A Couple’s First Sex Party

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I was raised in a military family. My childhood was about discipline and personal sacrifice. Pleasure, especially sexual pleasure, was not discussed nor did it seem to be important in my family. I graduated from high school and entered nursing school. Things seemed to change during my three years in nursing school. Talk about sex was common. On weekends other students left the dorm to fuck their boyfriends or seek sexual adventure. Conversations about the sex seemed to dominate most weekdays until the next weekend when the students went out again to get the cock they loved.

I married at age 20. I wondered where the joy in sex came from since my husband was into his pleasure not mine. I was married for ten years and never had an orgasm. During all this time the nurses I worked with still talked about sex and seemed to enjoy the adventure of sex. One friend walked up to a doctor and said, “Do you realize how much I want to fuck you?” They fucked in a janitorial closet on her next break.

Another friend asked the flower delivery guy to meet her at a bar that night and told him to being his delivery van for a treat. That night she rode his cock in the van. A third friend of mine fucked a doctor in exchange for a breast augmentation. I wondered why my sex life was so dull and everyone else seemed to enjoy sex, a lot of it.

I distinctly remember one of my nursing friends telling me that a woman should be princess in the living room and a whore in the bedroom. That was not how I was raised, but I loved the idea.

After I uncovered my husband was unfaithful, I filed for a divorce. Months later I met an attractive guy at a health club. He owned the club and I was an aerobics instructor. We became friends and talked a lot. He was recently divorced as well and said he wasn’t interested in a relationship. We played racquetball and I wore short, tight shorts. I bent over to pick up the ball with my ass in his direction as much as possible. When I taught class my high cut aerobics leotards showed my ass. Whenever possible I wore short skirts and sexy blouses. I could feel this new love interest’s eyes on me constantly. Every once in a while I would catch this guy adjusting his dick as he looked at my ass or tits. To my disappointment he never asked me out.

I talked to my nurse friends about my interest in the club owner. Many were members of his health club and took my aerobics classes. They pushed me to be more aggressive and suggested I tell him I wanted to fuck him. Eventually, I just asked this “friend” if he wanted to go on a picnic with me. He accepted and my pussy got wet at the thought of his cock in me.

I wanted to explore the kind of sexual adventure all of my nurse friends were having. This was the first step.

That Saturday we went to a wooded area in a rural town near where we lived. We set up picnic area and went for a walk. I couldn’t contain myself. I said, “I’ve never talked to a man before like this, but I am really attracted to you. I don’t know how else to say this. I want to fuck you so badly. Do you want to fuck me right here in the woods?”

His reply was, “You are so cute and sexy. I’d love to make love to you. It’s been a while for me. Are you willing to go back to my place so we can make it a day of romantic loving rather than just something here in the woods? If we are going to do this I want to make sure you get the pleasure a sexcy woman like you deserves.”

My reply was, “Oh my, I’m not sure I can wait until we get to your house to have your cock in me. Let’s go right now.”

I shocked myself with what I said. I had never talked like that to any man. I guess my nursing friends had an impact on me. I felt nervous, but excited. This was fun.

That day was full of pleasure. I was the focus of the sex. He took good care of me and made sure I had as many orgasms as I could handle. I had no idea I could have this much sexual pleasure. He seemed to worship my body. My clit felt engorged and on fire all day. He seemed to enjoy my orgasms as much as his own. He had three loads over the length of the ten hours we fucked. There were breaks in the ten hours, but it was a lot of fucking all day long.

Fifteen months later we married. The sex was fabulous. Like many couples the intensity lessened over time, but we seemed to find more passion on our annual vacations. Each vacation was a new sexual adventure that recreated the passion for another six months.

Over time work, children and life got in the way. My husband was away on business trip. I stayed home with the kids. He called me and asked for phone sex. It was crazy hearing him cum as I talked like a whore. At the end of the phone call he told me exactly what he wanted to do when he got home from the second he walked in the door to the orgasms for both of us. We loved the anticipation until he got home. It got us into planning more sexual activity rather than being spontaneous.

Through all of this, outside my bedroom I was still led the disciplined, very conservative lifestyle güvenilir bahis of my childhood. My sex at home was fulfilling. I was in a very good marriage and loved it.

