A Different Life

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My wife had a lover when we met. She made no bones about telling me she fully intended to continue seeing him and having him as a major part of our life after our nuptials. I know most men would find this very strange and perhaps many women would find it crazy. However, if you are into cuckolding and find the lifestyle exciting, then our relationship, which was just beginning was the tip of a huge cuckolding iceberg.

My uncle had passed away and left me a fortune. Sandra knew none of this, I purposely didn’t tell her to make sure she wasn’t after me for just my money. It was the lifestyle I craved. I first spotted her at a local bookstore. She wore a black leotard, no bra, and a very short skirt which accentuated her big round ass and thick thunderous thighs. Perfume wafted off her and I was instantly hypnotized by her beauty and her aura.

“Excuse me, I don’t mean to intrude, and I hope you don’t find this as being too forward, but I was wondering if I could buy you a cup of coffee?” I stammered, entranced by her.

She spied me up and down. Appraising me from head to toe as one would look over livestock at an auction. “Well you look harmless enough,” she giggled and motioned, for me to head to the café.

We sat at a corner table drinking our coffee and chatting. I told her how beautiful I found her and how she stopped me dead in my tracks when I spotted her in the aisle. She giggled and patted my hand, her pink fingernails lightly scratching my forearm.

“Your husband or boyfriend is a very lucky man,” I said.

“I don’t have a husband,” Sandra said. “And I don’t have exactly what you’d call a boyfriend.” She raised an eyebrow as if prodding me to ask what exactly that meant.

“Okay, I’ll bite, a beautiful woman like you with no husband and no boyfriend?”

“You see, I am a different kind of woman from most. I hate those women who settle for the first guy that looks sideways at them. They settle for the package society says you should accept. They settle for the house, the car, the kids, and the mundane sex life. Most if not all of those women end up cheating or catching their husbands cheating. They’re never happy and all turn into bored, frustrated soccer mom bitches. Not me!” Sandra took a compact from her purse and checked her lips adding a bit more lip gloss which shimmered under the lights.

“I see. I must admit you’re not like any woman I’ve ever met.” I began to perspire just sitting there looking at her. She noticed and smiled a devilish grin.

So began our very nontraditional relationship. Sandra and I spent more and more time together, both in person and on the phone. She related her philosophy of the premise of female led relationships and how they worked. We discussed my leanings both sexually and otherwise. I divulged to her that I was definitely more on the submissive and subservient side personality wise and sexually. I also told her once I felt I could trust her I wasn’t a lothario in the sack and truth be told had only had one serious relationship with a woman and the moment she saw my meager endowment between my legs she laughed and broke it off. Sandra seemed fascinated, intrigued and excited by all this. I wondered if a woman like her would find me attractive in any sense of the word knowing I wasn’t a stud in bed, and thinking I was just an average Joe with an average paycheck.

Some night we would watch a movie at her house, her sprawled half naked on the couch, her big thighs in full display, her big tits and erect nipples showing through the sheer clothes she wore mostly to tease me, and me always naked, kneeling on the floor massaging and kneading her tired feet, placing tiny kisses on each toe. She like teasing me and using me and I liked being teased and used. She started me slowly with her feet and before I knew it I was spending hours licking her pussy and ass until she screamed with orgasms. My reward was short but rewarding. Sandra would have me kneel next to her on the floor after she’d cum and spread my legs while she dangled her hand and lightly caressed my balls teasing me and making me cum without ever touching my tiny cock!

Our relationship was blissful. There was the sex, but there was more to it than the sex. We actually enjoyed each other and found we had very similar tastes and proclivities. Second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day I fell under her trance. It was as if she was hypnotizing me and I was eagerly anticipating going deeper and deeper into her web. Every now and then when she was short of money I would step up to the plate and help her out never revealing my full financial situation.

Sandra and I had been seeing each other for two years when she proposed marriage. She said she had been giving it lots of thought and our relationship had progressed to where she felt we would be better off together. During that time, I had paid for breast enhancements for her and collagen injections into her lips, beauty salon appointments every week, and anything else she wanted. We were polar opposites casino siteleri physically. She was a tall redheaded BBW with wide hips, a huge ass, thick thighs and towered over my five-foot five frame. I’m chubby, bald, with a tiny cock and since I’ve met Sandra totally shaved from head to toe.

