A Chance Worth Taking

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Dana and her friends sat around the table after dinner, idly chatting and generally relaxing. Across the room, at another table, a group of men did much the same thing. Of all the women in Dana’s group, she was the only one that was single, well, divorced, so the other ladies weren’t particularly paying any serious attention to the men there, except to make a dirty joke, or comment about how well his pants fit.

As the laughs and chatter drifted past Dana’s ears, her eyes made contact with one of the men at the other table. He was a nice looking guy, tall, well built, and as the evening progressed, Dana began to pay closer attention to him, just as he seemed to be doing with her. Towards the end of the night, most of the girls Dana was with had gone home to their respective husbands or boyfriends, and Dana was beginning to feel more alone then she had in a long time.

When the last two girls at Dana’s table said their goodnights, Dana decided she had nothing left to lose, and did something she never imagined she would. Getting to her feet, she put her handbag over her shoulder, and looked over to the men’s table. The guy was still watching her, and she could see the interest there, but it didn’t seem to be enough to make him get off his ass and come and talk to her. Walking around his table, she leaned in close to his ear and whispered. “I am lonely, and horny as hell. I’m going home right now, and you are welcome to join me.” With that, she turned and left the bar, not looking back to see if he was going to follow, because if he didn’t, she was going to feel like such a fool tomorrow.

As she reached forward to place her car keys in the door and unlock it, a warm hand slid over hers and she could feel the hardness of a body behind her. She could feel the heat of his breath on the side of her neck, and she shuddered a little in both excitement and fear. What had she just done? For all she knew, she could have just invited an axe murderer back to her home. Was she out of her mind? His lips pressed softly against the side of her neck, and her body pushed her past all sense of logic and reason. She wanted someone, no, needed someone, and she could not wait any longer to have that need fulfilled.

“That was quite an invitation little Lady, are you sure you want me to follow you home?” he was giving her the opportunity to back out, and a small place in the back of her mind screamed at her to take it, but the pounding in her heart, and the dull ache between her legs soon silenced that voice.

“Not to my home, but to a place I know, and yes, I want you to.” Without turning her head to look at him, she opened the door to her car and slipped into the seat. Starting the engine, she glanced to where he had been standing, but he was gone, the lights of a car a few spaces away beaming to life. Taking a deep breath, she put the car in gear, and headed towards home.

A few blocks from her house was a small roadside motel that belonged to her oldest friend, Trudy. Trudy had always told her that if she needed a room, for any reason, room twelve would always be available. Dana had used the room a few times when things started to fall apart in her marriage, but since her divorce, she’d had no use for it. Never had she thought in her wildest dreams that she would be using it for this. Picking up her cellular phone, she place a quick call to Trudy who assured her the room would be ready and waiting, and ended the call with “Way to go girl.”

Dana giggled and blushed a little at her friends enthusiasm at her daring encounter, and was a little astonished her self as to how she had come by, as her friend called it, the balls to do something so daring and wild. It felt good to do something a little dangerous, but she would still be in the relatively safe vicinity of her friends help should she need it. She might have been desperate, but she wasn’t completely out of her mind.

She turned the car into the parking space in front of room twelve, and the man from the bar took a park across the lot. Her heart was beating so hard that it became increasing difficult for her to catch her breath. Stepping from the car, she could see him approaching and before she could change her mind, she headed for the motel room door. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri As promised, it was unlocked, and she was able to open it and slip inside before he reached her.

Once inside, she felt more at ease, away from the threat of prying and curious eyes, and in the comfort of a place that was familiar to her. A few moments later, he opened the door behind her and followed her in. With a flick, he turned on the light, and Dana asked him to turn it off again. She had only just realized how self-confidant she was about the shape and size of her thighs. She had a nice figure really for a woman of her age, though thirty-two was hardly old, but she still worried that there might be something about her he might find less then appealing.

His hand lingered by the light switch for a moment, then dropped to his side. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to leave it on. I have been wondering all night how you would look without that dress, and I’d really like to look at you. You’re a beautiful woman. What’s your name?”

Without thinking, Dana gave him her real name, and then chided herself for doing so.

“That’s a lovely name, Dana. My name’s Jake.” He stepped closer, reaching out to softly caress her cheek with the back of his fingers. She had a pretty face, with intense, dark eyes and full lips. She wore very little makeup, but then, she didn’t really need it. His fingers lingered on her neck for a moment, then strayed down over her cleavage, brushing against the sides of her breasts with the subtlest of caresses. He was testing her response, and was more then pleased with what he discovered. This woman was no wonton floozy. She was just a woman who was tired of being alone. It was never hard to tell the difference, and for some reason, this made her all the more appealing to him.

