was it lust or was it hot sex CHAPERT 6

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was it lust or was it hot sex CHAPERT 6I woke up at my house the next moreing. sandy was still asleep. I whent to the shower and got in and then got clean and whent ot for a ride.I seen a church with nones walking out of it. I whent in side to repent and see if i could be fixed as i sat down I started to pray.thwen i whent into the booth when it was my turn to confess and talk to father jack. and he said it would be best to stay away from them so i said ok.and drank some water and left then i whent home and sandy was watching tv i told her we should start going to church she said ok.and the next day we got up and whent to that same church and prayed and sang andwhent home we started talking in the car she said jessie.I said wat. i think wan of the nones is a shemale and a hermaprodite. aydın escort why you say that cuse they had something hard between there legges when they past me bywhy wure you looking at there legs. i couldnt help it im a pirverted whore you know that. well this church is going to help us.ok any way wat to eat to night i replyed mexicon food sweet sandy said. we whent to toco bell. yahoo i want tocos so we got tocos and baretos.we parked in the parking lot and started eating she started rubing my croch as she eating her bareto she un zipped my pants and pulled out a bereto and tocos and ranchdressing and shuved all her food down my pants and pord ranch all over it and then she started eating her food of me and licking me clean and sucking my cock.she said she want me to cum in her escort aydın mouth cuse she thirsty so i said suck harder lickit finger my ass and she did then i started to cum she swollod every drop she said that wat i call mexicon food mmmm mmmm goood then she said now u try she took a bareto and shuved it in her pussy and said eat it out of me now as she grabed my hair and put my head in her pants between her leggs then she started licking my ass hole and puting her food in my ass and ranch on my ass so she can eat it out of mei sarted eating the barteto as it slowly started comeing out of her pussy she started to moan mmm jessie eat me baby eat my fleashi bit her clit and she moand loadly mmmm as my ass pushed her food into her mouth when the bareto was gone she tied her belt aydın escort bayan on my neck to keep my head in her pants.she started to suck my cock and stick her tongue deep in my ass then something happend i never realized about her before her tongue started to grow real long 20 inches and more.she was going deeper in my ass hole and something els was werd some thing slimy was coming out her pussy it looked felt in my mouth like a tube of sum kind.it slided in my mouth and pushed it way down my throught she started to moan harder as the tube started to pals and throb i felt some thing cuming down through it like it waspumping me with something. she said im makeing u week with my juicies so you cant resist sex any more i said y cuse i want you to make me pregnet i want lots of k**s she then cumed in my mouth and i swallowed it we whent home and to showers and then i stuck my cock in her pussy and fuccked her hard she moand yess jessie fuck me make me pregent i weant ur baby then i cumed in her and we feel a sleep.