A BE Quarantine Pt. 02

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Just kidding, it was definitely the best of times. Jess and I had fucked like rabbits all night. It wasn’t like we had anything else to do while in quarantine. I fell asleep that night sweaty and tired, with my head resting between the two biggest tits I had seen in my entire life. All was right in the world.

We woke up around two in the afternoon to knocking on our door. “Jake. Jake, wake up. Who is that?” Jess said.

“Mwa?” I said, muffled and disoriented by the mountains of tits lying on top of me.

“Jake, there’s someone at the door. No one should be outside in the quarantine.”

I got up and quickly kissed her nipple. I helped Jess get to her feet, weighed down as she was by her giant fifty pound tits – that’s per tit by the way.

She reached across her breasts to grab her phone. “Fuck, I got fifty new messages from Kiki!” she exclaimed.

“Damn, is that that girl Kiyomi from my ECO 101 class? The one who always acts like a real bitch when she’s here seeing you?” I asked.

“To be fair, she’s only a bitch to you, and that’s cause you always hit on her.”

“Well JESS, it’s not my fault I have a thing for cute Chinese girls,” I said sticking out my tongue.

Jess laughed, “Dude, you know she’s Japanese right?”

“… Fuck, okay yah then it makes sense why she’s a bitch to me”

*BANG BANG BANG* “JESS YOU ALRIGHT?” came a yell from outside.

“Shit, alright.” I turned to Jess. “You try to cover those beautiful tits and I’ll go see what she wants.”


She quickly took a step away from me and adjusted her face mask with her gloved hands. It took half a second for me to appreciate the cute miniskirt she had on.

“Oh, Jake.” Even with her wearing a mask it was easy to see the disappointment.

“What do you want Kiyomi?” I asked. I was really hoping to get back upstairs and take that shower with Jess.

“Well… I, uh, I was worried about Jess. I hadn’t heard from her in two days and I was getting worried.”

“Worried I fed her to a tiger?” I smirked.

“Haha, I was kidding.” she gave a little smirk back.

“Well, Kiyomi, Jess is perfectly fine. In fact, we just spent the night together.” That’ll show her, I thought.

My hopes were dashed when she replied “Actually Jake, that makes me more worried, because you would’ve had to have drugged her to get her to sleep with you.”

I mean, technically I hadn’t drugged Jess… actually, I sorta had… but not really… I’m not sure what it would count as though… meh, morals be damned, it was worth it.

Just then Jess came down dressed in a loose fitting summer dress. The dress looked more like a mini skirt now. Her giant tits seemed to have gone down slightly but they still managed to push the dress to its limits. As she walked down you could see under the dress. Luckily, she couldn’t find any undies that fit, so Kiyomi and I got a nice view.

Kiyomi yelled something in Japanese. I don’t speak the language, but I’d translate it roughly to bahis firmaları “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” which seemed appropriate. “Jessy, wha-what happened to you?”

Jess played dumb. “Oh, you like my new hairstyle Kiki?”

Kiyomi stepped inside, clearly shocked by what she was seeing. “Your tits, they’re-they’re amazing,” She said, stepping closer.

“Yeah, I love them. They’re a pain for my back though.” replied Jess stoking her chest.

Kiyomi looked down at her flat chest and sighed. “I’m sure they are, but that’s kinda gross, like how big they are.” Kiyomi held her hand out in front of her pretending to have Jess’s massive breasts, and waddled around.

“Hey would you wanna stay for breakfast…lunch? Whatever meal time it is right now?” I interjected.

Kiyomi looked back at me with dagger eyes “Uh, it’s obviously not safe. What if you guys are infected?”

Jess stepped up to Kiyomi so her breasts lightly grazed Kiyomi’s chest. Jess removed her face mask and said “Don’t worry Kiki, we’ve isolated for at least three weeks, and I know you live alone so it should be fine, just this once.”

Kiyomi blushed and wiped the hair out of her face. “Ohh… okay, but you gotta explain all of this immediately!” She said while miming having Jess’s tits again.

