02-03 Encounters with “M”

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2). The second time…

he came around again
it was similar to the last time:
the door was open, the lights were off, but
this time I had some music playing
we’d organised it all previously via text that day
he would come around later that night
he would be silent
I would be silent
the anticipation had me so incredibly aroused

when he finally arrived,
he came in
he took his clothes off
and laid down beside me on the sofa bed

we kissed and touched a lot
and we talked a bit
we talked more than before, and laughed,
he’s quite funny…..and smart…I like that

then he told me to stop talking
he started kissing me on the lips
his tongue probing my mouth
again he told me to shut up
he said shut up and fuck me
and as I giggled
I felt him slide inside me
he was so big
and so I shut up
and we fucked
it was great
he really fucked me hard
and he fucked me really good
he kept on fucking me and I liked it
I liked the way he fucked me

earlier that day he asked me
if I’d ever done anal
I said I had
I said I loved it
he replied that when he read my words;
his cock grew rock hard…

and bahis firmaları so now, on the couch, while he thrust hard inside my pussy
I offered him the chance
he could fuck me up the arse
I asked him did he want to
I already knew the answer
but I loved hearing him say it
Fuck yes, roll over.
he rolled me over onto my stomach
grabbed my hips and lifted me slightly, my arse in the air
I felt the tip first as he placed it near my hole
that excited me
soon I felt more of him as
he eased slowly into me
gently, I told him
I was so tight
his cock moved deeper inside me
Oh God! I moaned
he too moaned out loud
he began fucking me
fucking me from behind
fucking me in the arse
so hot
so incredibly hot
it felt so good
I clawed at the cushions
pain transformed to pleasure
he fucked me up the arse

he reached around and found my tits
my nipples hard, erect, sensitive
he grabbed them with both hands
his body weight now on top of mine
I liked feeling slightly trapped underneath him
his skin, his warmth, his chest rising and falling
meshing and pounding against mine
he squeezed my breasts hard
my nipples kaçak iddaa harder
he bit at my neck
fuck that turned me on

and fucked me hard
his cock sliding in and out of my arse
his grunts and moans of pleasure from above
taking it in turns with mine
he said he was going to cum
so I stopped him

he slid out and turned me back over
onto my back
he cleaned himself up
then asked
can I come in your pussy
I should sure
and opened up my legs for him to enter
he then fucked my pussy
I held onto the rails of the couch so I could lift my legs up higher
and he could get in deeper
he went in deep
so deep
I cried out
he fucked me
kept fucking me
the couch banging against the wall
he fucked and fucked me
till he came

he left soon after….

3). the third encounter…

more texting through the day…

“U busy now? Would love a blow job before work!
If you come here now you can suck me…
I am stroking my cock and it’s huge!
Wish I was deep inside you pounding you doggy and pulling your nipples as you rub your clit…
Hello you horny little thing, your arse need servicing?
I would love to watch you kaçak bahis fuck another chic
How about another chic and u two 69 with a toy in one pussy as I fuck your arse…
Fuck I’m horny”

Later that night
he said he’d come around and that
I should be in my bed
I said you don’t know where it is
he said he’d find it
in the dark?
of course!
he said, ‘no talking!’
I said fine
I said no lights
he said okay

he arrived
he came to my room
he got into bed with me naked
it was dark
it was silent

and he fucked me again
and again it was hot
he rolled me over and we did it doggy
he said he was going to cum
so I stopped him
I rolled back over and said,
“then fuck me this way, because
I’m about to cum too”
he fucked me hard and fast
and as my head pounded against the back of the bed
I came
as I came I grabbed on hard to him
pulling him closer to me
my breasts heaving up at him
my body shaking

quickly he withdrew from my still quivering pussy
and then he came
he came on my pussy
I could feel his hot thick fluid running over my clitoris
I rubbed it in
absorbing the last of my own orgasm
he shuddered above me
his orgasm subsiding
till he was spent

he then, as quickly as he arrived, kissed me said, “I’ll be in touch”
and left
it was hot
and I fucking love it…..