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Anal Sex


OK, so it was stupid. I mean, yes, hello, I was eighteen, but eighteen’s not too old to be doing stupid things. Who thought there was any harm? It was 1982, and that song played everywhere. Kids all over the country were doing it, and they weren’t any dumber than we were. They were just lucky not to be in my area code.

Sheila and I tried it, just the two of us sitting in her bedroom doing…oh, I don’t remember. Stupid things. Giggly things. Teenage girl things. We were listening to the radio, and that song came on, and I don’t even remember which one of us suggested it. But we both thought it’d be funny. Call the number, and ask, “Is Jenny there?” Then giggle, and hang up.

We came up with a lot of dumb ideas like that, but most of them we never actually did. Dyeing our hair like Cyndi Lauper, going to school without a bra…but this one was easy. The phone was right there, Sheila’s parents were out of town, it was totally harmless…so I picked up the phone and hit 867-5309, real quick.

My first surprise was that it actually rang. I don’t know what I was expecting–maybe just the operator telling me that the number wasn’t in service–but I almost dropped the receiver when I heard it ringing. After a couple of rings, someone actually picked up, which surprised me even more. And that was nothing next to the third surprise.

“Hi, this is Jenny…”

I was totally speechless. First prank call I’d ever played in my life, and it had totally backfired on me. I didn’t even know what to begin to say. I just went, “um…” for a long second.

“Hi, this is Jenny speaking, who may I ask is calling?” I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to say anything, but I was too freaked to hang up.

The voice on the other end sounded annoyed. “Oh, God, not another one…say something, at least.”

My voice barely squeaked out. “…hi…”

“There you go, dear. You were making a prank call, weren’t you?” She sounded…I dunno, old enough to be my mom, but only if my mom got married real young.

“…yes…” I felt so nervous, like I should have already hung up, but I also felt so bad that I’d done this to begin with, I wanted to at least hang on the line long enough to apologize.

Jenny sighed. “You know that’s a very rude thing to do. Don’t you…?”

“Ellie.” I hadn’t even realized I was going to say that, but she’d made it sound like a question, like she wanted to know my name. I so totally freaked at the fact that I’d told her my name that it took me a second to realize she was waiting for me to answer her question. “Yes, Jenny. I do.”

Sheila was totally staring at me, just bug-eyed this whole time. güvenilir bahis When she heard me say the name, though, she whispered “Jenny?” frantically to me. I shushed her.

“Good girl. Now, I think you know that rude girls who do bad things need to be punished, don’t you, Ellie?”

I didn’t like the sound of that. I suddenly got all scared, deep down in the pit of my stomach. Was she going to call the cops once she’d gotten off the phone with me? Was I going to get in trouble? What did they do to you for making prank calls? But she was waiting for an answer. I couldn’t hang up now. I just said, “Yes, Jenny.” Sheila had this really ticked-off look on her face, like she was going to explode if I didn’t tell her what was going on. But I didn’t want to take my ear away from the phone while Jenny was talking.

“Yes, Ellie. Naughty little girls like you need to be punished. Tell me you’ve been a bad girl, Ellie.”

“I’ve been…a bad girl…Jenny.” I was so scared, I just had to force the words out. Sheila kind of got this weird look on her face, and ran out of the room.

“That’s right, Ellie. Tell me you need to be punished.”

I felt all rubbery all over, like her voice was going to a weird place in my head that I didn’t even know existed. “I need to…” I think I was crying. “I need to be punished, Jenny.”

“That’s right, Ellie, you need to be punished. I think you should start by–“

Suddenly, Sheila’s voice cut in. I’d never felt so happy to hear anyone in my life. “Listen, lady, I don’t know who you are, but you better stop this right this second!”

Jenny didn’t sound angry or scared when she heard Sheila’s voice, though. She sounded kind of like she thought it was funny. “Ellie, you didn’t tell me there was someone else with you! My name’s Jenny, dear. What’s yours?”

I heard Sheila over the phone and in person as she walked back in. She’d gone to get her dad’s new cordless phone. “It’s none of your…I mean, you don’t…”

“Come on, dear. I know Ellie’s name, I should know yours too. Tell me your name.”

Sheila got this whole scared look on her face then, and I could tell why. It was because she was trying to keep from saying her name, and you could just see it get harder and harder to do, and she didn’t know why, and she finally just said, “Sheila.”

“There you go, Sheila. I know that felt so good, telling me your name. And is it just the two of you at home?”

Both of us answered this time, like we just couldn’t stop ourselves. “Yes.”

“Very good, girls. Now–I think you both deserve to be punished for bothering me. Ellie, you made the call, so I think I’ll have you start. Strip naked. türkçe bahis Sheila, why don’t you go ahead and describe what she looks like in the nude.”

