529 T and the lad pt4

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529 T and the lad pt4529 T and the lad Part 4So, she looked deep into T`s eyes, then said, “I must soon have him you know that don’t you? Tears formed in the woman`s eyes, she remembered school, and how this woman , then just a girl, had taken everything she had ever really treasured, and here she was again about to take her son, her lover, and there was little she could do or say.as he wanted the bitch so. H stood and said to Rodney, “You make up your minds while I go to the john”, and with that she swept out in an assured fashion.T turned to Rodney, and with tears in her eyes she quietly said, “I will not be happy about this, this lover and friend who at one time or another has taken everything I ever loved from me at school, perhaps as a gesture of her power, or perhaps her control, this time she wishes to take you, my one true lover, and god help me I am powerless to resist, but when she`s gone away back on her travels will you still want your old saggy mother… will I be able to satisfy you then lad?” it was a heartfelt question, and one the lad was quick to answer, “if you say no mother then no it will be, I have no real love for this woman. It is just lust, yes I want desperately to screw her, who wouldn’t, but you are my lover, my one and my only love, don’t ever forget that!” tears fell , she was so touched, and they kissed passionately, then she whispered to him, “Secure me then so I can`t stop you …please… part of me wants to watch, but part to stop it to prove to her I can!” he grinned then said “ok but when you say enough, I will stop, just to prove you are my lover not her. she sat still while he secured her wrists to the chair, and had just finished when H returned, taking in the woman`s bonds and smiling as if she had won, and believing that Rodney had taken charge of his pathetic mother.With a sneer of contempt, she took the lads hand and their lips met, they sank to the floor and he rolled on top of her their lips still entwined. As they were naked his hands flew to the treasured slot of life, then about her body, gently caressing breasts, before resting on her shoulder`s while his tool slipped into the damp and slippery target. He began his ride, her face now settling on his mother, a look of superiority, mixed with satisfaction as the lad hammered away.H, thinking she had won, and that she had taken the one thing T treasured most, the two women`s eyes fixed in a long hard unflinching stare, no kisses now, the lad doing just as he wished he was bringing her to the boil , she knew she would soon climax, and that that would be the ultimate point at which she would have proved her domination. With a groan the lad filled her, oh she was so going to enjoy this. He lay spent on her body, when T`s voice cut into the moment, “ENOUGH LAD come release me,” instantly to H`s amazement with a smile the lad drew back, then stood and released his now smiling mother, who stood and kissed the lad in a way that spoke of her old adversary having lost the control she so though she had.Mother and son made love, real passionate love that an amazed H watched fascinatedly, so in need of a climax, a climax that this floppy titted mother, her one- time subordinated lover, had decided she was not to have. Rage flew through the slighted woman, how dare this little shrew do that to her… but the couple were so engrossed now in one another they were oblivious of her.Slowly oh so slowly they approached the climax, their climax, there show of defiance, their moment of magic, together the entwined pair hit the high spot, together in a way that defies explanation, that rare moment when both parties are so in tune that they lose all contact with the world around them.It lasted for long seconds perhaps even a minute, then they separated, T looking around her , her gaze alighting on her old school friend whose face was a picture, “now my one time lover, your spell is broken but I will relent and if you ask I will allow you my lover to fetch you to the climax you so need, but remember, he is mine, not yours, and that I share him on my terms….!” The open jaw said it all, H lay back on the carpet a broken woman, this defiant woman had won, H had the sense to know when she was beaten. The lad, on his mother`s instruction returned to her.Cramming his still stiff erection into H and beginning his ride as if he had never left, he soon had her writhing in the grip of a climax such as she could never remember it was as if she could be in the presence of a robot, programmed to give immense pleasure to women, she began to doubt this lad to be human, doubting it, it and her own senses. Again, he deposited his seed the third times in less than an hour, wow it was too much! It was a while later over the evening meal when they all sat at the table, H somewhat in awe of the lads abilities.T`s grin had her begging to have the lad send her into orbit once again, but her request was denied, on the grounds that “one day soon before you leave, I may allow him to send you, my one time mentor into a full and uncontrollable climax of the sort we had dreamed of at school, but, that it must be earned,!” and “did she agree to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri be their sub to earn that right from now on?”Subdued and even scared a little she asked what it would entail and was told that she would have to do as she was asked, and then perhaps she would find out!She knew she would have to trust her one- time sub and would either have to absolutely trust her or quietly leave in disgrace never to return. Gritting her teeth, she agreed saying with her head bowed, “Ok, I agree, I surrender, you are in charge mistress…” T caught her own one-time mistresses jaw in her hand and tilted the head up to face her, “I have waited many a year to hear you call me mistress, you just don’t know how much it means. Now and you must do exactly what I wish and my son must help you,” she released her friend then eyeing them both seriously to their surprise said, “at school I, well you, well we, realy always wanted to render me u*********s from some form of sex, my son here has managed it, but I always wanted you as a woman to achieve that!” She paused, “Now then is your chance I want you to render me sexually u*********s!”She paused, tomorrow and by any means you wish, you can suck me, whip me, choke me, poke me, or screw me in any way or any combination you like, but , if you don’t manage to render me u*********s by orgasm, by teatime it will be a case of the laddo here does not get to ever have you again… understand, oh and I give you the whipping of a lifetime.”Jaws dropped, H after a moment or two, nodding then saying… “Really, you have wanted and waited all this time to achieve what we talked of in school. Wow, T this is beyond anything for me I have wanted to do this ever-since at school all that time back when I hung you!” Rodney, looked amazed, “hung you, you mean realy hung you mother?” she grinned then explained that they had read in some trashy mag about breathing restrictions adding to the excitement of sex, and they had tried it, and it really did work, belive me, but it needs care!” H grinned “yeh we were lucky back then, but I have experimented a lot since then and I can do it safely nowadays, that’s if you are willing” to his amazement his mother nodded. Then adding, “I said so didn`t I, I said, suck me, whip, choke, poke me, or screw me I said, and I meant it. its`s completely up to you!”There was a long silence, then Rodney said “WoW!” T looked at him seriously and said “Son in this you must trust your aunt H, and me too for that matter, we are both more sophisticated and experienced than we were as girls so just go along with it and not interfere but do as you`re asked ok?” the lad nodded,, and she added your time will come I promise!”“Why tomorrow mum, why not now? He asked, but she shook her head, “Knowing your aunt as I do she will want to choke me I suspect, at school it was her speciality, and after that big meal I could spew and might kill me and that I don’t want, so tomorrow after just a light breakfast… shall we say breakfast at seven forty-five, and then starting at eight thirty I shall be yours … completely yours”Grinning her friend said, “that would be perfect,” and that sorted by mutual agreement to his amazement they sat to quietly watch television as if the whole incident had never happened.Her alarm went off at seven, followed by the usual scramble for toileting. Silent toast and marmalade next and soon with breakfast over, Rodney washed up, as the two women sat at the table naked and quiet waiting for the hall clock to chime. A small bag of items H had collected together overnight sitting ominously on the sideboard.The dreaded chimes echoed round the place, h stood fetched her bag, and leading her friend into the living room, trailed by Rodney she dumped the bag on the sofa. T turned knowing it would be a long and probably painful day, but willingly she submitted, standing, allowing her hands to be secured behind her in the leather cuffs her friend produced from that bag. Rodney sat watching the whole ritual, knowing that this beginning was just as it had been at school, watching H kiss his mother as once they did as girls. It was dick stiffening stuff, though they ignored him totally, he knew in their minds, they were back in their shared study at school, they slowly slid to the floor, the would be Dominant running her hands over the soft body of her victim.Never once touching her sex but caressing the now erect nipples in a way that said I am in charge, tweaking and pinching the nipples, twisting the pert reddish pink nub in a way that said pain and whispering to the victim not to make a sound.Between kisses T`s lip was being bitten desperate not to cry out in pain expectant of still more punishment if she so much as squeaked, though realy she knew this was just the start, the starter course so to speak. It went on for some time, gentle kisses and caresses, interposed with bouts of long fingernails bighting deep into areola, fingers gripping into breast flesh, nipples in fierce pain, then that gentle soft and timid caress once again almost like an apology.From his mother came just the odd occasional whimper silent güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri tears falling, as she