Never breaking the contact the backs of his fingers had with her warm flesh, he moved his hand around her back, reaching for the zipper and releasing it. Her skin burned hot beneath his touch, and she found she was unable to move, standing motionless as he unfastened the last clip on her dress and letting it fall to the floor at her feet. His eyes looked upon her body with admiration, making her blush beneath his lusty gaze. It had been a long time since a man had looked at her with such passion in his eyes, and she suddenly realized how long it had been since she had known passion at all.

He trailed his fingers down the length of her back, sending a shiver racing through her body, covering her flesh in goose bumps. With his left hand, he lifted her chin, looking deep into her eyes before covering her lips in a tender kiss. His mouth was warm and gentle, yet unyielding. His tongue reached forward, parting her lips and opening her mouth to a deeper, more passionate kiss. His kiss became more demanding, but not forceful, taking it only as far as she was willing to yield.

Surrendering to him just a little, she slipped her arms about his neck and accepted his kiss more fully, his left hand moving from her chin and burying deep in her soft, brown hair. His right hand traced small circles along her spine, stopping when it came to the clasp of her bra, and releasing it in a single movement. Her back was now naked to him, and he delighted in the feel of her soft, womanly curves. The small of a woman’s back had always held a certain appeal to him, but there was something about the way her back dipped and then swelled out to blend with the roundness of her buttocks that especially attractive.

Breaking the kiss with reluctance, Jack stepped back from her, taking his time to slide the straps of her bra over her shoulders, his eyes savoring every inch of flesh newly revealed to him. She was splendid, her form rounded and firm, as a woman should be. Large nipples crowned the center of her breasts, and as he watched, they hardened to dark points that beckoned to be touched. He could not resist such an invitation. Starting at her shoulder, he traced small lines down over her chest and around the outer rim of her satiny orbs. She panted a little, catching her breath as the tips of his fingers discovered her most sensitive patches. Moving in circles, he worked his way towards her pebble like nipple, taking güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri it between his finger and thumb, massaging it and squeezing it gently.

Dana was unable to move, unable to think. The touch of his fingers was like fire and ice all at once, both burning and soothing at the same time. His manipulations of her nipples sent a surging response straight to her crotch that was impossible to ignore. Her clit began to throb like a dull ache, and when he cupped her breast full in his hand, bending to take her dark point deep into his mouth, she thought her legs would give way beneath her. A strong arm held her against him, pulling her closer to his hungry lips as he sucked and nibbled at her breast. His hot tongue flicked over her nipple before his teeth nipped and pulled at the hardened bead. Dana’s fingers found his hair, burying deep into his almost black curls and pulling him harder against her. He responded as she hoped he would, sucking hard, taking as much of her flesh into his mouth as was humanly possible. He moved from one breast to the other, devouring each in turn, hot saliva making her flesh shine beneath the motel room lights.

Abandoning her breasts reluctantly, his mouth rediscovered hers, his tongue claiming the inner reaches of her mouth like a fresh victory. Her hands worked on the front of his shirt, almost ripping at the buttons as she pulled it away from his broad, muscular shoulders. Small beads of perspiration were already forming on his well tanned back as the temperature in the room began to rise. As his mouth found her throat as her fingers found his back, digging hard into his flesh in an effort to hold him closer.

His mouth was suddenly everywhere at once. On her throat, her mouth, her breast, her belly, and then his fingers stripped away her panties, leaving her naked before him. Rubbing his cheek against the soft fur the covered her womanly mound, he delighted in the odor of her, breathing deep her scent. But her scent was not enough. Lifting her leg, he placed her foot on the edge of the bed, opening her up to him. His fingers found her first, exploring her folds and then dipping deep into her wet center. She was so wet, so hot, and so very ready. His tongue reached for her clit, sampling the first drop of her sweet nectar. Two fingers probed her depths, then three, immersing themselves in her, drawing away only to push back in, probing and exploring her.

Dana’s head was spinning, her fingers digging deep into his shoulders for support, her legs no longer able to carry the full weight of her lust driven body. Over and over he pushed his fingers deep into her, his lips finding her swollen clit and sucking it hard into his mouth. His hungry mouth nibbled and sucked, but he wanted more. Lowering her to the bed, he pulled her to the bed’s edge, opening her legs wide and resting them on his shoulders as he kneeled at the beds end. For a moment he looked upon her sweet pussy, spreading her soft pink lips to admire her more fully, then slipped his hands beneath her ass and lifted her to his mouth.

