A Better Life

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When the sale of his house finalized almost a year after cancer claimed the life of his wife Wendy, Dino Geddes was left with few worldly possessions.

Sam and Alyson, his two married children, had come and been given things they’d desired and garage sales over two weekends, some sales via newspaper ads and three trips to the city refuse dump had taken care of everything else Dino didn’t require.

The 51-year old had resigned from his job as project manager of a prominent housing construction company and had used his severance pay plus a handsome gratuity from the company to buy at book value his year-old work vehicle, a white 4-seat pickup.

Dino stayed his last night in the city with friends and next morning hit the road, heading north without a destination in mind except it would have to be appealing. What he had in mind was to start a new life and with a bit of luck he had another twenty-five to thirty years left to enjoy it.

His best mate Phil had argued he shouldn’t just hit the road hoping to find something and of course his wife Eva supported Phil’s urgings. Yeah well they were pretty conservative people and now that Dino was free of the shackles of responsibility with the company where he’d worked for twenty-seven years, he wished to grab his freedom with both hands.

Four days of pleasant driving up the East Coast, stopping where and when he wished, Dino came to a big town called Jutland just before 4:00 and decided to stay a week, perhaps less, to get the feel of the place.

The receptionist at the mid-grade hotel studied the unshaven Dino who carried only a small carry bag and said, as if surprised, “You want a room for a week?”

“Yes about a week,” he said and handed her a Gold Card and that appeared to dispel the woman’s thoughts that he might be a penniless drifter.

The room turned out better than expected. He shaved five days of hair growth off his face and showered and on the way to a restaurant to eat grabbed the local newspaper, the Coastal Gazette.

Only one job vacancy appealed to him. Dino switched from beer to wine and ordered his meal.

Next evening he was about to open the door of a restaurant, the door closed because of the on-shore wind, when a woman arrived beside him and, taught by his mom to be polite, Dino said, “Allow me ma’am.”

“Thanks. Someone taught your good manners.”

Dino looked at the woman, who was about his age, as they entered and grinned.

“Then if I have impressed, would you eat with me? This place looks near empty.”

“I’m married,” she said almost crossly.

“It wasn’t an invitation for sex.”

She laughed and said she was sorry for her reaction. “My husband and I are having a trial separation and the situation has made me overly sensitive. You choose the table.”

Her name was Caroline Walsh and he told Caroline his name and added he wasn’t married and was looking at Rutland as a possible place to relocate.

“Then you are looking for work?”

“Yes but nothing too strenuous and a place to live of course.”

“Have you found anything?”

“I was interviewed for the position of gardener at a home on two acres today but was told by the woman I was considered too old for the position.”

“Oh that will be Sally Shanks. She’s a widow who aims to get more than gardening each time she employs a new young gardener.”

They laughed.

“Perhaps I can get you placed doing nothing strenuous. My brother has a farm inland where they milk 1300 cows. He has his replacement cattle on what is called a run-off, meaning subsidiary land to the main farm, a mile beyond the southern boundary of this town. The guy stationed there to keep an eye on the cattle has left.”

“I grew up on a dairy farm and worked on it till dad sold out when I was twenty-two and found work in the city as a builder.”

“Then I’ll tell David about you. Let me note your phone number and where you are staying.”

David came into town next day to have lunch with Dino and Caroline, a public accountant, joined them.

There was a house on the run-off, two dogs, a quad farm bike (four-wheel all-terrain motor bike) with trailer and two-vehicle garage/workshop.

David became very interested in Dino when he said firmly he was interested in the job.

“Right, my daughter Harriet will collect you at your hotel in at 9:00 in the morning and take you out to inspect the place and to assess you.”

“Assess me?”

“She’s my farm manager and employs our staff. What Harriet doesn’t know about dairy farming hasn’t been invented.”

Dino thought Harriet would probably have the appearance not unlike a cow in gumboots and wearing and old blue felt hat with a daisy hanging from it.

He watched a sexy-looking 35-year old approached reception and the receptionist pointed to Dino.

Jesus, what was this? The woman was in a business suit, was blonde with her hair pinned up. She looked to be as tall at Dino but was very trim with two nice humps.

