A conversation with Dee Ch. 06

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Dee told me about her first encounter with another woman.

(Dee had sent me this email on Friday evening.)

Wow Sarah,

What a wonderful Friday afternoon. Omg. I pretended to be in the bath when Pat arrived. I came down with my hair wet and a towel around me. I told Pat to wait in the lounge, make a coffee etc., but also said I’d had the note from you and it was on the table if she was interested. I waited a few minutes and crept down the stairs and peeked into the lounge. She was reading your note, BUT she was touching herself as she read it, it was such a turn on.

I crept back upstairs and put on my sexy French knickers and a silk robe. My nipples were so erect. I went back down, and as I got into the lounge, Pat was still reading and playing with her boobs! Stroking them. I set opposite her and started chatting, then casually asked her if she had read the note, she blushed and said yes. She was looking at my nipples….. omg …

I’ll tell you the rest when we chat.’

(Monday morning came. I found Dee already available on IM when I logged in.)

‘Hi Dee. It worked! You happy?’

‘Very. Omg Sarah – it was incredible! Unbelievable!’

‘Did Pat stay overnight??’

‘OMG! I wish! But no, just the afternoon. She’s married though.’

‘Oh!! Active with hubby?’

‘A bit, but not great sex she tells me.’

‘But you gave her a marvelous new experience. Was it better than you’d anticipated?’

‘Oh yes, I did, but no, I think you’d given me good idea what to expect! I asked her if she liked your note. She blushed even more and said yes. Well, more of a croak! “I love them,” I said. “They really turn me on!” My nipples were so hard. I opened my robe to show my heavy tits. Her eyes opened wide with a greedy look in them – glued to my very stiff nipples. She looked, and looked, so I stepped over to the settee and sat on the edge, half-facing her. She gazed at my tits, jaw dropped, before reaching over to cup my right tit in the palm of her hand, weighing it! Her thumb slowly rubbed the nipple. Omg the touch was like an electric shock. I shuddered, and leaned over to kissed her on the lips.’

‘A lingering one?’

‘No. Just gentle peck. I hadn’t noticed that she’d unfastened her bra, until when she lifted her tits out with her other hand. They’re not as big as mine, but, Omg Sarah, her nipples are HUGE. So long. I was absolutely mesmerised by them. Almost like little fingers pointing at me! And we hadn’t said a word! My mouth just went dry. Just stared at each other’s tits and gasped.’

‘OMG Dee! How thrilling! Marvellous! Mmmm!’

‘Yes, that’s what I said too. My first words to her. I could feel her trembling. She was blushing – I suppose I was as well – but was so intent on stroking and examining my large tits, rubbing the nipples. I was entranced by hers. I couldn’t resist the temptation to suckle them. I leaned over and took her left nipple in my mouth. I felt her give a little jolt as though having an orgasm. I was soooo close myself! Another touchless orgasm! I never it was possible! I just suckled her nipples between my lips. OMG what a superb feeling to have another woman’s nipple in your mouth! I had only ever imagine it with yours, which was exciting enough, but in real life … Wow!’

‘And your robe was open, tits on display – showing your French knickers. Did you slide your hand under her skirt?’

‘Yes. I just couldn’t resist. She had tights on, but her thighs were so smooth. And I was so desperate, I pulled a hole in her tights and squeezed my hand into her panties, covering her vulva. And Omg Sarah, more gasps of surprise! She was so wet. “Oh Pat! You are absolutely soaking!” So was I, she told me. Her fingers were stroking my pussy through my knickers, examining my details. I swallowed hard, and asked if she wanted to go to my bedroom. She said nothing. Just gave me a come-hither look, stood and followed me up the stairs, stroking my bum as we went.’

‘Gosh Dee. It sounds as though she was as keen as you were. Well, by this time, after all that stimulation, Pat must have been so ultra horny!’

