30 Days – Episode 02

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Day 3 – Monday


9:37 AM

Brian stood in the kitchen, leaning against the counter by the coffee maker, waiting for it to finish.

“Wow,” Mira said, surprising him by suddenly appearing in the kitchen. “I didn’t think you’d be putting any clothes on until the parents got home.”

Brian looked down at his flannel pajama pants, then back to Mira. “Habit, I guess,” he explained, with a grin, “I like your outfit, though.”

Mira wasn’t wearing one of her pajama tops or boxers as she usually did. She was wearing a black satin camisole, with some white lace trimming, and matching bikini-cut panties. She blushed and smiled. “Thank you.”

She noticed the thin material of his pants begin to tent out. He’s getting hard, looking at me. Mira grinned at him then went to the fridge and got some orange juice. After pouring herself a glass, Mira moved over to Brian and kissed him lightly on the cheek. “Good morning,” she smiled.

Brian returned the smile and nodded, a little taken aback by the gesture. It wasn’t a normal occurrence. He watched her as she turned and walked out of the kitchen and towards her bedroom.

The coffee was done now, so Brian got a cup and started to make his way back to his bedroom. Mira’s door was open, she was sitting on the bed, and when he looked in, she saw him and smiled. Something about that smile invited him in, so he turned and entered her room instead of going to his.


10:05 AM

“Here,” Mira said, taking the mug from Brian and putting it on the nightstand, “maybe a shoulder rub would help.” She raised up on her knees and scooted behind Brian.

“Oh, that does feel good,” Brian groaned when her hands started kneading the muscles in his shoulders and his neck.

“Good,” Mira replied. She worked quietly for a few minutes while she felt the tension in him begin to fade away.

Why is she being so nice to me now? We don’t really hang out…and she’s never even suggested anything about rubbing my shoulders before.

“You know, in a way, I’m kinda happy we got grounded,” Mira mentioned.

“Oh yeah?” Where is that going?

“Yean,” Mira replied. Her hands slid down his back. “If we hadn’t, then I wouldn’t be here, and you-” she slid her right hand around to his front and dipped it under the waistband of his pajama pants -“wouldn’t be here.” Mira wrapped her fingers around his thick, heavy member.

“You do make a nice point,” Brian agreed, his eyes closing.

Mira stroked him slowly until his cock got harder and harder in her hand. She moved her lips to his ear and whispered, “Aren’t you going to take these off now?”

Brian lifted his hips a bit to push his pajamas down. Mira kept her hold on him with her steady stroking. His rigid pole came into view with her soft, dainty fingers roaming up and down it.

“God,” Mira gushed, “I just can’t get over this cock.” She let out a wondrous giggle. “Have you ever actually measured it?”

Brian shook his head. “No.” He finally got his pants off and let them lay under his feet where they fell.

“Maybe we could do that later,” Mira suggested with a chuckle. She started kissing his neck and quickened her stroke a little. “Aren’t you glad that we’re here?” she asked.

Brian nodded silently.

“So you’re not mad at me anymore for getting you in trouble and keeping you from Vegas?”

Brian let out a laugh. “Do you really expect me to say that I am?”

“Good,” Mira replied.

Mira pressed herself against his back. Her left hand moved around his side to reach down and fondle his balls. She widened her knees and scooted up completely against him. He hadn’t moved, but now was sitting between her legs and could feel the bare skin of her thighs against his.

Brian’s hips started rocking a little, up and back, while Mira’s strokes and grip got faster and tighter. After just a little bit, he was virtually fucking her hand. Mira felt his balls tighten in her palm.

“Oh yeah,” she whispered in his ear, “go on, Brian. Cum for me. Let’s see this big cock cum. I didn’t get to last night.”

“Ohhh fuck!” Brian yelled as the first blast shot from his barrel. “Aw shit,” as the next few blasts came.

“Oh yeah, good boy,” Mira moaned into his ear. “Doesn’t that feel good? Didn’t I make you feel better?”

Brian’s chest heaved as the last spurt trickled over Mira’s hand and his shaft started softening. “Yes,” he said in more of a pant than speech.

Mira scooted around him and got off the bed. She stood directly in front of him, looking down at him. “You want to get in the shower with me?”

Brian looked up and grinned. Fuck, is this really happening? He nodded.

“Could you help me get undressed? I’m all-” she showed them the cream, his, all over her hands and fingers.

