A Conversation with Emily May

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Sarah, I’m 18, a senior in high school. I still live at home with my mom. My name is Emily May. I’m 5’3″, I have brown hair and brown eyes. I want my mom so bad, but I don’t know how to get her. I thought maybe you could help?

Hello Emily May

Tell me about your mom and your relationship with her. Are you close? Do you confide in each other. Have you a father living with you? Do you hear your mom masturbating? Has she seen you masturbate? That sort of thing … have you read all my conversations with young ladies wanting sex with their mom? That would be a start.


Hey Sarah,

My mom is 38 and we look alike, only I’m a younger version of her. She’s very beautiful! We are pretty close, especially since my dad left ten years ago. She hasn’t been with anyone since and God how I want her! We talk a lot and she knows I’m a lesbian, I didn’t exactly come out the way I wanted to, she caught me and my ex in my bedroom, so then we talked about it. I’ve always had this feeling that she was standing there longer than she let on, but I don’t know. My mom just doesn’t seem like the type you know? I’ve heard her masturbate and often masturbate listening to her. I know she’s heard me, because our rooms are right next to each other and I’m loud in bed. I have read all of your conversations, but I’m just so timid and shy and embarrassed. I feel like, if I make a move, I’m going to mess things up.

Emily May

Well Emily May,

I know what you’re going through! Others have had the same misgivings, but you need to know how your mom feels about sex. At 38 she is at the peak of her sex drive I guess! Have you mentioned reading my stories to her? Others in a similar situation have managed to nudge their moms in that direction. The chances are that, if she does read them, she might send me a message, then I can help!

For a start, flattery helps, if you tell her how much you admire her etc. What a lovely figure she has. How jealous you are of her. You know the sort of thing. But whatever you do, it is importatnt not to spoil the close relationship, so there always has to be a get-out! Do you sit and watch TV together? Why not cuddle up to her and put your hand on her thigh. Give her a kiss on the neck and tell her you love her. If she doesn’t squirm, gently drub her thigh casually. She should pick up the message!

Do you sit on her bed and watch her dress? Ask if you can borrow her sexy panties. Just let her know güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that you are interested in her. You never know, she might secretly be wanting sex with you, but is too shy to make a move.

Has she discussed your lesbian relationships – shown any interest in knowing about them? If so, it could be a sign that she herself is interested. From what you tell me, she has no lover that you are aware of. But she clearly needs sex if she masturbates, and doesn’t seem worried that you are aware of it. Another pointer wanting you to know she does it. Once mom feels you won’t think her a wierdo for wanting sex with her daughter, she’ll probably make the first move. What do you think??



Thanks for understanding! I don’t know if she would ever go near Literotica or any erotic story site! But I guess I won’t know unless I try. I tell her I think she’s beautiful and I’m so happy I got her looks. I’ve tried hinting at it. We do almost everything together when I’m not studying and she’s not working. It’s just the two of us so there’s not much else for us to do if it’s not with each other. We watch tv together on her bed, sometimes on the couch. The advice about cuddling up doesn’t sound so bad. I think I could get away with that.

I sometimes watch her dress. She asks for my opinion on things she wears and then after watching her dress, I have to go and masturbate she’s just so beautiful and turns me on so much. She has asked about a few of my girlfriends, mostly about when I finally decided I was a lesbian. She knows some of the intimate details and I have discussed sex with her, but I don’t go into the graphic details. I’d like more advice, help, anything you can give. Thanks again!

Emily May xoxox

Hi Emily May

Well, it seems to me that your mom is fishing, hoping you’ll take the bait, with this chat about sex. She’s clearly a sexual person, needs sex, and seems comfortable talking about it. What I believe she needs, is some assurance that you don’t lose respect for her because of it! When you discuss sex with mom, mention casually that you hear her masturbating and that it sounds wonderful and turns you on. Tell her you are desperately wanting to cuddle her as she does it. It would be such a wonderful experience. Mom will probably admit that she hears you as well, and may admit that she gets turned on by the thought of you having orgasms. I really believe that mom güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri is as keen as you are. And just as nervous!!

Once you’ve planted the seed in her mind that you really care about her and think she’s a wonderful person, I’m sure she’ll take over the running and suggest mutual masturbation maybe. Ley me know what happens.