‘We güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri both were! In the bedroom I almost ripped her clothes off before pushing her naked onto the bed. The first fifteen minutes were so violent. Like a couple of dogs on heat. Desperate for each other! We kissed hard and lashed tongues as we both pushed a hand between each others thighs, to explore the soaking wet vulvas. It was fantastic! As soon as I felt her fingers on my clit it was as if I had another electric shot. My whole body was alive. Fizzing! I gave a loud whimper as I juddered violently to an orgasm. I think Pat did the same from the noise she was making, but I was too busy with my own excitement!

‘That’s wonderful! So, how many orgasms then – at least three. You’re getting me all wet here.’

‘Omg, three in the first fifteen minutes, just touching and exploring each other. It was so bewildering. So much happening inside me. I was delirious I think. Drunk with lust and joy. Time seemed to stand still.’

‘Did you lick her pussy?’

‘Yes. Omg yes. It was so sweet. Tasted faintly of herbs. And her bum, but that was a bit later.’

‘Does Pat have pronounced labia for chewing?’

‘Not as big and fleshy as mine, but delightfully suckable. And a smallish clit – but it works!! Omg how it works! Mmmm noisy orgasms – like you. I loved sucking it and playing with her bum hole.’

‘I just climbed over her body, getting my head between her legs, my pussy over her face, filling my lungs with the scent of her vagina, and just ate her. Her thighs were covered with such a lot of juice. Gob-smacking! I just licked and kissed and drove my tongue inside her vagina, until she came with huge jolt, crying out – I think she shouted FUCK! I wasn’t listening really, my own orgasm building up and shattering my loins. I was noisy as well.’

‘The 69 with her was amazing. Astounding! Sorry to be using so many excessive adjectives, but it really was!! After that we just went on, stimulating each other, biting, chewing, squeezing nipples. Exploring every inch of lour bodies. She was gasping heavily and when I slipped my finger into her bum, she yelled out, flipped and thrashed about with another orgasm which seemed to last for ever. I was so thrilled at her reaction that I had another big one myself. We flopped exhausted just where we were.’

‘And did she say she’d fancied you for quite a long time, but was too nervous to approach you?’

‘Yes, she did. How did you know? As we lay side by side, recovering, I told her I’d been wanting to have sex with her for ages. We both laughed and she told me she’d been the same. “What were you waiting for?” she asked. “I was too scared,’ I admitted. “Same here,” Pat said. Then we fell into a passionate embrace. She said later that she’d masturbated yesterday, thinking of me and you having sex on line. I said you were the most amazing lover. And then we started fucking each other again. I studied her vulva and realised that it was the first pussy I’d seen at close quarters. I was fascinated. All that pink wet flesh! And the little petals surrounding the opening of her throbbing dilating vagina! I started to kiss and lick it. Pat was doing the same to mine.’

‘After all that worrying about making a move!’

‘I know. After the next climax, as we got out breath back, I went for a carrot!’


‘YES! We had a great time with it. Until we both couldn’t prevent another huge orgasm. By this time we were both rather exhausted. Reluctant to stop, but all good things, as they say. I’d lost count of my orgasms. But you made it happen Sarah. You’re amazing.’

‘I’m absolutely delighted. I still can’t believe it!! Marvellous! ’

‘It was. But … I want YOU Sarah – NOW! Oh, you’ve no idea how much!’

‘So after your long chat I expect she’ll be coming more often – as opposed to cumming – or maybe both, lol.’

‘I hope so. We chatted yesterday on the phone. We both masturbated as we chatted, gasping and sighing as we brought ourselves to a crashing orgasm.’

‘Just masturbating with memories, describing to each güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri other.’

‘Yes, have you done that?’

‘Once or twice with Sue, when she was so desperate and horny, telling me what to do to her in a husky voice.’

‘Lucky you. I’m desperate and horny right now. Mmmmmm.’

‘Cum on then, feel my fingers in your panties. Gosh Dee, you are soaking!!’

‘Tell me now. I certainly am. It’s your fault. I’m glad to say!’

‘Your squashy soft labia all hot and wet.’

‘Omg your fingers are … Yes baby.’