During our time together Sandra never made any bones about her other lovers. She would call them “toys” or “fun distractions” or her “big cock toys” and I ultimately accepted and embraced them knowing I certainly could never satisfy her insatiable sex drive. She would usually tell me about their trysts while I knelt naked, her fondling my balls and making me cum in a very painful manner without ever touching my cock. She would regale me with what they did and how they did it. She would tell me in great detail about their cocks and their lovemaking prowess. And of course, she would always point out that I was not a real man like them, sometimes touching my tiny penis and measuring it with her thumb (which it didn’t even reach the end of) and laughing hysterically. Through it all she could see how horny it made me and how much I truly loved it.

We are an odd couple when people see us, Sandra the more dominant alpha female who runs the house and our relationship, me the meek beta submissive male who does her bidding. Soon I would be doing her lover’s bidding as well. His name was Vince and he was everything I was not. Tall, broad shouldered, muscular, a thick head of hair, six-pack abs and tattoos covering his huge biceps and his back. He was an Adonis! Sandra would say he was the perfect male specimen. She first showed me pictures of him from a vacation they had taken to the ocean. He stood tan, and glowing wearing a tiny black Speedo his arm wrapped around Sandra. An huge bulge protruded through the tight fabric outlining a massive penis albeit soft.

Tonight would be the night I would finally meet him. I was as nervous as a high school girl on her first date! It was a Saturday and Sandra had left the house earlier in the afternoon to meet him at his condo and then go shopping and for drinks with some friends. I was instructed to have dinner on the table at seven. She had also had me wearing a pair of female black yoga pants, a cream colored blouse of hers that could be taken for androgynous and just the slightest hint of blush and eyeshadow with her sparkling lip gloss. While I didn’t look completely like a female I certainly didn’t look like a male either which was her point.

His Cadillac Escalade pulled into the driveway and I heard Sandra giggling. They walked in and my face burned crimson.

“So this is the husband huh?” Vince said, walking around me inspecting me up and down as I stood, hands clasped obediently in front of me. Sandra stood in front of me arms crossed with a smirk on her face.

“Cute isn’t he?”

Vince pulled his keys from his pocket and handed them to me.

“Let’s see how good you are at cleaning and detailing my Escalade, oh yea and there’s some laundry in the back for you to take care of, and while you’re doing that your ‘wife’ and I will be in your marital bed taking care of other things.” Vine mad a brushing away gesture with his hand. “Run along now, we’ll call you when we need you.”

I bowed my head and scurried away from them not wanting to be further embarrassed or emasculated. I assumed the dinner I had prepared wouldn’t be served anytime soon. I spent the next two hours detailing Vince’s Escalade as his laundry was in the washer and dryer; Sandra had trained me always to multitask. I washed, waxed, I’d the interior, the wheels, the engine bay, and when it was finished it looked like a brand new car. It was approximately nine o’clock when I dragged myself inside and finished folding and hanging up Vince’s laundry. As I hung up the last shirt I was summoned to the bedroom by a little bell Sandra kept by the side of the bed for when she wanted me. I scampered to the bedroom, trying to catch my breath and make myself look presentable.

Upon entering the bedroom which up until today had been mine, I saw Vince and my wife Sandra naked sitting un in bed, he head nuzzled into his massive chest, his arm draped around her, lazily fondling her big breast. His flaccid cock which must have measured at least six inches soft lay on his leg like a snake sunning itself on a log, intimidated me by its mere presence.

“Well I hope you have everything done I told you to do. We’ve worked up quite then appetite, you can serve us dinner up here while we watch a movie.” Vince said. It was said with an air of superiority to which I had no recourse but to bow and say “Yes Sir.”

I heard them whispering and laughing at me as I retreated to the kitchen to see if I could salvage the dinner I had prepared for seven and which was now two hours old. I worked some of the magic I leaned in the cooking class Sandra had enrolled me in last year and in no time I had two full trays with their dinners on it, which I wheeled down the hall on a fancy silver cart and canlı casino served the two of them in bed, lightly placing napkins on each of their chests so as not to get any spilled food on them. I poured them each a glass of very expensive wine and set them gingerly on each of heir respective trays. Sandra’s thick naked thighs were a delight to my eyes as was her huge breasts. My tiny cock immediately became aroused and showed itself through my yoga pants.

