Vaginal balls from the sex shop and the first betr

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Vaginal balls from the sex shop and the first betrVaginal balls from the sex shop and the first betrayal of her husband: a mature woman first ends with a neighbor after he licks her pussyFriday morning. Wife went to a nearby town for shopping. The phone rings. Jump out of the tub, grab the phone.- Good morning, this is Rita. A Alla home?- No, she’s gone. Pass something?- I just wanted to clarify, if not come to your address for sending me from the online store?- From any online store?- That I can not tell you.- Then why are you calling, you stupid cow?- What?- Nothing.-Could you repeat that, it is very hard to hear.- Paul say wet, I was just out of the shower.- Oh, sorry.- It’s not your fault.- So when he came Allah?- One of these days.- What a pity. Can I still call you tomorrow, suddenly coming batman escort mail.- Give I’ll call you, say no.- You know, it’s a personal premise. I would like to keep confidential. Do not open it. I’ll call you.- Agreed. But what if it is not sending to you?- Oh, what a parcel or came in, I should look at it, and then I can say for whom she is.- Good.- Enjoy your weekend holostyachok.Parcel I found the next morning. She was lying in the hallway of boxes of different stuff. Attached to it a note of his wife. “Beloved, give this parcel of our neighbor, Rita from the second floor. Not opened. Surely you’re wondering what in it. Reported – this vaginal balls. Her husband, like, can not meet. Come for sending it in my absence. ‘ When Rita called again, I began to imagine her naked, with escort batman vaginal balls inside. Having said that, it is exposed, and that the parcel was waiting for her at my house, offered to bring it in a minute. “She asked only that the contents of a parcel remained secret from her husband. He was often away, and should not feel guilty that his wife needed such items to meet your desires. After all, it does not change it. I promised to keep it secret, because there is nothing shameful. Every woman needs a pleasure. Rita bought me a beer. Finishing his glass, I went to the door, but he felt close to a heat of her body, held her in his arms and we stood there for a long time. One of my leg was between her legs, my cock started to get up and rest against her thigh. He began to stroke her batman escort bayan back and buttocks. Got under the thin panties and began to caress the area around the anus. While slowly guided her to the couch. Through her panties and stroked his crotch came down. She involuntarily spread her shapely legs and pulled her panties down. Spread her legs wider. Smooth, swollen pussy lips were open, like red bud, opening the entrance to the wet pulsating vagina. Touched them with his lips, tongue penetrated the vagina. Screamed began tearing off her dress. She cried shrilly, like a wild a****l herself, her eyes tightly shut. Clitoris swelled more and more, taking a completely unimaginable dimensions. Rita pulled her hips wildly and screaming in ecstasy. Her whole body tensed and she gave a scream. Convulsions intensified. With each contraction is stronger internal muscle sheath clung to my mouth. Orgasm seemed endless, compared with a fast rough fuck, who was she and her husband a couple of times a month. It was her first betrayal.