My husband and I planned a very special sexual vacation for our 25th wedding anniversary and 55th birthday. We bought books on couple sex. We read about fulfilling sexual fantasies. It wasn’t easy for my husband to admit he had thoughts of being fucked with a strapon. He admitted loving my panties a lot and even masturbating in them once in a while. I loved his openness. I had no clue he masturbated in my panties. We talked about it. I asked him to masturbate while I watched. He agreed if I would do the same. I thought couple masturbation would be embarrassing. It was very liberating. I loved it.

The things I was learning after 25 years of marriage were amazing and so much fun. I asked my husband if he would start wearing panties. He didn’t have to wear them all of the time, but I wanted him to wear them at least when we went out to dinner. He was apprehensive, but agreed. I knew for sure he loved it because he got real hard every time he wore panties, especially when I slipped them on him myself. I was shocked when we fucked ten days in a row when he started wearing panties. The passion was like that very first day we fucked. I loved his new found love of panties. I loved the way his cock stretched the silk with a big bulge and the way the head of his cock looked in very thin stretchy silk.

We started shopping at Victoria Secret buying matching pairs of panties. We found that silk ladies Jockey panties fit him best along with Maidenform. VS was a little skimpy for his body, but shopping there for both of us was so much fun.

Eventually, our 25th anniversary arrived. We took this vacation to Key West. I brought plenty of lube and a six inch black strapon cock. That first night I told my husband he was the focus. When we got back to the room I told him to go lay down on the bed and I would be there to take care of him soon. I walked out of the bathroom wearing thigh high stockings, panties, an open cup bra, high heels and my new black strapon. I thought my husband’s eyes might fall out of his head.

I said, “Get on your knees right now and suck my cock. I’m going to fuck your ass and you better not cum. When I’m done I want to ride your hard cock for as long as I want. You better not cum until I give you permission to cum.”

All he said was, “Yes Mam.”

To my surprise he sucked that dildo like a pro. He moaned and seemed to make oral love to it. His cock was rock hard and throbbing. After a few minutes I said, “Stand up and bend over the bed. Spread your cheeks for me. I will be gentle and use plenty of lube. And remember; do not cum until I give you permission.”

He bent over the bed. I lubed his ass and put a finger in him, He jumped slightly and moaned. I said, “Relax baby, it’s going to feel so good to have your ass fucked. I’ll be gentle.”

I put two fingers and then three in him. Eventually, he said, “I’m ready baby. Give me your black cock real slow.”

I lubed my cock and his ass excessively. I put the head of the cock on his ass hole. I was very gentle and slid the cock in him little by little. He moaned and said, “Fuck me baby, fuck me real good.”

I was in his ass as far as far I could go. I started slowly thrusting in him. As I moved to faster thrusts he said, “Thank you so much baby. Give me that cock. Fuck me hard like a whore. Pound my ass.”

I gave him two real hard thrusts followed by two real slow thrusts. It felt so good to fuck him. I loved it as much as he did. My clit was aching to be touched. After about ten minutes I said, “OK baby, your ass is done. Now it’s my turn. Roll over on your back. I’m going to ride that thick cock of yours.”

He rolled over and got in the center of the queen bed. I left my heels, panties, lace top stockings and open cup bra on and got on his cock reverse cowgirl style. I started slow, but I was so sexually fired up it wasn’t long and I was pounding down on my hubby’s cock like a wild animal. He said, “Slow down. I am not allowed to cum.”

I rolled off him and said, “Eat my pussy until I cum. I want to cum over and over.”

My husband is an expert at eating pussy. He had me cumming quickly. After two orgasms he said, “I’m ready for you to ride me again.”

I jumped back on and faced him this time. I rode him and leaned my big 36DD tits into his face. He licked my tits just the way I like it. The entire time I played with my clit as I rocked back and forth on his cock. Eventually, I had another orgasm and held his head against my tits. Once I gained my composure I said, “”Will you fuck me doggie. You can cum now.”

He fucked me like a wild dog. It was our best sex ever after 25 years.

The next day we were talking about our enjoyment the night before and the topic of fantasy came up again. I said, “You know, I really have always wanted to fuck you with people watching. Does that sound weird?”