He stood and she smiled, showing great teeth, and said, “Hi Mr Geddes. I canlı bahis şirketleri was expecting an older looking man. You look as fit as I am. Call me Harriet. “

Well this was off to a good start, Dino thought, as he smiled and had his hand shaken firmly and he said, “I thought we were going to the run-off. You look ready for a meeting with your bank manager.”

“I do have other meetings in town this afternoon.”

Her car was a small Mercedes, in need of a wash but with no dents. She didn’t suggest he drive. And then she was all business.

“My job is to assess your suitability for caring for our 800 weaned and year-old heifers.”

Dino said in surprise, “You replace your milkers on rotation in a three-year cycle?”

“Yes and no and the culled cows and surplus in-calf heifers are on-sold. We manage to produce a surplus in every income area.”

“Yes quite. Um you’ll find me somewhat dated in farming practice but over the years I’ve keep up a general interest in reading about dairying.”

“And how do you feel about this job prospect? The pay is $40,000 with a house provided and a farm vehicle. No car is provided and you are not paid car-running expenses unless they are a mileage payment for journeys relating directly to your farm work.”

“I’m comfortable about that offer.”

“Excellent and tell me what you know grass management, strip feeding over winter, cow care, herding instinct and feeding out hay.”

“What about drenching, hay-making, AI (artificial insemination), weighing…?”

“Gary and his team will come over and do drenching and weighting and hay-making and technicians will call for AI but yes I’ll need to check you out about which heifers to have ready for the technicians.”

They talked on and arrived at the old farm house clearly in need of a lick of paint.

“Do you want me to paint the house?”

“Oh so you already have the job?”

“Um if I get the job.”

“Yes, we’d supply the paint and equipment. That offer gets you a big tick for attitude.”

They stood at the trunk of the Mercedes while Harriet removed her jacket and skirt.

“I’ll go off.”

“No stay, I’m a farm girl, not a prissy city girl.”

She removed her shirt and standing in bra, panties and stockings asked Dino for pull out her overalls and gumboots, a move that brought them face to face.

“Thanks,” she said. “I hadn’t expected you to be shy.”

“But I am discreet,” he said. “You have a great body.”

“I like it too,” she said. “Am I safe with you?”

“You have my personal guarantee,” he smiled. “But let me know if you’d like…”

“I’m married.”

“But let me know if you’d like to rumble with me.”

“I read in your CV that you are a widower. You’ll find available women around here and you are permitted under your contract to have people stay with you.”

“So I have the position?”

“Practically. Let’s do the field trial. So you like the look of my body?”


“And I like you liking the look of it and already I feel comfortable with you. I’m not getting enough sex at present. My thinking is my husband is seeing someone else.”

“Look Harriet, that’s no business of mind.”

They returned to the house for coffee, she saying on the walk back that she would employ him.

As they entered the house she said, “Would you like sex now?”

“Yes Harriet, I can’t stop thinking about it. I have suppressed my need and know you are unleashing it.”

“Oooh and aren’t I’m a lucky girl I have a condom here in my handbag.”

“Very lucky, Dino grinned, watching her remove her overalls.

“Grab and suck a titty,” she said, undoing the back of her bra.

Dino wondered if every person who was hired these days received this level of personal attention from their boss or department head.

Harriet’s body was smooth and firm and as his erection slid in he was close to coming and had to think of a shoal of Piranhas sucking the blood out of him to divert his mind to hold back from embarrassing himself.

Gee he’d never had a woman bang back at him so hard and shout such foul obscenities. He finally shut her up by jamming a dry finger up her butt and she screamed and climaxed, and her sweating face had turned the color of beetroot.

“God Dino, I never knew guys of your generation would know how to fuck so well.”

“Am I fired?”

“Now way, I’ll be over here whenever I’m horny and can’t get off rubbing on a fence post,” she panted.

“Er aren’t you married?”

“Oh yeah, and with a young son,” she said vaguely.


She showered and drove him back to town.

When they stopped outside the hotel, Harriet gave him a business card and said to go to the office of their accountant and sign on and he could begin work tomorrow if he wished.”

“Yes I’d like that.”

“Good I’ll call you each morning about the day’s work. You’ll not be worked hard, probably three hours a day on average will be sufficient. It’s being on the land that counts with us as it’s a deterrent to vandalism and even canlı kaçak iddaa rustling. Oh dad and I wondered how you met our accountant.”

