What the hell,here’s my very first time story

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What the hell,here’s my very first time storyI’ve been resisting writing this most archetypal of stories that almost everyone else has had a crack at already but hey ho why not.I very much doubt it will be anymore exciting,sexy,well written or original than a hundred other first time tales,all I can promise is it’ll be honest which is something at least :)So how on earth did I find myself,when essentially I believed to be fundamentally straight,getting somewhat up close and intimate sexually with another man ??Incredibley,it was because I’d come to the conclusion I had to nip my bi-curiosity in the bud,which I’d been a subject of for maybe 7 to 9 months by then !!!I’d dismissed it,played it down,denied it and tried not to think about it but I couldn’t hide that a certain preoccupation with naked men,in particular hard cocks,balls,arse and especially photos with a man’s legs open exposing his penis,sack,taint and his nice,puckered brown rectum were taking up half my ‘porn’ time.Also long indulgent fantasys,imagining with great detail sucking and stroking that rigid member and bringing it to release in my mouth,or at least what i believed it would be like as i’d not even seen another mans cock since P.E at school.Apart from the times in my early/mid 20’s when myself and a good friend would often end up out our skull spit roasting some horny wee bird we’d met but even when it went on all night I barely paid his body a seconds attention.Once I’d established my 8 inches were noticably longer,thicker,bigger and straighter in shaft than the barely even 6 inches he could muster ( plus a good check out to see who’s balls were bigger.Again,as I was visably superior in size the matter was settled).Happy,my equipment was clearly more substanial I never paid any heed to his body again !!!Yet here I was a regular hetrosexual red blooded male masturbating long and pleasurably thinking about another man’s excited genitalia,how could that be,was I turning gay,what’s the crack wi that ???Well,nine months earlier I’d split with the woman I was crazy over n had been for the two previous internet casino years but after a few weeks I picked myself up n at a friends party I chatted up a girl of 20 and her 19 year old pal.At age 31 by then I found it easy to impress a couple of young lassies and I’d got them both up for coming home with me n fucking all night.Except,we began to get off at this party I knew I only wanted to fuck one woman but she’d dumped a few weeks before so home I went to wank myself to sleep.I’d never been short of fermale company since around 17 so I’d rarely ever wanked in 14-5 yeasrs except for sexual relief,hadn’t done it for pleasure since I sampled pussy but now it was gonna be my main form of pleasure until I felt ready to find a woman.To my surprise I discovered I wasn’t that great at wanking so I explored my newly set up,all new to me internet to find info on technique andf material to raise my blood pressure.lol.It was dial up so downloading video took a lifetime so I sought images,lesbian ones were a real thrill but a week on I downloaded a high-res set n eagerly opened them up to find they were of particularly slutty whores getting anally screwed by a couple of white guys,big turn off !!!As I went through the set I stopped on asn image that just captivated me,two fat blondes bouncing on the guys laps,their hard cocks stretching both anus’s wide as the guys sat there on the couch ( I believe I have some of that set still so I’ll upload a few soon !!!).Both guys had their legs slightly open and were laying back on the couch a little so you got this view right up btwn their legs showing their balls bouncing,good view of their hairy taints and arseholes in full glory.Could I take my eyes from btwn theirs legs,not easily !!!That’s how it began,an illicit peak of the male’s most intimate places was naughty,wrong and exciting.It next progressed to chatting to gay/bi men online n wankingh together then explicit fantasy of stroking and sucking cock.That’s when I realised it was takin over n I had to get it out of my system.Well,actually suck a cock güvenilir casino that’s bound to shatter the illusion n get me pussy hungary again.I met up with an old,old friend I’d not seen in ages and after a good catch up,good drink I started to flirt n tease him,he’d always been bi n I think he had a fancy for me so there I was kneeling in front of him,he was naked from the waist down and because I was hesitating he began to play with his soft cock.When he pulled the skin back of his soft penis I saw it glistening from his pre come,moreover I got the raw,manly,hot smell it wass giving off and that seemed to trigger something in me on a primevil level i wasn’t even aware of but I began to lick my lips and reached out for his now growing organ.It felt remarkably light,soft and almost delicate at first n I rubbed my thumb lightly over his wet head n across his slit as it oozed with his pure,clean fluid.I heard the sharp intake of breath that illicited and was delighted when a repeat made him moan and he was starting to get properly hard now too !!!Again,he wasn’t big either and I doubt he’d measure 6 inches even truly inflamed but he was thick and extremely hard.Staring at this fat n somewhat stubby cock in front of me I peeled his foreskin fully back to expose his head in all it’s now wet,oily glory and kind of like someone at the swimming pool I mentally squeezed my nose btwn my fingers,closed my eyes and prepared to jump :)Slightly impatiently my highly experienced partner held the back of my head as moved towards me slightly n pushing it into my mouth as he did.That was the moment I’m sure,certainly notions of scratching itches or reaffirming my hetrosexuality were long forgotten in the riot of sensation the simple act of entry hasd brought about.The taste,not unpleasant but not pleasant either though it was appealing.The size of him he seemed to own every square mm of my mouth and mark it as his with the constant stream of pre come.I withdrew slightly,hand gripping his base and began to roll my tongue around his purple,swollen glans.Around the rim,up casino firmalari under the shaft,tickling his frenelum before teasing the latest syream of lubricant from his piss slit,the verry faintest acidic,metallic taste of urine being discernable aswell.He was definitely getting aroused cos I felt his hips moving more definitely,he held my heasd still an both my hands migrated around his hips to find his buttocks,suprisingly cold to the touch.His rythym picked up a pace and he was thrusting in full then retracting but as I’d began to allow his swollen glans to slip out between my pre come slick lips i’d play my tongue around his knob .He paused to allow my tongue teasing before pushing back in this time I felt him slam into my throat making me gag,also his balls bounced against my chin.Gripping my head firmly his pace became faster and more urgent,his moans and cries showed me he was intending to blow his load soon,when he pulled out i started stroking it so i had enough time to tell him to come in my mouth and with that he pushed it down my throat,held my head still and began using my mouth like he would a £5 whores arsehole !!!I felt his body stiffen and tense up,his groans reached a cressendo and that bulldog of a penis short,stocky and powerful seemed to grow in size shake,quiver and spasm before a final few seconds of rigidity then it exploded as he ejaculated thick streams of hot semen into my mouth.Carried away he pulled out a little too much and a stream splattered my lips,nose and one eye but I greedily slipped him back into my mouth and began gripping his shaft as he came though it was less powerful now n he slowed right down,catching his breath.Face buried in his crotch,I eagerly savoured the much thinner,watery sperm that leaked from his softening cock and we held that position for several moments until his flaccid,limp member slithered from btwn my lips.Well,far from curing my curiosity I knelt there in a daze,just overwhelmed by how good that was,I wanted more so when he suggested we could go upstairs i agreed :)I wasn’t to know that in an hour or two maybe I’d be struggling to allow my anus to stretch enough as he tried hard to penetrate my tight wee rosebud,that when he decides to quit i get him to pull my rectum open by hand n really stretch it to accomodate him but thar’s another story