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WryilgxdMy name is Jonathan Roberts and this story is completely true it all happened when my family and I were all on vacation taking a cruise through the Bahamas when our ship stopped to pick up some people I decided to get off for a couple of minutes and walk around town. On my way back up the ramp to the ship I noticed a couple of Latino women sitting around on the deck sunbathing, I sat there and watched them for a while before returning to my room. Two or three hours later I was walking through the deck when the need to use the bathroom came to me in my rush to get there I didn’t notice when instead of entering the men’s room I accidently entered the women’s room. Using one of the stalls I pulled out my cock and went about using the bathroom after a couple of seconds I finished and put my junk away when I heard the bathroom door open and the sound of females talking to each other.Scarred for a second I sat down and waited for them to leave, listening carefully I sat there on the toilet when I heard the sound of someone peeing only the sound was wrong somehow getting curious I stood up on the toilet and peeked over the divider and got the shock of my life when there standing before the toilet was one of the Latino women a very beautiful Latino with black hair brown eyes and tan skin but what shocked me the most was the fact that she was standing up peeing with a cock. Starring in shock I didn’t notice that the other woman who had green contacts on with a dyed sandy blonde hair and tan skin that had tokat escort come in with her friend was using the sink and saw me in the mirror. Moving back down to the toilet I sat there and waited for the woman next to me to stop peeing and leave the bathroom. When she did I listened carefully and heard the bathroom door open and close, staying in the stall for a couple of minutes I decided to sneak out before I could get caught in what I now knew was the women’s bathroom.Opening the door I began to make my leave when I heard someone clear there throat shocked I jumped and looked toward where the sound came from only to see the two women who came into the bathroom standing before the door and looking at me with an expression that said I was caught. Looking like a deer caught in the headlights of a car I said, “Um hi.”“Hi,” they replied before asking me. “So did you have a nice time spying on us?”“I uh wasn’t spying,” I replied trying to sound confident only to fail as I stuttered.“I see,” the black haired Latino said to me as she walked around me. Stopping behind me she wrapped her arms around my back and reached toward my hard on grabbing it with her hands she asked. “Well if you weren’t looking than why do you have a hard on?”“I may have peeked a little,” I replied not noticing as the sandy blond haired Latino approached me with her pants down and eight and a half inch rock hard cock in her hands as she jerked herself off.“I see well why don’t you get on your knees and say you’re sorry,” the black tokat escort bayan haired Latino said as she pushed me onto my knees.Opening my mouth to say that I’m sorry I began to talk only for a rock hard cock to enter my mouth. Turning my head in disbelief I looked up at the blonde haired shemale and try to talk only to mumble around her cock causing her to moan out and began to thrust harder and faster in my mouth. panicking a little I try to use my hands to push her away only for them to be bound behind my back by something, trying to spot what was holding my arms down I froze when I felt my pants and boxers fall down and a hand wrap around my dick. Moaning a little do to the hand around my dick jerking me off I began to bob my head back and forth u*********sly sucking off the cock in my mouth when I went wide eyed and moaned out in pleasure as the shemale behind me stuck a finger into my ass and pressed down on my prostate making me cum in her hands. Moaning out as I came I take the cock in my mouth deep into my throat causing the blonde shemale to cum in my mouth and down my throat. Feeling the cock leave my throat and mouth I cough and swallow as much of the cum in my mouth as I could.“Well wasn’t that nice,” the black haired shemale said in my ear as I felt something poke me in my ass and begin to enter me.“What are you doing?” I asked as it dawned on me as to what was going to happen.“Relax I’ll make you feel good,” she told me as she pushed her cock further and further in me escort tokat until she was all the way in. “See that wasn’t so hard now let’s get to the main event.”Moaning out in both pain and pleasure I felt her cock pull back before she thrusted into me as hard as she could hitting my prostate and making me cum a little. Trying to catch my breath I lost it once more when she repeated what she did earlier and began to fuck me faster and harder sending so much pleasure through my body that I blacked out for most of what was going on. Coming back to my senses I heard the shemale behind me scream out as she came deep in my ass, feeling my ass fill up with cum I turned my head only to be hit in the face with cum from the other shemale as she finished jerking off and shot her seed all over my face.“Uh that was so good,” I heard from the shemale that was in my ass.“Yeah it was good wasn’t it Gina?” I heard from the blonde shemale standing in front of me.“You were a good fuck boy toy,” the shemale named Gina said as she pulled her cock from my ass and stood up.Feeling my arms unbound I stretched my arms and stood up with some stiffness and a sore ass. Moving over to the sink I began to wash my face when I heard one of the shemales walk up to me and say, “Here call us some time and well do this again.”Grabbing a piece of paper from the blonde haired shemale I looked it over noticing that it had a number on it with the name of both shemales Gina and Carman. Turning to the women who just gave me the best and most confusing time of my life I said bye to them and watched as they left the bathroom. I never got the chance to call them or see them again but I did keep what happened to me to myself as I began my new life as a bisexual with more desire in shemales