Brian reached out and, fumbling a little from nervousness and a lack of experience, slid his fingers into the waist of her panties and slowly worked them down from her bald pussy to the floor. She stepped illegal bahis out of them, then took a couple of steps back. Brian stood up in the freed space and grasped the bottom of her silky camisol and pulled it up, purposefully letting his fingers glide against her sides. Mira lifted her arms straight up as his fingers reached the outside curves of her breasts, and he got it off of her and tossed it onto the bed.

“Thank you,” Mira said and stepped in to kiss him. Brian wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her naked body against his. “Mmmph!” Mira chirped when he did it, but let herself go for a few seconds, leaning into him and, careful not to get his cum in his hair, lightly wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Come on,” Mira said, breaking away from him. She took him by the hand and led him down the hall to the bathroom.

“Aw, man,” Brian groaned when he realized her sticky hand had clutched his. Mira realized and giggled and just kept moving.

Under the flowing hot water of the shower, the two took turns washing each other piece by piece. Mira turned and faced away from him to rinse the soap lather from her breasts. Brian stepped up behind her, against her, bringing his hands around to cup her wet tits.

Mira sighed and leaned her head back. She felt his tender, hanging hose nestle in between her ass cheeks. She turned her head and used her right arm to reach up and back, grabbing the back of Brian’s head and pulling his lips to hers.

As Mira’s tongue began it’s probing of his mouth, Brian let his left hand slide down her toned tummy and dive between her thighs. His fingers ran through her hot flesh, grazing across her aroused clit, and sent shivers through her body. He could feel them. Her legs opened a little bit more to give him more access to her.

Brian squeezed her right breast and kissed down her neck. He wanted to try something he saw on the internet once, but he was going to have to be careful.

He moved his hand to her other breast and took a firm grip of it. The strength of the hold of his arm trapped her torso against him like a vise. The sudden, forceful pressure took Mira by surprise. “What are you doing?” she asked, part unsure, part curious, part excited.

“Put your foot up on the side of the tub,” he directed. Mira raised her left leg and planted her foot up on the rim of the bathtub. It opened her up a little more and his hand slid deeper back, his fingers now probing her entrance and his palm brushing against her moist folds.

“Now your other one,” Brian directed. Mira glanced at him, a little unsure. He kissed her. “Don’t worry, I’ve got hold of you. Put your other foot up on the other side.

Mira, with a little hop and her weight now supported by the arm wrapped tightly around her chest and the hand she had reached behind his head, got her right foot up and planted on the right side of the tub.

With her legs spread wide now, one on each side, Brian watched the path of the cascading water and pulled Mira back a little until it fell in heavy streams directly onto her hard clit. He took his hand away from her pussy and the water hit it directly for the first time.

“OHMYGOD,” Mira let out in a rush, her legs weakening for a moment at the sudden, intense stimulation of her most sensitive button.

Brian moved his free hand and, from behind now, moved it up under her and slid a finger, then two, into her entrance and started plunging them in and out of her pussy.

“OhGodYES!” Mira cried out, her free hand cupping and squeezing and pulling her tits. “Oh fuck!”

Brian fucked his fingers into her faster and harder as the fall of hot water quickly brought Mira closer and closer to orgasm. It didn’t take long.

At the first wave, Mira’s hips thrust upward and her body seemed to float in mid-air as her legs went rigid and her arm tightened around Brian’s neck. Brian pulled his fingers out and flattened his hand, frantically rubbing her wet pussy in circles as she came.

“OH FUCK!” Mira cried out. “OH HOLY SHIT!”

When it finished washing over her, Mira’s muscles relaxed and would not even attempt to hold any of her weight up anymore. Slowly, Brian pulled her to him and slowly lowered both of them down into the bottom of the tub. Mira sat there between Brian’s legs and lay back against his chest. Mira placed her hands on top of Brian’s and pulled them around her, wrapping his arms into holding her. The warm water fell like rain, still falling down on them from above.


12:37 PM

Mira sat at her vanity table against the wall opposite her bedroom door. She had put on a thin, white t-shirt and a pair of pink cotton panties, and was now running a brush through her nearly dry blonde locks. Watching herself, she could do nothing but think. Oh my God, what is going on? Yesterday he wasn’t even looking at me, now we’re taking showers and getting each other off? What are we doing? Should we be doing it? Hmm..doing it. Fuck. I bet that cock would be good. Damn, I never illegal bahis siteleri thought he’d be hung like that. In the mirror, she saw Brian behind her in the doorway. She turned her head back over her shoulder and smiled at him. “Hey.”

