A Daughter’s Present

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All characters are 18 or older at the time of this story


“Are you still in bed?”

My daughter, Rachel, was staring at me from my bedroom doorway. She was dressed in nothing but one of my shirts, and simple black underwear. Her dirty blonde hair fell in silky whisps across her face and landed onto her small perky breasts.

At times, it’s been harder and harder for me to get out of bed. Lately, Rachel was the only thing that could do the trick, and she knew it. She was an angel–more than that– she was my angel. But that never stopped me from teasing her.

“No, I’m at the super market right now. What does it look like?” I replied. She looked at me and smirked, highlighting her bright amber eyes.

“Well, then I guess that means I can jump on Daddy’s bed without him knowing”

Being a smart-ass runs in the family.

She pounced on top of me and nuzzled up next to me, pressing her tight young body against my chest and wrapping her legs around mine.

“Daddyyy” She pouted “It’s the afternoon already, you need to get up”.

I yawned, and said “How about 5 more minutes” and rolled us both over, pinning her body under my own.

“Ahhh, Daddy!” She screamed “Get off of me!”

After realizing that she couldn’t move my dead mass from on top of her, she wrapped her legs around my waist and bit my neck.

“You brat!” I yelled, and rolled back over, putting her on top of me. Her legs rested on either side of my hips, and her crotch rubbed up against my own. Her small, delicate hands lay on my pecs. Her silky hair caressed my neck.

“Daddy, you need to get to work”

I was a consultant for a series of financial firms. It’s boring work, but the pay is more than fair. Furthermore, I can work as little or as many hours as I like, for better or for worse.

“What do you care if I work? You already have enough to cover tuition wherever you go, not even including all the scholarships you’ll get”

She rolled her eyes at me and, not missing the compliment, blushed slightly.

“I still need money for clothes, ok?”

I replied, “Don’t you already have, like, a bajillion clothes? What, do you have an extra of legs I don’t know about?” and grabbed her butt. Feeling her smooth skin on that firm ass caused my cock to swell, a sensation she almost certainly felt.

“I wouldn’t expect you to understand, Mr. sweatpants all day.” She said while glaring at me. She then lowered her body, pushing her breasts against my chest, her face inches from my own. I could feel her perky little nipples press against me.

“What about this…” She said, “How about if my big strong Daddy goes güvenilir bahis to work, and buys me some clothes, I’ll give him a present?”

“What kind of present” I replied, intrigued.

“Well…” She said in a sweet innocent voice, as she rolled over to my side, burrowing herself under my arm. “How about I get one of my friends to come over and play with you, Daddy? I bet you could have a lot of fun…” she said as she rested her hand on my now pulsating cock from on top of my boxers.

“Sounds like something we wouldn’t need any clothes for”

She giggled, and replied “But Daddy, if I’m popular you can choose any girl you want” with a puppy-dog look on her face that would melt steel.

I smiled and said “How can I say ‘no’ to my princess?” She squealed with joy.

“Thank you so much Daddy!”

She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek.

“Ok, Daddy, you work today, I’ll bring her over tomorrow.”

“Wait, I don’t get to choose which girl?”

“Oh, I know your taste Daddy” as she pushed closer to me “You’ll like her. She’s cute, young, and a virgin” She said with a nefarious smile to match me own.

“Just one thing Daddy. Try not to wear sweatpants…”

“Oh haha, Rachel. Very funny. My credit card it in my wallet, try not to go too wild, ok?”

She replied, “But Daddy, I want you to go wild with her…”


I’m not sure how I got anything done that day. I did, don’t get me wrong, I did more work than I usually do in a week, but every five minutes all I could think about was the young girl my daughter was bringing over for me to fuck and use. No amount of masturbation could get the thought out of my mind.

My daughter left for the mall where she would meet her friend and, I can only assume, spend as much as possible without going over the spending limit.

I heard them as walked up to the door, giggling and chatting playfully.

When they walked in, I saw my present. She was a beautiful girl. Straight blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a petite frame that somehow managed to have the perkiest ass I have ever seen on legs as slender as I can dream of.

“Hey Daddy!” My daughter said as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. “This is my friend, Anne.” She had just finished the sentence as Anna wrapped her arms around me and pressed her warm body against my chest.

“Thank you so much for getting us both clothes!”

“Both…” I hadn’t realized that they would both be getting clothes.

My daughter, sensing my realization, said “Ok, we’re going to try on our clothes. Can you help us Daddy? We need a man to help türkçe bahis us decide what we like.”

I replied “You couldn’t just try them out in the store?”.

“Oh Daddy, we can’t try lingerie out in the store.” She said with a smile. She then grabbed both mine and Anne’s hand and led us into my room, which had the largest mirror.

