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TWO SONS AND A MOTHER part 2How could I have been so blind? All the pieces of the puzzle were there in front of me waiting to be assembled. Part of me could not quite grasp the idea of a mother and son behaving this way and another side wished it to be true and allow my to be initated into this secret congregation.My head spun as I was sprawled out on the floor. Matthew rose and approached me with his cock very much erect and jutting out from the cloud of dark hair. He leaned down and hoisted me up. The proximity to his nude body had the scent of sex all the more overwhelming now.But I could not remove my gaze from the sight of my mother reclined upon the bed with a strange dreamy smile fixed on her face, her legs held wide apart and the salmon-pink lips of her cunt shimmered in the light.”It was bound to happen sooner or later,” Matthew said over his shoulder to Mom.’I’m glad. I was tired of hiding it all this time,” she answered.Matthew was still holding me up as he walked me over to the bed. I was unsure if my legs would support me just at the moment and appreciated the support.’How long….’ I began to say and trailed off.”Before the divorce,” Mom said”That long and I never knew about it?” I said.I suddenly realized that I was staring at her open pussy and looked away. They both chuckled at my shyness or perhaps it was the erection tenting the front of my pajamas.”There’s no reason to shy about your feelings,” said Mom as she leaned forward and with a single tug of the drawstring sent burdur escort the pajamas pants slipped down my legs. “Matthew has shown me the path to true happiness. It’s not an accepted path by most standards. I had a hard time at first accepting it but I soon relived myself of those middle classed ideas.”My legs were weakening again once I felt her fingers curling round my cock and giving it an affectionate squeeze. All the while I am very aware of Matthew’s stiff cock pressing ino my upper thigh and his breath very hot on the back of my neck.”Are you a virgin?” asked Mom.”I…uh…uhm…I guess I am,” I stammered to respond.”This is a doubly special night,” said Matthew and I stiffened at the sensation of his finger slipping into the recess of my buttocks, pressing against my anus and caressing it and sent a rush of conflicting thoughts crashing into my mind.I had my eyes closed for most of this time and I heard the bed creak and then the warm wet feeling of my cock being sucked. I timidly opened my eyes and saw the head of my mother bobbing very slowly. It was momentarily withdrawn and then taken in again. Once more opening my eyes and now saw Matthews head in a similar position. Mom looks up at me, stroking Matthew hair, and smiling.As the minutes passed I was more confident and less timid. I no longer stood as a passive participant and reached down and sank the fingers of one hand into Matthew thick dark hair, the other into my mother’s. I watched as the alternated sucking my escort burdur prick, but it now time to move forward.Mom stood momentarily, kissed my sweetly on the lips, her tongue slipping into my mouth, and then reclined once more down on the bed. Matthew was again standing behind me, one hand holding onto my cock and held it firmly as his other hand pushed me downward. The initial feeling of entering her cunt was mind blowing. I truly could not believe that this moment was happening.Her body shifted and accepted my cock, rising periodically from off the bed. I continued fucking her several minutes when I suddenly a cool liquid substance being applied to my asshole and then a single finger gently inserted. For a brief moment my entire body stiffened. I knew what was about to happen and questioned my readiness for it. Yes, Matthew’s cock was not particularly long but what it lacked in length made up for in thickness. In my mind’s eye I saw it being inserted into my virginal asshole.”Do you insist on doing that?” I asked over my shoulder at Matthew as he prepared to insert it.”Yes,” was all he said in a voice that was soft and firm.”We want you to be rid of all inhibitions, my love,” said my mother as her perspired body continued to writhe beneath me.I just nodded and focused my attention upon the woman in front of me and how beatiful she was at that very moment, the soft erotic glow that radiated from. I tried very hard not to be so distracted by the cock that was now being insinuated burdur escort bayan up my ass. The muscled clenched and tightened at this alien object gradually advancing. I grunted and swore aloud at the pain.”Relax” Matthew whispered into my ear.”The first few times are always a bit traumatic, but then you’ll see the pleasure.”The words were hollow comfort to allay the pain I was enduring. My mother stroked and kissed and that seemed to mildly distract me. I kissed and suckled her breasts which were now very slick with sweat.All three of us were a trio of various pitched grunts, groans, and sighs.”I was pretty sore too after my first time,” said my mother.”As well for me,” Matthew said merrily. “It was with my baseball coach Mr. Bishop. He was hung like a horse. You talk about pain….”We all laughed and it altered the seriousness of moment. It was about pleasure and new experiences.I could not prolong the inevitable and shot the wealth of my come deep deep up my mother’s cunt. She gave a deep throated groan, rose up off the bed and fell back down again. This action shoved Matthew’s cock deeper up my ass and caused a flurry of white pain.Smack…..smack….smack…went the sound of his body against my ass and I felt a arm fluid flowing into me and dribbling out. He remainded lodged inside me for a while before staggering away and kneeling on the floor.”You’ve got a sweet tight ass,” he said and I nodded over to him in silent thanks for the compliment even though my ass felt that it had just been set aflame.I finally rolled from off my mother and stretched out next to her, my fingers tracing her jawline and then her lips. I couldn’t have been more happy at that very moment as we all sat there panting softly at our exertions.