A Daughter’s Exploration

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A Daughter’s ExplorationI had come home early one afternoon to pick up some paperwork from my home office. The car belonging to my daughter is parked out front, but that is not unusual, since she is a college junior and has varying hours for her classes. What is unusual however, is hearing loud moaning coming from her room that is just a couple of doors down from my office when I go into the house. Abandoning the purpose for my return home for the moment, I quietly walk down the hall to make sure that she is not hurt or something. Arriving at the door, I peek into her room, but don’t immediately see her. The arrangement of the room is such that the bed is mostly hidden from view from the doorway. I slip into the room a little further and look around the corner. What I see there is surprising.My daughter girl is lying stark naked on the bed, on her back, with her head facing away from me, her long hair splayed out on the pillow. One hand is between her legs, rapidly rubbing her pussy, and the other hand is squeezing her lovely breasts and pinching her nipples. She has her electronic tablet propped up beside her and it is obvious that she is watching a porn video while she plays. It looks like an older man is playing with a much younger woman. I wonder why I don’t hear sound from the video, but then I realize that she has some earbuds stuck in her ears.I am mesmerized by the sight of her playing right there in front of me and my cock rises within my pants, forcing me to adjust it for comfort. Her plunging fingers appear to be wet and even creamy. Using her hand underneath, she lifts one of her tits and kisses and sucks on her nipple which turns me on even more. A couple of times she removes her fingers from her crotch and licks off her juices and that almost drives me crazy with the yearning to kneel between her legs and eat her luscious pussy. However, I realize that this is my own daughter and I shouldn’t have naughty thoughts like that. In fact, I shouldn’t even be standing here watching her masturbate, but I am frozen in place by the wonderful sight.A few minutes later, the couple on the screen starts fucking so she picks up a hairbrush that is lying on the bed beside her. She licks the handle of it for a few moments and then starts to slip it easily into her obviously very wet pussy. Then she says something completely shocking, “Oohh Daaaddyyyy, your big hard cock feels so good going inside my hot wet cunt!” I think for a moment that I might be hearing things, but she goes on, “Yeah Daaaddyyyy, slide your hard cock all the way inside my little girl cunt!” she says as she shoves the hairbrush handle even deeper into her pussy. I have never heard her use those kinds of words before. My real cock is throbbing within my pants, but I resist the urge to pull it out and stroke it for fear of her turning her head and discovering me watching her.Then her next statements drive me nearly insane with desire. She hollers out while she starts plunging the hairbrush handle rapidly in and out of her soaking wet pussy, “Fuck me, Daddy!! Yeah, Fuck Me, Daddy!! FUCK ME!!” I’m shocked because she has never used the ‘F’ word in my presence before, especially in that kind of context. It takes all the willpower in the world not to jump on the bed and do just that!! Oh, my gaawwd!! I want to fuck her so badly!! But fortunately, my cooler head prevails, and I resist the temptation. But that doesn’t stop me from stroking my cock through my pants while I watch her fuck herself with the dildo with one hand and rapidly rub her clit with the other. A few short minutes later I hear her holler out while she starts thrashing around on the bed, “Oh fuck, Daddy, I’m cumming! Oh Daddy, I’m cumming!! Fuck me!! Fuck me!!!”I am nearly cumming myself but since I don’t want to make a wet spot on my good dress pants, I quit my rubbing. My cock protests, but I tell it that I’ll go into our bedroom and take care of it in a couple of minutes. She has moved on the bed as a result of her orgasms and I step back because I realize that she might be able to see me standing there if she turns her head just right. After her orgasm, she is just lying there on the bed, breathing hard, so I guess that the show is over. Then, rather lazily, she pulls the hairbrush from her pussy and licks off all the creamy white girl-cum from the handle while she says, “Oh Daddy, your creamy cum tastes so good mixed with mine!”Damn, if she only knew how much she is teasing me and tempting me right now. I’m just about to turn and beat a hasty retreat when suddenly, I have this overwhelming urge to sneeze and even trying as hard as I can I can’t suppress it!! “ACHOO!!” That sound is loud in the otherwise quiet room.She reacts quickly, rolling over into a kneeling position and pointlessly trying to cover her nudity with the bedspread that is not really cooperating. She manages to get the front of her pretty much covered when she yells, “What the fuck?? Who’s there??” Then she sees me. “Daddy!! What the fuck?? What the fuck are you doing home??!! And what the fuck are you doing in my room??!!” Her face is nearly beet red along with her neck and upper chest and she looks very angry. I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that I have just violated her trust.