They threw their shopping bags on the ground, and I sat on my bed. My daughter grabbed Anne’s tshirt and, without a second thought, pulled it off, exposing two perky C cups covered in a simple white bra. My daughter grabbed Anne’s jeans and began unbuckling. My daughter, recognizing how her own excitement had made her blind to the fact that Anne was getting nervous, looked at me and said “No peeking Daddy, God!”

I closed my eyes, and heard their giggles and the rustle of clothes.

“Ok Daddy, we’re ready”

I opened my eyes to see two beautiful girls in matching black silk bras and panties, thigh highs, braclets, and chockers around their neck. I stared at them both, trying to maintain an aura of mental salience as all the blood rushed from my head to my raging erection.

“Well, Daddy, what do you think? Do we look cute?”

I stood up, getting closer to them both, and said “You both look… breathtaking. You should be careful, I don’t think many men could see two beauties like this and not want more.” I glanced over at Anne, and her eyes quickly glanced down to the floor and back at mine. She was nervous, but she wanted more, and I knew it.

“Plus, Daddy, the cloth feels so silky smooth”. My daughter said as she grabed Anne’s tight perky ass. My hand followed, grabbing Anne’s other ass cheek. Our hands met at her asshole.

Anne was clearly getting nervous again, so my daughter said “Oh come on Anne, he’s my Dad, it’s fine. It’s not a big deal. Here, Dad, we got something for you too.”

My daughter pulled out a bright neon swimming trunks. Although I certainly appreciated the sentiment, I hadn’t been to the beach in years.

“Hey Anne, help me take off my Daddy’s shirt.” They both grabbed my t-shirt from either side and lifted it off me, as they pressed their almost naked breasts against the sides of my chest. My daughter then got on her knees and started undoing my belt when she said “Hey Anne, can you help my Daddy get his jeans off?”

Anne got on her knees below me, and my daughter got behind her. Their bodies rubbed together as Anne fumbled with my jeans. As she pulled them down, my massive erection flopped up, just barely occluded by my underwear. Anne stared at it, mouth agape with awe at it’s outline.

“Hey Anne” my daughter whispered, “My Daddy grabbed your güvenilir bahis siteleri butt, you should get him back”

As Anne’s hand reached out to grab my huge cock, my daughter pulled my underwear all the way down, causing my swollen cock to flip up, brushing against Anne’s mouth.

“It’s so big, how do girls even get to use it?” Anne said, her voice almost shaking because she was so nervous. My daughter grabbed Anne’s breasts from behind her and said “Just open your mouth, my Daddy will know how to use you.”

Anne opened her mouth ever so slightly and I grabbed her hair and forced her head down onto my cock, fucking her adorable face. As my veiny cock slammed into Anne’s throat I could see me daughter bite her lower lip. I then grabbed her hair and took turns face fucking them both. I almost came watching these two young girls submit themselves to my cock.

I then threw Anne onto the bed and tore her bra and panties off her. Her tight, naked pussy was dripping wet. I ordered my daughter to eat her friends pussy while I bit and squeezed Anne’s beautiful breasts. Anne began to moan louder and louder. My daughter knew how to eat pussy.

I then flipped Anne over onto her stomach and pulled her so that she was bent over the bed. I got behind Anne and ordered her to eat my daughter’s pussy. My daughter happily jumped onto the bed in front of Anne as I ripped her panties off.

I grabbed Anne’s hair and shoved her face into my daughter’s pussy while I force fucked her from behind. I could her Anne’s muffled moans and my daughter begging me not to stop.

As my daughter squirmed with ecstasy, I grabbed her throat and told her “Be a good girl and cum for your father.”

Her eyes rolled back as she convulsed, plastering her friend’s face with her juicy cum. I grabbed Anne by the throat and, as my cock slammed into her cervix, said

“You see this?” I grabbed the black chocker around her neck “That’s your collar now. That means that I own you. You’re mine. You’ll be a fuck toy for me and my daughter.”

Anne screamed with pleasure “YES, you own me! Use me for your massive cock!”

My daughter now grabbed Anne’s throat, choking her while I fucked her from behind. My daughter looked at me and said “Cum in my friend’s tight pussy Daddy! I want her pussy to be full of your cum. I want you to knock her up so that she can make me a little sister to fuck and use with you! Please Daddy?”

Hearing this, I blasted my cum deep into Anne’s tight virgin pussy, coating the walls of her pussy. My daughter happily licked up the beads of cum that dripped onto her friend’s thighs.

As we lay naked in my bed, I looked at my daughter, who now had bits of my cum mixed in with Anne’s and said “I’m sorry for ripping your clothes off, dear”

She looked back at me, smiled, and said “You still think that I had my friend over for clothes?”