1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 21

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“Could not have timed it better, sweetie,” Jo said to Megan when the youngster pulled into the pick-up slot at the airport, tossing her bag into the back of the SUV, Tess doing the same, afterwards.

The sibs had just arrived back home from their trip to Ireland, their duties as daughters to their parents fulfilled, now. They had interred the ashes of their parents in the Clancy family tomb, in the town of Cork, following the parents’ wishes to the letter of their last Will and Testament.

“Hugs….I want hugs,” Meg gleefully demanded of the sibs, “Ooooh, really missed you guys,” the trio of good-looking young women hugging each other tightly.

“Missed you too, babe,” Jo responded, honestly.

“Where’s Janice? Tess asked as she buckled herself into the back seat of Jo’s SUV which Megan had used to pick up the sibs.

“She’ll be back in an hour or so, some family crap she had to do with her parents,” Meg explained as she checked the mirrors for traffic before pulling out to the exit lane to leave the terminal.

“You guys still planning on staying over tonight?” Jo inquired, stretching off the kinks from the long, overseas flight.

“If it’s still okay, we’d really like to,” Meg replied with a sideways glance of her eyes to Jo, trying to see if there was ‘interest’ in them doing so.

“Shit, stay the fucking weekend if you want to, baby,” Tess said while she stretched her stiffness away in the back seat, “that’d be okay, wouldn’t it, Jo?”

“Yeah, that’d be fine with me; guess it’s really up to the girls and their parents,” Jo opined further on the issue.

“Not a problem for us,” Megan replied, “my parents will be upstate at my grandmother’s and I think Janice said that her parents would be visiting some friends, as well.”

“Sounds like a plan…” Tess said, “the only thing is,” she continued, “I don’t want to go anywhere, don’t want to do anything that requires traveling anywhere, done enough traveling for a while,” her feelings on the matter quite plain and concise.

“Why don’t you two just relax and let Jan and I cook up a meal for the four of us tonight? Maybe go swimming afterwards? Megan suggested further.

“Seriously? You and Jan?” Jo asked, seeking clarification that she and Jan could cook.

“Yes, me and Jan…..you’re not the only one with kitchen skills, Jo,” Meg replied with a chuckle.

“Okay, girlfriend, bring it….let’s see what you got,” was the amused reply from Jolene.

“You already know what I have,” the bemused Megan responded with a snarky, leery grin, “and you love it!”

“Can’t argue with that but, tempting as your sweet ass is, I don’t want to make Janice jealous or mad, baby,” Jo agreed with a chuckle.

“Actually……,” Meg began her reply to Jo’s comment but, instead, let her voice trail off into silence.

“Actually? Actually, what?” Tess demanded from the back seat, her mind-trip to the memory of her romp with the Irish boi-chick, Claire, momentarily interrupted by Meg’s comments.

“Don’t be mad, okay?….Jan and I sorta’ had a threesome at your house the other night,” Meg confessed, “I know y’all didn’t want us to have a party or a bunch of people over and we didn’t, we really didn’t,” Megan gushed, rushing her words so that the sibs wouldn’t be mad at her for abusing their kindness of allowing she and Jan to have some private time while the sibs were overseas.

“Sorta’? What do you mean, sorta’? You either had a threesome or you didn’t, no sorta’ about that,” Tess declared with a smile to Meg in the rearview mirror.

“Well, okay, we HAD a threesome at the house….okay?” Meg ‘fessed up to the sibs.

“Anyone we know?” was Jo’s only question about the matter, her curiosity piqued.

“Don’t think so,” Meg responded as she signaled her turn off of the interstate to their exit, “Beverly is a classmate of ours…graduated with us this year; sort of a geeky, nerdy chick that was in band with us.”

“And?” Tess inquired, her own curiosity piqued as well.

“Janice and I ran into her at the mall, kinda’ hung out with her there and Janice asked her to join us for an afternoon swim afterwards,” Meg explained.

“And?” Jo pressed.

“Well, Bev didn’t have a suit with her, of course, so we told her that we’d all swim bare-assed and you could see that the suggestion hit a hot-button with her…..anyway, when we hit the pool, naked, the girl’s body was not to be believed! I mean, who knew?, she certainly never dressed at school in any way that showed that she had a ‘hot’ body,” Meg recounted for the sibs.

“And?” the request for more being sounded by both of the sibs now, their attention having been gotten.

“So….after the sun went down-it was around five before we got home from the mall-I stole some of y’all’s Tequila-sorry,guys-and we all got tipsy,” Meg ‘fessed, “Janice started putting some moves on Bev, and I thought that was hot and joined in, and, well, Janice and I wound up fucking Bev like crazy out there on the patio, on that large chaise-lounger illegal bahis thingy,” the redness of embarrassment creeping up the side of her neck when she admitted it.