“I’m sorry, princess, I had to come by and pick up some paperwork from my office.” I use one of the pet names that I had for her while growing up to hopefully soften the idea that I might have been spying on her. “I heard your loud moaning and thought that you might be badly hurt so I was checking on you,” I offer as an explanation for my presence …… which is the truth. “I’m sorry; I should have left when I realized that you weren’t hurt.”Her face softens a little. “It’s okay Daddy, you just scared me because I didn’t expect anyone else to be home. And I was afraid that you’d be mad at me. I’m sorry for yelling at you. How long have you been watching me?”Now it is my turn to be embarrassed. “I’m ashamed to say that I watched you for a rather long time, princess.” After saying that, I figure that it is time to beat a hasty retreat. “I guess that I’ll go now so that you can have some privacy. I’m sorry; really sorry! I should have left.” Averting my gaze from her, I start to turn and leave.“Daddy wait!!” she says quickly. “Don’t go!” I stop in mid-turn and look at her again. I am surprised to see that she has dropped the bedspread to willingly reveal her naked body to me! In an instant I see her perfectly formed breasts with their hard nipples poking out, her flat but well-muscled tummy and the cleanly shaved mound between her spread legs. I can even see wetness that remains on her very puffy pussy lips that are still swollen with desire. She lets me stare at her wordlessly for a few moments before she slowly crawls off of the bed and walks over to me. She puts her arms around me and pulls herself tightly against me. I look down into her face and she is blushing, but she says, “Oh Daddy, please free spin don’t leave! I really do want you to fuck me, just like I was imagining.” She slips one hand between us to grasp at my still hard cock. “You are so hard, Daddy! And you are so BIG!!” She gives my cock a squeeze. “I want you to fuck me with this nice big, hard cock. I want you to fuck me just like you do Mommy!”I wonder about that last sentence while I retort, “I can’t do that!! You are my daughter and it is so wrong. Plus, I don’t want you to get pregnant and mess up your schooling. Even if you weren’t my daughter, look at the age difference. You should be doing it with boys of your own age.”“Daddy, I’m not stupid. I don’t want to get pregnant right now either, that’s why I am on birth control. And I don’t want to do it with boys that are my age because they are boring and super selfish. All they want is to put their tiny little dicks in my mouth or my pussy until they shoot their gooey cum in me or on me. They think that I should be super happy to just be a receptacle for their nasty cum. They don’t care about my pleasure or my orgasm. They don’t even try to make me cum. But I know that you do care about those things.”I’m a little surprised at that last sentence “How do you know that?”She blushes profusely but admits, “I’ve watched you and Mommy have sex before.” That admission makes me blush a little because her mother and I can get a little wild sometimes during our sexcapades and I wonder how much she has really seen. I also wonder how she has seen us since we always do it behind closed doors or when she has been out of the house. She goes on, “I’ve noticed that you always try to make her cum before you fuck her and I want that. I want to feel that I matter and that my pleasure matters and that I’m not just a receptacle for cum. While I was playing a little bit ago, I was imagining you between my legs, licking my wet pussy and making me cum like you do Mommy. Please, Daddy, I need your loving so badly.” I feel her fingers groping for my zipper tab and pulling it down.“But princess, it’s so wrong!” I feebly protest as her hand wraps around my cock again, separated from it only by my silk underwear. “You are my daughter, and it’s wrong …… it is i****t.”