A chance encounter with friends

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A chance encounter with friendsOccassionally reality and fantasy collide. Sometimes it is very messy, such as when a wife discovers a man’s prediliction for being whipped by a neighbor woman. Other times it is wonderful!This is a quick “diary entry” about one of the latter such instances that happened this summer. It is not full of details because of the need for discretion, but…. Let’s just say it is ALWAYS good to meet fans of my writings and especially this wonderful family!!!! Thanks again for everything!!!Last month I had a business deal in north central England that had to be finished face to face, so I booked a flight and off I went. Lucky for me, I got bumped up to a seat in First Class, my first time ever! No, I did not sit next to an incredible woman who gave me blowjobs all of the way over. I sat with a man who was flying back to his home after closing a deal here in the states. He usually took the company jet, but his girls had wanted to vacation in Spain, so it made more sense for the five of them to take the Lear and him fly commercial than the other way around.Not exactly my normal seat mate!!!We talked of cars and business and politics but before we had even been in the air 45 minutes I could tell he was tired. So I pulled out my computer and started writing one of my sex stories to fill the time. Generally, I am rather discrete about this, but I needed a photo of a blonde with big tits coming down the stairs for inspiration and to anchor the story. So I was going through some I had saved on my computer since there was a storm nearby and no one was walking around and most people were trying to sleep. That was when my seat mate James looked over at me and said, “She reminds me of one of my girls.”This is the site page I was looking at: http://xhamster.com/photos/view/6458045-112100569.html#contentI turned and looked at him. The gal was beautiful, big tits, young… and very naked! I was stunned first of all to think that he would talk about one of his girls that way and secondly that he could so nonchalantly talk about them walking around naked like that! When he saw the look on my face, I saw in rapid succession the look puzzlement, realization laughter and then apologetic flash as he leaned over and said, “Only one of the girls is my wife, the others live with me in an open relationship! I don’t have any c***dren at home!”Well, to be honest, my jaw hit the floor for a moment, but we spent the next couple of hours quietly discussing women, what they say they want, what they want and how to deep them around! It was more of a psychological analysis for us both, but … yeah we talked a hell of a lot about sex too lara escort and I have to admit being in awe of him!When we touched down he gave me a business card and told me if I had time at the end of the trip to give him a call. He said he would love to show off a few of his more prized cars and he added with a wink, possibly introduce me to some special models!!! I carefully tucked the card into a pocket.Thirty minutes later I was heading through the near empty terminal for the cabs with my carryon and my garment bag when James called out to me and motioned me to come with him. “The girls landed about an hour before us and are already at home. They are asleep so if you just want a place to stay the night, why not stay at our place?” I thought about my options for less than a second and told him to lead on.The house was set back off of the road but even at night I could tell it was immense. We pulled past the circular fountain to the back of the house and he led me in through a discrete doorway, through a small hallway and then out a concealed door into grand entrance with two sweeping curved stairways, one to either side. The room had floors of beautiful marble that I swear made me think of a palace. “It’s just a home. James said with a smile as he looked over at me. “It happens to be my home that I share with five very horny women and my son, but it is just a home none the less! I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to put you up in the bed off of my study. It is quiet in there and you should be safe from being accidentally fucked in the middle of the night!” With that he lead me through a dark room with a huge desk and shelves filled with books and miniature cars to a small room with a comfortable single bed and a small bathroom just off of that. As he left me for his upstairs quarters James told me not to be late for breakfast in four hours. “You won’t want to miss the way one girl comes down to start the day!” he said with a wink and headed out. So I set my alarm and dropped into bed exhausted.I had just been handed a cup of coffee by James son Don when I looked up at the sound of two women approaching. Two blondes were walking down the steps. You could tell by their faces that they were probably sisters, but … Oh My God! They were both the picture of perfection with two completely different body types! The older of the two was probably in her mid-twenties, perfect posture, and huge tits with puffy upturned nipples that seemed to be testing the air for a scent that they longed for. With each step the heavy full globes swayed, bounced and danced an erotic minuet for my eyes!!! Her torso flared into full round hips that escort lara were covered by