“I’m gonna’ go out on a limb here and conclude that Bev enjoyed it?” Tess remarked a bit smart-assedly.

“Oooh yeah, she surely did; gave as good as she got,” Meg confirmed.

“Hmmph,” Jo said simply, “Didn’t know that Janice would be into threesomes.”

“Yeah, neither did I…..but, I’m okay with that, of course,” Megan remarked, “though I should’ve had a clue after she got super-horny a while back when we watched one of Tess’ ‘chick-flicks’ about threesomes,” laughing after she said that.

“Yep….good porn will do that to you,” Jo affirmed with a smile.

“Shit, bad porn will do that to you,” Tess corrected which brought laughing agreement from her car-mates.

Pulling into the garage of the Clancy home, Megan hit the remote to lower the garage doors, the two sibs sighing as they exited the car.

“Damn, it’s good to be home,” Jo averred, dragging her bag behind her into the house.

“Tru ‘dat, sister-girl, tru ‘dat,” Tess agreed with a smile.

“You guys do what you have to do while I make up a list for dinner, okay?” Megan suggested, perusing the pantry and cupboards for what was there and what would be needed for their dinner.

“Sounds good to me,” Tess called over her shoulder from the stairwell as she made her way upstairs.

“Ditto,” agreed Jo, doing the same but wondering why her bag suddenly seemed about fifty pounds heavier as she neared the top of the stairs. Looking to Tess, the two sibs simply smiled their love for the other.

“Don’t know ’bout you, Jo, but I think I’ll unpack later; I’m going to lay down for a nap, I think,” Tess said as the weariness of the overseas flight wrapped its arms around her.

“Me too,” Jo agreed, “See you later.”

Going upstairs to alert the sibs that she was heading to the market, Meg found them both fast asleep in their own beds. Carefully, closing their doors behind her, she smiled to herself at the closeness of her relationship with Tess and Jo.

And, it wasn’t just about the great sex, no, not at all…….

“Damn, but that felt soooooo good,” stretching as she said it, Jo continued downstairs, a large bath towel around her, another in her hands as she dried her hair from the shower.

Looking up from the den towards her voice, Janice and Meg simply smiled at the older Clancy girl. They, Meg and Jan, had been lounging on a couch watching a movie on TV, Jan’s body stretched out longways, laying against Megan’s. Surprisingly, they weren’t engaged in any sexual play while doing so, a rarity for them since the start of their romance.

“Tess still asleep?” Janice asked of Jo as the older sib approached them on the couch.

“Nope. Heard her shower running when I walked past her room……whoa, what is that delicious smell that just hit my nose?” Jo asked when she caught a whiff of the aromas emanating from her kitchen.

“That be supper, Ms. Jolene,” Janice replied with a faux-accent of a southern slave speaking to her mistress, “It be ready real soon, Ma’am, yes’m, it surely will.”

“Cute.” Jo replied with a smirk, “real cute Jan, but I have to tell you girl, t’aint no way you’d ever be anybody’s slave,” chuckling afterwards.

“Too bad, that might be fun,” Jan replied with a grin and a wink to Jo.

Hmmph, was Jo’s reaction to that bit of double-entendre play from the young Afro-American chick.

“Seriously, what is it?” Jo pressed for an answer, following Jan into the kitchen.

“Chicken and Sausage gumbo, slow-cooking in the crockpot,” Jan answered, holding the lid off to the side for Jo to peek a look and a sniff, stirring off to the side to give Jo room to do so.

“Wow, something smells good,” Tess’ voice called from the foot of the stairs as she walked towards the kitchen to join the others, dressed casually in a top and shorts.

“That’s what I’m saying…..get a whiff of this, babe,” Jo replied, stepping aside for Tess to do just that.

Turning the pot to the lowest setting, Jan commented, “Old family recipe from my dad’s mom.” Grabbing a pot from the cabinet, she started the process of measuring the rice that she’d need for their meal, then adding the water afterwards.

“Meg’s cooking a sweet potato casserole in the oven to go with the gumbo and all that’s left to do is to put the french bread to warm in the oven and serve the meal,” Jan informed the sibs, beaming brightly with pride, justifiably it should be noted.

“Well, I’m gonna’ throw some clothes on before we eat, don’t start without me,” Jo warned the trio as she rushed upstairs to dress.

Oh no, don’t worry about that, Jo, Janice thought to herself as she stirred the rice that was now tumbling in the boiling water, wouldn’t dream of starting without you, smiling at her private thoughts……..

“Ladies? To the both of you,” Jo toasted Megan and Janice, “I’ll admit it, I had my doubts, illegal bahis siteleri but you two have whipped up a simply scrumptious meal; my bad for having doubted you,” clinking her glass of Rose against theirs.