“No, it’s not wrong if that is what I want! Oh, Daddy, I love that you wear such sexy underwear; it feels so nice.” She squeezes my cock harder as she strokes it with my underwear. “Please Daddy, make sweet love to me and then fuck me like you do Mommy.” Her hand is now inside my underwear and she is touching my cock, skin to skin. My resistance is rapidly failing me. And it fails me even more when she drops to her knees and pulls on my clothing until my cock is poking out of my pants, big and proud. A moment later she licks the head of my cock, licking up the droplet of pre-cum that has oozed out. “You taste so good Daddy!” she says. Without waiting for a reply, she takes my crown into her mouth and begins sucking. That is when my resistance crashes into a pile of rubble at our feet.“Oh gaaawwwd, baby girl!!!” I moan out as she swirls her tongue around my cockhead, licking several times at the sensitive place underneath it. Her mouth is so warm …… so wet …… and it feels so good!! She starts pushing more of my cock into her oral cavity until she starts to gag. But she doesn’t let that stop her, she begins bobbing her head up and down on my hard shaft and stroking with her hand what won’t fit in her mouth. It’s rather obvious that she’s done this before. In my heightened arousal it only takes a very few minutes before I have to say, “You better stop, princess, I’m about to cum.”But somehow, she knows the trick that her mother and I sometimes use. She takes her mouth off of my cock long enough to say, “Go ahead and cum in your baby girl’s mouth, Daddy. That way you will last longer later when you fuck me.”Immediately she goes back to sucking on my cock. A few moments later I am groaning, “Uuuunnnngggghhhh, I’m cumming!!!!” I feel my cock spurting into her mouth and I feel her sucking on it like she wants more. Soon I stop spurting and she pulls her mouth off long enough to show me the white cum on her tongue and then she swallows it all. Then she takes my shrinking cock back in her mouth and cleans it with her tongue. “Oh, princess, that was wonderful!!”“Thank you, Daddy. Your creamy cum tasted so good; much better than that from those stupid boys.” She stands up and surprises me by kissing me. Fortunately, I’m not grossed out by tasting my own cum on her lips. While she’s kissing me, she’s unbuttoning my shirt. “C’mon, Daddy, get naked with me,” she urges. With the last vestiges of resistance gone I allow her to help me undress. “Mmmmm, I love your hairy chest,” she says as she rubs her hands across it. Her fingers pass over my nipples and they react by hardening. She lightly pinches them and asks, “Do you like it when Mommy plays with your nipples too?”“Yes, I do like it. It feels good to me and can help me to get or maintain an erection at times.”“Good. Then you’ll probably like it when I do this ……” She leans down and takes one of them into her mouth and sucks on it and lightly bites it. I moan my approval. I hold her head against my chest for a few moments. After sucking on my nipple for a little while, she grasps my mostly shrunken cock and says, “Yes, it works, it’s getting hard already. I reach down and grasp her titties, the first time that I have ever laid my hands on her grown-up boobs. I gently knead the firm flesh and following her example, I lightly pinch her nipples. “That feels so good, Daddy,” she says as she changes over to suck on my other nipple.After a while we gravitate over to her bed where we lie down and caress each other for a while. I start stroking her pussy lips while I watch them open. She moans when my finger slips inside and lightly caresses her soft, pink inner flesh. To give me better access she pulls her knees up and spreads her legs wide. After a little while I do crawl up between her spread legs and tease her by having my mouth so close to her sex that she can feel my warm breath while I still caress her with my fingers. Her hips are moving like she is trying to force contact. “Oh Daddy, don’t tease too long, I am so ready for you to eat my pussy!!”I put my mouth over her pussy and suck it into my mouth, licking her puffy lips and sucking on them. “Ooohhh Daaaaddyyyyy!!” she moans. I lick the length of her slit, feeling the soft flesh on my tongue and tasting her sweet juices. She pushes her hips upward. “More please, Daddy!” she begs. A few moments later I hold her lips apart with my fingers and lick the length of her open slit from back to front, pausing for a moment at both her fuck-hole and her clit. “Oh fuck, Daaaaddddyyyy! That feels so good!!” she moans as I repeat that several times. Using my tongue, lips and fingers I play her pussy like a musical instrument, caressing, licking and sucking until bonus veren siteler her arousal starts building toward a crescendo. I