A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 03

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* * Sunday * *

No whining about the phone. I just picked up and set it down, never moving off Sheri’s shoulder. Yup, I woke up in exactly the same position I had fallen asleep. I smiled and wondered if we’d simply not moved while we slept or just woke up like that by accident. I kissed her neck and hugged her with my right arm. She did that incredibly sexy, sinewy stretchy thing again and purred contentedly as her long, slender limbs gyrated, twisted and turned. Goodness! I was wet, again.

“Go put coffee on and then call down for our breakfast pet.” Hmm. All righty then; I got up and did what I was told. When I turned to the bed she were gone. I spun, confused – ah, there you were, on the chaise. I heard Sheri’s voice, cold and hard, “Crawl to me, pet, I need to be serviced.” What? “Now!” I sank to my knees and crawled. I could feel my face turn crimson; my mind raced. I was confused. “Faster; don’t keep me waiting.” Good god! What had gotten into her? As I approached, Sheri opened her legs. The delicious scent wafted the few feet I had yet to close to reach her. I looked up at her. The greens were brilliant, and hard. What had I done? Sheri reached out a hand, grabbed my hair, yanked me to her sex, and growled, “I want a cum and I want it fast and hard, bitch.” My tongue was already at work. I curled it and drove it between her lips. Why was she being so mean to me, especially after the lovely night we had? Sheri mashed my face into her; my nose hit her clit. Sheri ground herself into it as my tongue worked in and out of her pussy. I had no control; I couldn’t move my head with her firm grasp.

I was so busy with her it took me a few seconds to realize – I was nearly an open faucet. I felt a few hot drops slide down the inside of my thighs. Gawd! I heard Sheri moan above me. I lapped as her silky essence flowed; god it was fabulous. My face was soaked with her, my nose ached from the grinding pressure and I still gushed a river. I looked over her pubic bone and saw her stomach muscles clench – nearly time. I heard her breathing speed up. A second hand held me in place; Sheri cried out, bucked hard, and it hit her. Her legs went to steel around my ears, I lapped as fast as I could, and I feared she would break my fucking nose. Sheri rode it out – well, actually she rode me while it had hold of her, and she of me. Finally she arched off the couch, gave a loud, harsh cry, and crashed. Her hands fell to her side, her legs slumped, and I bathed her in kisses as she recovered.

I slipped a hand between my legs and into my juices. I let them drag over my clit; I shivered. I dared not let them linger. Whatever had possessed Sheri, I knew better than to risk an orgasm without permission. I brought my fingers to my mouth. I felt her hand in my hair; she lifted my face and slapped me. I cried out. “Did I give you permission to touch yourself?”

“No Ma’am.”

The knock on the door ended that drama – for now. “Answer it.” I stood and turned to my closet for a robe. “Answer it as you are!” I spun and stared at Sheri in shock. “Now! I’m hungry.” I stared at her in disbelief – and turned to the door. My face was slick with her juices, my hair a wreck, and I was naked. I opened the door, stepping back in a vain attempt at modesty. The middle-aged black man never moved. He stood and gaped. I dropped my eyes and waved him in. He rolled the cart in. I hurried to close the door before anyone passing down the hall peered in. As the cart moved to the table, he turned and saw Sheri lying on the chaise – head up on the arm, one leg on the floor. She never even turned her head or acknowledged his presence. Mute, he quickly set the dishes on the table. I took the bill off the cart and signed it. He nodded his head once, turned, rolled the cart to the door, opened it, and left. It’s a hotel. I’m guessing it wasn’t the first time he’d seen a naked woman (or man), but it was most certainly my first time. Why are my nipples so hard dammit?

I saw Sheri rise and walk to the table. I sat down and waited for her to join me. She bent down and kissed me, feather soft. I stared up at her – the greens were warm and soft. Whatever had gotten hold of her must have left. I was so glad I nearly cried. She reached down and pinched a nipple – hard. I gasped at the sharp pain of it. Sheri sat down next to me and smiled warmly. I was beyond confused. She poured coffee for both of us, smiled at me, and squeezed my hand.

“We had a lovely night Julia, really wonderful. The club turned out to be a fantastic idea and your friends were so warm and gracious. I loved dancing with you, babe. We have to do more of that, okay?” I nodded. “Your shower idea – oh my lord, it was so sexy. You are a complete bitch. You worked me to a frenzy without giving me relief. I hated you for it and it was absolutely fabulous. You completely destroyed me making love to me. I was so worn out I nearly passed out. I slept like a baby. I honestly don’t think I ever moved the whole night.” Sheri picked at her güvenilir bahis food as she spoke. I just sat and stared at her. She turned her head to me, saw my confusion, and moved her hand to my cheek. I shrank back in fear. Sheri’s eyes went hard again as the back of her hand slid softly on my cheek. “Do you fear me pet? One little slap?”

