germany, the first thing I did was tap into some cash and get her a fist full of local currency. This helped her over the jet lag and the screaming trip down the autobahn from Frankfurt to Heilbronn.

I had to pull into the first rest stop south of Frankfurt on A5 to get her to quit panicking over the speed I was driving, even though I was being passed by over half the traffic. I brought some beer and wine along in a cooler so I let her calm down and drink some wine. Once she hit the wine nice and hard, she was able to cope with the ride.

She met the neighbors from downstairs who had supplied the Slivowitz that afternoon I got military furniture. They had a daughter, Dragisca, about 14 years old who had one of those odd knacks for language. She spoke about five languages including English fluently well, along with a couple of Balkan dialects. Mandi and the daughter hit it off well.

About a week after Mandi arrived in country, I had to go out on a huge field exercise, and was gone for about three weeks. That is when I actually presented her with the pile of local cash, approximately $1500.00 in American. I didn’t let on as to how much money she actually had, and the exchange rate at the time was very good, so she was happy just to have a few bucks to spend.

After I left for the field exercise, she spoke to Dragisca about walking around the village with her, or maybe catch the bus into Heilbronn and do some shopping. When she showed Dragisca the pile of money, the girl almost had a heart attack. Mandi asked her if that was a lot of money, and she was stunned. She had never thought about having that much money in her hand.

Mandi was impressed and also curious since she didn’t know about my side business. Never the less, she and Dragisca took the bus into Heilbronn for a shopping trip and came home with armloads of clothes and accessories. Not long after, Mandi studied for her driver’s test and after completing the course, passed the first time. That allowed her begin driving.

By then I had settled on a really nice VW bug in excellent condition, something Mandi could drive around with little trouble and it was easy to park. She also took the German language survival course, and by the time I returned from the field she was a veteran. She was also curious about the cash, since she knew how much I made and how much money I had sent to the states.

We went out to the club on my kaserne the evening I got back, and had a wonderful meal. That’s when I explained about the loan sharking business. She wasn’t happy about it at first, but when I explained what some people charged, and how I was doing a service for people, she chilled, especially since it meant so much more money. She also liked playing the nickel and dime slot machines in the club, so having a few bucks off budget was nice.

I kept my business up for quite a while after that. It was a good thing, too, because not long after that, my motorcycle arrived from the states at the German port of Bremerhaven. This meant a long trip up. Fortunately we had old friends from the states that were near Bremerhaven so we wouldn’t have to get a hotel. I purchased a used trailer hitch from a neighbor introduced by my German landlord Gerhardt, who was kind enough to install it for me.

The friend who had arranged the purchase of the VW, Ed, asked how I intended to haul the bike. I told him I would rent a trailer, but he told me not to worry about it. If we wanted to stop over in Darmstadt on our way north, he could get me a trailer from his brother-in-law.

Ed was married to a German woman, and he had been raised in Germany and Austria as a kid and was bilingual. His wife Doris had a sister there and she and her husband were also big motorcycle riders.

We followed Ed and Doris up the autobahn to Darmstadt and met her sister, Anneke, and her husband Wilhelm, who everyone called Willy. We spent an evening drinking beer and eating German food. Early the next day before hitting the road, we promised to stop back in and party with them on the trip back and maybe do some riding together.

We made a rather uneventful trip to Bremerhaven, and the only hang-up was getting the powers that be to release my motorcycle without military plates. I had to sign about 20 pages of forms and things before I could load it and drive away. We spent the evening with some old friends, enjoying dinner at a small gasthaus just around the corner from their apartment. We were quickly becoming acclimated to Germany.

After a casual trip back to Darmstadt, we stopped in at Willy and Anneke’s house just after Ed and Doris arrived from Heilbronn. The party was on. We left the bike loaded on the trailer and piled into Willy’s old Mercedes, and off we went.

We stopped in a several places, drinking a beer or two, and moving on to another. Willy stayed relatively sober, only sipping a beer or two illegal bahis during the evening. We finally arrived back their house after midnight. Ed and Doris were pretty well trashed, and went straight off to the guest room they usually slept in. Mandi and I were still cruising, and we stayed up and cranked up some music with Willy and Anneke.

