vacation 13

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vacation 13It wasn’t truly morning yet when I awoke to your moving on our bed. You threw back the covers, swung your leg over me and ground your sopping pussy onto my face as you leaned over to take my rapidly hardening cock into your mouth.You ground your cunt on my face, getting yourself off on rubbing against me, hardly letting my lips and tongue contribute. You sucked my cock with an urgency that I had barely felt when we first came together after being apart for nearly 5 months. I hardly had time to wake up and catch my breath when my overworked balls began to erupt yet again, filling your mouth with my cream. You kept sucking and sucking until I was totally soft again before you finally eased off of me to kiss me deeply.“Wow” I murmured, “what was that all about?”You went on to tell me that you had just had the most intense, erotic dream of your entire life in which you had watched me fuck some mysterious stranger while you sat back and masturbated while you watched. Once I had cum in her pussy you had dived in and spent the next hour eating her out, savoring both her taste and mine, bringing her off five or six times in the process. When you woke up you were so horny and desperate for a taste of me that you couldn’t wait even another second.I asked you who you had dreamed of and you replied that you had no idea, just some ‘dream girl’. “I hope that you have lots more dreams like that” I whispered as I dosed back off again.It must have been a couple hours later when I woke up to feel you moving again. You padded softly towards the bathroom when I realized that you had already left the bed. I slipped out and followed to find you sitting on the toilet. When you saw me you smiled and spread your legs widely to let me admire your glistening and sparkling pussy. When you were done you obligingly slid forward to let me lick you clean before we moved to the shower.You immediately dropped to your knees but as your lips closed around my erection I cringed slightly. With all the recent action I was feeling pretty tender. “if we want any hope of more play time tonight you had better give me a bit of a break”.You seemed a bit disappointed, but you must have been looking forward to more fun later because you stood up right away and settled for scrubbing my back and then allowing me to scrub yours.Once we were dressed we roused the boys and headed south to spend the day in Key West. Our trip to the Dry Tortugas was wonderful. We were able to find some comfortable facing seats in a corner of the passenger area and you made sure that your skirt was hiked up far enough to let me gaze adoringly at your pussy for almost the entire 90 minute ride. You had to sit more demurely when the k**s were with us, but they spent most of their time exploring and walking around the boat, letting me lecherously adore my super sexy wife and her bald beaver.Our tour around the islands was fun and educational, and I couldn’t even begin to count the number of times that you had to bend over to adjust your sandals, or to pick up a rock, or admire a gecko or a flower or something, each time ensuring that I got a wonderful look at your bare ass and pussy.You were delighting in ensuring that I spent the entire day trying to hide an erection. Despite my hopes to repeat the ferry ride back, the boys were content to spend their time with us so I only got one very ısparta escort short glimpse of your tantalizing twat when the k**s went for a snack.It was late by the time that we got back to our hotel and you and I finally got a chance to be together and alone again. We looked forward to another visit to Ward, Constance and Cynthia’s room so we were a bit disappointed to find a note under our door explaining that the girls had had to take Ward up to Miami to catch a flight home for a very exciting job offer, but that the girls would back as soon as they could be and hoped that we would be waiting for them.We tucked the boys in and then made our way to the girl’s room with great anticipation. I still had Ward’s key card so when we got no response from our knock we let ourselves in.The room was much as we had left it. Once again there were the open suitcases so this time you went to the DVDs and picked out one that had lots of girls on the cover while I rummaged through their tickle trunk.I poured us some wine while we sat and watched the DVD. Understanding the words would have helped but it was still obvious that we were watching a slumber party. The scene cut back and forth between what was a group of half a dozen girls in a bedroom and a mom and dad eating a meal.The girls started to play spin the bottle. To start with they were pretty chaste with kisses, but they quickly moved to taking their tops off and sucking each other’s tits.The mom and dad moved upstairs to get ready for bed.When the scene shifted it seemed like the new penalty was to take the bottle and use it to masturbate, pumping it as deep as they could into first their cunts, and then their asses.The mom and dad stripped and got into bed but were obviously having a tough time sleeping because of the noise next door.The girls had moved to have a helper pump the bottle in each other and that quickly devolved to tongues and fingers although the bottle seemed to get a fair bit of play too.The dad finally got up and went to peek into the girl’s room to see what was going and he was rewarded with a view of three perfectly lined up pairs of girls in the classic ‘69’ position. The cameraman was kind enough to rotate all around the room giving us a good close up look at six nubile young cunts, each being eagerly lapped by tender pink tongues. The dad was peeking in through a cracked open door and began to jerk himself off and the mom came and saw what he was doing. She started to pull him back to their bedroom but he didn’t want to leave his vantage point and in the ensuing tussle they both ended up falling into the girls’ room.By now you had your skirt up around your waist and were vigorously rubbing your own pussy. I decided to help you out so I pulled your little sun dress up over your head to get you naked. I then retrieved some lube from the tickle trunk and sprayed some on your pussy to help you out.Then when you weren’t looking I grabbed two pairs of hand cuffs and used one on each of your ankles to pull your legs wide apart as I locked them to the bed posts.On the screen we watched as each ‘parent’ instantly had the attention of three girls. A slightly overweight girl with blonde pigtails and huge floppy boobs sat right on the ‘mom’s’ face and rocked back and forth to make sure that both her slit and asshole each got equal oral action. Another girl escort ısparta started to suck on the ‘mom’s’ tits while the third