I was so totally freaked now I couldn’t stand it, but Jenny had gotten all into my head and I couldn’t stop myself. I started pulling my clothes off, while Sheila talked. “She’s really skinny, Jenny. A redhead–really long hair, with green eyes, but without any clothes on, she, um…she kinda looks like a boy. She’s got almost no titties or hips. Oh, and she’s got almost no hair on her pussy. Just a little patch of fuzz.”

I didn’t pick up the phone fast enough to hear Jenny’s response, but Sheila walked over to me and put her hand right on my pussy. She actually slid her finger in there for just a second, and kind of wiggled it around a little before she took it out. She said, “Yes, Jenny. She’s wet down there.”

“Very good, girls. Now, let’s have Sheila strip, and Ellie, you tell me what she looks like.”

I couldn’t help myself. I mean, I really couldn’t do anything but describe Sheila, just like she couldn’t help stripping. “She’s blonde, and she’s kinda chubby. She could maybe stand to lose a few pounds. But she’s got great big tits, and she’s about a foot taller than me, so nobody really notices unless she’s naked like she is now. Oh, and she’s not a natural blonde.” I never knew that about her until right then.

“Very, very good, Ellie. Can you walk over to her while still holding the phone?”


“Go feel her pussy. Tell me if it’s wet.”

I walked across to Sheila and touched her pussy. I tried to do it all light, but my finger just wanted to go in there a little deeper, and I heard myself say, “Yes, she’s wet.”

“Mmmm…then both of you are enjoying this, aren’t you?”

I wasn’t, I really wasn’t, I was so totally freaking out, but the second Jenny said that, I knew she was right. I knew that as much as it scared me, it got me so fucking hot, too. “Yes,” I said, and Sheila said the same thing, too. Sheila’s eyes were all kinda glassy, and I knew I must have looked the same way, because it was so hard trying to keep Jenny’s voice out of my head, I just couldn’t do it, and it was making me feel all fuzzy and hot. I think I kind of knew then that she was changing my mind with everything she said, but it was hard to think about that. It was just easier to let Jenny tell me what to think, and then think it.

“That’s right. Slutty little girls like you enjoy being all naked, having a woman tell you what to do. Now, it’s time for your punishment, Ellie. Find a place where you can bend over and stay bent over while still on the phone.”

I turned around güvenilir bahis siteleri and stood right next to the bed, then bent over it so that I was laying face-down. “I’m bent over, Jenny.”

“Very good. Sheila, go over to Ellie and begin spanking her. Count each time you spank her, so that I can hear it.”

Sheila walked over then, and she just started going to town on my ass. I mean, she really walloped me. My butt got so bright red so fast, and each time, I heard Sheila shout, “One! Two! Three!”

But that wasn’t the important part. The important part was that Jenny kept talking. She said, “You know you love this, Ellie. Getting spanked gets you so turned on. You know you’re a naughty girl, and you know you deserve being punished. It hurts, but it feels so good to be spanked. Sheila, you know that you love to punish Ellie. It’s getting you all hot and wet, and you know that you’re both being so slutty and dirty but you both love it so much.”

I just started moaning somewhere in all that, maybe around the time she got to six or seven. Jenny said, “You’re going to cum when she gets to ten, Ellie. Tell me you’re going to cum.”

“I’m gonna…gonna…oh, god, gonna cum…”

When Sheila spanked me that last time, it was like fireworks going off. I just screamed into the bedspread, it felt so hot and dirty and sexy and oh, so good…Sheila just looked down at me. She was all worked up, but she hadn’t gotten to cum yet. I kind of sank down the side of the bed onto the floor, feeling my ass all sore and raw where it touched my ankles, but shivering because that felt so good, too. It felt like my whole body had been plugged into a great big wire, and I was just shaking with the currents.

“Good girl, Ellie. From now on, you’re going to want to be punished by Sheila all the time. It makes you feel so hot, so slutty, so dirty to be used by Sheila, be her little slut. You’ll love doing what she tells you. You’ll just keep on cumming when you’re being used like you were just now. And Sheila? You’re going to love using her. You’re going to feel bad when you watch her be a little slut for you, because you’ll know that’s your fault for being part of this prank, but you’ll be too hot to stop yourself. You’ll need to make her do things for you, need to punish her, and it’ll get you too hot to even think about not doing it.”

Both Sheila and I said, “Yes, Jenny.”

“Good girls. I’ll leave you to it now. I hope this has taught you a valuable moral lesson. Good-bye.”

It did teach us. It taught us a lot. I learned a lot about how to lick pussy that night, because Sheila made me lick her out all night long. Sheila learned how to get ahold of sex toys, and how to fuck me with a strap-on, and how to tie me up so that it didn’t cut off the circulation. Both of us also learned not to make prank calls.

The next time we called Jenny, we asked to visit.