‘Kissing you. Feeling your nipples. Mmmm … your thighs are trembling. Muscles shaking.’

‘I can hear you panting and gasping, Sarah.’

‘Very noisy orgasms.’

‘I’m nibbling your nipples Dee – they’re good and hard – and your belly is shaking.’

‘They are, really, Sarah. Hard as nuts.’

‘I’m playing with your labia, fingering your clit. Mm you’re wet. Slipping two fingers deep into the warm wetness.’

‘Use the f word. Pleaseeeeee..’

‘Fucking you hard. Fucking fucking. So wet. Other hand now rimming your bum.’

‘Omg Sarah you’re so amazing. Eat me.’

‘Slipping a finger into your bum – warm and musky. Fingering your bum hole. Fucking both holes. Fucking. Fucking! Touching it as I lick you. Ohhhh yessss. Now getting my head between your thighs.’

‘I’m cummmmiiIINNNNG Sarahhhhh …’

‘Tongue penetrating your vagina as my chin rubs the clit.’


‘Oh yes Dee. Oooooooooooo ….’

‘Oh baby, I did that to Pat.’


‘Rubbing your clit.’

(Another pause to recover.)

‘Why not ask Pat to send me a feedback!! Then I can chat with her as well. We could all three chat on line together!’

‘Hey, you’re mine here!’

‘Mmmmm and you’re special darling.’

‘Just want you.’

‘Mmm – that was a nice cum though.’

‘Not as special as you, Sarah. Did you? Did you manage an orgasm with me?’

‘Just a little tremble. It sort of came up on me suddenly. Whoooosh!’

‘Like Pat on my tits.’

‘I was thinking of your pussy – though I’d love to see it! Did she cum on your tits?’

‘When I sat opposite her, I could see her looking at my nipples.’

‘You were very brave actually, though properly prepared.’

‘Very well prepared actually. Thank you so much for showing me..’

‘How long has she wanted to make love with you? Just waiting for you to make a move?.’

‘Not long, she started thinking after our chat.’

‘Is Pat a blonde?’

‘Yes, why?’

‘I’m trying to picture her.’


‘And her groin.’


‘Trying to imagine what you were experiencing.’

‘I know.’

‘You must be so pleased with how things went. Delighted even.’

‘I slept well on Friday night after looking at your pics and playing. Not a quickie.’

‘And came again?’

‘Came!! YES! Again! Blissful! Long and lingering. A satisfying, lingering one – mmmmm. But have you written up our chats?’

‘I shall send you the first one after lunch Dee.’

‘Ok, can’t wait.’

‘How was Emily May’s chat? Did Pat enjoy that.’

‘Oh yes. She loved it. Got very, very horny.’

‘Well, she’ll like the one of you and me, then. When will you see her again?’

‘I know she will, I’ll send it to her. We haven’t got a date yet, but hopefully on Friday evening.’

‘Later gorgeous. Love you – and so thrilled for you.’

‘You too sexy.’

(Later the same day.)

‘Here again Dee. Where are you?’

‘Come to my bedroom. I’m tied to my bed, legs splayed wide showing off your delectable vulva – pouting and damp. I’ve brought my cougette – thick – 12″ long. I’m going to penetrate that delicious vagina slowly, stretching your vagina as never before.’

‘Oh darling, yes, fuck me. Lick my bum hole.’

‘Licking you all over – biting your nipples. Pulling them and shaking your tits.’

‘They need biting. And shaking. I’m all yours. Love watching you. So sexy. Mmm love your bum.’

‘Lifting your legs over your güvenilir bahis şirketleri shoulders and tie them to the bed head. Your bum now facing the ceiling. Nothing can protect your private places. They’re so very vulnerable, you have an adorable pussy.’

‘Omg, wow. Oh baby. Lick it. Rub your tits over me.’

‘Both holes dilated – I shall push the courgette deep into your vagina and two fingers deep into your bum hole and fuck them both hard and cruelly!!’