lay, taking the aggressor`s pain. A whispered “ready?” and a silent nod of assent from T had her aggressor moving down to her victims sex, the long legs opening as if automatically to allow easier access, though it had him drawing breath knowing pain was the invaders goal. Soft fingers slid along the crinkled lips of the damp sex gently and slowly, her body laying along her victims leg, her head resting on the meaty hip, breathing in the sexual smell, as if it were nectar, she called the lad, “Rodney, please hold your mothers shoulders down,” he moved to comply kneeling astride her head his erect tool within inches of her head the head touching her soft black hair, his hands on her shoulders.H`s fingers flickering over the soft tissue like the lover she once was, hovering around the hood, pealing it back like the skin of a ripe banana, exposing the stiff clitorise, that wondrous nub that is the centre of a woman`s sexual nerves.Centre of joy and sadly of pain, gently oh so gently she kissed it sending waves of wonderment through the expectant and now secured woman, causing her to moan, gently, as the tongue slid itself around the tiny nub, a hand on her mons now, finger and a thumb either side of the miniature prick, tongue still lapping at the tiny head, T knowing as she had all those years before that when the tongue withdrew the pain ,the unbearable pain would ensue.The tongue stopped, and a breeze blew across the wet surfaces as her aggressor blew and as expected, then came the pain, searing hot and brazen pain as the finger and thumb rolled the tiny prick between the tightly squeezed surfaces.This time there was no holding back, as a scream burst forth, and she attempted to sit up, though her son, held her down his eyes transfixed on the ever tightening now white didget`s squeezing his mother`s lovely clitorise apparently into oblivion.He was about to say something but the hand removed itself and he watched as the colour returned to his amazement causing her still more pain as it did so, suddenly he found he was spewing seed into her soft hair squirt after squirt, pump after pump, it was amazing.Gasping now he looked up into the eyes of H, a smile twinkling in them and a sadistic look confirming this was just as he expected, a starter, the main course he knew would be later and they all knew much harder. The fingers returned, strumming at the clit in a way that said, just you come soon my lover, come soon.His mother responding in a way he had seen many times now, her hips rising despite the extra weight and her breathing faster and shallower. She came in a squirt that wet the fingers, her hips falling back, but the fingers went on regardless, again up came those hips, her head rolling side to side as she began her next cycle, a second time and then a third she came, Rodney still securing the shoulders, amazed at the punishment she was apparently receiving, and enjoying. H relented, her victims breathing easing, and finally returning to normal.He became aware of up and H digging in the bag again, returning with a pair of tiny clamps , clamps which she slipped over the erect nipples before they had time to reduce, a turn or two on the screws and the things had seized the soft flesh , another turn or two ensured the nipples would not be losing the little horrors anytime soon.Mother had not moved or even groaned as the things were fitted, a sure sign she was enjoying the whole gameplay. Another turn though had her groaning, for some reason to his deep joy, he didn’t expect that, he was enjoying the sadism…This was his mother, his lover and she was enjoying the whole pain thing, he was too he was stiff again a sign he knew, that they would walk this path a lot in the coming months if he had any say in it! H he found was saying, ”let her up and give her a drink lad, she will dehydrate otherwise. ” he stood and helped the still bound figure of his mother to the table, going to release her wrists but being denied that privilege, so he fetched a can of pop and a straw, which he stood on the table for her she drank gratefully, while his “aunt” and he had drinks, themselves, his erection not reducing, and her nipples staying stiff the whole time.“I see from that you have just found a new hobby, well think on mister, she needs occasional rest and a drink or two, it makes them last longer”He grinned “I shall remember Aunty but how do you know all this stuff?” he asked.She laughed, “well it started with her at school, we lost touch a bit after that, I went on the game, a while then out of the blue we met in the street, , it was your dad got me a job with this lot, and weve been friends ever since, mostly by post”“I meant the sadism?” he chuckled, well as I said it started at school then while I was on the streets my pimp used me that way, so I learned a lot, and it has been useful in the job too, “ she looked wistful, “It got me up the ranks quickly, and being able to give or take is fairly useful to a girl!