I cried. I put my arms on the table, lay my head on them, and sobbed helplessly. Such a beautiful night last night, such a terrifying morning – I was a mess. What tipped it was this: I knew, as I was servicing my lover and as I was being humiliated in my nudity, I was also excited. I continued to cry, as much in frustration and confusion as humiliation. Sheri had to know!! When the aching sobs eased to sniffles I lifted my head and grabbed a napkin to wipe my eyes. I picked up the cup and took a sip of coffee. My hand shook so badly I nearly sloshed it on to my lap. I quickly set it down, picked up a fork, and cut a piece of the scrambled egg. I had to eat. I didn’t want to look at her for fear I would start crying again. I chewed, ate, and sipped in silence. I knew Sheri was finishing her breakfast and I could feel her eyes on me. She was waiting for me to speak. I dared not – I would start again. I wanted to be alone in the shower. I wanted to go home. I love you!! Fuck, fuck, fuck. Just saying that, in my head, started them again. I ate as the tears rolled down my cheeks. I could feel my cheeks go hot as I blushed under Sheri’s gaze and through my tears. Was it over this quickly? What had I done?

Her hand reached and covered mine. I set the fork down. I still dared not look at her. I waited. Silence. She waited. I could not speak – my throat was closed and my eyes still leaked. I wanted her to fuck me so badly I ached from the want. I am a 47 year old basket case, crumbling right in front of her. She knew it; she had to. When Sheri spoke, it was softly.

“Your training started this morning pet. I will teach you to be of service to me. When we work, we work. In my presence you are my pet and I am your Ma’am. There’s nothing to fear pet, nothing at all. I loathe corporal punishment and those who inflict it on others. They are cowards and bullies. Besides, Julia, I love you. Nothing has changed between us there.” The “there” hung in the air like a mortar. I waited for her to explode it. She went on: “You won’t look at me? Is there doubt? Do I really love you? Answer me dammit!” Her fingers came to my chin, turned my head, and raised my eyes.

She waited. I cleared my throat. “I love you Sheri. I heard every word. I may need a little time to take all of it in. The shock of the last hour or so has been nearly overwhelming. Then there’s the matter of my excitement from it.” I shook my head. “I was so excited between your legs I leaked down my leg. As the waiter left I realized that my nipples had hardened. I was humiliated and excited. It’s completely foreign to me and I liked it.” I shrugged.

Her smile was soft, her eyes warm. “Exactly right – just as I knew you would be. The submissive in you is coming to the fore, blossoming. It will take time and training for it to be what it will. We will grow it together. It will be glorious.”

Her words shattered me. Even as she spoke I felt it grow in me. I whispered, “You hit me.”

Her eyes were pools of green; they filled. “I hated to; I had to. A spank every now and then or a slap is nothing more than a teaching moment – course correction if you will. It’s not personal; I hate it. When you don’t follow instructions or misbehave there will be a correction – at once. You had them in school didn’t you? A ruler on the knuckles, perhaps?” I nodded; she smiled. “Then that’s all this is. You’ll be better for it. I promise you. There will less and less as time passes.”

The “me” who stood confidently at the podium was somewhere else. This me, your me, begged, “Please; tell me again.”

My lover leaned over, kissed me, looked in my eyes, and said, “I love you Julia. Now we have to hurry. All this has eaten into our time. We both have to shower and pack and head downstairs. Will the hotel know to gather my bags with yours?”

I had turned to look at the clock as she spoke. Oh God, it was nearly 8:30. I stood and said, “When I check us out I’ll speak to them and let them know. Damn! I had no idea it was this late.”

Sheri shrugged and said, “We had to have this morning. It’s the last day; we had to.” She rose, hugged me, and headed to her room. I watched her as she walked. Oh my god! I shook my head in wonder and frustration and headed to the shower. I zipped through that, did my face, and paused in front of the mirror. My eyes were still a little puffy from crying; no one downstairs would know that. Those who saw me would probably think it was from being tired. I grinned at the girl in the mirror. She nodded at me conspiratorially. The pleasure of the night shone in my eyes. Well and truly fucked!

