A Chance Meeting Pt. 04

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Leah plodded through the door to the infirmary. The lights were down and only two of the eight beds were occupied. Both of them were on Leah’s right, snoring quietly. She tiptoed down the middle aisle between the beds to the back room. Leah’s skin was dusky purple in the dark until the harsh backroom lights revealed it to be a slightly faded teal. Her waist-length dark green hair was bound up in a tight braid at the back of her head.

The small room in the back was unlocked, and as Leah eased her way in, she noticed that her lamp was on. Lea sat on her bed, shirtless. His tall body and large, white-feathered wings were cramped into the corner; he was reading an Andyne romance novel called “I Left My Cowboy Vampire Boyfriend for a Werewolf Astronaut,” which he hurriedly put down when Leah entered, blushing under his shoulder-length mop of coarse snow-white hair. Despite his striking hair color, Lea appeared to be in his late 20s, and his wide blue eyes made him seem even younger sometimes.

“You’re back early,” yawned Leah. Lea scooted up so that he sat on the edge of the bed, setting his book on the table.

“I never thought I’d say this, but thank you for making me include Hiyno. We must’ve gone through three months’ worth of paperwork today,” Lea sighed, reaching forward and pulling Leah toward him in a full-body hug. Lea’s half-hard member pressed into her thighs through the crotch of the thin drawstring pants he wore. “I have had one hell of a day and I’m so glad to see you.” He squeezed Leah for a long moment and flopped back on the bed, taking her with him.

“I almost kneed you in the balls, you big galoot,” Leah half-yawned, resting her head on Lea’s chest.

“Oh, I wouldn’t mind. That would still be preferable to the shit day I’ve had.”

“But…it sounds like you had a good day? You got all the paperwork done.”

“Not just that, I got done early. With Hiyno’s help,” said Lea darkly. “And you know the old Andyne saying: ‘the bitterest thing you can eat is your own words.’ illegal bahis I’ve had to eat my words so many times today, and right now I’m really craving something else.”

Leah rolled off Lea and sat up, careful of Lea’s feathers. “I stocked up on some junk food items before I left yesterday for your sister’s quarters. We have a lot of ketchup crisps and custard tarts-“

“I was thinking more like sit on my face please?” Lea said tentatively. “But junk food sounds good after that.”

“Smooth,” snorted Leah. “But I’ve had a… a uh…well wasn’t a bad day, but it was definitely something. I think I’ll take you up on that offer.”

Lea sat up, and Leah took off her ragged old scrub pants and underwear, raising herself up on her haunches on the bed. Lea scooted up and lay back, and Leah helped steer his shoulders while he pushed his face up underneath naked vulva. Leah’s clitoris was fully-extended, swollen and deep purple. It had a slight curve to it, and quivered when Lea played with it gently.

“You really have had a hard day,” commented Lea. His face was close enough to Leah’s pussy that she could feel his warm breath against it. He began licking in long, light strokes. Through his skin, Leah could sense how horny he was. She could see it too; Lea’s shoulders were resting against her knees, and she had a front-row seat to watch his cock swelling inside his thin pajama pants.

Lea continued licking until Leah’s hips began rocking subtly. He was careful to wet his fingers before using them to penetrate Leah, and going in to suck on her clit. The tension in her body was growing, and she realized that her bladder was full.

“Lea, hold up,” gasped Leah. Lea didn’t seem to hear her and kept sucking eagerly. His cock was so large that the tip and thick hood poked out just over the waistband of his pants, leaking a thin, clear fluid onto his belly. Leah wasn’t as attuned to Lea as she was to Arin, but she could feel that he needed to pee too, and her own bladder began to relax sympathetically.

“Lea, illegal bahis siteleri wait a se-” The contents of Leah’s bladder exploded out of her in a long, sustained, extremely relieving blast, squarely onto Lea’s face while he happily kept licking. Leah barely had time to feel guilty about it before she felt the first twitches of her orgasm.

“L-Lea,” Leah cried out, her body curling forward in ecstasy. She loosed another burst of piss when she came, which didn’t stop with the contractions. Sitting back up, Leah expertly aimed the last of her stream at the swelling bulge in Lea’s pants.

Being cold-blooded, Leah didn’t feel hot herself, but Lea definitely did. As soon as she was finished peeing, he sat up, hauling his cock out of his soaked pants.

“You really had to go,” said Lea, surveying the soaked blankets. “My turn!” He pushed out hips and pulled back his foreskin, aiming his mostly-hard member up toward his belly. Lea took a deep breath and raised his wings slightly before letting go. A drip of pale yellow started from Lea’s wide urethra, running down his thighs and drenching the already soiled blankets.

“I didn’t think I had to at first,” sighed Leah. “I can’t believe I peed the bed.”

“The sheets are waterproof, relax,” replied Lea. His flow picked up into a heavy stream, and Leah pulled herself over to sit next to him. He leaned back and aimed his arch of piss up to his chest.

“I wish Arin could just pee like this,” yawned Leah, reaching down between Lea’s legs. Her small fingers brushed his inner thigh, but he didn’t let go of his cock right away.

“Sweetness, I’d appreciate if you wouldn’t talk to me about my sister while my penis is hard,” grunted Lea. He stopped briefly, relaxed for a moment and started peeing again.

“That’s fair,” Leah brushed Lea’s thigh again and he lowered his hands, letting her tip his stream toward her. It soaked easily through Leah’s top, warming her breasts and belly.

“Oh no, I’m soaking your shirt,” canlı bahis siteleri snorted Lea. Over the next few seconds, Lea’s flow diminished; he was too hard to keep going. Leah started stroking him, and he moaned, “Just a little slower, I’m getting really close.”

Lea relaxed is wings behind him while Leah used her free hand to play with his scrotum. Leah could feel the tension building in Lea’s body. He started rocking his hips, and even though Leah was trying to go slow she could feel him tipping over the edge. When he couldn’t take it any more he buried his face in the crook of Leah’s neck, giving a small grunt as he exploded all over his chin, chest, and belly in three quick spurts.

Lea flopped back, twitching. The hot, thick white fluid down his front dripped down slowly. Leah grabbed a wad of disposable tissues and cleaned him up a bit.

“You do realize that we just wrecked the sheets, right? Why bother?” yawned Lea, stretching out.

“Urine is easier to wash out of sheets than semen,” said Leah. She tossed the tissues into the wastebasket before getting up and taking off her shirt.

“What are you doing?” asked Lea.

“I’m gathering up the soiled sheets and taking them to the laundry chute, then I’m gonna have a shower.”

Lea sat up. “If you add ‘eat junk food’ to that, I’m totally on board with this plan.”

“What about your book?” snorted Leah. “You looked like you were pretty into it. I didn’t know you liked Andyne romance novels.”

Lea stood up, dropping his pants and kicking them off before gathering up the soaked sheets and blankets. “I know it sounds stupid, but they’re really funny and heartwarming and you should really give the Cowboy Vampire/Werewolf Astronaut series a read.”

“I was just teasing, you nerd,” laughed Leah. “But I’ll give it a read, sure.”

With all the laundry gathered up, Lea and Leah changed into clean nightclothes. Lea left the infirmary first to take the laundry to the laundry chute before going to the showers. Leah retrieved some towels from the back room before following him through the large front room of the infirmary. It was oddly quiet, but the two patients were still in bed so Leah didn’t pay it much mind and padded out into the hallway.