now have two fingers inside her rubbing her special place within in the ‘come here’ motion while I continue to lick and suck her clit. Her hips are bucking upwards, trying for even more stimulation. She starts begging, “Please make me cum, Daddy; please make me cum!!” Reaching up with my free hand, I grasp one of her titties and pinch her nipple. Her hands are on my head, holding me in place.Suddenly she yells, “Oh, Daddy, please stop, I’ve got to pee!!” Although she says that she has to pee, I’m pretty sure that she’s about to have a squirting orgasm. Instead of stopping I increase my paces just slightly. Moments later she’s yelling, “I’m cumming, Daddy; I’m cumming!!” And she does cum, rather wildly, thrusting her hips upward while her warm and tasty girl-cum squirts into my mouth. “Oooohhhh Daaaaaaaaddyyyyyyyy!!” she moans.I don’t stop there but keep on stimulating her until she flies over the cliff of orgasmic bliss twice more at which point, she pushes my head away. My hand, arm and the bed underneath her are all soaking wet. “Oh Daddy, you made me pee all over the place!!” she complains. “But it felt so good that I couldn’t stop you to go to the bathroom.“You didn’t pee, princess, you squirted …… you had a squirting orgasm, well actually three of them.”“You mean I didn’t pee on you?”“Nope, you squirted. And it tasted so good.”“Oh good; I was so afraid that I had peed on you! Are you hard enough to fuck me now? I want you to fuck me before Mommy gets home.”“Yes, baby girl, I am really hard. Watching you cum excites me a lot,” I say as I move up and place the head of my cock against her pussy lips and slide it up and down her wide-open slit, moving over her clit with each upward stroke.“Please don’t tease me, Daddy. Please fuck me!! I am so ready for your big cock to be inside me.” A few moments later, I start to press my cock into her well lubricated cunt, luxuriating in how it good it feels to be sliding into my daughter’s tight passage. “Oh Daddy!! Your cock feels so good inside me!! It feels so much better than those boy’s little weenies feel like. Oh yeah, give it all to me; fill me up with your big fat cock, Daddy!”“Are you sure that you can take it all?”“I think so, Daddy; I’ll tell you if I can’t.” Moments later my cock is buried deep in my daughter’s pussy. “Fuck me, Daddy!! Fuck your little girl!!” I start moving very slowly, letting her feel every inch of my cock while I almost pull out and then slide back in, pushing in even deeper. “Oh fuck, Daddy!!” she moans. When I am sure that her pussy has adjusted to my big cock, I start to move a little faster, although I don’t shorten my strokes. Then I start to use a variety of movements, fast, slow, and a combination where I pull out slow and then slam into her. She’s calling out, “Yeah, Fuck me, Daddy!! Fuck your little girl!! Fuck me like you do Mommy!! Oh, fuck yeah!! I’m cumming!! I’m cumming!!”I’m thankful for having cum earlier because I last for quite a long time, riding through two or three of her exquisite orgasms. Finally, just as I am wearing down, I feel the urge of inevitability increasing rapidly. “I’m gonna cum!! I’m gonna fill your little girl pussy with Daddy cum!!”“Oh yeah, cum inside me Daddy!!! Fill me with your cum!! I’m cumming again!! Just then I blast my hot steamy cum into her pussy while it rhythmically pulses around my cock, milking it. All too soon I am done, and I nearly collapse on top of her in exhaustion. She wraps her arms around me and says in my ear, “That was wonderful, Daddy!!” She pauses for a moment and then she says, “The next time I want to do it doggy style, okay?”“Okay, we can do that,” I reply slightly amazed that there will be a next time. After a few minutes I realize that I have a meeting at four o’clock and it is after three-thirty now. Since it is a fifteen-minute drive back to my office I kiss my little girl good bye before I jump up and quickly clean up before I get dressed. I grab the needed paperwork out of my home office and head out the door. While I drive back to my office I relive in my mind what just happened between me and my daughter and wonder what the ramifications of that activity will be later. Fortunately, the meeting goes well, and I manage secure a new client, possibly because I am more relaxed and less uptight from my recent orgasms.Over the next few weeks and months my baby girl and I get together rather often after her classes. I begin working from home a lot more so that I can be at home when she arrives. We have lots of fun, fucking all over the house, something that her mother and I used to do before my baby girl came along and we still did even after that when we thought