a short, formal black skirt. Her long legs looked like they were as at home walking in heels as they would be wrapped around a man and at that moment I wished like hell they were wrapped around me!!! Her younger sister though was barely out of her teens if that. She had no tan lines and not a single stitch of clothing on! Where her sister had a set of the most incredible round, full hypnotic tits I have ever seen, the younger girl had barely more than a swell of flesh. She had just enough breast meat to hide her ribs and that was pretty much it!!! But her nipples stuck out like dark red obscene gumdrops and I wanted to gobble them up the second I saw them! Her frame was not petite, being a little taller than an average woman, but there was not an extra pound on the girl and her flat belly gave way to a shaved pussy that even from a good distance away I could tell had nice meaty lips waiting to gobble any man meat fortunate enough to get close! Like her sister, she walked with measured strides on long perfectly tapered legs!“Good morning girls!” James called out and they both seemed to look up and realize for the first time that he was home. The older one smiled while the younger grinned and took three long sprinting strides toward where we sat before nearly freezing in mid stride. “Oh, and yes, we have a guest! His name is Bryan. He is an American writer that I met on the plane last night and invited to come home to meet you.”“You really are an incorrigible old bastard James; I think you just about gave the girls a heart attack!” The voice was that of a mature woman wearing a silken ivory robe that did little to hide her fit toned body as she walked out of a room to the side which I found out later was her study. “Good morning Bryan, I am Mrs. James and the two tarts are Don’s wife Chloe and her naked and highly improper sister Liz!”Liz smiled at the older lady as she d****d her arms around her husband’s neck and gave him a tender kiss. “You did not think I was so improper last night as I licked Dad’s cum out of your pussy!” Liz laughed as she walked over to the coffee machine and poured herself some strong brew to start the day with. Chloe walked over to Don and gave him a kiss and then went out a hallway with just a smile toward me.“I was happy and James always seems to enjoy watching you act like such a slut so I will put up with your greedy little mouth… and god that tongue!” Mrs. James replied with a sly smile and everyone laughed.“You see Bryan; I don’t read a lot about sex. What I have not discovered yet, these women and sometimes lara escort bayan whores are more than willing to share with me. In return, I make certain they please me and if they don’t…. Well especially Liz seems to need to be taught with a more firm hand! But if they do not get moving and damn quick they are all going to be getting a slipper tonight if not a cane! “Chloe spoke up as she came back into the room. “Do you have someplace you need to be this afternoon, Bryan?” She was buttoning up a deep blue blouse of a black bra as she walked back into the room.“As a matter of fact, I have an appointment at 9:00 at_________________________.”“Don, that’s not too far from where I need to go to check on the client from last week. Would you mind if I drove him over?” Don smiled at Chloe and told her to go ahead and said to me to be careful. “Chloe is not always such a lady!” She stuck her tongue out at him and then walked over and gave him a very wet passionate kiss.A few minutes later I folded myself and my laptop into the passenger seat of the most powerful sports car I have ever ridden in in my entire life. The engine sounded like a caged jungle cat being prodded into motion as she pointed the front of the car down the drive. “I think I may have read some of your work.” Chloe said as she waited for traffic to clear at an intersection.I smirked, “I would have thought a lady like you would not read the smut that I write.” Then I chuckled.“You write as imornery81 don’t you?” she asked, smiling at me from behind her oversized sunglasses. I about shit and she laughed as she punched the accelerator and we pulled out into the road. “You told me online the other day that you were going on holiday! When you went to get dressed, Dad told me you wrote smut and it was really good, just like my American friend!”“That would make you….”“Yes, yes it does.” Her hand slipped into my lap and squeezed my bulge. “Wait until I tell my sister that it was you in our kitchen this morning! She might just squirt down her thin whore legs right then and there!!” Chloe laughed.“Hey, wait a second. If you take me to my client’s office, how am I supposed to get to a hotel or get my stuff that is back at James’ home?“I guess I will just have to come by and pick you up and take you back. But now that we know who you are, we will have to tell Dad and he will have to make the decision as to whether you can stay with us another night or so.” She started stroking my cock through my slacks.“God I hope he says yes!!!” I whispered.Chloe laughed and sped down the road to get me to my appointment on time.Yes, I spent the next night there as well. All I am allowed to say about what I saw and what happened that night was that Liz learned just how well a man can suck ass and I learned the joy of cumming multiple times with a nubile young thing while watching a horny ass orgy take!!!!