Brian stood there, still completely nude, holding two plates of food. “I made you a sandwich,” he told her and started walking over towards the bed. Mira put her brush down, got up from her chair and joined him on the bed. He sat up, leaning back against the headboard while Mira sat Indian-style, facing him, in the middle of the mattress at his hip.

“So, you really weren’t kidding about the nudity thing, huh?” Mira grinned, taking a bite.


“About going around more if you could.”

Brian took a bite of his sandwich as he glanced down his nude body at his soft, but long and thick cock resting along his inner thighs. “Oh, I can put something on-“

Mira gave a chuckle, her mouth full of food. “No, it’s alright,” she said, muffled by the food. She swallowed and added, “I don’t mind.” With her index finger, Mira reached out and lightly grazed along the length of the smooth member.

“I never really thought of a penis as beautiful before.”

Brian cocked his head a little. “And you do now?”

Mira’s eyes went from his eyes to his cock and back. With a little twinkle in her eye, she nodded silently while taking a bite, and grinned sheepishly while she chewed. Brian laughed.

“Can I ask you something?” Mira asked, tossing a stray piece of lettuce into her mouth.

Brian nodded. “Alright.”

“Where’d you learn that thing in the shower? That position you had me in with the water and everything? I thought you said you’d never done any of this stuff before? With a girl, I mean.”

Brian let out a little snort, amused by her naivety. “I have seen porn.”

“Oh, yeah,” Mira realized. Then started laughing at what should have been an obvious answer to her but wasn’t.

3:12 PM

“Hand me your plate,” Mira said. She took it and scooted off the bed. Brian watched her tight, heart-shaped ass as it swayed out of the room. A minute or two later, she returned, hopping up onto the bed and straddling Brian at his lower thighs.

Brian slid his palms up the bare, soft skin of Mira’s thighs and she leaned forward and kissed him a few times before sitting back, smiling at him. His palms kept softly rubbing up and down her thighs, and Mira reached down and rubbed over his semi-aroused tube with her own palm.

“So,” Brian began, “is this what we’re going to do all day this week?”

Mira smiled. “If you want.” Then added, “Do you not want to?”

“Ha. No, I’m cool with it.”

Mira smiled, then kissed him. “I thought you might be,” she said with her lips inches from his. She gave his hardening erection a squeeze for emphasis before she put her lips back on his and intertwined her tongue with his.

A ringing cellphone broke their moment. They both looked over at the nightstand and Mira stretched to grab it without getting up from Brian. She let out a frustrated sigh when she saw who was calling.

“Kim, hey,” Mira answered. Her free hand kept softly caressing Brian, keeping him hard. She was listening to her best friend say something. “Oh, that’s cool,” Mira responded to her. “Listen, can I call you back or you call me later? I’m sorta right in the middle of something right now.” Mira grinned at Brian.

Brian saw a look come over Mira’s face that told him Kim had asked something Mira wasn’t sure how to, or if she even should, answer. Mira said, “Well…”

Brian heard loud, excited squealing from the phone, but couldn’t make out what it was saying since it was muffled against Mira’s ear. Mira suddenly darted her eyes to his and grew a naughty smile. “Hold on,” she told her friend.

Mira took the phone from her ear and signaled Brian not to say anything. She hit a few buttons on her phone then held it, aiming and framing Brian’s big cock, with Mira’s hand still gripping it, and snapped a picture with the phone’s camera. Mira tried to stifle her giggles and reminded Brian, who was a little surprised, to remain silent. She hit a few more buttons then put the phone back to her ear. “Okay, I sent you a picture,” she said into the phone.

It took a few seconds, but then came a piercing scream so loud Mira immediately yanked the phone away from her ear. Mira started giggling and activated the speakerphone. Now Brian could hear it, too.

“OHMYGOD!” Kimberly squealed. “There’s no way that’s real. You got that picture off the internet, you tease.”

Brian cocked his head, curious.

“Why would I do that, Kim?” Mira asked.

“To fuck with me, that’s why. You know that not a guy that came with us down here even comes close to that. Besides, I know everyone you know, and I don’t know any horses.”

That made Mira laugh. “And if I could prove it to you? That it’s real?” Mira looked at Brian with that naughty grin again.

“You canlı bahis siteleri can’t,” Kimberly replied defiantly.

“Okay. Hold on.”

