3 Good Friends

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Angela and I had been married for almost 2 years, and things had been going wonderfully (thank goodness for long engagements!) and our life together was moving forward smoothly. Or so I thought, until Angie’s best friend Debra, came to visit.

Deb had just gotten out of a long, bad marriage and Angie took it upon herself to invite Deb to stay with us for a couple of weeks, not wanting her to be alone while her marriage was crumbling and getting Deb away from her jerk of a soon to be ex-husband.

I took the news as smoothly as I could, I understood that my wife’s friend was depressed and we should always “do the right thing” when it comes to helping friends and all. But, there was now a third wheel at my home all night, and I honestly didn’t know what to do or say around her. Debbie and Angie were getting along well, so I figured it would be a short visit and then Deb would find herself back at a new place, as a divorced woman, and fancy free. And we would be back to normal as well.

Two weeks became three, and frankly I felt that the visit would never end. I didn’t say anything, but perhaps they both noticed my behavior, or a change in attitude, I don’t know. One night, Angie and I were in bed and I wanted to make love, unfortunately Angie was a little sleepy and she tried to fight off my tickle-kisses and nibbles of her delicious body. She giggled and slapped my hands away, but I was persistent. I was desperate to orgasm with me inside her.

“Okay mister, you just won’t take ‘No’ for an answer. Well I know a way to take care of you!” She smiled wickedly at me and said that she was going to tie me up and then make love to me. I happily complied, since we both loved bondage we had some very expensive leather bonds attached to the corners of our four-poster bed, tucked neatly under the duvet, where no one could see them. Our kinky little secret. She secured my wrists and ankles in the bonds, spread eagle and buck naked, and she began stroking my twitching cock as I began to moan with ecstasy.

“Shhhhhhhhhh honey!” She said giggling, illegal bahis “You have to be quiet.” She went to the bedside table and opened the drawer and took out the ball-gag with the strong elastic strap and quickly popped the gag in my mouth and secured the elastic around the back of my head. She looked at me and smiled sexily as my cock simply throbbed in her hand. I was looking forward to some relief as we hadn’t had sex since the night Debbie came to visit, and I wanted some relief badly. After just a minute or so of her teasing and caressing my cock we could both hear the downstairs phone ring. One fault of my wife’s is that whenever or wherever a phone rings, she thinks she has to answer it, I have no idea why, she just does. At the 3rd ring she popped out of bed and grabbed her robe and took off downstairs. With the ball-gag in my mouth I couldn’t say anything, and with my wrist and ankles restrained, I couldn’t do much of anything to stop her. Frustrated does not even begin to describe how I felt at that moment.

As I laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling and cursing my luck, I could hear the sounds of footsteps coming toward the bedroom, “Ah, at last Angie has returned!” I thought. Suddenly I could hear Debbie’s voice and a slight knock at the partially open door. “Angie, the phone is ringing and I don’t know where the cordless receiver is and I —.”

As Deb came into the bedroom and saw me strapped down and with the ball gag, she just stopped, and looked me directly in the eye. I looked back at her, unable to speak. It seemed like an eternity, and then she smiled and winked. And walked straight to the bed and stood over me.

“Well, I see why the phone rang so long, I guess you and Angie both heard it too. Such bad luck for you, isn’t it Jim?” She said with a giggle. She sat down on the edge of the bed and looked me over slowly, I could see and almost feel her gaze taking in the situation and my body, my cock was still rock hard and she looked at it and said “I see someone shaves his balls, or does Angie do that for you?” She illegal bahis siteleri leaned forward and got just a quarter of an inch away from my twitching shaft and puckered her lips and blew softly on the head of my cock as I pulled at my bonds, trying to cover my exposed “man parts” as Angie liked to call them. Debbie smiled and said to me out of the blue “Are they more sensitive after they are shaved?” and she lightly finger tickled my balls, making me bite hard into the gag and moan loudly as I could see her smiling as she tickled my balls and the base of my cock. She smiled wickedly as she leaned back on her elbow and got comfortable on the bed. She kept her hand on my balls and used her fingertips to great effect, making me squirm and buck with her tickling.

“Well, good morning everyone!” I could hear Angie’s voice from the door, as she walked into the bedroom and saw Deb stroking my balls.

“Oh hi Ang. I couldn’t sleep and then I heard the phone ringing, so I just came to see if anyone else heard it. And I found Jim here, ‘indisposed’ so I thought I would keep him company for a bit. The poor thing looked so lonely, and do you know that he is the best listener a man has ever been!” Debbie said with a giggle. “I am really sorry, I’ll go back to b—.”

“No wait, it’s ok.” Angie said, which shocked the hell out of me. “I was just going to tickle-torture my man to climax, it seems he has been wanting my touch for a while now. Why don’t you help me? Then we can all get some rest.”

“Oh Ang, it’s been ages for me. I think I probably forgot even how to give a guy a hand-job.” Debbie said with a short laugh.

“Oh Jim’s easy! Just let me get on the other side of him and we’ll give my man a little x-mas present.” Angie walked around to the other side of the bed and sat near my midsection, then she pulled her legs up and put the soles of her feet directly on my face. All I could do is moan with ecstasy as my cock throbbed involuntarily. I could hear them both giggle, as I tried to breathe and calm myself down.

“Oooooooh canlı bahis siteleri look at that!” Debbie cooed as my back arched and I pulled at my bonds, wanting only to hug Angie’s legs and suck her toes.

“His balls are wicked ticklish you know.” Angie said in a matter of fact tone.

“May I?” Deb said in a soft voice.

“Be my guest.” Ang responded.

The next thing I felt was fingernails softly brushing my balls as a hand wrapped slowly around the base of my cock. With Angie’s feet covering my face I could not see at all, and all I could do was groan with pure sexual ecstasy into the gag. As the tickling of my shaved balls went on, I bucked and pulled at the bonds holding me down, but our bed is a strong one, and I wasn’t going anywhere except wherever my wife wanted to take me.

“Honey, would you mind if I got some oral from Jim, it has literally been forever!” Debbie said in a husky voice.

“Of course Deb, I understand completely.” Angie said to her.

Angie moved her feet off my face and I could see Debbie begin to straddle me, sitting on my face rubbing her hot wet pussy against my ball gag as Angie held my throbbing cock. AS Debbie rode my face, she pulled aside her soft silk panties so the plastic gag could rub her clit as she moaned, I pressed my gag into her, completely lost in the pure sexual heat of the situation. I could hear Deb moaning, and gasping and feel her riding my face rubbing against my gag harder as her voice got higher and higher and then she went quiet and her body shuddered.

“Ohhhhhhhhh my god that was gooooooooood!!!” Debbie said breathlessly, as she slowly fell back using me to rest on. Ang stopped holding my cock and said. “Feeling better now? More relaxed?”

“Oh you don’t know the half of it!” Debbie said with a giggle. “But you know what? I think we left out poor Jim here.” As Debbie turned her head she could get a full close up view of my rigid cock just a few inches away from her, she slowly reached over to cup my balls in the palm of her hand, jiggling them softly, I could see her smile.”

“Angie, I am afraid to tell you that your husband made me orgasm! And I think it’s only fair if I get to make him cum too. And I mean really cum, I think we should drain him completely!” Debbie said.

End of Part 1…