05 – Angel of Mercy

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First times: 05 — Angel of mercy

As so often happens, this story was planned to go in a completely different direction, but my characters took over and this is the result.
     You will see what I mean in the first story of the “Angels and Daemons” series. I used the same name for the main character, something I go to great pains to avoid, because that was my original intent for her.
     Again my heartfelt thanks to Valphund for teaching me to be a better author. Any mistake is my own.


The hour-long commute by city bus, then metro, was an ordeal for most of her fellow travelers, but it was a necessary period of meditation and centering for Ariel. The job of counselor in a children’s hospital wasn’t for the faint of heart.

So being late and forced to drive there was a mixed blessing. The transit time was cut in half, but she hadn’t been able to close her eyes and bring forth the strength she would need as soon as she stepped on the oncology floor.

Ariel was sitting, head bowed on the steering wheel, catching her mental breath, when there was a rap on her window. Startled, it took her a few seconds to remember where she was. She smiled when she saw the woman standing outside.

Amelia was certainly a force of nature. Always jovial, ebullient even, she was the unofficial morale booster of the entire department.

A chubby woman in her late forties, she bucked the establishment by wearing some colorful accessory along with the customary scrubs. That day, it was a bright scarf of multi-colored daisies.

“Are you coming out, or do you intend to sleep in your car all day?” She laughed. Amelia was fully aware of Ariel’s process and did her best to help her with it. As a nurse in the same department, she’d had her share of heartbreaks. She certainly didn’t envy the younger woman who dealt so intimately with their young charges.

“Sleep sounds good right now. My neighbor was sick all night and I stayed at her place to help. Let’s just say that her couch has seen better days.”

“Mine’s brand new, if you insist on avoiding your own bed. I splurged last summer after a spring sprung through the cushion and I had a surprise of the most un-erotic kind.”

Amelia recounted her encounter with the offending offspring of a steel wire and industrial machinery in salacious details all the way to their floor. When the elevator doors opened, she took Ariel’s hand and squeezed it.

“Take it easy, dear. If you need a lap to rest on, I suppose I could close my legs for a while.” Amelia teased.

“You started exercising?” Ariel countered good-naturedly.

Despite being from different social strata, the two women had hit it off the very first day Arial started working at the hospital. They had seen each other while she interned, but rarely came in contact.

That day, an insensitive doctor with atrocious bedside manner was making a young girl cry and Ariel was in his face about it. As the tone escalated, Amelia intervened by reminding the doctor that his file already contained many reprimands and that he was on his way out if he didn’t mind his manners in front of the children.

The two women and the little girl had a good laugh at his expense as he stormed away, sputtering indignantly.

By the end of the day, every child on the floor called her Wonder Woman, so, of course, she came in the next day wearing a golden tiara and bracelets, and deflected imaginary bullets all day for the amusement of patients and staff.

Since then, they were known as the A Team. They complemented each other so well, professionally and personally.

The fact that Amelia was a lesbian and Ariel wasn’t had never entered their minds until some sniggering male nurse made some crude comment and took vile pleasure in spreading rumors and innuendo, which no one found funny in the least. He ended being the butt of his own meanness when a visiting doctor overheard him. As it happened, he was Ariel’s father, there to visit his good friend, the Director of the oncology department. No one was sad to see him escorted out by security minutes later.


That Monday morning, Amelia had been standing outside with some friends who were there for a smoke on purpose. She was waiting for the younger woman. This would be a tough shift and she wanted to see for herself how she was holding on.

She had heard how Ariel had spent the week-end working with some of their sicker patients. She wasn’t surprised when she drove in. The girl probably had been pacing all night instead of sleeping.

So she wasn’t terribly surprised when she found her asleep on a chair, head pillowed on her arms on a little boy’s bed, most likely talking to him when she succumbed to fatigue. He was gently caressing her hair and put his finger on his lips to signal Amelia to be quiet. Nodding, she backed out, flicked the lights off, and shut the door. No one went into the room except her to check on the boy.

When Ariel came out two hours bahis firmaları later, slightly disheveled and blushing furiously, everyone she met smiled kindly at her and no few patted her arm. Amelia had told them how the terminal patient had been beaming at this spontaneous gesture of humanity.

