Welcome Home Baby

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Welcome Home BabyAs I open the door of the small sitting room the scent of my perfume fills the air. Instantly you look up and smile. Startled I gasp, I wasn’t prepared to see you, much less sitting in the over sized leather wing back chair by the window . Your larger than life persona makes the chair look small by comparison. The sun spills in on you from the large windows behind the chair creating a spot light effect. I pause for a moment, as always my first thought is My God you are so handsome, you take my breath away every time I see you. Your full head of thick black hair, that I want to run my fingers through. Your dark brown deep set eyes and long dark lashes that any woman would love to have for her own. I get warm remembering those eyes locked on mine as you make love to me. The perfect nose that nuzzles my neck as you give me butterfly kisses . Your mouth, those lips that I crave to kiss an get lost in forever. I sometimes think your smile is the cause for Global Warming, for you surly can melt the largest of ice bergs. Your perfect white teeth, that you use to nibble an gently bite me. I wonder how many times have I run my tongue or fingers around your chiseled jaw, now showing a distinct five o’clock shadow? You must be every bit of 6ft 3 I think as my eyes wander from your head to your toes. Your grey flannel suit fits you like a glove. Taught over your broad shoulders and tapered to your waist. Your starched pale pink monogrammed shirt with the French cuffs that make a man look so polished. Your large hands, with the Special forces Ring on the third finger of your right hand. The vintage Rolex on your left wrist, that I bought you for our first Christmas together. Your strong arms, l feel so safe with your arms wrapped around me holding me tight. I notice you have unbuttoned your shirt at the neck an loosened your silk tie. A tuft of soft straight black hair peeks out from the top of your shirt. I hold my hand behind me so I can’t reach out an touch you, no, not yet. Your pants fit snugly over your hips an long legs. Do you have the slightest idea how handsome you are? When we first met an would be out I would get so jealous of the woman that literally threw themselves at you….but you never noticed, your attention was always focused on me. How did I ever get so lucky to have you in my life,, I’d remark. Taking me in your arms an laughing then kissing me you would whisper that you were the lucky one. My floor length royal blue silk robe edged with lace flutters in the air behind me as I walk towards you. Seductively the robe slips off one shoulder validating that your first though is correct, I only have on perfume under my robe. You with your ever present impeccable manners you start to stand, when I lightly place my hand on your shoulder telling you not to get up. This close to you I can see the tell tale signs, you are exhausted. You look up at me with a wry smile on your face and your eyes move from my head to my toes paying close attention to the robe dr****g over my curves. Leaning over an looking into your large brown eyes, I hold your gaze and whisper “ Welcome home baby….. I’ve missed you.”Not taking your eyes of me you respond “Missed you too“ I smile as you move your head in an attempt to take a closer look. Its almost as if its been so long that you have to reacquaint yourself with my body. Under your breath you whisper to your self “It has been a while, an you are exquisite, as always.” Blushing I follow your eyes, its not hard to guess what you’re thinking.Not wanting to give all of myself to you so quickly, I slide my right leg out the maraş escort slit on the side of my robe and bare the other shoulder as it slips again. I ask how have u been? You look deep into my blue eyes an tell me in a steady voice, “Never as good as I am right now.“ I watch as you shift your weight to get comfortable, your eyes are wandering up an down my body trying to peek into my openings of my robe. Your expression shows disappointment that you cant.Walking to the bar I feel your eyes on me. The feeling is so intense that my hand starts to tremble as I pour three fingers of Jameson’s an add two ice cubes. Before I hand it to you I take a sip then open my lips sucking a single cube of ice into my mouth. You watch my every move. I let it slip out of my mouth overmy lips back into your glass. “Did you have a hard day at work?