So I took your advice and it happened!!! We were in my mom’s bed and I put my head on her breasts and my hand on her thigh. She didn’t do anything so I continued my advances and rubbed her thigh. I told her I could hear her masturbate, and it turned me on and that I masturbated to the sounds of her masturbating. She looked at me for a few seconds, then tongue kissed me. She rolled on top of me and started undressing me. I don’t know! OMG! She was so dominant in bed. I’m very submissive, so that got me really hot. She stripped me quickly. I tried to take off her clothes, but she pushed my arms down to the bed and kissed my neck. She said I had to wait. She had been wanting this a long long time.

She kissed me again and kissed down my neck and then kissed my breasts. She sucked my nipples and licked them and bit them as she fingered me. She kissed down my stomach and down to my pussy she licked my clit and I just about hit the ceiling with ecstasy and lust. She fingered me harder until I came. Then she ate me out and rubbed my clit bringing me to another hard quick orgasm. I couldn’t take anymore just then. But I wanted to show her what her little girl could do. So I pushed her off of me and mounted her. I rubbed my pussy on her thigh as I tongue kissed her. Thanks to her thigh I actually came again and then I was really lusty. I kissed down her neck to her breasts and sucked her nipples. I kissed her breasts. I kissed down her stomach kissing down her legs and back up. I began to finger her as I licked her clit. She moaned so loudly for me I just about came. I ate her out to orgasm and then fingered her to another. We’ve had sex every night since. Thank you sooooo much!

Emily May

OMG Emily May

That is just WONDERFUL! It took a lot of courage on your part, but having taken the plunge, it all worked out! I’m delighted for you. It sounds as though you had a passionate, wild, uninhibited experience together. I’m proud of you! Enjoy your new sex life together! And it took less than a week from emailing me first! WOW! Give your mom güvenilir bahis şirketleri my very best wishes – I wish I could join you both for a threesome!

Sarah XXXX


You are amazing!! I never thought it would happen but it did! I wish you could join us for a threesome, I would enjoy that very much! I’ve got a thing for older women. Thank you so much again! I could kiss you, I’m so happy!!!

Emily May xxxxxxx

Hi Emily May

You are sure to have a very happy Christmas together! I must admit though, that I never thought it would happen so soon! Your mom was clearly feeling very much in need of sex! Sex starved! And it all came out! How marvellous. I’m delighted!! I only wish I could see you both! Mmmmm!

Have fun!

Sarah xxxxxxxxxx

Thanks Sarah!

Merry Christmas!! I enjoyed meeting you! You’re a truly amazing person! Maybe you will see us. Also, my mom might email you from here. She really wants to thank you!

Emily May

(Then, out of the blue as they say, I got this massage – )

Dear Sarah,

This is Paula, EM’s mother. Thank you so much! Unfortunately, I have to use Emily’s iPod as she is in between my legs at the moment so I can’t use my laptop. Thank you so much. It is quite hard typing right now as Emily has already brought me to two orgasms and …. OMG … she is very close to giving me another! God I didn’t know how expert her young tongue was. I wish you could join us! Must go … OMG! … I’m cumming again! So delightful!

Paula xxx

Hi Paula

I’m so pleased I was able to be of help! And how kind of you to think of me when you are busy doing other exciting things – or rather, Emily May is! Gosh! Unlimited orgasms for you from now on. You both sound so wonderful and gorgeous. Have a happy Christmas – it’s sure to be an active one! By the way, Paula, how long have you lusted after Emily May? She didn’t think you were at all interested!! But we know different!

Sarah xxxxx


She’s just so beautiful and a great young woman. I think the first time I realized I wanted her would have to be when I caught her and her at the time girlfriend in bed. EM was between the other girl’s legs. I stood watching for at least ten minutes rubbing my clit.

Paula xx

Thanks Paula.

Emily May told me that you’d ‘caught’ them having sex! So that got your juices running – mmmm – and a glorious orgasm followed! Well, now your daughter’s between your legs! I’m so delighted for you both. And you are very beautiful. I have a photo from EM! I would be very happy to get between your legs as well, but only after a lengthy preliminary kissing and fondling!

Hope you had a very happy Christmas. I’m sure you did!!

Sarah xx