She put her arm around Ariel’s waist and steered her to the nurses’ lounge. It was more modestly appointed than the doctors’, but there was a feeling of warmth to it and she often used it.

“I feel like such a wuss.” Ariel said as she splashed cold water on her face. “That wasn’t the most professional thing I ever did.”

“I don’t know about that.” Her friend said, looking at her in the mirror, never stopping the soothing shoulder massage. “We all know you spent the week-end here with Jeremy and the other kids. Maybe I should get you the full Wonder Woman costume. I, for one, wouldn’t mind ogling your body in those bustier and spandex bottom.”

“Oh, you.” Ariel leaned in the gentle neck massage. “If you continue like this, you won’t have to get any cartoon costume. I’ll drag you to the massage therapy room and strip bare for you.”

“Promises, promises, sweetie.” It was getting harder for Amelia to keep her attraction of Ariel in check. “Why don’t you ask your boyfriend to do it for you instead of spending all your time at work? All work and no play, you know.”

“Ah!” The derision in the snort was clear. “I almost envy you, Am. Did you know that men can’t take the competition when it comes from a dying child…”

Hearing the catch in her friend’s voice, Amelia turned her around and embraced her.

“They’re brave little boys and girls, Ariel. You make a big difference in their lives.” She held her until she felt some of the tension leave her, knowing the toll her vocation was taking on the young woman. She had seen it often enough over the years among the nurses. “Why don’t we go out tonight and get drunk. Or get sloshed and find you a hunk to take your mind of this place, if only for a couple of hours.”

“You’re projecting again, Am. You’re the party girl here. Going out every week-end and collecting skirts. As for me… I don’t even remember the last time I had sex… with a man. I think my Hitachi is about to propose to me.” She giggled ruefully.

“I could lend you my Ben-Wa balls. They’re the best. A brisk walk with them and you’ll forget all about that clinging appliance.”

Though she kept her tone light, Amelia was in a similar predicament, if for different reasons. Unaccountably, the last two women she had brought home didn’t appreciate hearing her cry out Ariel’s name when they made her climax. Go figure.

“But he’s soooo good to me!” Ariel mock-whined which set both women laughing. “I was serious about the massage, dear.” She said when they settled down. “I could use a good rub-down, and I heard a couple of nurses talking about your magic hands.”

Amelia closed her eyes, trying to repress her shivers and contain her moans. Ariel probably didn’t realize what she was doing, but the hand she ran up and down the nurse’s back was doing its own kind of magic quite effectively. She knew she should let go now that Ariel was feeling better, but…

“I’ll see if the therapy room is available after our shift if you want.”

“I was thinking about your place… with the candles and the incense and the soft music…”

“I see some loose lips can’t help flapping. Did they tell you how the evening ended, honey?”

“Not in so many words, but I could guess from their dreamy eyes. We wouldn’t have to do it, though, would we? All I want is the massage.”

“No…” Amelia hoped the catch in her own voice wasn’t too obvious. “Not at all. The happy ending is a service offered upon request only. I’m running low on massage oil. I’ll have to get some more. What about next week-end? Are you free?”

“I don’t know yet.” Ariel sighed deeply. “I’ll have a better idea Friday. Is that too much of an inconvenience?”

“Not at all. I understand.” Amelia didn’t need to go into details. She knew full well that they were on a death watch for at least three children and that Ariel would want to be there for them as another counselor would be for their parents. These people were saints. “We’ll play it by ear, sweetie. Now, we’d better get back to work or tongues will start wagging, and not in a fun way.”

“Don’t you ever think about anything but sex?”

“Why would I? It’s soooo much fun!”

They were both laughing when they came back on the floor.


As everyone in the department had expected, it was a bad week, with two children dying and three more being hospitalized when their cancer flared up unexpectedly after being in remission for months.

Wednesday morning, Ariel and another counselor brought a small duffle bag. By Friday evening, both were haggard and listless. They put on their game face in front of their young charges and their parents, but they weren’t fooling anyone else. All knew that kaçak iddaa the long breaks they took were so they could cry their own pain out.