Her back arched to meet him and she moaned softly as his tongue pushed deep into her. Her mind was a blur of passion and heat, her body taking on a life of it’s own, demanding and receiving the attention it had so long been denied. Her fingers clung to the bed covers as she fought for a measure of control over her body, Jake’s hands holding tight to her hips as she wiggled and writhed in his grasp. The way her body responded to his touch excited him immensely. She was so alive, so real, so completely woman. His own pleasure was no longer his focus. He wanted to take her to heights she had never reached before.

Taking one last, long lick of her now swollen pussy, he stood, unfastening his belt buckle, and sliding his trousers free of his legs. Tossing them over the arm of a chair, he stood proud before her, letting her lust filled eyes gaze upon him for just a moment. He had a body that he was proud of, and his rock hard cock had rewarded him with more then a few compliments, but the look in her eyes as she looked upon him now made him more proud of his form then he had ever been before.

Dana wiggled a little further up the bed as güvenilir bahis şirketleri he moved over her, wrapping her arms about his neck and welcoming his kiss. She could taste her own juices on his lips and tongue, delighting in it as he had done, sucking his tongue deeper into her mouth. She could feel the weight of his body on hers as the head of his cock pressed gently against her opening. She wanted him, all of him. Wrapping her legs around him, she pulled him closer, but he resisted, entering her slowly. Her body screamed for him, for fulfillment and completion, but he was not ready for her to have it just yet. Not yet. When half his length was immersed in her, he thrust forward, driving the remaining length of his cock hard into her.

Dana cried out as he filled her, the complete intrusion of her body a combination of pleasure and pain that she wanted never to end. He held himself there, deep within her body, enjoying the heated confines of a pussy that fit him like a glove. Slowly, he began to move, pulling himself from her silky depths only to plunge back into her again. Slowly at first, then a little faster as her body adjusted to his intrusion. Her fingers clung to his upper arms as she lifted her body to match his, meeting his every thrust with her own, joining him in a perfectly timed dance of pure desire.

She had never known such pleasure. As his body moved over hers, his cock deep in her pussy, his mouth kissing and nibbling the sensitive sides of her throat, Dana knew she could hold back no longer. Her breath came in short pants, her legs began to tremble, and her mind reeled out of control. Crying out, she clung harder to him, her orgasm washing over her in intense waves that never seemed to end. Only when the sensation began to diminish did she become aware of how badly she’d needed this.

As her pussy began to contract around him, her orgasm pulsing and throbbing about him, he stopped thrusting, enjoying every second of her experience. As her release eased, he renewed his thrusting with new vigor. Dana welcomed him, lifting and bucking beneath him, enticing him to his own conclusion. She could feel the swelling of his cock, see the look of ecstasy on his face, and she knew no greater thrill then the feel of his hot seed pumping deep into her. He groaned softly, pumping the last of his essence into her, his body shuddering a little with the intensity of his own release.

Sweat dripped from his body as he lay down beside her, his breathing deep and his eyes closed as he reclined in the afterglow of passion. He reached for her, pulling her close and holding her gently as they both floated carelessly on a cloud of white linen.

Dana lay beside him, her head on his shoulder and her hand resting lightly on his chest. She could feel the beating of his heart, the steadiness of his breath, and soon, the soft sounds of sleep as he drifted off, completely relaxed. Easing herself from his arms, she slipped from the bed, dressed, and opened the motel room door. She took one last look at his splendid, sleeping form before stepping out into the car park and closed the door behind her.

Monday afternoon, Dana finished work and headed for the car park. Her mind had not been on her work all day, the memory of Saturday night still playing over and over in her mind like a thrilling movie.

“Hello, Dana.”

Her mind snapped back to reality at the sound of a man’s voice. A familiar voice. Parked next to her car, was a police car, and standing beside it was Jake, dressed in full police uniform.

“I took down your car license plates as you drove away and got the guys at the office to run it through the computer for me. It wasn’t hard to find you from there. I hope you don’t mind. You left something behind in the motel room.” He held out his hand, and one of her earrings. She hadn’t even noticed it was missing.

Dana’s heart was pounding so hard that she could hardly breath, let alone speak. Reaching out, she took the earring and placed it back on her ear. “Thank you, Jake, but you really didn’t need to go to all that trouble just to give this back to me.” Inside she was thrilled that he would go to such lengths to find her.

“It was no trouble.” He suddenly felt a little lost for words himself.

Dana bit her bottom lip in thought. She had taken a chance with this guy once, perhaps a second chance would pay off as well. “Jake, would you like to have dinner with me tonight? I make great spaghetti.”

His face beamed with a smile she would long remember, “I’d love to.”