that knew that she was sound asleep or was going to be gone for a while. However, she confessed to me that many times she was not asleep, and she would sneak out and watch us while we were fucking. She even confessed that she sometimes told us that she was going somewhere when she didn’t. She’d park her car at a little store around the corner and sneak back into the house to watch us have sex. She says that it was because of watching us that she knew that she wanted to have sex with me since the boys her age had no sexual imagination at all, and all that they cared about was their own pleasure and not hers.Of course, we fuck in a variety of positions too and we both develop our favorites. One of hers is modified doggy where her upper body is down on the bed and her ass is high in the air and one of my favorites is her lying on her back near the edge of the bed with me standing between her legs holding them up in a wide ‘V’; it makes me feel so powerful! I also like it a lot when I am on my back and she is riding me; I love watching her fuck me and she cums so hard when she does. One thing that surprises me is that she always wants to lick and suck on my cock after we have fucked. When I asked about it, she says that she loves the taste of us together and that she had always licked off the dildo after she’d cum on it while imagining that it was my cock and my cum like she did that first day. Who am I to argue?One day, after a particularly satisfying sex session on her bed, she throws out a question that totally surprises me. “Daddy, you have fucked Mommy in the butt before, haven’t you?”“Yes, we’ve had anal sex before, but your mother is not too fond of it.”“Why haven’t you tried it with me?”“Well, baby girl, I guess it is because of your mother’s disdain for it. Plus, my cock is pretty big, and I didn’t want to hurt you.”“Daddy, I know you too well; you wouldn’t hurt me, at least not intentionally. But I’ve been thinking …… and wondering what it would be like.” She rolls over and gets something out of her bedside drawer. She rolls back over and places two objects in my hand; a butt plug and a bottle of lube. “I want to be ready deneme bonusu veren siteler Daddy. Will you put this in my butt?”I look at the size of it and ask, “Are you sure, baby girl? That’s pretty big.”“I know, Daddy. I’ve got a smaller one, but it doesn’t do much for me and it is hard to keep in because it’s really too small. I’ve tried to put this one in myself, but I can’t quite do it. Help me, Daddy. I think that this one is about as big around as your cock is. Please?”Without waiting for an answer, she gets into her favorite doggy style position with her ass high in the air. Even though I’d just cum, my cock is starting to respond from the thought of fucking my daughter’s tight little ass. ‘How depraved I’ve become!’ I think as I squirt some lube on her tiny puckered hole and on my fingers. I begin playing with her asshole, probing it with my finger, pushing in more when it seems to relax some. “Just relax it all the way, princess,” I remind her. Soon my finger slides past her tight muscle into her ass. I slowly move it in and out, letting her get used to it while I add more lube.“That feels so good Daddy!” she moans.After playing for a little bit I say, “I’m going to add another finger, baby girl.”“Yes, Daddy, go ahead.”“Just relax, baby doll.” I say as I squirt some more lube around her puckered hole. She is getting the relaxing idea down because soon my second finger is sliding into her tight virgin hole. I continue to play, stroking in and out and twisting them around to help stretch her muscle. When I feel that she is relaxed I ask, “Are you ready for more, it’s time for another finger.”“Yes Daddy,” she replies.When I add a little more lube and start to push in my third finger she says, “It’s burning, Daddy.”I stop pushing and ask, “Do you want me to stop?”“No, just please go slow.”I go slow, gently twisting my fingers slightly to work them in. After a while she relaxes and all three of my fingers are past her tight muscle. After working them in and out for a couple of minutes I say, “Okay, I think that you might be ready.”“Okay, Daddy, I trust you.” I lube up the butt plug and start to slip it into her ass while I am slipping my fingers out. It almost goes in, but she says, “It’s burning, Daddy.”“Okay, I’ll hold it in place, and you tell me when you think you can take more.”A couple of minutes later she says, “Okay Daddy.” I try pushing but I see her start to tense up a little, so I stop. Finally, she says, “Don’t stop, Daddy, just push it in!”“Are you sure?”