They were too tired to even protest when the intervention was staged at the instigation of their colleagues. The man would be brought home to his wife who had been warned and was waiting for him. Nobody even smiled when Amelia told them she was taking Ariel home with her. Anyone else would have done it if they could.

The counselor was asleep, her head on the nurse’s shoulder before Amelia even drove out of the parking lot. She slept through being pulled out of the car and guided to Amelia’s apartment. It was a good thing the older woman had experience undressing a limp body, but when she pulled out the sleeping wear Ariel had been using from the sports bag, she wisely decided that her friend could sleep naked for one night.

She read a book while she ran a load in the washer and dryer. Every so often, she’d check on her guest, but the woman was dead to the world.


The moan issuing from somewhere deep inside her woke Ariel, but she fought valiantly to hold on to the wonderful dream. She hadn’t had a wet dream in a long time, and this one had been particularly sensual and erotic.

It had been so realistic that she could swear she was still feeling herself draped over a warm body, a strong arm holding her close, her leg tickled by pubic hair, her hand squeezing a soft breast…

“Eeeeek!” She jumped back from… Amelia, who was looking at her groggily.

“You have a strange way of waking up, sweetie.”

“Why…? Why are you naked in bed with… Eeeek!” She pulled the covers over her own bare breasts, then pulled them back over Amelia. “Why am I in bed naked with you? Is this a lesbian way to seduce a woman?”

“First, you’re naked because your bedclothes stank and nothing I have would fit you. Second, I’m in the buff too because you asked me to. Don’t raise your perfect eyebrow at me, missy. I was changing into a proper sleeping attire when you held your arms out to me and whined, pleading. It was so cute, I couldn’t say no. As soon as I slipped under the covers, you molded your body to mine. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy falling asleep with you fondling my breasts.”

“Noooo!” Ariel put a hand over her mouth, shocked. “Tell me you’re joking, Am. Please tell me the truth.”

“Okay, maybe you weren’t fondling my breasts, but everything else is true. A girl can fantasize a bit, can’t she?”

“You didn’t have to…”

“As a matter of fact, I did, dear. You should have heard yourself. And I’m glad I did. You were restless before I joined you. Was it so terrible, holding on to me like that?”

Ariel reached to touch her friend’s hand, afraid she had hurt her feelings.

“Of course not, Am. I was startled, that’s all.” Even if she kept her eyes on Amelia’s face, Ariel was very aware of her naked body, which she didn’t seem in a hurry to cover. And the more she looked at her, the more her lips seemed fascinating. So full, so wet from the pink tongue she had run on them, so…

Amelia was getting aroused too, but she didn’t want to take advantage of her friend’s vulnerability.

“Do you need to use the bathroom right now? Or could I use it before you take a shower? Your clothes are washed and dried so you’ll have something clean to wear.”

“You did all that for me?”

“Hey! That’s what friends are for, sweetie. Now move along or put something on. I’m not made of wood, you know.”

Ariel blushed furiously when she realized she had dropped the covers, exposing herself, but she didn’t resist when the older woman touched her cheek and brought her down for a light kiss.

She couldn’t take her eyes off Amelia’s naked body as she got a robe and walked out.

She found her pudginess strangely erotic. She certainly didn’t fit any canon of beauty, but there was something… natural about her. Without realizing it, her hand was… reaching for her.

As soon as she was alone, she fell back on the bed, stunned. Not at being naked in bed with another woman. She had been to sleepovers where she and her friends had slept without bedclothes on. At her reaction just then. When she turned over, her head landed on Amelia’s pillow and she moaned involuntarily when she breathed in her scent. She pulled back when her leg landed on a wet spot where her friend had been. At first, she was shocked, then she reached hesitantly to touch it.

‘She said I had a perfect eyebrow.’ She mused. Ariel was about to bring the sticky substance on her fingers to her lips when Amelia came out of the bathroom.

“All done. Leave me some hot water… Unless you want to share.” She wiggled her eyebrows comically, but didn’t wait for an answer before moving out of view.

“I… I wouldn’t mind sharing.” Ariel surprised herself by whispering.

She walked slowly to the bathroom, half dreading, half hoping Amelia would come back and see her. She knew full well she could kaçak bahis have covered herself with the blanket.