really went to town on her pubes, lifting and spreading the older woman’s legs to be able to be able to maximize her access to the lady’s very furry snatch.I rearranged the pillows on the bed to prop them behind you and then I laid you back against them in a semi-sitting position when before you knew it I hand cuffed your hands so that you were truly spread eagled.The three girls that were attacking the ‘dad’ also seemed to be having fun. As with the ‘mom’ one girl assumed the crab position and centered her asshole on the man’s questing tongue. We got some really nice close up shots of him probing deep into the girls backside. Another girl laid between the lucky fellow’s legs and began to suck on his balls while the final girl starting to lazily suck on his cock.I found a long string of some anal beads, and with the use of a bunch more lube slowly pushed them into your convulsing ass.The next time I looked at you, your attention was riveted on the screen as the chubby girl was now on her back with her legs spread in the air while one of her friends was pumping an increasing number of fingers into her widely stretched pussy. Another girl was laying on her back feasting on the ‘mom’s’ pussy while the third was kneeling over her, grinding her snatch on her friend’s while she was tongue fucking the mom’s asshole.The scene was enough to convince me that it was time to get naked too. I took some of the lube and used it on a butt plug that I stuffed up my own ass before turning my attention back to the TV that had shifted its attention to the fellow. At this point all three girls were laying on the bed, stacked one on top of the other and the ‘dad’ was licking up and down the stack of pussies, pausing only briefly to lick each one before moving on the next.I still had the bottle of lube in my hands so I squirted some on your tits and then moved behind you and started to rub it in while we both watched the DVD.The chubby girl was still on her back and she had a friend laying beside her. The mom had one entire fist in each girl’s twat, slowly pumping back and forth, but never all the way out. I had never seen anything like it and I was wondering if my hand would ever fit in miss muffy.The dad had moved from sucking to fucking, and was now spearing each girl in turn with his engorged cock.There was a commotion at the door of our, ooops, Constance and Cynthia’s room as they came in. They took the scene in instantly and Constance immediately started to get naked. It was because of this delay that Cynthia got to your gaping legs and pleading pussy first, burying her face between your legs and licking your oozing pussy juice from between your cunt lips.Constance didn’t waste any time and pushed Cynthia out of the way and she took over the prized position between your legs as soon as she was naked. She went to shove a couple of her fingers up your ass when she noticed the string from the anal beads so she shoved her fingers up your love tunnel to work your G-spot while she flicked your clit with her tongue instead.On the screen the girls had all lined up on one bed, seven wide and all on their hands and knees. The dad moved from one to the next, giving each girl a few strokes in her pussy before moving ısparta escort bayan to her ass, and then on to the next girl.As soon as Cynthia got naked she got up on the bed and stood over you facing Constance. She then kneeled down with her face resting on your thigh right next to your pussy (that was getting a very enthusiastic licking) and with her ass right in your face. You leaned as far forward as you could and began to flick her tight little ring with your tongue.I was starting to feel very left out at this point so I moved to one of the easy chairs and positioned it where I could watch both you and the TV.Your anal probing gained lust and energy as Cynthia began rocking backwards in time to your thrusts.I put one leg over each arm of my chair and began to slowly rub my super hard cock while I watched the action on the bed and on the TV where the dad was laying on his back while the girls were taking turns sitting on him getting their asses fucked.Closer to me, Cynthia had turned around and was on knee with her leg out to the side, trying to get her cunt positioned better for you to lick it – meanwhile Constance was busy with your pussy. I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing because her mouth was glued to your mound. She must have been using your tongue to good advantage though because between mouthfuls of your own your where moaning as loud as I had ever heard you.On the screen the chubby girl was on her back with the mom 69ing with her. The dad was fucking the mom doggy style in her ass. The other four girls moved to the bathroom. Three laid down on their backs while their friend stood over them and used her hands to hold her cunt lips open while she showered the girls below her. Once she had petered out she traded place with one of the girls and the ground to renew the shower.I couldn’t stand being by myself anymore and moved behind Constance. Much as I had fucked Cynthia in the hot tub I enjoyed fucking Constance while watching her eat you out. After a couple of minutes she reached behind her and positioned my cock at the entrance to her ass. I took the hint and slowly pressed against her until I popped into her ass and began to slowly thrust.I heard some grunting on the screen and I craned around to see the mom and the chubby girl fighting over the dad’s cock as he spurted thick, gooey white ropes of cum over their faces. The scene shifted to a close up of the action in the bathroom. As the last flow there ran out, the screen went dark and the scene shifted to a bunch of people on a sailboat . . .I picked up the pace of my thrusting and began to feel that warm happy feeling so I pulled out of Constance’s ass and pushed Cynthia out of the way so that I could cum in your mouth. The taste of my semen must have been what you were waiting for because you immediately began to groan, while carefully not wasting a single drop of my cum.As soon as she knew you were coming Constance began to slowly pull the string of beads out of your ass. As each one popped out your whole body shuddered and your gently milking mouth squeezed my shaft a bit tighter until the last bead was free and cock had shrunk to almost nothingness.By the time I had you out of the handcuffs our friends were both groaning in the ecstasy of orgasms frigging their clits so fast that their hands were almost blurring.Cynthia looked up at us as we were dressing and asked if we couldn’t stay just a bit longer because they had to leave in the morning. As it was now the wee hours we needed to get back to our own room but I quickly wrote down my email address and left it with them – just in case.