Twin Twinks at the Hotel

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Twin Twinks at the HotelTwin Twinks at the HotelTwin brothers Liam and Sean had spent a few days down the country on an adventure holiday with their parents. Lots of fun and frolics had been had by all but now it was the morning of going home day.Like all twins, the boys were inseparable and did everything together. They had shared a double bed up until a couple of years ago. Back home they still shared a room but now each had his own single bed to do in whatever he pleased. But for the holiday they were back sleeping together again, since the hotel only had double rooms available when their parents were making the booking.Liam woke and rubbed his eyes, then looked at the clock on the wall. 8am – “Fuck it! Nearly time to get up already” he thought to himself. It was then he noticed a shaking and a shuffling coming from Sean’s side of the bed.”Here, are you jerking off?” he asked”Yeah, I’m horny as fuck for some reason”, answered Sean. “Are you not?”Liam put his hand down inside his boxers. “Yeah I’m getting hard now alright, hehe.””Let me have a feel”, said Sean. He reached across and slid his hand down into Liam’s boxers. “Yep, sure getting hard alright”. It felt good to hold his brother’s growing cock in his hand while jerking his own at the same time.”Fuck bro, you’re getting me rock solid! It’s weird having someone else’s hand wrapped around me boner”, said Liam. “Let me hold yours – show you what it feels like”.Sean helped out by pulling off his boxers completely, kicking them out the end of the bed and onto the floor. With the sheets pushed down to the end of the bed he now lay there totally naked, his skinny, hairless body shaking slightly from the coolness of the room. Or was it nerves? Liam reached over with his hand and grabbed Sean’s 6-inch erection. He slowly started to wank his brother’s big cock up and down.”Shit, that feels good bro!” said Sean. “Keep on doing it. Yessss nice nice feels great.”Liam kicked off his boxers now too. Both boys lay completely naked, side by side. Liam had a body identical to his brother’s. Apart from their heads, the only other hair on their bodies was a few light wisps of blond pubes around the base of their cocks. The only real difference between them was that, whereas Sean’s cock stood up straight when erect, Liam’s had a curve off to the left.”Hey, we’re about the same size”, said Sean.”Yeah, yours looks bigger because it’s straight, but it’s the same size as mine”, answered Liam. “Mine is just over 6 inches. I measured it last week”.”That’s fucking well big, and still a few years before we’re fully grown!” said Sean. “Bitches are gonna love us, haha”.The two lads lay there for a while just stroking away on each other’s big boy dicks. It was a nice sight to behold – two 5’6″ blond twin boys, skinny as fuck, smooth milky white bodies and pink nipples, smooth thin yalova escort bayan legs, laying side by side wanking each other’s massive teen boners.Suddenly Liam jumps up. “I reckon I could get me two hands around your cock Sean. It’s fuckin’ big enough!””Go on – give it a lash then”, said Sean. He liked that idea. Liam sat across Sean’s legs and faced his brothers raging cock. First the left hand and then the right.”Look at that!” he said. “You can even still see the top of it sticking out , hehe”.”Fucking nice one bro! We’re big bastards alright, hehe” laughed Sean.Liam starts to get into wanking Sean’s boner with both hands. He loves the feeling of his brother’s cock in his hands and it makes his own dick grow harder and stiffer.”I’m fuckin’ hard as a rock here bro'” says Liam. “You want me to go faster?””Yeah, wank it faster”, says Sean. “Wank my big hard teen boy cock! Yesssss that’s fuckin’ amazing!!!”Sean’s shaking and shivering is all stopped now as his hard skinny body gets all warmed up by his brother’s super wanking skills. Suddenly he has an idea.”Hey Liam, stop wanking me now, but keep your hands around me dick. I’m gonna use your hands as a pussy” , said Sean. He was delighted with this idea.”Alright, go for it bro'”, said Liam. He loosened his grip slightly but kept it tight enough for Sean to fuck it for real.It didn’t take long before Sean got into writhing into the rhythm with his supple little body, his massive boy meat sliding in and out between his brother’s smooth hands.”Fuck you bitch! Take my fuckin’ big cock inside your tight little pussy!” , Sean moaned. He continued to pump away between Liam’s hands. “You like this cock bitch?! You want it more? You want it harder? I’ll fuck your brains out you little pussy slut!”.Liam was loving this. Watching his twin brother’s slim, smooth belly wriggling around and his hips humping up and down, huge cock throbbing and hot between his hands.He starts to wank Sean along to the timing of his brother’s thrusts, his own cock swinging around and leaking some pre-cum. It’s the dirty talk that he loves. That’s what’s making him even hornier by the second.Meanwhile Sean is grunting and losing control. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck uunnngh uuunnggh uuuungh yeah baby fuck uhuhh uh uhh fuck your pussy uh uhh uhhh ooh oooh fuck fuck fuck fcuk uuuuungh uuuungh uuuungh i’m gonna cum!”Liam’s eyes are wide open and a big smile on his face “Yeah fuck her bro’! Fuck the shit out of her yesssss cumm on cummm on!!”He knew Sean was close and so the extra encouragement should work a treat.”Oh yeah baby, here it comes now!” cried Sean”. “Unnnh unnnh uuungh fuck fuck uuunmpf fuck fuck I’m cummming!!!!!!”His small teen body gave the biggest shudder and his massive boy cock released a volcano of cum into the air. Spurt 1 – five feet straight up and lands back on to his escort yalova belly. Spurt 2 – arches through the air and lands half in his hair and half on his face. Spurts 3,4,5 – all over his body and pink nipples. Spurts 6 and 7 – up in the air and back down onto his cock head between Liam’s hands. Liam was enjoying the show and now he had some hot cum running down over his own fingers. He starting to jerk Sean again but it was too much for his brother.”Let go, let go now! Fuck that was fuckin’ amazing! I’ve been jerking off for 2 years now and that was the best cum I’ve had so far. No fuckin’ competition! Haha, look it’s fuckin’ everywhere!” laughed Sean.”Yeah it’s even on your hair hehe”, laughed Liam.Sean’s cock started to soften as he lay there in blissful satisfaction.Then he sits up – “Hey, now I’ll do you”, he says to Liam.Liam lay back on his side of the bed and put his hands behind his head. “Two hands please!” he smiled at his twin brother.Sean hopped across and sat astride Liam’s thighs. All of the fresh pools of sweet boy cum began to roll down his hairless body. Little rivers ran down onto his cock and balls and off onto Liam’s legs. Some ran down his legs and onto the bedclothes. He grabbed his brother’s hard, curved cock with both hands. Liam was right about the size – just big enough for the head of his cock to poke out the top of his hands. Then the wanking begins – nice and slow at first.”Aaahh yesss”, whispered Liam.”That’s the trick”.”You like it when I do it slow?” asked Sean”Yeah that’s fuckin’ bang on bro! Keep doing it like that”, said Liam. “Fuck yeah! You like my cock do ya? You like to feel a big dick between your hands, yeah? Fuck yesss, that’s nice! You like boys with big cocks? You want my big hard juicy teen dick, do you?”Liam was really enjoying this now. Sean was starting to get slightly hard too, listening to his brother’s dirty talk. Suddenly he had an idea.”Hey Lam, sometimes what I do is I grab my balls with one hand and it makes my cock go bigger and harder. Then the wank feels even better. Do you want me to try it out on you?” asked Sean.”Ah yeah fuck for for it bro'”, said Liam.Sean lets go of Liam’s huge boner and grabs his brother’s balls with his right hand.”Owch! Fuck, not THAT hard for fuck’s sake!!” cries Liam. “I don’t want me bollox crushed! I plan on having k**s, haha”.Sean loosens his grip but still has Liam’s balls well tight in his grasp. Liam looks down to see if the trick’s working. Good news! It is!”Ah yeah I can see it working now. Me cock already looks about an inch bigger. It’s deffo after getting a lot harder too. Look at the colour of the head?! Fuck!!”Liam’s 6 inches are now 7 inches and his young cock has never felt harder.”Now wait until you feel this!” said Sean. He rubs his left hand over his own cock and balls to cover it with his own yalova escort cum. Then he slowly wraps it around Liam’s massive boner and begins to wank him slowly and surely.”Feels great, doesn’t it?” he asks Liam, as he pulls and squeezes his brother’s big cum-filled balls.Liam can’t answer him. He just lies there moaning and breathing quickly as his beautiful skinny hairless boys body shakes and shivers in ecstasy.”This is the hardest cock I’ve ever had in me hands”, says Sean.Liam thinks to himself – “What?! Who else’s cock did he ever have in his hands?” But he didn’t ask Sean – he just lay back and enjoyed the amazing feeling of his brothers cum covered hand wanking away on his huge hard erection.”Ready to pick up speed now”, said Sean as he began to wank harder and faster.”Ohh fuck yesss! That’s it bro’! Wank me harder. jerk it faster!” cried Liam. He could feel all of the cum in his balls rushing towards the exit door.”Fuck yeah!” said Sean. ” I really fuckin’ love your cock. Love the way it curves, love the way it feels so huge in my hand! Cum bro’! I want you to shoot your load for me”.Sean really began to go to town, squashing Liam’s balls harder, jerking hi faster and faster.”Fuck fuck fuck, uungh uuunngh uuungh uuuugnh, yessss fuck yess uff ufff ufff wank me wank me bro’!”Liam couldn’t last any longer and out gushed huge spurt after huge spurt of white creamy boy juice, flying in every direction. Sean kept on wanking on Liam’s cock and the spunk kept cumming. The curve in Liam’s dick meant that his cock was spinning like a helicopter as he shot load after load . Sean was laughing as a nice glob landed right in his eye. More splashed across his body and legs. Liam’s legs and belly were also covered with the cream. So too were the bedclothes.Finally, after the enormous 2 minute orgasm, Liam’s body relaxed. Sean looked at him and the two brothers started to laugh their heads off.”That was absolutely fuckin’ amazing!” they both said in unison. “But look! The sheets are all covered in our cum!” he said, as he wiped the last few drops on the pillow case. “What are we gonna do? The hotel will tell Ma and Da and then we’re fucked!”Then there was a sharp knock on the door. The two boys grabbed the bed sheet and pulled them up, covering themselves.”Who is it?” called Sean.”It’s your Da. Listen boys, we’re heading off in about a half hour, so get your asses down to reception ASAP!””Alright Da!”, said Liam. “We’ll be down in a few minutes”.”Fuck it, let’s put all the sheets in a pile in the middle of the bed. They’ll never notice and sure we’ll be long gone when they discover the state of them”, said Sean.”Good idea”, said Liam.They grabbed all the sheets and wiped all of their cum from their bodies and faces. The twins then quickly got dressed and packed their bags. As they left the hotel room they had one last quick look back at the bed with the crumpled, cum-soaked sheets. Then they looked at each other and smiled, already a boner taking hold inside their shorts. They were looking forward to getting home and looking forward to bed-time that night.