I hummed as I dressed. I hurried to pack. Sheri’s türkçe bahis little black bag was still here. I blushed, picked it up, and strode to her room. I stopped as I passed through the door. She was on the bed – crying. She hadn’t dressed. I had no idea if she’d showered; her hair looked dry. I didn’t know what to do. Did she want privacy? I wanted to comfort my lover.

Softly I called her name: “Sheri?” She sprang from the bed. Oh god! Her eyes were swollen and hot. “I … this was in my room and I was bringing it back to you to pack. I’m sorry. You were there and I didn’t know what to do.” I walked to her and hugged. “I didn’t … I mean, I don’t want to embarrass you. Would you please share why you were crying?”

Sheri was tense and stiff. I held her. I felt her nod; she sniffled and said, “I hated slapping you and I wanted to die when you shrank from my hand.” I hugged her fiercely. Her arms went around my back and shoulder. I felt her relax.

“It’s okay. I’m okay. Your explanation settled me. I needed some settling after the shock. I understand – or I think I do.” The question of a shower passed as her scent rose to my nose. No way was she going to be ready in time. “I’m packed, Sheri. Why don’t you shower, dress and pack. I’ll check us out, leave word about your things, and head to the ballroom. You can wander in whenever you’re all finished.” I kissed her breasts. Sheri held me to her nipple. I slurped it into my mouth greedily. She was simply irresistible to me. I released it and giggled, “We’re like a couple of teenagers in our greed for each other. I love it. I do have to go. Kiss me for luck.” She bent to me. Her lips devoured me, her tongue begged me to stay. Gawd I wanted to. The other ‘me’ knew I couldn’t. “No panties under your skirt please, Ma’am”

I turned to the door. A last, lingering look at her, a wink and a wave, and I headed to the elevator.

I checked us out, left instructions, verified that a car would be waiting, signed the bill and headed to the ballroom. I spied Sue chatting with Georgia and a few others. She caught my eye, turned back quickly when she didn’t see Sheri, and raised an eyebrow in question. I smile and gave her a thumbs up. She nodded; I headed to our table, notebook and purse in hand.

I set my things on the table. God I needed coffee. I would wait till after my opening remarks. I went through the agenda. We would be closing at noon so people could head to the airport and home. There were a few more speakers who, no doubt, were going over their notes and fretting. My opening remarks were little more than a greeting and introducing the first speaker. When I finished, I waited till the speaker came to the podium, shook his hand, and left the stage. I headed down the left corridor to the table in the back where coffee and rolls were laid out. I poured a cup and turned to head back. I nearly bumped into Cindy as she stood, waiting to ambush me.

“I’m not done with you,” she snarled, her face a twisted mask of rage. Oh dear, I thought, not a pretty sight. “Do all your interns sleep their way into the job or was this one special?” Filthy fucking bitch. “Is that how Linda earned her job after she was through? Do the two of you take turns with Sheri? There are people at corpor …”

“Shut the fuck up you classless bitch,” Sue hissed. “You know what this one needs, Julia? She needs to come out of the closet, but more than that she needs to get laid. I’ve got twenty bucks. If you do, we should be able to find some skank to give her what she needs.”

Cindy’s mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water. I felt the presence of others. I had to kill this now! I spoke softly and calmly. “Sit down or leave, Cindy, whichever you choose. Dealing with you is child’s play. I flick your disgusting, baseless accusations away like I flick a stray crumb. Do what you will. I promise you I’ll be ready.” I held my ground and stared. I think it was a combination of Sue’s harsh retort and the fury in my eyes that did it. Cindy simply could’t hold my gaze. With a sneer at Sue and a last look over her shoulder at me, she slunk away and out the door. Show over.

“Sorry Julia. I didn’t move fast enough and I was too far away. When you left the stage I saw her get up. I knew what she was going to do. I just didn’t have time to get here first.” Sue’s eyes were as furious and hot as her voice was calm.

I shrugged. “Thanks kiddo. You didn’t have to do that. I have nothing to fear from her.” Then I grinned. “Too bad though; I do have that twenty.” We both laughed; heads turned. How she does it I’ll never know – just then Sheri walked in. She looked at our table, didn’t see me, and swiveled her head. I waved; she smiled. The smile got bigger as she saw Sue. I took a sip of coffee – no, my hand didn’t shake. Sheri approached Sue and they both hugged briefly.

“Morning Sheri. You look well rested.” I coughed as I choked on my coffee. I looked up to find Sheri blushing and Sue smiling. She’s awful; güvenilir bahis siteleri it was hysterical. Sue looked at me and said, “Well, that was fun. I’ll get back to my seat.”

