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WendyWENDY NIGHTINGALE.???“Wendy’s a nice girl…………………….” That’s what everyone always said. She was the sort of person you liked as soon as you saw her, and so bright and intelligent.Plump, 5’6” and so, so pretty. With the most vivid green eyes you ever saw. She wore glasses and had the most stunning breasts ever. When she moved to our area on her 50th birthday she always had a smile on her face, and no-one ever saw her husband, so she could be a widow, or divorced…… After all she did have five strapping sons……………………………………….39 years earlier……She was always friendly and never made enemies. Wendy made friends easily and had lots of girl, friends and lots of boy, friends but never a ‘boyfriend’.Wendy always stood out from other c***dren because of the smell………….. She gave off a natural perfume that was the most lovely aroma you could imagine. But everyone could smell a different perfume………. Very strange! Being an orphan she never knew what it was to have parents, and grew up happy and healthy in a very rare thing……….. A good, happy orphanage. With the lovely personality and body she had. Sex came early into her life. At age 11 she embarked on the first clumsy fumblings with girls.By age13 she knew exactly what she wanted and needed in her life and set about getting it with clinical precision. She also found she could alter her natural perfume at will. With spectacular results……..She found that she didn’t just like sex. She adored sex. She needed sex. She was a nymphomaniac. With a very specific penchant she would discover later…………………………Sex with Wendy was an absolute treat for everyone, and nothing was off limits. She was as enthusiastic with the girls as she was later with the boys. Also from her 13th birthday, any adult, male or female she had a chance to seduce, never stood a chance. Because she turned seduction from an art form, into her own personal science, at which she should have had a P.H.D.The girls at the orphanage were the first to become aware of Wendy’s stunning figure when she was 11. In the communal showers the girls couldn’t help but notice Wendy’s nipples. All the other girls were just starting to get the first hints of breasts. Wendy was already a B cup size but her nipples………………Her Areolae were easily two inches (50mm) in diameter and her nipples were about three quarters of an inch (20mm) long. They were a source of great fascination to all the girls. Wendy didn’t mind and would let the girls touch and fondle them. Some girls would even tickle them with their tongues and kiss them, which Wendy found to be very pleasant indeed.The shower touching and fondling very soon moved to the bedrooms, and from the age of 11 to when she had her 13th birthday there was a steady stream of girls to and from her bedroom. Girls one at a time or in groups of up to five. Wendy welcomed them all with equal joy and passion. She soon found that five was her favourite number, but over five she found not to her liking. So sometimes girls would have to wait for the first five to be satisfied before they could give and receive the great pleasure that was Wendy………………………It was on her 13th birthday that she was introduced to sex with an adult……….. ‘Mrs Granger’.Now Mrs Granger was well aware that Wendy was the most popular c***d in her establishment. Mrs Granger was a tall elegant lady in her mid forty’s. She was strict but fair and a loving, kind, matriarch.She organised a small birthday party for Wendy’s 13th birthday, as she did with all the c***dren in her care. At the end of the party when everyone sang and wished Wendy a happy birthday. Mrs Granger noticed some of the girls birthday kisses were a little passionate to say the least.She decided to have a quiet private word with Wendy about sexual matters. She also needed to discus the fitting of a new bra, because Wendy was by now very well endowed for a girl of her age, at least a 36c.After the evening meal Mrs Granger asked Wendy to call into her office for a moment.Wendy arrived, and Mrs Granger closed and locked the door so no-one would barge in when she was measuring Wendy for her new bra. She told Wendy she was going to measure her for a new bra as the one she was wearing looked rather small. As Wendy started to removing her bra Mrs Granger knelt in front of her to measure her and brought up the subject of the way some of the girls had kissed her that day……………. Then stopped and stared open mouthed. When she removed the bra her full breasts were revealed for the lovely Mrs Granger to see. Wendy’s areola were now 21/2” (60mm) in diameter and her nipples were hard and pointed and at least 1” (25mm) long, and a warm honey brown colour.Wendy saw Mrs Granger was transfixed. She looked down at them and said “lovely aren’t they?” “Would you like to touch them?” Mrs Granger blinked and cleared her throat “Of course not, why would I want to do that?”Wendy gently touched Mrs Granger’s hair and said ……………..