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UnresistableOn the christmas eve last year , My brother and his group of friends were in our house , waiting for the countdown .i’ve been having a crush on one of my brother’s friend ,Ivan since i am 16 .i’ve always dream of being with him , but i know that it isn’t gonna happen as he’s much focus in his studies .After the countdown , All of them dropped “Dead” from alcohol, Except for me .I was taking a shower when ivan rushed to the washroom . After which he puked , and knock burdur escort out once again , i dragged him to the living hall before going into my room .I just can’t fall asleep ,after much thoughts about him . I really wanna be his girl , badly .it was around . 3am . when i went to the living hall . He’s sound asleep, still as stunning . i tipped-toe towards him , and kissed him on his forehead . But somehow he opened his eyes . the awkward silence between the both of escort burdur us , and i ran back to my bedroom , he knocked on my room , and came in shortly after that .i turned away as i was too ashamed to see his face. He grabbed my head , and kissed me , eyes closed . his hand’s moving all around me , From top to bottom . I can’t care about it anymore . i’m enjoying the time i have with him . the next thing i know , he’s taking off my clothes . and his finger is moving burdur escort bayan all around my pussy . my panty’s soaking wet , I AM LOSING MY MIND .i played with his dick for quite some time before he insert it into my pussy .i was moaning pretty loud despite the pain , oh yes , i was a virgin at that time .Ivan wanted to cum inside me , but i am reluctant to do so .When he said that he’s about to cum , i pulled his dick out immediately , and sucked on it . everything was inside my mouth . it taste weird . but i still managed to swallow it . i fell asleep shortly after that .The next morning , he kissed me on my forehead before he leave the house , and i watch him leave as my vision of him starts to disappear .