My türkçe bahis husband said, “No, but how do we do that? If there was any place to do it, it has to be Key West.” Let’s go to the adult store here and ask some questions.”

As we walked to the store my husband and I agreed we wanted to attend a sex party to watch others fuck and to do whatever came to mind while we were there. We agreed not to fuck others, but touching others or being touched was OK. In today’s world of sexual diseases fucking others was out of the question for us.

When we arrived at the store and asked about Sex Parties we were surprised that there were choices. We explained we just wanted to be with couples like ourselves for one night of sex. The attendant gave us a phone number and an address and we walked back to the hotel. We anxiously called the number. The lady on the other end explained that there was a sex party that night. Each person had to sign a waiver saying they voluntarily were attending and any sex was consensual. We would pay a flat fee of $100 for food, drink and attendance at the party.

We talked and I begged my husband to take me. I was so disciplined and conservative my whole life. I wanted to feel my wild side if I had one, especially on my 25th anniversary vacation.

We arrived fashionably late. The door attendant was the same store clerk was the door attendant. She welcomed us and introduced us to another lady. We were introduced as first timers needing a tour of the house. Our guide explained that what we did that night was 100% up to us. We could watch with our clothes on or participate at whatever level we wanted. She showed us the bar and food area. She toured us through the house. The five bedrooms were of various sizes with different themes. Each room had people watching and engaged in sex. Each room had one or more gigantic bowls of condoms. One smaller room was full of cubicles with clothes people had removed.

The back yard had a high fence with a hot tub and lawn furniture. Every place we went had at least one couple fucking and one couple watching. The guide eventually said, “Well that’s it. Enjoy yourself.”

I suggested we go back to the bar and have a glass of wine to talk about the night. As we went into the living room the party was getting more and more crowded. Ladies were in their panties and bras or nude. Guys were in their boxer shorts or nude. Some fucking was already taking place. One older lady was sucking a young guy’s cock while he sat in front of a lady who was playing with his nipples. I was getting excited.

When we arrived at the bar, we sat next to a younger couple. From their conversation with the bartender it was obvious they were first timers as well. I introduced myself and my husband as first timers. They asked if we wanted to walk around with them. We agreed. Before we left I asked if they planned to undress. They said they were there to observe and if it felt right they would. My husband and I agreed. We went to the closest bedroom. A lady was getting fucked doggie style on the bed. A guy and a girl were kissing. She wore a very big strapon. He was wearing black silk panties.

I nudged my husband when I saw this and he was excited. The younger couple we walked with seemed surprised with the man wearing panties and the strapon. The wife said to me, “Is that guy wearing ladies panties?”

I said, “Yes he is. Doesn’t his cock look good. My husband also wears panties, but not right now. I love it as much as he does.”

She looked at me in surprise and just said, “Interesting.”

We stood in the corner and watched for a few minutes. My husband had one hand on my ass and on my tits. The young couple noticed that as well. The guy said, “Let’s keep moving to another room.”

We walked into the hallway and my husband said to me so all of us could hear. “I’m not sure how much of this I can take. I really need to eat your pussy. I want to taste and smell your nectar.”

Everyone smiled. I said, “You will get that soon enough. Let’s walk around a little more.”

We saw a woman maybe 60 years old cumming and screaming like a teenager. We saw long thick cock and big tits. We saw smaller cocks and flat chested woman. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Eventually, I whispered to my hubby, I’m ready to take off my clothes off. When I do, go put my clothes in a cubicle for me.

We returned to the room with the lady with the strapon. She was fucking her man on all fours and he was loving it. At that point I pulled my sun dress over my head. I took off my bra and was standing there in just panties. I handed the dress and bra to my husband and kissed him. I said, “Do me a favor and take these to the clothing cubicles. Come back nude. I want you to take my panties off and wear them yourself. Don’t be shocked or jealous when you return if someone is playing with my tits. My pussy is all yours, but I may allow our friends to touch my tits.”

My husband kissed both my nipples said, “I love you so much, especially güvenilir bahis siteleri these DD tits. I’ll be right back.”

Before he left he said to the couple with us, “Enjoy my wife’s tits. I’ll be right back.”