While I made the breakfast/lunch/food the two girls sat at the dinner table – well Jess sorta sat near the table – and Jess explained that she had just sorta started expanding two days ago, but that she loved her big juicy tits, and wouldn’t be opposed if they grew a bit bigger. After hearing that it was really hard to focus on making food, but I had something special in mind. What would happen if I put a few extra pills in Kiyomi’s food? I couldn’t wait to find out. I maybe went a little overboard on the food production, and made enough for five or six people. Oh well, it should be fine. I laid out a fine smorgasbord of sausages, pasta, salad, perogies, and, well, basically everything I had in my fridge. I gave Kiyomi her extra special milkshake first.

“Fuck Gordon Ramsey, chill,” Kiyomi laughed, “I’m not even hungry.”

Luckily, Jess encouraged her. “Kiki, at least try the shake; Jake makes the best.”

Kiyomi took a begrudging sip. “Hmm… not bad.” She took another sip and began chatting with Jess. Soon, however, it was clear all she wanted was more of the shake. The only thing stopping her was her table manners, which she soon forgot as she started to chug the shake. It had about six pills in it, so I hoped it would be fast acting. My hope came true when I began to see the faintest of bulges start to form under Kiyomi’s blazer. As she drank more of the shake the expansion continued until she finally got to the B cup range, maybe C – I’m still not a cup size person, which is strange considering my affinity for tits. She finished the last of the shake with an undignified *SLLLLERRRPP*. She let out a cute little belch, apparently still unaware of the effect the shake had on her tits. Jess was too focused on trying not to spill spaghetti on her boobs as she reached for more food to notice her friend expanding.

“Damn Jake, that was an amazing milkshake; best I’ve ever had,” exclaimed Kiyomi. Kiyomi rarely gave compliments, kaçak iddaa maybe the pills changed her attitude too.

“Best I’ve ever had from a dork that is.” Nope, no change.

“Jake, I don’t know why you made so much food for us, it’s ridiculous,” complained Jess.

“Oh, I thought after last night we would be hungry, and I didn’t know Kiyomi didn’t want food,” I replied sheepishly. Kiyomi’s expansion had stopped following the shake, leaving me disappointed.

“You know what? I’m feeling surprisingly hungry right now,” Kiki said as she grabbed some sausages and began eating them down. Her tits reacted instantly; the more she ate the bigger they got. She was eating quickly, and her tits were now in the region of double Ds, which looked ridiculous on her petite frame. Kiyomi’s breasts began to stretch her blazer. She adjusted her top and pulled her skirt down. I looked under the table and saw that her legs were thicc, and her ass was getting so juicy and big that her skirt kept riding up, revealing her cute pink panties, which already looked moist. After her third sausage and second helping of tacos (I had leftovers from Taco Tuesday) Kiki began to notice her expansion. What really got everyone’s attention was when her top button blew off and pinged across the room; her tits had hit E cups. Sausage still in her mouth Kiyomi exclaimed “What the fuck, are my tits growing?!”

“Kiki, you look so fucking hot like that,” Jess said. I couldn’t help but agree.

“I don’t wanna look like this! I look like a blimp. Fuuuuuuck, these sausages are good,” Kiyomi said, inhaling another sausage.

“Hey Kiki, you might wanna slow down, it looks like every time you eat something you, well, you get thicker,” warned Jess.

“Jessy, that’s silly. This must be a allergy thing or something. Plus, I’m fucking starving,” She said as she stood up to grab a bag of chips. Unluckily, or in my case luckily, Kiki’s gigantic ass became firmly stuck in between the arm’s of her chair.

“Oh my god, what the fuck is wrong with this chair? It must be a kids chair,” She said as she smashed handfuls of chips into her mouth. Her chest dragged through the spaghetti sauce as she went back to sit down. Kiki’s tits blew the last button off her blazer, and spilled onto her food. Jess started fingering herself at the sight of it, and I had my pants off as second after.

“Jake, Jake are you doing this to me?” Kiyomi asked, ” I don’t wanna be a blimp, but I love this food so much, and…”

“And what?” I asked.

