A Bird in the Bush

28 Aralık 2020 0 Yazar: admin

Let me tell you; walking can get you all sorts of exercise. My legs and arse are in great shape cause each day I walk home through some local bushland. It’s quicker than taking the bus and I enjoy the fresh air. One evening I was walking home as usual but ended up getting a quite different sort of exercise.

This was a warm summer evening, dry again after days of rain. I had seen John before. He lived in my neighbourhood, but we had never spoken. On this particular Friday evening, I happened upon him, walking along the same track on his way home from work. He is a guy of about 25 tall and well built. He has those grab me and hold me broad hands, broad shoulders, and a tight hard arse.

I have a shoulder length blond hair and a slim waist. My breasts are round and firm. I was wearing a tight short black skirt, and white halter neck top. In the office I’d had my light linen jacket on over it, but as I walked home the jacket was the first thing to take off and I had it draped over my bare shoulder.

John had said “Hi” and we walked along chatting about the improvement in the weather, commenting on the way the bush seemed so clean and pure after rain. The low bridge over the creek tonight had about 10 centimetres of water running across it, the creek was in flood. I stopped short, not wanting to get my good shoes ruined by wading across the submerged bridge.

John offered to give me a piggyback across the bridge. He bent down and I jumped up on his back. The only way to do this though was to pull my skirt well up, almost to my waist. John didn’t seem to notice, as I was behind him. He canlı bahis didn’t notice that with only my g string nickers on underneath, my bum was well exposed.

We crossed the bridge without trouble, but a branch whacked my exposed behind as we pushed past. It really hurt and I thought I might be bleeding. I climbed off John’s back, skirt held high, and tried to see if I had been scratched. John told me he would inspect for damage. Coolly he put his hands one on either exposed buttock and knelt down to kiss where I’d been scratched. “No blood”, he announced. “Just a scratch. I have kissed it better.”

I blushed, a comparative stranger kissing my exposed bum. But I was also excited by this turn of events and thought I might see if we could take it farther. “You had better check the rest of my legs for other damage”, I said. He ran his hands smoothly down the inside of both my legs, and then spun me around to look at him. I was still standing there on the grass at the creek bank, with my skirt up around my waist.

Holding the skirt with one hand I motioned him to the front of my rapidly wetting panties and suggested he look closely for any scratches or other cuts. I took his hand and ran it up my inside leg, his fingers going under the pant’s material to the opening inside.

“No damage here,” he said, “but this might do with a bit of a rub”, pushing two fingers up inside my cunt. I started to breathe heavily as he massaged his fingers in and out, in and out, his thumb rubbing my clit on the way. My g-string was now in the way and I struggled out of it, his rhythm hardly missing a beat. bahis siteleri My blood pressure rising and my breath shortening all the time. In no time my head was spinning and I hit the most amazing climax, the first time I’d ever come standing up. I was going weak at the knees by now and collapsed on to the grass.

John lay down beside me, seemingly not sure what to do next. Should he leave it at that, or was there more I wanted. His trouser bulge said he had more to offer and I was keen to find out. I reached over and unzipped his trousers, undoing the belt and pulling out his ready member. Leaning over I wrapped my lips around the glistening head, and gave it a gentle steady suck. John was ready to pop, and I gulped down what he had to offer.

That done, we both lay there getting our breath. “Well you have met my Percy, let me introduce myself. I am John Hogan.” “Hi”, I said, “Cindy Wilson”. His Percy was beginning to revive, as he took in the view. My halter-top had shifted as I hit the ground, my left nipple taking in the evening air. John reached over and rubbed it, ever so gently. A tingle shot through my body. Leaning across he danced his tongue over the nipple. I gave a contented murmur.

His hands reached around my neck and gently undid my top. It fell away revealing my full firm breasts. His head nuzzled first one breast then the other, his tongue flicking from left to right nipple and back again in a soft rhythmic dance. His tongue began to move lower. He kissed me across the stomach, and on farther down. I wriggled out of my skirt and lay there, now completely naked to his bahis şirketleri touch.

His nose circled through my pubes and his tongue found its mark. My clit was standing to attention, and at the soft tonguing continued, shafts of delight shot through my body. I reached a full and loud climax. A lizard on a creek rock stopped and stared at the sound.

His penis, now fully erect and ready for action, he entered me with one full thrust, just as the last spasm of delight rocketed through my body. The build up had been enough for John and he came immediately. He rolled off, spent, and we lay panting in the soft evening light.

Though I was naked, John’s shirt and tie were intact. I wanted to run my hands over the skin of his torso to find the muscles he had hidden. His buttons came away easily to reveal a firm strong chest covered in soft downy hairs. Rolling over I kissed his chest and drew my finger in circles through the drops of sweat lying there from the exercise. I kissed his lips and teased my breasts across his nose and face.

Beneath me I could feel him begin to stir. Moving down I took his prick into my mouth moving it deep down my throat to bring it back to full life. Then with him hard and ready I straddled him and guided him deep up into my hidden charms. He felt so thick and warm, up and down, up and down I bobbed, rocking backward and forward till he could take no more. He came with a mighty rush, filling me with his hot juices, pulsing into me like there was no tomorrow. When the pumping subsided, I rolled off, content beside him on the grass.

As we lay panting in the soft evening light and could now hear voices of other commuters coming along the track. I climbed into my skirt and top, as John zipped himself up. Hurriedly I put on my shoes and we continued along the track heading for home.