“I’d like you to. See how they are nice and hard? That’s for you.” Wendy edged forward and touched her right nipple to Mrs Granger’s lips.That’s the moment when Ealenor Granger succumbed to the charms, then the absolute pleasures of Wendy Nightingale……………………………………………….Ealenor couldn’t help but kiss the perfect nipple presented to her. Wendy stroked her hair and proceeded to seduce the elegant and fragrant Ealenor Granger.The illegal bahis siteleri moment Wendy said ………“Id like you to”………. Her body perfume changed and Ealenor’s eyes glazed over and her head swam. Still on her knees she kissed and suckled Wendy’s nipples, caressed and fondled her breasts. Wendy began to remove Ealenor’s clothes, her blouse and bra. Wendy asked her to stand and removed her skirt. She was wearing a very fine g-string. Wendy had never seen one before and she liked it……………. But most of all she liked the total absence of pubic hair. All the girls had pubic hair, some fine down and others course and curly. Wendy looked at Ealenor’s breasts and thought they were the nicest she had ever seen. Large and firm with large pointed dark nipples. She bent and kissed each one then gave them both a gentle squeeze with her teeth. Ealenor sighed “Oh yes.” In a soft husky voice that Wendy liked very much. They both sank to the floor of the office and lay on the carpet. Ealenor on her back and Wendy kissing and licking and nibbling, from her lips right down to her pubic mound where she removed the g-string and gently kissed Ealenor’s full pink vaginal lips. Ealenor involuntarily gasped and arched her back. She said ”Oh yes, do that” and opened her legs to give Wendy better access to her labia. Wendy’s tongue slid all round her labia lips and probed slightly until she was in contact with a beautiful pink clitoris which she licked and kissed with vigour. This had the desired effect, Ealenor gasped and said “Yes do that, don’t stop…. Oh more………… yesssssss” as her juices flowed freely. Her breathing was heavy and loud. “Oh yes do that…………Lick me…. Suck me……..Yes …….Yes ……….Yes” She panted……Wendy drank her. She licked and lapped, kissed and suckedEalenor grabbed Wendy’s head and pressed her to her now swollen, full red lips and very large, hard, swollen clit. Her vagina was on fire. Her breasts felt full and so exotic. Her nipples tingled so much……………. The pleasure……………The passion…………..The all consuming ecstasy………..Mrs Granger’s orgasm was huge and intense and she couldn’t help but cry out in her ecstasy and passion “Ooohh Wendy do me, yes, do me. I’m cumming, cumming, nnnngggggmmmmmmmmm”. She had never had sex like this before, it was almost dangerous in it’s intensity. Her juices gushed forth and her nipples expanded and released hot milk with such intensity it shot across the room.Oh the utter joy…………….She felt on fire tingling from head to foot………..More……… More she needed this forever………………… On and on her orgasm took her, to utter and complete sexual oblivion………………………………………..——————————————————————————–When she regained her senses it was much later. She must have passed out. Upon opening her eyes she saw Wendy sitting next to her smiling and stroking her hair. She sat up and kissed the girl with all the passion and love she could muster and said “I’ve never experienced anything like that. It was exquisite……………….I’ve never been with another female before, but now it’s my turn.”It was then she noticed her breasts felt heavy and warm. She looked down and saw her nipples were dripping milk. She said “How can this be I’m not pregnant?” Wendy replied “No your not, but from now on every orgasm you have, your nipples will explode with sweet milk”………Ealenor took Wendy in her arms and kissed and hugged her. She lowered her to the floor again and made love to the first, but not the last girl in her life. She explored this wonderful girl from head to toe. Her passion and love took her to new places she had never been before. This was lesbian love and she consumed it with a passion.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Their love making continued throughout the night. Next morning if anyone saw Ealenor Granger. They would have seen a totally spent and exhausted woman who had gorged herself sexually. Her hair was a mess, as were her clothes. Her make up was smudged and all over the place. The front of her blouse was soaked in milk, she was unsteady on her feet and she was dripping her sex juices as she staggered and swayed to her rooms. But she had the most satisfied smile on her face and she was the happiest she had ever been. From now on she wanted men and women, in great quantities…………………..Sex was now her life force.If anyone had seen Wendy Nightingale they would have seen a fresh faced smiling, lively young girl who was just on her way to breakfast and to greet a new day.It was on that new day that Wendy met John. She had finished breakfast with the other girls and was heading for her room when John, a boy the same age as herself stopped her in the corridor.Now Wendy had not had much to do with boys up to this point in her life. But John was a friendly good looking guy. They made small talk. He said he had seen her around and would like to get to know her, so could he meet her for lunch?She agreed and went on her way, thinking ‘Hmmm a boy, and he’s nice.’At lunch time they met in the canteen and both got packed lunches and went out and sat on the grass under a tree near the old barn.Over their improvised picnic they chatted and laughed and Wendy realised she liked this ‘John’ boy very much. Lunch over, she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. John looked youwin giriş into her eyes and kissed her back. On the lips……………..This was different to the girls kisses…… Boy kisses……She liked