Waiting for Victor at the hotel

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Waiting for Victor at the hotelOn January my loving husband Victor invited me to fly with him to Baltimore. It would take just a couple of days for him to get some business there and I would have the chance to visit some old friends living in there.On the third night Victor called me to apologize, because he would be back to the hotel very late, having a business dinner with some kind of troubled delay.I told him it was no problem for me. I dressed some conservative way and went down to the bar to get a light meal for dinner and maybe a couple margaritas before bed. While sitting at the bar table a couple mid aged black men came in; sat down beside me and started up a conversation. They introduced themselves as Jonas and Burke. They both were in their late forties, handsome and very well built. After a few more margaritas and lot of talk I was starting to loosen up.The two black men got closer at my table and Burke started rubbing my leg with his big strong hand. Some kind of electricity went through my body and I started to feel my hot pussy getting wet by the second…I reached down and put my hand on Burke`s crotch, just to find one of the biggest docks I had ever felt. Jonas smiled watching at us and asked if I needed help getting back to my room. I was a little bit fuzzy and so I accepted their help.On our way to the elevator, some thoughts started to swirl in sivas escort my head about what was going to happen with these black well hung men. I was getting wetter and wetter even more every minute.Once inside my room, the two of them grabbed me with their huge hands and touched what seemed like every inch of my body. Then they dragged me to the bed and the three of us got undressed in a couple seconds.Burke took off his belt and put it around my neck. At this time I got scared and I pleaded with him, sobbing and almost crying, not to hurt me.He laughed and said: “You are our white slave now, babe, do not worry, we will not hurt you more than you deserve… we just will fuck your brains out.”He tied my hands on my back with a silk scarf and threw me onto the bed.Things got a little rough as the two of them unleashed the biggest black cocks I had ever seen in my life. They both got on the bed and ordered me to suck their huge dicks.I was a slobbering slut spitting and sucking in as much as I could. Jonas grabbed the back of my head by the hair and pushed his cock into my mouth with little regard for my whimpering. Burke then turned me over my knees, putting my head against the pillows and my round ass in the air. He looked at his friend, smiling as he said:“Look what a fantastic butt has this little married white slut!”He then shoved two of his fingers between escort sivas my wet pussy lips, telling me that he wanted to be sure I was wet enough, because he did not want to tear me apart with his very thick black cock.I then asked if they had any condoms and both just laughed. Burke whispered into my ear:“We do not use condoms when we fuck white bitches…”With that he started pushing his cock into my wet and now well open pussy.“Please, be gentle; take it easy. I am not used to your size” I lied, knowing my cunt had been always well used by my Victor’s nine inches dick.Burke answered; “Just relax, bitch, you are going to love my big cock…” Inch by inch he fed me his eleven long hard tool. He had about half of it inside me when all of a sudden he rammed it the rest of the way in. I grunted and screamed in pain, collapsing off my knees. Jonas grabbed me and put me back in position, while Burke just started fucking my pussy harder and harder.I lost all control and started coming in few minutes; my whole body shaking and I could hear myself moaning and screaming like a real slut in heat.But Burke had not cum when I came. He had slowed his pace and was now fucking me with slow strokes. I asked him not to cum inside my pussy.It felt so good; my pussy was so wet and swollen feeling his cock inside me. Jonas was holding my head up and feeding me his cock when all of sivas escort bayan a sudden he started coming in my mouth. I could not even swallow all his seed.As Jonas withdrew from my mouth, Burke started to pick up the pace and I could notice he was about to cum and of course he was not going to pull out. I tried to pull away but Burke just held me there firmly by my hips.He suddenly tensed his back and I felt his warm semen flowing into my cunt.The rest of the night was more of less a blur for me; the two of them fucked me mercilessly in every way they could. They even made me a double penetration, when I was riding Jonas and Burke fucked my ass as revenge.I passed out and woke up when those niggers had gone. I was still naked on the bed; my ass felt sore and I noticed cum flowing out from my both holes.I could barely walk straight as I made my way to the shower. When I came out from the bathroom Victor was there, a little tired to say anything.I could see he had enjoyed many bourbon glasses just looking in his eyes.I limped to the bed and he noticed it was hard for me to walk, but I could convince him that I had slipped on some ice in the street at the hotel entrance and had hurt a bit; but now I was pretty well.Luckily for me, Victor was very tired to ask me for sex.He passed out onto the bed, still fully clothed. I lay there by his side; looking at the ceiling; feeling my poor asshole very sore. I had behaved like a slut and I deserved the brutal fucking those black bastards had given me…I would be sore for some days, but the whole experience, good or bad, was something I could never forget.