“ I ask. “Always honey,” you reply. Your fingers brush my hand as you reach for your drink. We instantly feel the jolt of electricity as we touch….our eyes lock an we laugh. “Aaww baby I’m sorry, do you want to tell me about it,” I ask walking behind the chair an begin to gently massage your neck an shoulders. Letting my fingers press against the back of your scalp, you lean back an groan. “Naw its over, I want to know all about you.” what have you been up to, while I’ve been away?” “The usual, I tried to keep myself busy, reading, gardening, shopping. I met the girls for lunch. Watched some movies. . . . . . . An I missed you.” “Read anything interesting ?” “Yes and I have saved them all for you.” “That’s my girl….you reply bending your head back looking up at me. I reach for your drink taking it out of your hand an take another sip. Again letting one ice cube find its way into my mouth. Then let it slide back into your glass. You grab my wrist pulling me giggling into your lap kissing me softly and nibbling on my lower lip.“Any the new lingerie to show from your shopping trips?” I jump up an twirl around an around for your approval. You respond “Looking hot, but it wouldn’t matter what you wear you’re always hot.” Giggling I turn facing you and look intently into your big brown eyes, smiling at the twinkle in them. “Yep, getting hotter,” you say as you clear your throat an take another sip of Whiskey. Then you tell me that you want to see the delights underneath my robe, You untie the sash and it slips seductively down my body to the floor in a puddle around my feet. I smile watching your eyes devour me, you reach for my hand saying in a very quiet controlled voice, “ I want you, I’m not waiting anhy longer to have you.” Swallowing hard you finish the rest of your whiskey in one gulp an blink as you feel the burn tumbling down your throat. Setting the glass down you stand an slip off your jacket an pull me into your arms. Picking me up you carry me to the bedroom. Snuggling close to you, I cant help but to nuzzle your neck, and lightly trace the outline of your ears with my finger, while I kiss an nibble your delicious lips. Gently you place me on the large brass bed covered in antique quilts and what seems like dozens of pillows in all shapes an sizes.Looking around as if you have never been in my bedroom before, you walk over towards the window you take a long sweeping look. Remarking that you forgot how feminine my bedroom is, comfortable you add, and after a deep breath you mumble something about how my scent permeates the room making you intoxicated with desire. Reaching for you, you take the two steps and are by my side… kissing your neck, I remove your tie while unbuttoning your shirt. Reaching inside my fingers touch your chest escort maraş covered with soft silky chest hair. Your large hands move slowly over my body, “I’ve waited so long to feel you next to me again.” Kissing down the nape of my neck your hands now cupping my face slide down to my shoulders an slowly your finger tips trace down my arms to my finger tips. Your mouth moves across my collar bone. I feel your hands in my hair. You’re breathing heavily. Before I lay back on the pillows I unbuckle your belt and unzip your pants, as you stand up they effortlessly fall over your hips an thighs to the floor. Laying back on a mound of frilly pillows I pull you with me, then move on my side. Now we are face to face an I can study you. You can feel the heat of my breath on your face an neck. Caressing your cheek with the back of my hand I lean in kissing you with slightly parted lips. My tongue shyly licks your lips then quickly disappears back into my mouth. Your entire body moves towards me. Your mouth an tongue coaxing mine into your mouth. My breast press against your chest, you soft hair tickles me. Face to face, chest to chest, belly to belly an thigh to thigh. Even toe to toe. We are a perfect fit My hair tickles your thighs which causes you to grin. My hands run up and down your chest kissing you softly an playing with your chest hair. I slip my right leg over yours. Taking your hands on mine I place one on each breasts with your thumbs caressing my already rock hard nipples. I rest my head on your shoulder sighing an kissing your neck with light butterfly kisses. I am so content to lay in your arms listening to our hearts beat in unison. Your fingers gently squeeze my nipples in perfect rhythm. I cant help but moan an move closer to you. Your scoop me up in your arms an passionately kiss me again an again.Out of the corner of my eye I see u stifle a yawn. “Baby your so tired, why don’t u just sleep, I promise to stay right here beside you.” You smile an twist each nipple in opposite directions . Kissing my earlobe, then pulling it between your lips you whisper, “Yep am tired, but have a cock to deal with and I not going to be able to sleep with it, as is it.” Moaning an kissing you again I tell you we can take care of that so u can sleep, tomorrow is another day. This is where I decide to inform you that tonight I am in control of your body, all you are allowed to do is lay back an enjoy. Kissing me you protest saying, “No you first, always you first.” I sit up an straddle your waist waving my finger