“Yes, just do it!!” I give a push and it suddenly starts sliding into her ass, being drawn in by her own muscles until it nestles tightly against her. She just says “OW!” as it goes in.“Are you okay, baby girl?”“Yes, Daddy, I’m fine.”“How does it feel?”“I feel so full. I think that your cock will feel really good.”“Yeah, I hope so.”“I want to try it a little later, okay Daddy?”“Yeah sure!” I reply enthusiastically.We play with each other for about an hour caressing and teasing. She is stroking my cock while I am playing with her pussy. My cock is recovering nicely, I’m sure it is because I have a super sexy daughter playing with it. I slip first one finger and then two inside of her pussy and I can feel the plug through the membranes. Then I go on to finger-fuck her to an orgasm, her first with her ass plugged. After she comes down from her high, she says, “That felt amazing Daddy!! Will you fuck my ass now?”“Okay, get into position.” She gets into her modified doggy position and she wiggles her ass enticingly at me. I grasp the base of the butt plug and gently pull until the widest part is stretching her muscle and then I stop. After about a minute I pull it out the rest of the way and place my well lubed cock at her rear entrance. I gently push in until I meet resistance and I hear her gasp. “Are you alright?” I ask.“Yes, I’m fine, just push it in.” I keep pushing until it gets tighter yet and then suddenly it gives away and my cock slides deep into her ass. “Oh Daddy!! That feels so fucking good!! Fuck my ass, Daddy. Make my ass yours!!” I start fucking her in long slow strokes, not wanting to hurt her but a couple of minutes later she says, “Harder, Daddy!” I start fucking her harder and faster and she says, “Yeah, just like that, Daddy!! Your cock feels so good in my ass. Fuck your little girl’s ass!” I notice that she has reached underneath her, and she is apparently playing with her clit.“Your ass feels so good around my cock, baby girl!!” I say as I continue to fuck her tight ass. “It is so tight!! It feels so fucking good!!”“I’m glad, Daddy, I like pleasing you!” A couple of minutes later she says, “I want to change positions, Daddy. I want you on your back so that I can sit on your cock.”“Sure, baby girl.” We change positions so that she is straddling me facing my feet and I love watching my cock sliding into her ass as she sits down.With her hands on my knees for support, she starts bouncing up and down on my cock and she says, “Spank my ass, Daddy! Spank my ass while I fuck your cock!! Spank your naughty little girl’s ass!!” Once again, she surprises me, but I do as she asks, spanking her ass rather hard in time with her strokes. “Oh yeah, Daddy, that feels good, don’t stop!!” A few moments later she is hollering, “Oh Daddy, I’m gonna cum!!! I’m gonna cuuuummmmm!!!!” Her ass clenches around my cock as she cums and I struggle not to cum myself, not yet anyway. But she has other plans, “Cum in my ass, Daddy!! Fill my ass with your hot cum!!”That’s all it takes to send me over the edge of orgasm. “Awww fuuuccckkk, I’m cuummmming!!” I groan out as my cock begins pulsing in her ass. “Awwwwww ffffuuuuuuck!!” “Oh Daddy, I can feel you cumming in my ass. Ohhh, I’m cumming!!!” About a dozen strokes later it is all over and moments later she is sliding down onto her belly and I am following her, my cock still stuck in her ass. I try not to crush her while I lie on top of her. I move her hair off of the back of her neck and I kiss her there. “Oh, Daddy, that tickles!” she says as she wiggles underneath me.“You don’t like being kissed there?”“Yes, I like it …… but it tickles and sends sensations down to my pussy.”“That’s a good thing, right?”“Yes, Daddy it’s a good thing.” After my cock is pushed out of her ass, she rolls onto her side and says, “Thank you, Daddy, for taking my anal virginity. It was wonderful!!”“You are welcome, baby girl. It was wonderful for me too.” I pull her tightly to me and hug her.She is sad for a moment. “I really wish that I had waited and let you take my vaginal virginity too. You are soooo much better than those boys.”“We can’t change the past, princess. I have really enjoyed what you have given me.”“I know, Daddy, but it would have been so much more meaningful with you.” We are both quiet for a while and then she throws out a bombshell. “Daddy, someday after I get out of school, I want to have your baby. Okay Daddy?”“We’ll see, Princess, we’ll see.”She gives me a big hug and says, “I love you so much Daddy!!”“I love you too, Princess …… baby doll. I love you so very much.”“Daddy? ………”“Yes Princess?”“Am I as good as Mommy, Daddy?”“Yes, you definitely are as good as Mommy, in fact, you are even better.”“Thank you, Daddy,!” she says as she curls up next to me.