“I haven’t?”

“Yes you have, Mrs Caroline Walsh, my aunt, suggest you for managing our run-off.”

“Oh yes, your aunt, and she mentioned she was an accountant. I met her at a restaurant the night before last.”

“She could be a good screw for you. She and her husband have fallen out over his growing gambling addiction and are not likely to get back together any time soon, if ever.”

Harriet said softly, “Don’t kiss me because we might be seen. You must always remember I’m married and it would be a race between my husband and father to shoot you if they found out you were screwing me.”

She left the now white-faced Dino standing on the sidewalk waving goodbye and thinking if he screwed anyone else he better make sure she was unmarried.

He called Caroline and she told him to come right over.

“Congratulations,” she smiled. “I had the feeling you’d measure up. Harriet just called and briefed me.”

Dino assumed she was talking about the job and not the seduction.

“Okay,” said Caroline, becoming all business. “Let’s get you on to the payroll of Jutland Farming Enterprises Ltd.”

When that was done, Dino checked his weekly pay rate and noted the addition of ‘plus any good management bonuses’.

Caroline asked, “Will you be eating out tonight?”


“I’ll eat at a Chinese Restaurant. Would you like to meet me there?”

“Yes, very much so.”

“Well don’t get too excited. It is only an invitation to meet to eat and chat.”

Yeah right but in mentioning it like that obviously she probably had sex in mind, but being of his generation she’d want to get to know him first. Women never appeared to think that having sex with a person was a great way of getting to know them.

At the restaurant Dino asked Caroline, “Don’t you eat at home?”

“Not at present because my husband could break our agreement at any time that we should live apart for three months and he must receive specialist counseling.”

“What to stop smoking?”

“Yes that would be a good idea as well although he never smokes in the house or my car. No he’s developed a gambling addiction.”

“I wasn’t meaning to pry.”

“You’re not.”

“Can you go three months without sex?”

She laughed and said now that was prying.


“No it’s okay,” Caroline said and asked how do he manage for sex?

“Occasionally a woman pops up wanting it… um I don’t mean call girls.”

She said knowingly, “I realize there are women around wishing for sex or more sex that what they are getting” and that made Dino think well where were they?

They left the restaurant and parted after a friendly kiss and Caroline said, encouragingly, she was so pleased to have met him and Dino said yeah, he thought that way about meeting her.

He settled his account at the hotel and left for the farm next morning after early breakfast, unsure of what was the rush.

The two cattle dogs greeted him noisily and he worked on encouraging Mick and Slim to get to know him by patting them and calling them in behind when he began walking to the house and to sit when they reached the door. Harriet had said she’d just had the house de-bugged with spray. He had no wish to reintroduce fleas but thought perhaps the dogs had been treated as well but then working dogs should not be house dogs.

Harriet called him at 9:00.

“I’m still sore.”

He said sternly then she should not have such a small cunt and should not demand repeats.

She laughed and said he was probably correct.

“Do the rounds of the cattle. None will need shifting today. Remember to check the water tanks. Then come over and see our outfit over here and meet dad and the non-milking crew led by Gary and stay for lunch.”

Gary turned out to be the younger brother of Harriet’s mother Nancy, and was aged 50 and the guys appeared to take an instant liking to each other. Well Nino knew he certainly did. Gary invited Nino over to dinner on Saturday to meet his wife and family.

Next morning Dino had just entered the house after shifting cattle when the dogs announced someone was arriving. It was a woman in a beaten-up old Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight from the mid-1990s.

“Good morning,” he said cheerfully. “If I’d know I’d have a visitor I would have had a shaved and been wearing fresh clothes.”

“You are a cowman rather than a Prince and I know how to be discerning. Can I smell coffee?”

“Come in and you probably will,” he grinned, to the woman who appeared in her late forties.

“I like you already Dino,” she smiled. “I’m Susan Hayman. Harriet’s mom Nancy sent me over to offer to clean for you and prepare your evening meal each week day and to provide you with some female company but you’ll have to keep your hands off me because I’m married. I happened to tell Nancy I need a new set of rubber for my car and need work because Andy, my husband, who works at a lumber mill canlı kaçak bahis has had his hours cut back a bit because people have cut back spending on lumber just now.”

“There’s not a lot of cleaning to do around here.”