He was only gone a minute, but when he returned I was laying on a clean bed with one of our new friends sucking on my left nipple and the other on my right. It was the first time a female ever did anything sexual to me. I was thinking this girl knows how to suck nipples and give lots of pleasure.

When my hubby returned I asked our friends to stop, but only temporarily. I got off the bed and slipped off my panties. The crotch was wet. I slipped them onto my husband and he went from semi hard to super hard. The bulge was beautiful in my leopard panties. I turned to our friends and said, “See how good his cock looks in panties. I love it.”

They both agreed that his hard cock looked good in my leopard panties. The wife said, “Very nice. Very, very nice.”

They still had their clothes on. The wife said to her husband, “Let’s join in the pleasure.” The wife undressed to her panties and bra. The husband got down to his black silk boxer shorts. He walked their clothes to the cubicle room. His wife whispered to me, “He’s worried his cock won’t be as big as everyone else. I love his size. If you feel OK with it compliment his bulge for me when he returns.”

My hubby got to work eating my pussy right away. It felt so good to have his tongue and lips on my clit. The wife worked my nipples. When her husband returned I said, “You look so good in those boxer shorts. Nice package. I hope I get to see it soon.” He just smiled.

I asked my husband to stop for a minute. I said to the other couple, “We have a few ground rules. Nobody fucks me or my husband. Touching is OK. Oral is OK. If someone asks you to stop you stop immediately. Is that OK with you guys?”

They both said, “Yes.”

I said, “Then let’s play a little. Let me take off those silk boxers so I can see and touch that beautiful cock of yours.”

I took his boxer shorts off. I played with and kissed his cock, but just for a few seconds. I said, “That is a beautiful cock you have. I hope I can have it in my mouth tonight, but first I need to taste my husband.”

My husband and I got on the bed 69 style. I was on top. It wasn’t long and I was moaning with pre-orgasm pleasure. I stopped sucking and licking and felt a strong surge of pleasure spread over my body. It felt so good and relaxed me. I wanted more, but first I wanted to play with our friends. I flipped around and whispered to my hubby that I wanted to suck our friend’s cock if he approved. He said, “Go for it.”

I looked over and the husband was eating the wife. I tapped him on the butt and said, “Can I suck your cock? My husband is a specialist at eating pussy. He’ll take care of your wife.”

My husband was a little surprised, but quickly took over the job of pleasuring the young lady. I placed the man on his back and got on my hands and knees. I slowly crawled up from his legs toward his cock with my 36DD tits dragging on his body. I continued over his cock and balls extra slowly. I kept dragging my tits over him until they landed on his face. I then returned to his cock and positioned myself so he could see me work his cock. I spit a big gob of saliva onto his cock and stroked him spreading the fluid all over his cock. I then sucked his cock with my tongue flicking his head. I took him all the way in my mouth and then shifted to working the head of his cock while I stroked the shaft with my hand.

At the same time I heard the girl moaning and the screaming. I heard her say, “Give me more. Please don’t stop. This is so good. I want to cum again.” She had at least three orgasms.

I could tell the guy was getting ready to cum. I wanted him to cum for his wife not me so I said, “Time to make a change. Let’s ride our husbands and drain the cum out of them.”

We rode our husbands side by side facing each other. We played with each other’s tits as we pounded down on our hubby’s cocks. I was unaware that over a dozen people were in the room watching us. Eventually, I said to my new lady friend, “Let’s go crazy on these cocks and get them to cum.”

I started thrusting harder and faster. I used some very short fast strokes. I put my chest on my hubby’s legs and worked his cock with strokes that focused on his cock head and then got back up and took him deep. He was screaming my name in a few minutes. My friend followed my lead and her hubby had a big cum almost at the same time. We fell onto the bed next to our spouses and realized how large the crowd watching us was as they started to clap as we rested. One lady said, “You guys are really good. Congratulations on a great sex life.”

We all simply said, “Thank you.”

We stayed on the bed talking for a few minutes and then decided to walk around. After a couple rooms I said, “I think it’s time to go. I’ve had a great night.”

We walked to the clothing cubicles. I told my hubby to keep wearing my panties. I was going back to the hotel with no panties. The wife of our new friends said, “We don’t even know your names. We’re Pam and Mark. Can we contact you again sometime?”