“ she laughed, showing him a hidden brand up between güvenilir bahis şirketleri her legs very close between her sex and her back passage “see?” he saw a W scar, she said, “that was my last pimp and I couldn’t sit or walk for a week or two afterwards, but she had voluntarily made a fortune that night, which finally got her away from the jobSuddenly remembering what the job in hand was she turned to her victim snapped “Finished!” and without waiting an answer snapped her fingers for T to follow her upstairs, snapping at the lad “fetch the bag!” the traipsed up the stairs, Rodney close behind his mother in case she lost her footing, she whispered to him, “don’t worry she knows my limits!” which reassured him no end. H led them to her bedroom, she had an old-style metal framed bed, which obviously suited her purposes.Attached to each of the bottom corner posts they saw a short rope, and attached to each, a leather cuff obviously for legs. “Lay here then!” it was an order, mother lay in the centre of the bed, H said “it`s up to you which way up, I am going to whip you!” mother to his surprise did not turn over just slowly opened her legs and waited patiently for them to secure each of her ankle`s. The surprise came when that task done, a soft curtain cord appeared from under the bed, it was attached to one of their heavy old doorstops at one end, and the other end in a noose. They all knew what was to come… to his amazement his mother raised her head so her partner could slip the noose over her head, the rope now behind her head and against her neck. H, had Rodney help ease the bed from the wall then she lowered the weight till it hung over the head rail.She slowly lowered the heavy lump, the noose taking the weight and slowly tightening around the victim`s neck. His mothers face began to redden, her breathing getting slowly more and more laboured. The full weight on the rope now H appeared at his side.For a few moments watching their victim getting used to the discomfort, and ensuring the weight was not too muchMother now could neither speak nor look at them , but though restricted in her breathing, she appeared to be in no discomfort otherwise , from the bag came two whips, one brown wide and soft and another black thin and vicious looking which she put on the side locker, now my lover I shall start with my soft option, I know you can`t speak so your son will watch your right foot, when you twitch it and I suggest not till your near coming, then and only then I will change to my black lover, I have had this used on me a lot over the years and I warn you it hurts bad, and I am not going to hold back understand, and as you come I am going to use it right into you, more than one stroke there and you won`t walk for days so be warned I shouldn’t be too early… “Do you understand?” The foot twitched, “Good, then are you ready?” the foot twitched again, H took up her position, at the left bedside and started from her nearest knee, splat, splat, splat the brown straps landed regular and steady. Working up the leg turning the skin pink as they went, regular as a metronome each stroke warming and steady, the tails in time striking into the cleft of her open sex, then her mons and her hips, her belly then those lovely soft breasts, making them bounce like jellies, finally her chest then her shoulders. Her breathing he saw was harder now, H moved round to the other bedside and starting again she repeated the cycle twice more the full round though slightly harder in each stroke now, finally striking from the over the body right handed direct into her crutch the breathing getting noticeably harder as each landed, the end they knew was fast approaching, his eyes were on the foot but obstinately it did not move, more still harder strokes landed in the soft sex area, she was making sure she would only receive just the on crutch stroke from the black whip, and who could blame her.Suddenly they heard the breathing change, and the foot twitched, instantly th whips changed, savagely the thing struck across the top of her breasts, with a crack like doom, a firce redline appearing as the leather retreated and the awful thing swung again, crack a red line again this time just above the nipple, each time that leather slid from the body, and each time it swung again , and a red line appeared perhaps four or five inches from the last. By now the victim was climaxing like never before, the final stroke across the hips meant they all knew where the next would strike. Mothers eyes were bulging now with shear fear, H moved, and the leathers swung splat, perhaps he thought with not as much force, but it was well enough, she was comatose, H had done it she was u*********s, just as she had wanted, since school.Get up lad she wants you to be having her when she comes round. Amazed he leapt up and was swiftly in place, though he knew he would not last long he knew. Her eyes opened; he could hear the weight clattering on the bed-frame though that was soon relieved by his aunt. Who held it until he finished after only a very few strokes? They soon had the noose off, and the cuffs, the victim finding herself wallowing in a hot bath. her adversaries running to fetch a cold drink a soft nightgown and to pat her dry at her behest. She soon lay in her bed, telling them she was happy enough and wanted that she wanted to hear that bedhead and perhaps that the weight clattering on the wall occasionally all night long !