“Nancy said you intend repainting the house. I can paint if you pay me eight bucks an hour. I can work for you for four hours a day until I earn from painting and cleaning the $500 I require.”

As they walked into the house Gary said he’d rather pay her to help paint than pay her for sex.

Susan cackled and said she hadn’t expected Dino to be so outspoken.

“If you want sex I’ll send someone over.”


Susan cackled and Dino poured the coffee.

When Susan began cleaning windows Dino called Harriet and she said she’d get Gary to order the paint to be delivered from their service town and Gary would send someone over with trestles and ladders.

Dino was helping the guy unload the A-frame trestles and aluminum planks from the truck when Susan came out with Dino’s phone, greeted Johnny by name and the reply was hi Mrs Hayman.

She told Dino, “It’s the paint supplies guy wanting to know what colors?”

“Cream for the walls and, um, red for the roof.”

“You mean red for the exterior trim. Your house has roof shingles,” Susan sighed.

“Oh yeah, um thanks and mention Harriet had said the house was approximately 900 square feet.”

“Well at least that’s useful information for working out quantities. Thanks.”

“I hadn’t noticed the roof was shingles,” Johnny confided and that made Dino feel not quite so foolish.

Later when Susan was inside preparing g his dinner and writing out how to cook it, Dino checked out her car tires and shook his head at the almost worn down treads and said tut-tut bad girl Susan.

He went into Jutland after she’d gone home.

Next day she called and said it was raining but would come later and do some cleaning.

“Park in the garage.”

She arrived and kissed him like an auntie would and began cleaning windows.

The dogs barked and she called someone’s coming and Dino said it was just a delivery and he’d be working in the garage.

When Susan was leaving mid-afternoon the paint delivery arrived and Dino and Susan helped the guy stack the pails on the front porch. The guy drove off and Dino walked with Susan to the garage and at the doorway she stopped and shouted, “What the fuck?”

Four old tires were stacked behind the pickup.

She could see two of the new shiny black tires on her car and she burst into tears and turned and hugged the grinning Dino.

“It’s just payment in advance. You were a menace to yourself and other highway users driving on those near-bald tires,” he said. “It’s a wonder you had steering with those front tires.”

“I had to drive with extra care in the wet, like this morning. You are such a darling,” she said, kissing him on the mouth.

Dino almost swaggered over to the house because Susan had made him sound like a hero. Obviously the state of the tires had worried her.

The dogs barked an hour before sunset when a new Jeep Wrangler approached the house.

A short overweight curly blonde with big tits smiled and said, “Hi, I’m Anna. Susan sent me over to cook us dinner and she’s minding the two kids so I can stay the night. My hubby is away for a couple of days.”

“Hi Anna, there’s really no need…”

She cut in.

“I’m already here and anyways there’s nothing better than a good fuck.”

Dino had to agree with that.

Anna came up and kissed him and grabbed his dick and she cooed, “Oh boy.”

“I’m sorry if you think I’m a whore. It’s just that with the kids I don’t get much chance to get away from the house alone and this is making me feel like my days of freedom at college when I tried to fuck anything that moved.”

Well she probably had a whore’s mentality, Dino thought.

They both drank beer and the more they chatted the more impressed with Anna he became. She had tremendous personality and he imagined her as being a great mother.

Dinner was in the over when she pulled Dino to the floor and unzipped him and gave him a blowjob that left him panting and his eyeballs bulging.

She was scraping semen off her face and sucking those fingers.

Jesus and she scarcely knew his name.

“Fuck me.”

Dino quickly rolled on a condom and was into it and with considerable strength she bounced around and with them still connected rolled him and rearranged himself to ride him cowgirl, banging him furiously until they both came, both swearing foully.

Over dinner, both eating nude, Dino wondered if he would make it through the night, er sexually, but he did.


When Anna left Dino caught up with two hours’ sleep before the barking dogs announced Susan’s arrival.

He dressed quickly and peering out of the window that now, having been cleaned, he could see through he noted her big grin.

“Oh I’ve never seen you look so jaded,” she smirked but lost that when he yawned and said he’d just finished masturbating.

“B-but Anna, she was here with you all night.”

“Oh that, she just switched on my motor.”

Susan looked at him, not sure about believing that. Dino looked hard at her and licked his lips and said, “Nice tits.”