in your face. “NO, tonight is your night, I’m in charge of you.” Pouting, I tell you that you must do as I say. Laughing you reluctantly agree but only on one condition, I must agree that in the morning, I am yours. Totally and completely yours. MMMMMMMM now what woman in her right mind is going to argue with that? Moving my hands down your chest, finger tips lightly touch your nipples I lean in licking them one by one. Now hard under my fingers, I scrap my nails over them, you grab me tight moaning bending me back kissing me up and down my neck an chest. Almost as if you plan to mirror my actions. Sliding down your legs my hands find your hips an my fingers move through your dark hair until they reach your hard cock. Your magnificent huge hard cock. Never have I seen a cock so beautiful. Strong an hard, standing straight up. The swollen head of your cock glistens with pre-cum, I lean down to swirl my tongue licking it all up, You throb as my wet tongue makes contact with your warm skin. Your growing larger and harder. Pulling me up to your mouth again my lips maraş escort bayan meet yours kissing me passionately again an again, When I break the kiss you whisper, “Baby u amaze me.” Taking back control I slide down your body bringing my mouth back to the head of your cock. My tongue on your cock in quick short wet licks until the entire head is wet. Satisfied your wet enough I lick an nibble around the entire ridge of your cock until I find the tip of my tongue on the under side right at the “V“. Rubbing my lips up an down the “V” I open my mouth an lightly suck your “F” spot until I feel u start to move. Crawling between your legs I nibble all round the ridge of your cock, again. I use the tip of my tongue to lick an run all around the underneath of the ridge until I hear you moan an push your cock through my lips into my warm wet mouth where I suck just the head hard an then push it out with my tongue. You gasp an automatically arch your back. Each time I pull you into my mouth I take in more of your cock, until my mouth is flush against you. My fingers tickle, squeeze, and gently tug on your balls. Sucking you deep in my mouth an down my throat I swallow constricting my throat making an already tight fit tighter. Your hands immediately go into my hair, not to direct me or push me down on your cock, but to feel the silky smoothness of my thick hair, adding another dimension to your pleasure. Groaning you push your cock in my mouth deeper an I suck harder, so hard in fact you feel that that I’m going to suck you inside out. Holding your cock in both of my hands, I place my thumb on the under side an apply pressure. I twist my hands up an down your cock as I continue to suck you hard . Your cock is now throbbing and you moan, “oooh god baby, my cock is so rock hard for you.” I giggle with your cock is deep in my mouth sending spasms through you from the vibrations in my throat. Sucking even harder an faster now, all the way in an all the way out. Feeling your balls tighten, seeing your hands clench, hearing you moan, your head rolling, eyes rolled back, my tongue swirling all over your cock, I take a chance. My mouth an tongue change direction an kiss an lick your balls, all over the top, sides an now my favorite part, licking up an down the seam that divides your balls, then my tongue darts underneath searching for that small ridge where your balls an body connect. Flicking my tongue over the ridge until you start to squirm then suck it between my lips an run the flat of my tongue over it until you wiggle an moan. Hearing you say “oh god, yes, soooo good baby, so good,” makes me hot an wet knowing I am giving you this much pleasure. Your hands again find my hair yet again an pull it away from my face so you can watch me, I look up at you. Our eyes lock. You look at me with questioning eyes. “Mmmmm yes, come for me baby.” You hesitate, not sure, again looking at me . I shake my head as I tell you “Yes come in my mouth.” Your head drops back as you murmur, “Can’t hold much longer, tell me when.” To which I immediately reply, “When ever your ready baby,” I see the look on your face an know now your entire world is centered right here, right now, its all you can think of an all you know. Your balls are tight against your body, your thighs tighten, your body becomes rigid again. I hear the familiar grunt then the groan as you push deep in my mouth. I feel your cock throbbing an the explosion of your hot cum shooting down my throat with such force. You buck an release, an buck a bit more. I take in every drop an finish by milking your cock making sure I leave nothing behind. You sink back into the bed as you pull me up to you an kiss me tenderly, as you remark, “ Damn baby, just damn, damn, damn.” Laying in your arms smiling knowing in you are already sound asleep I reply, “Yes, James, damn.”