“Uh oh, looks like someone is excited by your naked body.” Vince said, pointing to my meager erection.

“Oh is my poor hubby all excited because a real man came into his bed and fucked his wife?” Sandra said in a baby talk way.

“Yes dear, very excited.”

“Show us,” she said. “Pull down your pants and show Vince why I need a real man.”

I slowly slid my yoga pants down and my tiny three inch clitty as Sandra called it, sprang to life standing straight out and dripping like a leaking faucet. They both giggled and then broke out in uproariously loud laughter.

“Play with it, show Vince how quick you cum looking at my naked body and now his naked body. Stroke it and look at us and count till you cum!”

The sight of the two of them naked on the bed had you pushed me over the edge, I grabbed my clitty between my thumb and forefinger and counted as I stroked.

“One, two, three….” I shot my load all over their feet as they watched with amazement and responded with laughter.

“OMG!” Sandra said. “That’s the quickest I’ve ever seen him cum!”

Vince shook his head. “Well I’m not crazy about having his cum on our feet.”

“You heard Vince, get down there with your tongue and clean your filthy spillage off our feet!”

I immediately knelt and began cleaning my come from Vince and Sandra’s feet as they finished their dinner and talked about what a wimp I was.

Once I was finished I fetched two warm washcloths and washed their feet off knowing they wouldn’t want my saliva on their feet either. I then removed the dinner trays and brought them the sumptuous dessert I had prepared. My stomach was noisily growling as I hadn’t eaten all day. Sandra had a rule I could only eat after she had finished and since I hadn’t seen her all day I was starving. I removed the dessert trays as they lay back in bed in each other’s arms.

“Um dear, I was wondering if it were okay if I eat now, I haven’t eaten all day.”

“Oh I suppose so. There should be enough leftovers from our plates for you to have a suitable meal. So go eat, do the dishes, take a shower and do your nightly routine and put on the outfit I left for you in the spare room and then report back here. You have twenty minutes. Now go!”

With that, I pirouetted out of the bedroom and raced to the kitchen. I scooped the leftovers off their plates onto a paper plate (Sandra doesn’t like me using ‘her’ dishes) ate them quickly even though they were cold and had grease on them. I then raced to the tiny bathroom in the basement which had a stand up shower, tiny sink and toilet and did my ‘nightly routine’ as Sandra calls it. That requires a cold shower, shaving my entire body, giving myself a quick manicure and pedicure and putting a dab of perfume behind my ears, brushing my teeth and rinsing my mouth out with mouthwash in the event I was required to perform oral services on her. It was her way of slowly making me realize I was happier the more I embraced my feminine side and the less I put on the charade of being something I wasn’t. I scurried to the guest room and found a bag on the bed from a ladies shop in town. Inside were pink pajamas (think Doris Day in one of those cheesy 50’s movies) I slipped them on and checked my Disney Frozen watch (another addition Sandra insist I wear daily) and saw I had two minutes until I was due back in their bedroom. Just as I entered the room I saw Vince’s muscular ass pumping up and down between Sandra’s thick thighs, her feet in the air, toes curled which always means she’s orgasming. She cracked her long plump fingers with her bright red nail polish down his back with one hand while holding the back of his head with the other and pulling him towards her in a sensuous deep French kiss. My heart sank and my clitty rose. Their frantic rhythmic motions slowed to a sensual grinding with each of them orgasming in unison. Finally they lay there, him on top of her satiated from their lovemaking. I stood silent for a full five minutes before he pulled his huge cock from her and rolled over on his back. I was amazed how big he was flaccid and couldn’t help think back to the one time I had intercourse with a girl (which lasted only a few seconds) the minute I had my orgasm my tiny cock shrunk up to nothing and fell out of her. Clearly Vince had just shown me how a real Alpha male does it!

Once their euphoria wore off and they were both back down to earth, they noticed me standing there in my pretty pink pj’s and both broke into hysterical laughter.

“Phew! That was some good fucking!” Vince said. “Go get us a kaçak casino couple of bottles of water, I’m thirsty.”