“Agreed!” Tess affirmed, “Excellent in every way and Meg? your sweet potato casserole is the best I’ve ever had, next to Mom’s, and sweetie, that’s a hell of a compliment,” Jo nodding her head in agreement with Tess’ evaluation of said dish.

“Damn, not only are they good looking and sexy, but they can cook! Who knew?” Jo joked to the table.

“It’s the least we could do for y’all since you allowed Janice and I to stay here while y’all were gone,” Meg replied to the compliments from the sibs, “But, I’m glad you find it worthy,” smiling her gladness to the sibs.

“Beyond worthy, girl; Janice? Is there any way I could talk you into sharing that gumbo recipe with me?” Jo asked the young black woman.

“Pretty sure you could talk me into sharing anything, Jo, but, sure, not a problem,” Jan replied with a twinkle in her eye to Jo and a wink afterwards.

“Sounds promising, thanks,” Jo replied, wondering if the remark meant as much in promise as she hoped it did.

No doubt about it, Jo was having a hard time keeping her eyes off of Jan during their meal. Dressed in a skimpy top and ass-hugging gym shorts, Jan was keeping Jo’s horny-motor running, no doubt about that at all. As the four of them ate and talked, Jo had to fight hard to keep her thoughts focused on the table conversation, visions of Jan’s naked, brown body laying in her bed crowding into her consciousness.

What Jo didn’t know, couldn’t know, was that Janice was having the same problem, keeping her mind on their conversation in front of her thoughts of eating Jo’s pussy. She had shared her thoughts with Meg about Jo when she and Meg had started meeting at Jo’s house for sex play in the afternoons, after school.

After one such afternoon of intense sex with Megan, she, Meg, had shared the fact that she had been with both of the Clancy sisters in threesomes. She shared that, after Tess had returned to school that spring, she and Jo had many memorable afternoons of sex with each other. Janice had then told Meg that she thought Jo to be incredibly sexy and openly wondered how good she’d be as a sex partner.

“Absolutely fabulous,” had been Meg’s reply to that question, causing Jan to desire Jo even more. Sure, this girl-girl sex thing was new, and welcomed, to her world, but, thought Jan, exploring is exploring and she definitely wanted to explore Jolene Clancy, if given the chance.

The thing is, even though Megan and Janice were absolutely crazy for each other since their first fuck, they were also both adventurous about their sexual appetites. Had either had their first sex with a guy, perhaps it’d be the same for them in wanting to explore, but it hadn’t been a guy and for the both of them, that wasn’t a problem.

So, plans to be ‘roomies’ at college aside, neither thought their relationship to be ‘exclusive’ or ‘forever’, no, they were smarter than that. But, would they enjoy it for as long as it ran its course?

Oh yeah, take THAT to the bank……

“Missed you,” Tess said softly when she handed Meg a beer from the den’s mini-fridge, “been a while for you and me,” her eyebrow raised when saying it.

“It has, hasn’t it?” Megan replied after sipping her long-neck brew, ice-cold as always, “doesn’t mean it has to be, does it?”

“I was kinda’ hoping you’d say that,” Tess smilingly replied, “maybe after a bit of swimming you and I could sneak off for a little playtime?”

“That’d work,” Megan agreed, “though I don’t think we’d have to sneak off to enjoy a little time with each other; it’d give Jan a shot at getting to know Jo and I know for a fact she’d really like that,” chuckling at her own comment.

Sure do like this girl, Tess thought as she and Megan eye-fucked each other while sipping their beers, wonder if she’d like fucking a boi-butch, she thought further, visions of Claire refusing to leave her mind-theatre….

“There…I think I got it all right,” Janice told Jo, “you know how it is with cooking stuff you’ve been cooking all your life from memory, it just sorta’ happens by itself.”

Jo asked Jan for her gumbo recipe but since it was an oral tradition that had been handed down in her family, she had to write it out for Jo.

“Yes, I do and thank you for sharing this with me, it really was good,” Jo smilingly replied when taking the recipe card from Janice’s grip.

“Share anything with you, Jo,” Jan mysteriously replied.

There she fucking goes again with those damned double-entendre comments, Jo thought in that instant, well, we’ll just see if she’s blowing smoke or not, Jo decided just as quickly.

“Better be careful, sweetie, I might just take you up on that,” Jo replied leeringly, her eyes hard on Jan’s face while saying it.

“Promises, promises,” Jan flirted back.

“Oh, not a promise, babygirl, canlı bahis siteleri a definite guarantee,” vollied Jo.

“I wouldn’t stop you, you know,” advantage Jan.

“I wouldn’t want you to,” Jo replied, moving closer to Jan’s luscious lips for the ‘kill shot’.