this……………She told John she would like to see him again and to meet her back here at the tree after lessons.For John the afternoon dragged by. He wanted to see this amazing Wendy girl again who smelled so good.For Wendy the afternoon was fun. She flirted with the girls and looked forward to meeting this new boy.In the afternoon John arrived at the tree as arranged but no Wendy.He stood and looked around and was just going to go back to his room when Wendy stepped out from behind the tree and smiling kissed him quickly on the lips. She took his hand and said “Let’s go for a walk”They held hands and walked and talked and ended up beside the river. It was a very warm day so they took off their shoes and socks and walked along the rivers edge.John was walking on some large rocks and slipped into the water, as he was holding Wendy’s hand he dragged her in with him and they both ended up sitting in the water laughing like drains……….They couldn’t stay wet and they didn’t want to walk all the way back to the school in their soaking clothes. Wendy shocked John when she suggested they take off their clothes and let them dry in the warm breeze. She immediately took all her clothes off and hung them on a branch. John was more shy, and when she saw him hesitating to get undressed, she went to him and reassured him she would not be frightened or shocked.He finally took his clothes off and hung them up to dry.They lay on the grass in the sun. John had never seen a naked girl and Wendy had never seen a naked boy. They were both fascinated and very interested. Wendy was most interested in the funny thing she knew was called a penis. As they lay on the grass she asked if she could touch it. John was quite shy but agreed she could. As she reached out and held it she thought it was nice and soft and warm. John was looking at Wendy’s amazing breasts and nipples and started to get an erection as she was examining his penis. It started to grow and get hard. She was fascinated. When he was fully hard she asked him lots of questions about it. They both knew about the facts of life. John was so horny now. Wendy took this opportunity to further her own sex education.“Would you like to have sex?” she asked. John gulped and stammered. “Of course…….. Now?………… Here?……….. Us?”Wendy leaned in close and kissed him and he smelled her delicious aroma. His head swam and he lost all his inhibitions and any shyness. He put his arms round her and as they kissed he lowered her to the ground and moved on top of her. Her pubic region was so smooth, and devoid of any hair or peachy fuzz. As he continued to kiss her he very gently entered her. There was no pain or discomfort and no sudden breaking of a hymen. (Wendy never had one……….????…….) He fully entered her and began slowly to make love to her.This was so different to having fun with the girls. This new feeling was so different. She felt full in a lovely comforting way……….. She liked this………………. She liked it a lot……………………As their passions grew their love making grew more intense. John was lasting ages for someone who was a virgin. They were both going at it like prize stallions. Higher and higher they went reaching new plateaus of sexual excitement and ecstasy. For almost a full hour they made mad carefree love on that river bank, until finally they both reached one huge and incredible climax.John went cross eyed and almost had a seizure. Wendy threw her head back and panted and moaned her utter bliss to the blue sky………. On and on their orgasms took them, until at last after almost five solid minutes of orgasm Wendy released him, and he was able to come down from the high sex plane she had taken him. He had filled her with so much cum it should not have been possible for one person. He rolled off her and lay on his back panting with his eyes closed and immediately fell into a deep exhausted sleep.Wendy lay there looking at the sky smiling. Her legs still wide apart and the huge amount of semen running from her onto the grass.’So this is what sex with a boy is like.’ she thought. ‘I like this………I like it a lot……………………I have to have more……………. Lots more………………..’————————————————————————————–From that day forward Wendy made love with, and had sex with almost every person at the orphanage. She was never thought of as a slut or whore. Only as a wonderful person who made love.At last the day came when Wendy left the orphanage. Everyone was sad and wished she would stay.Not least Mrs Granger. Who now had a steady stream of men and boys, women and girls to her study and bedroom. She was now so alive and happy. Making love sometimes fifty times a week. Even more if she could find the time. On the day of her departing Wendy went to Mrs Granger’s study and quietly locked the door behind her.At sixteen Wendy was now stunning. Standing at 5′ 6” and with measurements of 36DD 28 36 she was electrifying.Ealenor looked up from her desk and smiled a loving smile to her favourite person in all the world. “Wendy. Your leaving today. I was going to come to see you to say goodbye.”Wendy told her she needed to say goodbye to her privately. Ealenor stood canlı bahis and crossed the room to Wendy thinking something was wrong. But she only held out her arms for Ealenor and smiled at her. As they embraced Wendy said “Take off all your clothes.”