Mira handed the phone to Brian. He shook his head, amused by Mira’s playful exhibitionism. She scooted down his legs and lowered her face to his crotch. Holding his hard cock straight up in the air towering at its full 10 ½ inches, Mira stuck her tongue out and licked up the side of his shaft while Brian snapped the picture.

Mira sat back up and took the phone from him. She looked at the picture and covered her mouth as she gasped and stifled giggles. Brian had taken the picture she wanted. Undeniable proof. The whole cock was standing the whole height of the frame with Mira’s tongue and face beside it enough that there was no doubt it was her. She sent it.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” Kimberly screamed a few seconds later. “Holy fucking – who is that?”

“Oh, an old friend I ran into,” Mira replied, sticking her tongue out at Brian.

He sat up quickly, grabbed Mira by the waist and tossed her onto the mattress beside him. She let out a surprised squeal and some giggles as she bounced and fell back flat on the bed.

“Who is it?” Kimberly asked over the speakerphone. To someone in the background, through the gasps, giggles, and oh-my-god’s, she said, “I don’t know, some guy Mira’s with.”

Brian got up on his knees. He grabbed Mira’s legs and spun her to place her directly out in front of him on her back. She had excitement in her eyes at his initiative and the naughtiness of playing while someone was on speakerphone.

“Can’t tell you right now,” Mira answered.

Brian pressed her legs together and propped them up in the air against his right shoulder.

“Well, fine. What about your brother? Isn’t he there, too? He got grounded, too, didn’t he? What’s he saying about this guy violating his sister?”

Brian reached down and grabbed both sides of Mira’s panties and started pulling them off her ass and up her legs.

“Yeah, he’s around somewhere,” Mira answered. Brian removed her legs from his shoulder and put them back down, bent at the knees and spread them open by slowly sliding his hands up the insides of her legs from her ankles to her warming thighs. “He’s being really cool about it,” Mira added for Kimberly.

Brian smiled at her, rubbing her smooth mound with the palm of his hand for a few seconds, to which she rolled and adjusted her hips against. Then he dropped his head and ran his tongue into her pussy and through her slit.

“Oh fuck,” Mira moaned. She felt her eyes roll back and flutter involuntarily.

“What?” Kimberly asked insistently. “What’s going on?”

Brian found Mira’s clit with his tongue and circled it, pushing two fingers into her steaming entrance at the same time.

“Oh, shit. There, right there,” Mira moaned. She felt the tip of his tongue dance across her clit and called out, “OH Fuck!”

“What are- Are you two going at it right now?”

“Oh, shit, there. Harder,” Mira moaned with a couple of whined squeals as Brian thrust his fingers into her a little harder and a bit faster.

“Wha-” came Kimberly over the phone before Mira found the phone on her bed with her hand. Real fast, she got out, “Gotta-go, call-me-later, love-ya-bye,” then hung up and let the phone fall where it may just in time for her body to tense up and her back arch as the first burst of her orgasm hit. Her hands clamped Brian’s hair and her thighs locked against his head as her body twisted and turned on its own, anchored only to Brian’s head and his probing tongue.

Brian sat back up when Mira released him. She didn’t move. Stayed there on her back with her eyes closed, panting heavily and intermittently allowing little laughs to escape her.

Seeing her phone beside him, Brian picked it up and took a picture of Mira, in afterglow, wearing only her white t-shirt, naked from the waist down with her knees bent and up in the air. Her legs stayed open enough for him to see her beautiful, bare, wet pussy opened like a flower.

Mira raised her head to look at him when she heard the beep from the phone. “Did you just take a picture of me?” she grinned.

“You took two of me.”

“Yeah.” She let her head fall back down.

“I just wanted a picture of you right now. Like this. It’s beautiful.” He paused, realizing the vulnerability of what he said, unsure of exactly what the extent of what was happening between them was. He looked away, suddenly shy and growing nervous, but added, “You’re beautiful.”

Mira was quiet for a few moments. What’s she thinking? She’s not looking at me, is that good or bad? At least she didn’t see the look on my face. Did I just go too far? What would be too far in this situation? What is this situation? Fuck. But Brian could see enough of her face, as it looked up at the ceiling, to see her form her mouth into a smile. “My digital camera is over there on the desk if you’d like,” she offered.

“Are you serious?” Brian asked, surprised.

“Yeah,” she looked at him now, “why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well, you know, a lot of girls wouldn’t-“

Mira interrupted. “I’m not a lot of girls. I’m me. And you’re you. I trust you.”

Okay, whatever that means. “Yeah?”