Wife Does Bachelor Party At Resort Bar

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Wife Does Bachelor Party At Resort BarThis summer while our new home was being built, my wife Suzy and our k**s moved into a small cottage at one of those old “ma and pa” lakefront resorts in Wisconsin. However, this resort was not owned by any “Ma and Pop”; but rather a young Dentist, Phil and his equally hot wife Lori. I was a little worried about leaving my hot little wife at the resort surrounded by hunky young boaters on vacation but what the heck. I know these guys would like nothing better than to fuck my hot young MILF. You see my wife was beautiful, she is a petite brunette about 5’ 1” tall, weighed about 105 pounds, small perky tits and a nice firm ass, with a movie star face that drew stares wherever we went. One day my wife said, Phil’s resort bar is in financial trouble and Lori needs something to draw in the young boater crowd to increase their business. Lori had asked my wife Suzy, and two young teachers Sasha and Sandy to “spice up” the atmosphere in the bar by wearing just skimpy shorts, sexy white türkçe bahis gym socks and a small bikini that would accent there gorgeous young bodies. The first week I went to the bar and they were three of the hottest waitresses I’ve ever seen in my life. These women drove these young boaters wild, and business skyrocketed. I could tell my wife seemed to really enjoy serving drinks and bending over to display her small tits and perky nipples to the customers. Occasionally on a Friday and Saturday night she went topless to increase her tips. I knew the bar owner Phil was fucking her when I was out of town, but what the heck, she was lonely and needed to be fucked while I was gone. Three days was the most she could last without a cock in her mouth or one in her pussy. One day I was in the bar talking to an old codger Dan who said “hey were you at the bachelor party last Wednesday? Phil put on a private party for about ten guys, I knew the groom’s dad so he let me in. The girls all paraded around topless and youwin giriş the skinny girl Suzy gave the groom a blow job”. He said it was really wild, the girl’s bikinis came off and soon their shorts came off also, the guys got drunker and drunker and the girls started giving lap dances. Someone in the crowd shouted “who is going to blow the groom” and your wife Suzy asked “how much”? The guys then pooled their money and said “$300.00” and handed her a wad of bills. Dan said she immediately put the groom on a chair in the center of the room, pulled down his swimsuit and started sucking his cock. Dan Said “No offense, but your wife can sure suck cock; she really has some talent. I said what did she do? And he described what happened next he said she began by licking the groom’s balls and slowly working her long tongue up to the top of his now swollen cock. She got to the head and put it in her mouth concentrating on just the head. The crowd went crazy she had one of the longest tongues youwin güvenilir mi I ever saw and began licking the groom’s dick like a lolly pop. No guy could stand a workout like this for very long and soon she began trying to deep throat this guy, but she had a small mouth and could only take about half of it down her throat. Still she sucked on that baby for about three more minutes while the groom writhed in pleasure and the audience yelled “Suzy, Suzy”.Dan then said I don’t mean to offend you with what happened next, and I said “OK go ahead I know she’s a slut”. Dan said she stopped sucking and began stroking the Groom’s dick and shouted to the cheering crowd “for another hundred I’ll take his load”. The crowd roared in approval as money kept flying from everywhere. Then she opened her mouth wide knowing that she was about to get a load of sperm in her mouth. The crowd roared when the groom started to come and she kept her mouth wide open while he fed her his load. Everyone in the room went crazy when she gulped and swallowed it all down. The groom by this time was spent and passed out on the floor. Suzy got up and said to the guys “$450.00 for five minutes work, not bad”!!! She then took off her thong and walked around the bar naked shouting “you like this guys”!!!