Once she was behind the closed door, sitting on the toilet, she slowly brought her fingers to her nose, then to her lips. There were tears in her eyes when she got up and went to the sink where she unwrapped a toothbrush.

The face looking back at her in the mirror was familiar, but she saw something new in it too. She touched her face lightly, then her neck. She traced her collarbone, her upper chest, her breasts. She moaned when she brushed her nipples, but kept her eyes open.

She knew she was what all men, and most women, if truth be told, found beautiful, but after seeing Amelia and feeling the effect her naked body had on her, she reevaluated what ‘beautiful’ was.

Years of discipline and hard work had gone in getting and maintaining her athletic body, but she felt ashamed of the surgery which gave her such firm breasts. Amelia’s had felt so soft under her hand. She stifled a gasp as she felt her vagina clench at the memory. She came to her senses, holding on to the washbasin with one hand as her knees threatened to buckle, and the other cupping her bald pussy.

She was startled when Amelia knocked on the door.

“Ariel?” She asked softly. “Are you okay, honey?”

“I…” She had to swallow a few times and take deep breaths before she could answer. “I’m fine, Am. I was just… I’m brushing my teeth. I’ll be quick in the shower, I promise.”

“Take all the time you need. I don’t mind if I have to wait a bit for more water to heat.”

“Thank you. I’ll… I’ll be right out.”

She had lied. She wasn’t fine at all. She was aroused as she had never been… Ever. But it was impossible. She was straight. She loved men… Well, she loved making love… Okay, she enjoyed having sex. She had never been in love. At first, she had rationalized that she was too busy with her studies, then with her career, but she had finally admitted it to herself some months back.

Amelia was her friend, had been for six years. They had laughed together, they had cried in each other’s arms. They had done everything best friends did together.

She wasn’t a…

Ariel wiped the tears from her eyes and turned to the shower. She grinned when she saw the shape of the soap-on-a-rope. She waited for the hot water to come on, then adjusted the temperature. All along, her eyes were pulled to the thing hanging there. Surely it meant she was straight, but what was it doing in a lesbian’s shower?


Amelia had been on her way to the bedroom to change the sheets. She had woken up in a puddle of cream. At least she had a mattress cover under it.

An audible gasp and moan had stopped her at the bathroom door. She stood there, her hand pressed flat on the door, thinking about the superb woman standing naked behind it.

Over the years, gorgeous women had been in her apartment, in her bed, but none had ever affected her like Ariel did. There was something about her…

They had a closer relationship than she had ever had with any other woman, even those she had considered to be her girlfriends. They had gone out to the theater, to the movies, even camping. They had tried new restaurants together. They had supported each other through heartbreaks and celebrated their achievements.

When she didn’t hear anything for a while, she knocked… timidly (her, timid?) and asked if she was okay. She thought she heard something in Ariel’s voice, but she wasn’t sure what it was.

She stood there until she heard the water running. When she did, she groaned quietly and crumbled to her knees, head against the wood. She would have given anything to be in there to wash her back, to touch her soft skin. She had lied about her fondling her breasts, but not about taking a long time falling asleep. The feeling of Ariel’s body pressed against hers, of her skin under her hand, touching her. It’s a wonder the puddle wasn’t bigger.

There. That was a moan. Unable to help herself, she opened the robe and shoved a hand between her legs. She blushed when she thought about the soap. It had been a gag gift she won during one of those silly games at a friend’s bachelorette party. Was she using it? Was she running it on her breasts? Between her thighs? Inside…

Amelia wanted to walk away, to run away, but she was rooted in place by the image of her dear friend masturbating with the cock-shaped soap. As she pictured her, she imitated what her mind’s eyes was showing her, thrusting two fingers inside her own vagina.

She was writhing on the floor, in the throes of an orgasm when it registered that she wasn’t hearing the water running anymore. With a gasp, she stumbled to her room where she closed the door before falling on the bed. She had to… It was only minutes before she climaxed again.

Quiet footsteps stopped on the other side of the door as she lay there, gasping. She knew that if she touched herself, at that moment, the excitement of Ariel possibly opening the door and seeing her would set her off yet again. Her hand was hovering near her pussy, waiting, she wasn’t sure exactly for what. Then she heard the woman walk away toward the kitchen.