A chance meeting.

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A chance meeting.I had just finished work after a long and headed to my oh so lonely hotel again. Another week and I will be going back home to my wife. I went into my room and had a shower to refresh myself. I got out of the shower and dried myself..Sat on the edge of the bed put the TV on. Aggghh no fucking soaps need to do something else. So I got dressed and went down to the bar. Got myself a beer. It was quite in there another man and his ” girlfriend maybe. I liked to people watch and thought he was the boss and she the secretary and they was having an affair. I was sat at the bar the 1st beer didn’t take long to finish so I ordered another. A few minutes later another man came into the bar and sat 3 stools down from me he also got a beer. I tried to guess what his job was. Traveling salesman came to mind. A couple of minutes later he turned to me and said you had a hard day too I turned to him and said yeah. Working away from home but it will be worth it with the extra cash it pays. Dave is the name he said or Davy. Paul is mine I said and stretched out my hand. Pleased to meet you. I said. You here for long. Hoping I would have a drinking buddy for the next week. No just darıca escort here for the night I am a travelling salesman. I give myself an invisible pat on the head for getting that right. Oh really I said what is your sales. Ladies underwear he replied. We started talking about our jobs, putting the world to right etc. Then Davy said do you fancy getting a couple of beers and taking them to my room. I nervously said yeah fuck it why not. We ordered a couple of beers and took them back to Davy’s room. His room was the same layout as mine. A double bed, a dresser with a TV on it and a bathroom with shower. We put down our beers on the dresser and I sat on a chair next to it. The talk got round to our families etc. We were about the same age late 50’s. I suddenly said and I don’t know why that I hadn’t had sex with my Mrs for years. Dave said I am in the same boat 2yrs 3mths and 6 days and counting. We started laughing saying frigid bitches. Giving them a bit of stick. Then Davy suddenly said I am wearing panties and tights. I spurted out my beer and said man you gotta give me warning before announcing something like that. Then said well let’s have a look. You sure said Davy. escort darıca Fuck yeah I am sure. I don’t get to see my Mrs like that anymore. So Davy dropped his trousers and he was wearing black tights and panties and under them a rock hard cock. I don’t what it was but I could feel my cock starting to rise in my pants. I walked over and began to feel his hard cock through the tights and panties. Davy let out a murmur as I slipped my hand down the tights and panties and hold his hard cock. I could also feel precum starting to ooze out. I let my thumb rub over the top of his hard cock thumb sliding over the precum. Davy felt for my hard cock I said ah ah not yet mate and then pushed him back onto the bed I then peeled down his tights and panties. To reveal his awesome cock. I remember thinking what the fuck are you doing I have never had any thoughts or anything to do with another man but this felt good as I took his cock into my mouth. Drawing it in and out I thought this feels so good. After a few more strokes Davy said I am going to cum so I pulled it out of my mouth and his1st jet of cum hit me in the face followed by a 2nd 3rd and 4th hitting me in the hair chest and back darıca escort bayan onto my face. It was like a hose gone wild. After his cock stopped jerking its cum Davy sat upright and said how do you feel. I said this is fucking awesome. I love it I was licking wiping cum from all over my face, chest and trying to drag out my hair. That’s good said Davy and pushed me onto the bed pulled my trousers down to reveal my rock hard cock he got my cock out but I couldn’t hold back and cum straight away. I was embarrassed but Davy said no worries let’s take a shower. So we took a shower together lathering ourselves up paying particular attention to our cocks. After the shower we dried off and I said let’s do a 69 Davy said oh yes. Then I lay on the bed and Davy manoeuvred his body round so he was sucking my cock and I had his cock into mine then he fell sideways I don’t know how we did it but managed to get Davy on his back and me above without us breaking. It wasn’t long before we both cum into each other’s mouth. Davy then came up so we where side by side. We spoke for a bit then fell asleep. I woke about 4 in the morning and realised I needed to be back in my room as I would have get up for work in a couple of hours. I looked back at Davy who had another hard on. Unfortunately Davy would not be there again as his travelling to him to another hotel. But I sure did have a few wanks on the memory of that night.