…………………. Ealenor could smell this lovely girl and she immediately complied. She was naked as fast as Wendy was. They returned to their embrace and Wendy edged them both into a corner and kissed the lovely Mrs Granger hotly and passionately. Lips apart and breasts crushed together. As they kissed Ealenor felt the beginnings of a royal orgasm building deep in her belly. Oh it was building fast. Wendy’s tongue was in her mouth and seamed to grow and grow. It seamed to be travelling inside her and filling her with a huge aura of happiness and well-being. Her vagina felt like it was being fucked by a huge penis from the inside out. This was insane. But wonderful. Wendy held her and continued to hold her for a full hour. Their kiss never broke and Ealenor had one massive orgasm the whole time Wendy held her. She also held Wendy like her life depended upon it. On and on she orgasmed, higher and higher she went, filled with such exquisite ecstasy……………………………They were sliding against each other and panting and moaning. They were also soaked and stood in a huge puddle. Ealenor’s breasts were crushed to Wendy’s and milk squirted from her nipples almost non-stop for the full hour, as did her vagina which set forth copious quantities of her love juices. But Ealenor didn’t notice, and if she did she didn’t care. She was in heaven and could hear the angels singing. Her orgasm was so huge when Wendy broke their kiss after that long hour she had to hold the lady up. When at last their lips parted Ealenor’s eyes rolled up into her head and she fainted dead away. Wendy took her and lay her on the couch and covered her drained body with a blanket. After she dressed she bent and gently kissed the sleeping lady on the lips and said “Goodbye my love. This is my parting gift to you.” She turned and quietly left the room and the building. No one saw her leave.Much later when Ealnor Granger woke. She felt so drained, and knew she would never see that wonderful girl again. She also knew she needed to shower and get a mop and bucket to clean the floor of her flooded study. It was when she was drying the floor she knew………… She just knew she was pregnant.Nine months later Ealenor lay holding her new baby daughter, and as she smiled and looked into the baby’s vivid green eyes she could smell honey and vanilla and jasmine and all the wonderful aromas in the world. Her baby grinned and that’s when she felt it. A tiny but definite orgasm.She was the happiest woman in the world.————————————————————————————–Wendy travelled round for a while seeing lots of great things and meeting lots of wonderful people. Many of the people she made love to, and decided she liked men with very large penises. The first boy she made love to, ‘John’, was not overly endowed, but being as it was the first time for them both they had enjoyed making love immensely. But since then she decide that quality and quantity were for her. So she set about getting it…………….Money was never a problem and she never had to work. She just had money all the time??????After travelling for a while and bringing happiness to everyone she met, she decide at the age of s*******n it was time for her to have a baby.So just after her s*******nth birthday she was pregnant. (No one else was involved…..???????????)Then just four months later she gave birth to a beautiful healthy son, with the most vivid green eyes imaginable. She called him ‘John’.With just four months gestation period she had five happy healthy sons before she was twenty.John, Adam, Ben, Ed and Alan.Wendy’s life was now complete. Her five sons grew like weeds and they all had those wonderful green eyes. Yes, everyone said they all had an aroma that was so nice but could never be explained, but they all were different and deliciously intoxicating. The boys were all strong and very athletic. Academic studies seamed to be a mere distraction which had to be endured and brushed aside as soon as possible to make way for outdoor pursuits and sports. That’s not to say they were not good at their academic studies. They all excelled in the great, direct subjects, and their tutors were astounded at their insight and understanding of the subjects………’Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering. While the abstract subjects such as English or Sociology seamed foreign to them.All the boys were well liked by boys and girls. Especially the girls………..When ever they brought a friend home that friend always went away in love with their mom. Boys and girls all fell for Wendy. This rarely caused any problems, but if it did, they were resolved by Wendy and the boys moving to another area.One day John asked his mother why they moved round more than other folks seamed to. Wendy explained that sometimes the boys and girls they brought home to visit often got ideas about themselves and herself.“What sort of ideas?”“Well, concerning sex.” She knew this was going to be the time for education at home about a very abstract subject.She tried her best to explain the mechanics of sex and the equipment used. John listened and tried his best to follow all the information, but it was one of those abstract subjects.“I don’t understand.” Wendy tried her best but after two hours. Her son was no further forward.She finally sighed and looked into his eyes and realised it was time.So the lovely 34 year old Wendy Nightingale embarked on the path of pleasure with her son.To be continued………..