I nodded and smiled. “Thanks. Talk to you soon. Please give Georgia our love.” Sheri nodded her agreement. Sue smiled warmly at us both, turned and walked away.

I went for a quick top off of my cup as Sheri filled one for herself. She whispered, “What was fun?”

“I’ll tell you when we get to the table,” I whispered in return. I winked. She nodded and we headed to the table together. I caught a few eyes on us as we walked. I didn’t know if it was because of what they’d heard or because it was Sheri and I walking together – nor did I care.

We got to the table. I put my coffee down and sat. Sheri did likewise and added her purse and notebook beside her. I took a sip of my coffee and spoke softly, “After my remarks, I headed to the table to get coffee. I turned around to find Cindy waiting in ambush. She made some crude remarks about you and Linda.” Sheri froze; her eyes went hard and cold. “No I won’t share. Sue came up, heard what was said, and joined in my defense. I said what needed to be said and Cindy slinked away and out of the room.” I shrugged. “Sue’s a riot when she’s angry. She commented about Cindy’s need to come out of the closet and then offered that what she needed was to get laid.” Sheri’s jaw dropped. “Oh it gets better! Then she said, ‘Julia, I’ve got a twenty; if you do, we can find some skank to give this one what she needs.'” I grinned. Sheri grinned. I continued, “Cindy couldn’t hold my gaze; she’s nothing I can’t handle baby … umm, Ma’am.”

Sheri’s eyes still spit fire. She hissed, “I’ll cut her heart out if I see her.” Her face and eyes clouded. “If I hadn’t slapped you I would have been here and this wouldn’t have happened.” The guilt washed over her face. I thought she might cry.

“You did what you had to. You are quite right about that. It was better that it was Sue.” I dropped my eyes. I had to say it and didn’t want to. “Truth is, you’re an intern. You defending me wouldn’t have gone over well. In fact, it may have killed any chance you have of working for me … for the company, in any capacity.” I shrugged. “People saw what they saw the other morning. Tongues will wag; that both of us can handle.” I sighed. “Cindy will do what Cindy does. I have no doubt about that, nor am I concerned in the least. If she dares repeat what she said it won’t go well for her.” I knew it was on the tip of her tongue. “I will not repeat what she said. This I will say: If she does run her mouth, and I have full confidence she will, it’s very likely that both you and Linda would have grounds for a defamation of character suit. That’s where Sue’s presence trumps yours. Do you understand?”

Sheri caught on immediately. I knew she would. “Sue wasn’t the target, so her hearing it has more value than if I’d been present.” Perfect! That’s why she had a great career ahead.

I nodded my agreement. “Did you get everything packed up and ready?” Sheri nodded. “Good. The front desk will see that everything is in the trunk when we head out. Oh wait. Dammit, I forgot to tell them we’ll be having lunch before we leave. May I ask a favor? Would you please go to the desk and let them know and also make a reservation for us at the restaurant. A corner table if they have it.” I smiled.

“Course I will boss. I’ll be back in a few.” She smiled, closed her notebook, rose from her chair and headed out.

I watched Sheri walk out. I knew that mine weren’t the only pair of eyes on her. Honest to God, I didn’t care a whit. I just wanted to make sure she didn’t get burned. Okay, well at least unless I was doing the burning. I grinned at myself.

The last of the speakers caught my eye and gave a quick nod. Finally! I got up, climbed the stairs and stood quietly on the corner of the stage. When she finally finished, I clapped in (fake) praise and strode to the podium. There was polite (fake) applause from the audience. It really sucked doing these, especially on the last day. I know; I’d done my share early on. I shook her hand, a fast hug, and she gathered up her notes and strode off the stage. It was time for me to finish this.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your attention. Now that Ms. Jensen has finished her brilliant speech we have concluded. I hope that all of you will take some nuggets and that some of you will take a lot. Please have a safe trip home and don’t spend that bonus all at once.” I grinned widely. Laughter rolled up from the audience as people got to their feet.

There was no need for ropes today. A few people came up to give thanks and praise. I was gracious; I looked for Sheri. I made eye contact with Sue; she saw the worry in my eyes, nodded, and headed to the door, taking Georgia with her. There is always one person who wants to get some face time with a big wig and talk. I finally told him that I had a plane to catch. I saw Sue come back into the room with Georgia and Sheri in tow. Oh god! Sue’s face was a mask of fury; Georgia was pale. I saw that Sheri was nearly levitating with anger. God damn it all. I’d sent her into that bitch’s trap without thinking.