We danced for a while, and I found myself spending more time with Anneke, while Mandi seemed comfortable paired up with Willy. While I had done plenty of extracurricular activities, Mandi and I had never swapped with another couple. We had gotten a couple of offers before, but it never came to fruition. This time seemed different.

I think Mandi found Willy attractive. He was a big, burly guy with twinkling blue eyes and a boisterous nature, and had a perpetual devilish smile. She had seemed to enjoy his attention earlier in the evening.

Meanwhile, I was enjoying Anneke’s company. She was a slender brunette (odd considering how many blonds I had seen around), with average sized, nice mouthful breasts unbound by a bra. Her nipples seemed to stand at attention every time we slow danced. She had a nice, tight bottom, just enough to make grabbing it a pleasure.

Both spoke some English, enough to get by around an American crowd. I watched as Mandi danced with Willy, and noticed that he was grinding his crotch into hers. Within seconds, he slipped a hand down and gripped her ass. I half expected to see her pull away, but instead, she continued to dance.

After the song was over, Mandi pulled away from Willy and came over to me, pulling me to the side. She grabbed my neck and pulled me down to her mouth, and I listened as she began to whisper.

“Willy told me that he and Anneke want to get a little more serious with us.”

“Serious how?” I asked.

“Serious as in ‘we pair off for the night’ serious,” she told me in a conspiratorial whisper.

“No shit!” I exclaimed.

“What do you think about that?” she asked, as she ignored my epithet.

I decided to see where her head was at, and replied, “It’s up to you. I am happy just hitting the sack with you and getting some rest. But if you think now is the time to finally enjoy another couple, I can deal with it.”

“So you really want to have sex with Anneke?”

Well, I was ready for this ploy, and told her, “For your information, I am not partial either way, and she hasn’t said anything to me about getting together. So don’t lay this off on me!”

She looked at me curiously, and looking away smiled at Willy, who had just gotten another round of beers. Anneke had disappeared to the toilet. She looked back at me, then looked back at Willy.

Finally, she whispered, “I would like to try maybe one time just to see how it goes.”

This gave me an opening and I jumped in, saying “So you really want to have sex with Willy!”

“Well, he is cute, and really sexy.”

Then she punched me in the arm and said, “Don’t pull that shit on me. I don’t know if we are going to go into different rooms or just do it right here in the floor or something. And don’t think I really want to be with someone different than you. I just know we had talked about it and this looked like a safe place to try.”

I let her stew for a minute, and finally whispered back, “So what’s it gonna be? Yes or No.”

She looked around as Anneke came back in the room, and finally took a deep breath and answered back, “Okay. Let’s try it.”

I smiled at her and said, “You take the lead with Willy, and I’ll guess I will follow. I hope Anneke is cool with this.”

Mandi quickly said, “Willy said she already was, and that’s why he wanted me to talk to you.”

This was a pleasant surprise, and I figured to play this one for what it was worth. We split up and went for the fresh beers. I took a beer and asked Anneke to play some more music. We walked to the stereo together (Yes, a floor model stereo that played real vinyl albums. It has been that long ago) and picked out some more slow songs. She started the first one up.

Almost immediately, Mandi and Willy began dancing. I offered a hand to Anneke and she quickly slid into my arms. I glanced over and saw Willy begin stroking Mandi’s back and ass, and figured it was time to see if Anneke was cool with the situation. I responded with the same action, gently stroking her back and finally down to her butt, slowly gripping and releasing while simultaneously grinding an ever hardening cock into her crotch.

She was for real! She began responding back to me and was soon grabbing at my ass. We got the heat going well, and soon began a grope fest. I looked over to see Mandi and Willy pretty much echoing us. I wondered how long it would take to move the action up a step. I found out soon enough when Willy interrupted us long enough to saw something in German to Anneke, almost under his breath, to which she just smiled. Willy and Mandi disappeared into the hallway in the dark.

Anneke broke illegal bahis siteleri away from me and went around the room, turning off most of the lights, and turned down the stereo to just audible, switching the tuner to a local FM station. She motioned me over to what I though was an odd looking chair that turned out to be a foldaway bed. She quickly opened it, and returned to grab me around the waist.