‘Ohhhhh. I’m rather wet. Yes, slap me.’

‘Scoop your juices onto my tongue.’

‘Oh dear, this isn’t me speaking, wow. SARAH. I’ve never … OMG.’

‘Spanking both cheeks.’

‘Oh no. Oh no. Please.’

‘Your body is shaking – trying to escape. Your vagina is stretched to its limit. And your bum.’

‘No Sarah. Please Sarah. Let me go … Please … Sarah, nooooo – Sarah. Please..’

‘Crush – crush – crushing into your two delicious entrances..’

‘Stop! Aggghhhh.’

‘Now picking up your slipper. Spank spank spank!!.’

‘Aggghhhhh. Sarah!’

‘Your bum cheeks are glowing scarlet. A real scarlet woman!’

‘Noooooo ….’

‘You’re about to cum.’

‘Aaggghhhhh. Cumminnnnnnngggg.’

‘The courgette is covered with juices. I’m wiping it over your mouth.’

‘Agghhhhhh. Ohhhhhhh. Omg. Ooohhh Sarah. Trembling. Cummminnnngg.’

‘Squeezing your tits hard. Grasping them in my hands. Pulling the nipples..’

‘Baby. Omg. Stop. Please!’

‘Courgette pushed deep inside you as I feel you starting to cum. Shaking! Trembling!’

‘I’mmmmm cummminnngggg.’

‘I’m sitting on your face – your legs over my shoulders. Fingers ramming deep into your bum.’


‘I’m pouring pussy juices into your mouth. Grinding against your mouth.’

‘Licking your pussy. Eating Sarah’s pussy. Ooooooo! Soooo wet. Biting your labia. Cum baby. Join me.’

‘I think I shall cum as well … mmm – please don’t stop – cumming cumming cumming Aaaaaarrrrggggg. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.’

‘Tongue deep inside you. Licking it. Tongue fucking you. Deep inside your pussy.’

‘Gosh Dee – didn’t expect to be fucking today – but there you are. You are so wonderful. A fantastic lover, but didn’t know you enjoyed a bit of discipline.’

‘It was so exciting. I’ve never done it before!’

‘Good orgasm? You’ll have lots to tell Pat tonight!.’

‘Two wonderful orgasms. You?’

‘Hey Dee – that’s greedy!.’

‘No, that was for you and me. I came twice when you came. Have to have our special time..’

‘Love you – so glad you’ve realised your ambition. Reading my story about our first encounter, you’ll remember how nervous you were at the beginning. Must go darling.’

(The next day).

OMG Dee,
I was still reeling from your success this morning. When I got to Sue’s she asked all about it and I told her what had happened and read your email. She seemed a bit hyper really, perhaps a little jealous, but she admitted afterwards that your story had rekindled the original excitement the two of us felt at out first encounter. That was after she had taken me in her arms and kissed me with a savage intensity, pushing me onto the settee. My blouse was almost ripped off as she grabbed my nipples to bite them. Then, lifted my skirt, pushed my legs open and got between them, her nose rubbing my gusset. She was moaning and urgent. Fingers soon dragged my knickers off and she was chewing and licking and fingering my pussy.

“Hey,” I gasped, “take it easy darling.”

Her laptop was on the table at the side of the settee. “C’mon, Sarah. Send Dee an email and tell her what I’m doing to you at this very moment.”

The idea appealed to me. The laptop was already booted up in MSN Messenger. Sue had already planned it! So I rested the laptop on my belly and got into my email account as Sue went back down on me – well you got it! I was so wound up and horny, sending you a message while Sue made passionate love, chewing my pussy and slipping a finger in my bum, that I came to an orgasm as I pressed the send key!!

Afterwards, we had a more leisurely fuck. Sue was so horny – I hadn’t seen her quite so turned on for a while. We got into 69 on the floor, and when she came with a huge judder and jerk, she ejaculated into my mouth. Delicious! So wonderful. I owe you one Dee, for bringing passion back to our lives!

Come home soon.

Sarah xxxx.