wild cybersex

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wild cybersexYou: how r u?Stranger: good and you??You: im fine thanksStranger: welcomeYou: asl?Stranger: 19 f new yorkYou: 22/m/montrealStranger: coolYou: what do you look like?Stranger: i am 5’5″ thin black hair blue eyes siz D bra you??You: im 6f1 145 lbs blue/green/gray eyes brown hair slim athletic fit 6 pack a a thick 8 incher ;)Stranger: nice :)You: you sound hot too :)Stranger: thanksYou: what r u wearing babeStranger: i am wearing a cute zebra print halter top with a short black skirt and high heels with itYou: hmmmm sexy!Stranger: thanksStranger: what are you wearing?You: dark blue sport boxers and a white bathrobeStranger: niceStranger: oh and im wearing no panties under my skirt fyi ;)You: oh aksaray escort great i was actually wondering :DYou: you are one naughty girl :)Stranger: thanks i am one ;)Stranger: i wish i had a hot guy like you to please me all night ;)You: to eat your clit for hoursStranger: yeah i like it like thatYou: id flick your clit with my thongue at a devils pace while id finger the fuck out of youStranger: yes plz do soYou: making you squirt all over my faceStranger: oh yeah i want itYou: then id whip my big phat cock out and id start ripping your insideStranger: oh yeah babe give it to me harder plzYou: stirring your stomach as i fuck you hard and deepStranger: yes plz doYou: as i suck on your nipples escort aksaray hard and good while my tongue is flicking themStranger: oh yes plz they need love tooYou: still fucking you like a b**st id start tickling your butthole with my fingerYou: switching nipple to get then both rock hardStranger: yes i want it like that make me sweat and scream plzYou: when id finnally slip my finger in your tight butt id synchronise it with my cockStranger: oh yes make me cum plz babeYou: id take you doggy style so you can feel my balls hitting your clit each times i ram your cervixStranger: yes plz do me hardYou: pulling all the way out for each trust and each trust filling you until your taking my aksaray escort bayan fat meat to the hiltStranger: mmmmm yeah that is making me sweat babyYou: then id turn you around tou have your leg on my shoulder so i still can ram your pussy until my cock dissapeared to my balls while i also can rub your clit like crazyStranger: ahhh yes go baby go do me harderYou: as i can see your boobs bounce each time my hips hit your assYou: while my thumb is still furyously rubbing your clitYou: and my other hand fingering you pink buttholeStranger: yes get me to scream more plzYou: id switch my cock to a tighter hole as i dive 3 fingers in your pussy rubbing your g-spotYou: my dick is tearing your ass in twoStranger: yes do it plz harderYou: ramming your ass harder and harderStranger: plz more moreYou: fingering your pussy so hard it nearly hurtStranger: yes yes yes yes drive me wildYou: as i pick up the pace even more until my body just isnt able to follow