“I’m glad you came to visit, and glad you want to have fun with us.”

I softly replied, “This is a first for us.”

Anneke looked at me curiously, then broke into a soft smile.

“I am happy that we can be the first. I hope you both enjoy it.”

I nodded my assent and pulled her to me, pressing her breasts against my chest. I quickly leaned in and found her mouth, working into a deep, tongue lashing kiss. As we kissed, she snaked a hand down between us, slowly stroking my cock to full hardness in my jeans, and as she ran her hands up and down she began to coo under her breath.

“Ummm, grosser!” she whispered. I was getting that a lot!

“Danke,” I whispered back.

I pushed away from her and broke off the kiss. Grasping at my shirt, I quickly pulled it over my head and tossed it in the floor. Before Anneke could respond, I pulled her shirt off, revealing perky, just about a mouthful sized breasts with rock hard nipples. I pulled her back to me, quickly moving my lips to her left breast and played the nipple with my tongue. She sighed, and pressed my head into her breast. I pulled most of the breast into my mouth and lashed the nipple with tongue until I though it would burst.

I quickly moved to the other breast and repeated the tongue action, which in short order had her moaning audibly and gripping my head. While I worked the right breast, I slipped my hand down to the crotch of her jeans and gently began to press in and rub to pressure her clit. This brought more sighs, and some hip grinding to increase the pressure.

I didn’t want to play too long but I figured I would see if I could get her really screaming hot before we got down to serious fucking. I broke off the pressure on her crotch and before she could react, quickly spun her around with her back to me and pressed my crotch into her ass. She moaned some more and ground back into me, running her ass up and down in a pleasant, humping motion.

I took her breasts in my hands, gently kneading and tweaking the nipples, and began to kiss her neck and upper back. She responded by tipping her head back and moaned more audibly. As I kissed her, she reached back and pulled my hips tighter against her. We kept this up for several minutes.

Finally, I reached down to the waist of her pants and unbuttoned them, taking a moment to slide the zipper down. This freed me to slide a hand down into her jeans, and slipping under her panties, found her clit already standing at attention waiting for some loving. Keeping the pressure on a breast with one hand, I gently swirled a finger around her clit, just barely teasing it.

This effort got her moaning loud enough to hear it in another room, which made me proud but also a little leery. I didn’t know if Ed and Doris knew about Willy and Anneke’s sexual adventures and I didn’t feel like being interrupted. I slipped my hand from her pants and gently inserted a finger into her mouth. She sucked on my finger like she was starving, so I alternated between her clit and her mouth for a few minutes.

When she finally settled down a bit, I kept a finger on her clit until she began to concentrate on a pending orgasm. I kept the same gentle, circular motion on her until she finally stiffened. I took my hand off her breast and moved to her face in case she got too loud again. I added a bit more pressure to her clit and she got extremely quiet and her body began to stiffen. Then, with a couple of shudders, she launched into an orgasm that had her gasping for breath (quietly, thank God!) and shuddering.

She began to put more weight on me so I kept one hand in her pants and the other arm encircled her to hold her up. She jerked and shuddered some more, making little gasping noises, and finally folded into me, twisting slightly until my fingers were pulled away.

She had her head back on my shoulders and her eyes were tightly shut. I nuzzled her neck for a moment, when she sighed.

“Mein Gott!” Anneke exclaimed quietly.

“Glad you liked it,” I whispered to her.

She took a deep breath, and turned around to face me.

“You know your way around a woman’s body.”

I pulled her up against me, pressing her nipples into my chest.

“I do. And I am just getting started, if that is okay with you.”

She smiled slightly, and grabbing at my cock, which was still enclosed in my jeans, whispered in my ear, “Is this next?”

I gently pulled her hand away and as I nuzzled her ear told her, “Not yet. I told you I am just getting started.”

She looked at me with a slight bit of consternation, canlı bahis siteleri but then said, “Okay.”

I pulled her tightly to me once again and kissed her some more, once again grinding my crotch into hers. After a couple of minutes of this, I slipped my hands down the back of her jeans and began to gently squeeze and massage her ass. This caused her to moan into my mouth as we continued to kiss.