I immediately scampered to the kitchen and fetched two ice cold bottles of Fiji water and brought them back to them. While they drank, Sandra cuddled up next to Vince like lovers do when they finish making love.

“Vince has some news for you. That’s why I wanted you in you new prettiest pink pj’s and looking all vulnerable like you do. Go ahead honey, tell him.” There was a lump in my throat when she called him ‘honey’ like that. Until now all Sandra’s Bulls had been merely sex toys to her, but she had told me when we first met Vince was different. He propped himself up on yeh pillow where I used to sleep and motioned for me to come closer to the foot of the bed which I did, standing with my hands folded over my ever widening wet spot from excitement at watching them make love.

“I thinks it’s obvious to all of us here who the man of this house is now. I allowed this little charade of a marriage to happen when Sandra broached the idea to me because she made a very convincing argument that you had a lot to offer and seeing your progress these past months although not in person, Sandra has keep me abreast of you conditioning and quite frankly I’m impressed. I never thought you condition someone in the way in which she’s conditioned you, but tonight I saw it for myself.” Vince looked at me with a mixture of amusement and disdain.

“Yes Sir, thank you. Sandra has worked very hard on my manners, behavior, and acceptance of myself as a beta male whose sole purpose it is to serve the Alphas of the species.”

They both looked at each other with head nods and raised eyebrow approval as I had recited one of the lesson lines Sandra had programmed into my subconscious.

“Very good,” Vince said. “Now starting this very moment there will be some changes around here. And although you do seem like a good pupil, I’ve taken the liberty of writing down some things so you won’t forget them. Before I give that to you however, the major changes are that I will be moving in here with you and my beautiful lover and your wife. Tomorrow I expect all your shit out of here and on the basement. You are to go to my condo and move all the boxes you’ll find there to here and put them away accordingly. My condo is being sold the day after tomorrow so you don’t have much time to clean it all out and have it looking spic and span for the new owner. Well now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me give you this to read aloud.” Vince handed me an envelope. I removed the paper and unfolded it and began to read:

“From this day forward the beta male who resides in this house and relationship shall be referred to as ‘cuck’ in both private and public settings. The Alpha beings in this house and relationship Vince and Sandra shall be referred to as Sir and Ma’am by cuck at all times. The following shall pertain to cuck’s status and duties:

•cuck will be responsible for all housework, cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard-work and any and all household tasks

•cuck shall sleep in the spare room in the basement unless granted other sleeping privileges granted by the Alphas

•cuck shall assist in any/all sexual duties deemed necessary by the Alphas

•cuck shall never refuse a command from an Alpha lest he be punished and said punishment be decided by the Alphas

•cuck shall only orgasm when given permission by and Alpha. The Alphas reserve the right to put cuck in chastity for an unspecified length of time should it be discovered he has broken the orgasm rule. When cuck is allowed to orgasm he shall clean every drop up with his tongue

•cuck shall consume only the Alpha’s leftovers for his daily sustenance, and in addition may be required to consume cum from the Alpha male on his food as proof of his submission and subservience

•cuck shall wear whatever the female Alpha deems appropriate on any specific day/time with no reservations or talk back

•cuck will only be allowed to sit on “special” furniture the Alpha’s provide for him. He is never to sit on the normal furniture

•cuck relinquishes all rights to his body to the Alpha’s allowing them total control to modify, pierce, tattoo, augment his physical state any way they see fit ensuring no long term harm will be done to him

•cuck will show deference and respect to ALL the Alpha’s friends as if he were dealing directly with the Alpha’s

•cuck agrees to legally change his name to cuck Skerrit assuming the last name of the Alpha male Vince in show of his deference and submission

•cuck agrees to any and all rules the Alpha’s present to him outside of the ones outlined in this document and will keep a copy of these rules and any other subsequent rules posted on the refrigerator door for all to see

My throat was parched when I finished reading. My mind was trying to process it all when Sandra spoke.

“You see cuck this is what we’ve been working towards since we met. A totally female led relationship in which I control you and you serve us! Do you have anything to say about the things you’ve just read? And be careful when you speak because Vince and I spent a long time during the months of your conditioning coming up with these.