A Business Man Comes to Town

27 Aralık 2020 0 Yazar: admin

You spot me sitting at Starbucks, wrapped in an oversized sweater even though it’s still 80 degrees outside. My hair is halfway hiding my face as I sit curled up in the chair holding my latte on my knees, staring at the floor with a pensive look in my eyes. You almost decide to not get my attention and pull me back into reality as I appear to be very far away in my own world.

You say a gentle hello to shake me from my thoughts. I don’t hear you, you sit down across from me and I don’t look up. You lean towards me and say hello again. I startle and look lost for a split second, as I realize where I am and who you are. I flash a quick smile and say “hi, and ask how you are?” You ask where I was, so deep into my own world. You see the pain, loss even, flash across my eyes as I remember my journey deep into the expanse of my own mind. “No where,” I say, “just thinking”, I brush you off.

You decided to not accept that and ask “Do you want to go for a walk at the park across the street?”

“Sure.” I say and grab my things.

Across the street, we walk side by side down the path through the perfectly landscaped park. The leaves just starting to lose their brightest green luster and shift onto a subtle dark green before making the shift to brilliant reds, oranges and browns. You touch my elbow, asking again where I was in my head.

“I’ve just had a lot of stuff going on- trying to process it all.” I say, trying again to brush you off.

“Would it help you to be able to talk things out?” you ask, assuming the role of friend, a role we illegal bahis have yet to explore together.

I answer, unsure of how this will play out, “maybe, I don’t really know.”

“Well then lay it on me, what’s going on in that beautiful head of yours?”

So I begin, with work, then family, then personal and unrealized dreams, frustrations. You listen, respond, ask questions, make jokes to lighten the mood. And towards the end you notice that I’m starting to smile a bit more.

I startle as my wrist starts to buzz, my Fitbit telling me I hit my step goal for the day: 20,000 steps. Which is funny because I only had 1,000 when I went to Starbucks… I realize we have been around the park dozens of times by now and what was mid afternoon has become evening. And you listened to me talk about my problems and issues for hours.

“I am so sorry for taking up the rest of your day!” I say completely shocked at how this happened. “I am not normally the type to complain or lament things I can’t change.”

“It’s okay, you obviously need to get some things off your chest. I’m just glad I was able to be here.” You offer to take me to dinner since we are already together and it’s getting late. We walk to a nearby cafe only a few blocks away and eat a simple dinner, enjoying each others company. I am feeling much better since regaling you with my woes and find we have a great dinner conversation full of laughter and flirting.

Dinner ends and you walk me back to to my car at Starbucks. I hesitate to get in my car, not wanting our time together illegal bahis siteleri to end. You seem to be playing the gentleman card so I make the next move and close the gap between us to kiss you.

You respond to my kiss, deepening it, running a hand to the back of my neck pulling me closer into you. You step me backwards until I’m pressed between your body and my car, your tongue exploring my mouth, your hands exploring my neck and hips. It’s obvious to me that you are restraining yourself to be polite. You move your kisses to my neck and I whisper in your ear, “want to go back to your place?” A low growl escapes your lips and to press harder into me, allowing me to feel the bulge growing between us.

We separate from each other and get into our cars, me following you back to your house. You meet me at my door, walking me to your door. We barely make it inside and shut the door before our hands are exploring each other again. A passion and urgency building between us.

We make our way through the house, leaving a path of clothing like breadcrumbs. As soon as we enter your bedroom you tell me to lay down on the bed and you crawl towards me. I expect you to cover me with your body but you stop, half way up and your face disappears between my legs. I gasp, my hands grip the sheets, as your tongue searches for my core. Your tongue lingers, writhing against my clit, my hips rising to meet it as my climax approaches. A hand moves up my body, searching for the apex of my breast, my nipple already hard in anticipation of your touch. Your other canlı bahis siteleri arm wrapped around my leg, holding on as my hips buck and squirm. My release comes quicker than you expect. I convulse as you finish me off.

You inch your way up my body leaving a trail of wet kisses, reaching my lips you let me taste myself on you, our tongues embarking on a tantalizing dance. I feel your solidity between my legs, the presence of your nearness to my core reignites my fire, my hips shifting to try and find you. You hold back, teasing me with your presence as our tongues dance. Your hand alternating between nipples, my moans increasing along the the searching of my hips.

You break away from our kiss, locking eyes you position yourself at my core, slowly pushing forward, drawing out the pleasure I seek. Your free hand on my hip trying to keep me from rising up to meet you. Finally, you fill me, my eyes rolling backwards in ecstasy. You begin slowly, taking your time. Even though you know how bad I want you to help me find a quick release. You are patient, working on a slow build to pleasure. My hands exploring your chest, your neck, pulling you back down to my lips. I tweak your nipple and feel the reward of your spasm deep inside me. I do it again, just for fun.

You pick up speed, focusing on your pace, and your finger that has made its way back to my button, drawing circles and paths across my delicate skin. You feel my climax approach, you piston yourself in and out of me hoping to reach the edge at the same time. I start to cum, and you tumble over the blissful edge with me. Releasing yourself inside of me. And then collapsing on top of me. Our lips meeting again, for a breathless kiss. We move to better catch our breath, and I feel your passion leave me, as we cuddle and drift to sleep.