I gently pulled way, and quickly dove down and pulled her jeans and panties to the floor in one quick motion. She put a hand on my shoulder and stepped out of them. She had au natural pubes, slightly bushy but not a major thicket. I swiped two fingers through her slit and as I looked up at her, slipped them into my mouth. The taste was clean and fresh.

I took her over to the fold away bed and gently pushed her down onto her back. After kneeling on the floor, I pulled her crotch to the edge and threw her legs over my shoulders. Before she could react, I dived into her pussy, quickly finding her clit with my tongue.

She grabbed at the bed and began to roll her hips around. I teased her clit for several minutes, alternating between swirling my tongue in circles around it and then plunging deep into her vagina. She quietly moaned through it all.

Once she was nice and hot again, I went into my favorite activity on her clit. I sucked it between my lips and just as quickly pushed it back out with the tip of my tongue. Within seconds, she was arching her back off the bed. When she started to slow down and concentrate on another orgasm, I slowly began to penetrate her vagina with one finger, and then two.

Anneke increased her rocking motion as I started working my fingers in and out of her vagina, and after a few minutes of this, I inserted my ring finger into her anus. This caused her to squirm around a bit, and she reached down and pulled my hand away. My ring finger didn’t quite slip out when she reversed course and pushed my fingers back in. I began to slip the fingers in and out with more speed, and she left the grip on my hand and grabbed my head.

I finally added my pinky to her ass and increased the speed on her clit. She began to grind her heels into my back, which was actually a bit painful. I held on, though, and within seconds she lurched and squirmed through another orgasm. I could feel the spasms in her vagina and ass gripping my fingers. She gasped audibly, and after thrashing about a bit more, finally collapsed onto the bed, pushing my head away.

I kept stroking with my fingers into her slowly, letting her settle down. Then, after pushing her legs back until her knees hit her tits, I quickly removed my fingers and probed my tongue deep into her anus. She gasped and jumped. I kept my tongue firmly planted deep in her anus. She continued to squirm but within a few seconds began to rock around again, signaling her capitulation.

I tongued her anus for a while, gradually getting more and more sighing and wiggles. As I probed, I also slipped my jeans off. I finally stopped the analingus and slid up her body, stopping to nibble on those perky breasts, and slid my cock to the point of penetrating her vagina. She quickly reached down and tried to pull me into her, but I resisted moving, and kept playing with her breasts.

After a couple of minutes, I slid the head of my cock in. She writhed around and kept pushing down to get more penetration. She began to moan with frustration. I slowly pushed about half my cock into her, and she really began to squirm. I started slowly stroking into her at half depth and half speed. I didn’t expect her to get going quite so quickly but with a few seconds she began to gasp and pull me tighter to her.

I kept my stroke slow and methodical but it didn’t prevent her from building toward another orgasm. I was proud of myself, and waited until she was on the verge, feeling her slowly tightening her grip on me both internally and with her arms, until just as she began to melt into it, I buried my cock in her to its full depth, banging hard into her cervix. She gasped and it sounded like she was strangling, and she rocked around so violently I had to hang on to the bed.

After several spasms, accompanied by loud gasping, she settled down to a slow grind with my cock buried to the hilt inside her.

“Scheisse!” she exclaimed.

I had learned enough German to know she said, “Shit!”

I nuzzled her neck, and whispered in her ear, “Are you okay?”

“Mein Gott,” she whispered, “You are so large! You hurt so good.”

“Danke,” I replied. “Glad you liked it.”

She shuddered and hugged me tightly. I kissed her some more and then slowly pulled out of her and slipping to the side, rolled her onto her stomach. I used my knees to spread her legs wide apart, stretching them out until her feet hung off the sides. I kissed her neck and upper back while I slowly slid my cock down to her pussy and up toward her ass. This kept me wet and slippery.

After a few minutes of this, she began to arch back toward me, and I slowly slipped my cock back into her pussy. I stroked away slowly, methodically for a few minutes, until I was soaking wet and slippery, and began to pull out and slip up to her asshole, and then slip back in her pussy.