Wife touch some ones else’s dick

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Wife touch some ones else’s dickFirst time wife touching some one elseHi my name is J and my wife’s name is M this story is about when I saw my wife grab another mans dick. If you have read our other story you know what’s going on at the story goes on. Me and M where having a great sex life he had sex almost every day for about 2 years and one day I started to tell her during sex would you like to touch another mans dick and possibly have him fuck you really good. The first time she didn’t say anything but she did get very horny. The next day she asked me if I really meant what i had said last night. I told her it drives me crazy thinking of her getting fucked by another man. She said do you think you can handle watching me with someone else I kissed her and told I trust our relationships. During sex we would talk sinop escort about how we would find some one and she would have sex with him. She would cum so hard when we talk about it. So one day we went to go eat during my lunch break and my car broke down we called our towing service but they said they would be 2-3 hours. So while I was waiting I saw a Repo looking tow truck I waved him down and I asked him if he tow us to our house wasn’t to far about 1 mile away he said he could but he was with one more guy and we would have to seat one each other I was ok with that M would seat on my lap during the ride. So we agreed and got the car all hooked up and ready to go it was the driver me M seat on my lap and it was they guy helping him out. They guy helping him out was young and was not a bad looking guy. escort sinop Well when arrived shortly it was time to get off and the helper got off my wife went to get off and tripped I tried to grab her but she slipped right on the the guy helping but her hand some how ended up right on his crouch and Was there for more than a sec and she realized where it was and movied it. I didn’t think much of it but. But that night she was very horny more than normal and she put my head right on her pussy it was very wet already. So I knew something was going on and she starts to tell me. M words : you know how you want me to feel another mans dick well today I did when I slipped getting off the truck and I grabbed his dick. My dick was raging with a hard on she said to me he knew i like to touch it as when I went inside sinop escort bayan to get change to pay them the helper give him his cell and said if she needs anything that’s his cell number. She said she smiled at him and said sorry about the slip and he said it was ok that he was glad he was there to catch her from fallen and he enjoyed being the hero what she said to me next really made me almost cum with out even touching my self. She smiled at him and said I bet you enjoyed it. I could tell. She said he was pitching a tent and she looked at him and down. I asked her do you wish he was here to fuck you right now and she let out a deep breath and started to cum really hard while I was licking her clit. The next day I asked if she was going to call him but she said she felt weirded out by it and said she felt like a dirty person but I told her no that no one would find out. But when she was very horny she would always say she was going to call him. I thought she would when I was at work or something. But she never did. To be continued: J&M