Kiyomi blushed “…Well, I can’t reach my lady parts anymore.”

I smirked “What does that have to do with a dork like me?”

Kiki squirmed in her seat. “Jake, I-I really need you to eat me so I can keep on eating.”

Jess nearly squirted hearing that. “Yeah Jake, he-help Kiki out. She needs your ton-tongue,” Jess said between pants.

“All right, I’ll do it, but only if you beg.” I looked Kiyomi in the eye. She had been eating while we were talking and now her tits had hit J or double J, if that’s even a thing. They were as big as Jess’s but they were a bit more firm and bouncy looking.

“FUCK JAKE, I AM BEGGING YOU TO EAT ME OUT!” Kiyomi yelled, bits of food falling onto kaçak bahis her tits.

How could I refuse? I climbed under the table and spread Kiyomi’s thicc fucking legs apart. I could hear her still eating. She was squirming and moist with anticipation. The chair almost couldn’t take the movement. I tore her little panties clear off, which was easy considering they were basically stretched to the fiber, and shoved my head under those mountains of tits till I hit her Vag. As I practiced my alphabet, I could feel Kiki’s tits gaining mass over top of me. It was getting pretty claustrophobic down there. When I hit the letter O she clenched her legs so tight around my head I was sure I would suffocate. Luckily, before she creamed and killed me, her weight finally collapsed the chair, and we plummeted to the ground. Fortunately, her walls of jiggly flesh stopped me from hitting the floor.

“Jake, I’m so sorry *gulp* about your chair *gulp*” Kiyomi said as I climbed out from under her tits. She was sitting on the floor; her tits were so big couldnt see her knees. She was shoving fried chicken into her mouth, which was weird because I didn’t remember taking that out of the fridge.

“Hey, Jess? Where did the cow get that chicken?” I asked. Kiyomi frowned at being called a cow, but quickly went back to eating off her tits and fondling one nipple with her free hand.

Jess replied from the kitchen, “I needed to get Kiki more food, she ate it all and, fuck, I wanted to see her even bigger.”

“Thanks hun, can you come out here and help me flip her over?” I asked. Jess came out from the kitchen with a handful of food and plopped it in front of Kiyomi. We grabbed either side of Kiki’s gigantic tits and flipped her so she was laying on top of them. Jess had quite the struggle reaching around her own tits and getting a hold especially with the spaghetti sauce spread across her tits. The now legless chair was still stuck to Kiki’s ass, but after another bite of food it broke off and fell to the floor.

“Jessy, I’m thirsty!” Kiyomi yelled. Jess went around front and Kiyomi latched onto one of Jess’s tits and began sucking.

“Huh, I didn’t think Jess had milk. I’ll have to try that myself, but first..” I climbed onto Kiyomi’s ever expanding ass and shoved myself as deep inside as I could go. As I plowed Kiyomi she shook on top of her giant tits. Between gulps of Jess’s milk she moaned for more. “F-f-fuck Jake, Kiki is gonna explode,” Jess exclaimed.

Kiyomi took a breath and yelled “Fuck I wanna be your bitch Jake your FUCKING blimp COW Jake.” She moaned loader and loader, “UH UH UHH UHHHHHH!!” until finally she erupted with a huge orgasmic scream and absolutely soaked my lower half. I fucked her so hard her tits started leaking milk and before I knew it my dick shot out a similar milky white liquid.

As I lay on the couch on top of Jess’s smaller, but still colossal, tits, we looked at Kiyomi. “How long do you think Kiki will be stuck in a food coma for?” asked Jess.

“Dunno” I replied. “Should we move her?” wondered Jess.

“Nah, let her sleep, she’s pretty hot looking like that anyway,” I answered.

Kiyomi lay there on top of her tits, milk everywhere, her preposterous ass covered in seamen, and her snatch still dripping wet, all the while sucking on her thumb. Kiyome nuzzled further into her breasts, blissful. What a way to spend quarantine.


by Boredstiffwriter.

edited by SourLemon