Placing her hands to Jan’s smooth skin of her face, Jo drew the brown-skinned beauty’s pouty-begging-to-be-kissed lips to her own, sliding her tongue deep into the eighteen year-old’s mouth which brought a deep, loud moan of pleasure from Janice as she responded.

Game, set, match to Jolene…..

“C’mon, babe, let’s hit the pool,” Tess said, pulling Megan by the hand, behind her.

As usual, Tess enjoyed watching Meg strip down while she did the same. Something about the teenager’s body just, well, just sorta’ appealed to her. Wasn’t all that special, Tess thought, slipping her panties from her ankle, but no matter, Tess enjoyed looking at the naked Meg and for her, that was enough.

Must be something to the thing she’d always heard that one’s first sexual partner would always be special, Megan thought as she surfaced after diving into the pool. Back there, on the decking when they took off their clothes, Megan became wetter and wetter with desire as Tess stripped off her garments. Tess would remain special to her forever, Meg had decided, gripping the edge of the pool to catch her breath, of that, Megan was sure…..

“Wha…,” Jan started to say, her eyes popping open and her lips still pursed.

“I’m going swimming, join me?” Jo said, interrupting whatever it was Janice was going to say. Turning, her back to Jan, Jo smiled to herself as she headed to the deck and pool.

Always leave ’em wanting more, Jo thought to herself, less is definitely more, and sliding the patio door open, she stepped outside….

Oh no, she didn’t, Janice thought when Jo broke off their kiss and walked off. No fucking way we’re stopping this, quickly following Jo outside….

Breaking water on the deep end after shallow-diving from the other end, Tess came up right next to Megan who was still gripping the edge of the pool. Shaking the strands of wet hair from her eyes, Tess treaded water while holding onto Megan’s hips with her hands to keep her in place.

“Don’t drown on me,” Meg teasingly said to Tess, placing one of her hands to Tess’ rib cage, slightly pulling her closer to her own body.

“Would you rescue me if I started going down?” Tess asked softly.

“Not if you were going down on me,” Meg joked back, “Never, if you were going down on me.”

“Miss me a little bit, do you?” Tess cooed her question to her teenager.

“Miss you a lot, actually,” Megan replied just before leaning in to meet Tess’ approaching lips with her own.

Their kiss was, at first, soft and tender but, as was always the case with Tess and Meg, soon took on a life of its own, the familiar taste of each other’s lips and mouths, the driving force behind that….

Watching her sis and Meg kiss each other on the far end of the pool, Jo heard the patio door slide close behind her, heard the scuffle of Janice’s bare feet on the deck as the Afro-teenager approached her from behind. Pulling off her skimpy tee at that moment, Jo dropped it to the ground at her feet.

“Undo my bra, baby,” Jo said softly to Jan, ‘feeling’ the presence of the teenager as she stopped behind her.

“What?” Jan replied.

“I think you heard me, baby, I said, undo my bra,” Jo repeated, her voice a bit firmer this time.

She did.

Nimbly, silently, Jan unhooked the clasps of Jo’s bra. Turning to face Jan, Jo then let her bra drop from her arms and her girls, Jan’s eyes hard on Jo’s almost-perfect D-cups, Jo’s nipples hard and begging to be sucked, Jan thought fleetingly as she stared at them.

Without a word to Jan, Jo simply lifted her chest upwards as she pulled Jan’s head downward to her boobs.

“Suck them for a bit, sweetie, I’d really like that,” Jo said as she pushed her nipple between Jan’s parting lips.

She did.

And while Jan obeyed Jo’s command and sucked on Jo’s breasts, she felt her stomach flutter as Jo’s hand slipped into her gym shorts, Jo’s fingers doing a slow crawl towards Jan’s so-wanting-to-be-touched young snatch.

Jan didn’t mean to gasp that little sound when Jo’s fingers found their target, she really didn’t but damn it to hell, Jo’s fingers were doing things that were just un-fucking-believable to her, now-wet, pussy.

“Take off your clothes, babygirl, let’s go play in the water,” Jo suddenly said while quickly removing her hand from the youngster’s sopping pussy.

Quicker than you could say ‘strip’, they were naked and in the water, Jo’s arms wrapped around Jan’s shoulders and back, Jo’s lips wrapped around Janice’s gnawing lips and tongue.

So wrapped up were they in their kiss and, soon, fondling of each other, neither took notice of Tess and Megan leaving the pool, arms around each other, walking back into the house…..

“Mmph, mmmph…huhh, huhhhh,” shorts gasps of satisfaction leaked from Megan’s lips, her mouth full of one of Tess’ breasts. Below, Tess was three-fingers wide and, two knuckles deep, into Meg’s snatch, her ‘fucking’ of the teenager, hard, lustful, and almost, hurtful.