Total Domination and Bottle-Fucked

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Total Domination and Bottle-Fucked’So tell me Mariel, what’s a guy have to do to get into your knickers?’I looked at him, a tad bleary-eyed, yes I had been drinking heavily and my husband had conveniently gone to bed, and now his old friend had obviously decided he needed a fuck, and as I was here, why not use my cunt, so I replied, ‘You need to catch me wearing a pair’.He laughed out loud, and I joined-in, if anything, just to show that I was neither shocked at his outright request, or offended by his offer.’Tell me John’, I felt the need to ask him a personal question, ‘Why did you divorce your wife, if you feel the need to fuck?’I sat on my recliner with my feet on the foot-rest, balancing my ‘Gin and Tonic’ as my eyes traversed his length, similarly seated opposite me, my eyes resting on his crotch, as his bulge, clearly showed he was in the mood for me.I took another deep draw on my glass, as he pondered my question, my free use of ‘Fuck’, clearly excited him, indeed I was excited, sex or fucking always excited me, especially here in my own home, sucking on another mans’ cock, was a home-owners freedom, especially when my husband bestowed my needs without even raising an eyebrow.As most of you readers know, I am a female with a huge appetite for sex, it’s just when you have the opportunity to hit me up, that you strike gold, and John was deep in this rich vein of gold, and was not aware he was.I suspected he was fishing and hoping, but what he did not know, was that I was sucking on his ‘Bell-end’ as I drank, imagining I was guiding his semen into my glass, and using it a kastamonu escort an olive substitution, a little saltiness with the bitter sweetness of the tonic.He drew his tongue across his lips and I saw its saliva laden pinkness, trace-out a moist layer, my ‘Cunt’ contracted in envy, indeed my whole pussy squeezed on nothingness, so I crossed my long legs and squeezed my thighs together, rocking them slightly, my swollen clitoris trapped between my moist labia, was providing slight relief, and as I did this womanly thing, I think he was picking up on my actions, as his hand went down and covered his cock, squeezing it, as I watched him, with an animated look on my face.’Did that feel good’, I raised a quizzical eyebrow and my glass simultaneously, took another deep drink, my leg rocking was more pronounced as I humped his cock in my mind, he never answered, just squeezed, smiled, and licked his lips, as if they were representative of my pussy, I watched fascinated, and pushed back on my recliner, I was really pissed, knew it and did not care.His cock was in his pants, he was hard and it stuck out like a flagpole. I was lying out full length, looking at him on my left, I passed my almost empty glass over to my free hand, then used my free hand to touch myself, and there we both sat, touching out crotches, I was as horny as I needed to be, sex was what I wanted so I simply said, ‘Fuck me’, and raised both my knees and lifted my bum off the seat, pulling my short skirt up under my raised bum, showing my stockings and lack of panties, I was not lying when I told him that, escort kastamonu my knees fell open as wide as the chair would allow them, ‘Please babe, please fuck me’, I was now submissive and begging, as he got up from his chair.Even though I was a married woman, we were in that short instant, two consenting adults, about to have full sexual intercourse, only the debauchery of my position made it seedy in the yes of any who might wander in on us, my home and our needs behind closed doors, so lets continue.He moved in front of me, looking down on my raised and open legs, my fingers deep in my pussy, glistening as I drew them in and out, pleasuring myself as I waited for his cock to replace them.He seemed not to be in slow motion, making me beg him to hurry, but he seemed to get slower, as he opened his pants and finally pulled himself free from their constraints.’Put it in me’, I said aggressively, I was getting desperate, he was infuriating me, I needed to fuck and I was contorting myself, raising my ass to an impossible height, as I tried to make contact with his heavy cock.He reached onto the coffee table and picked-up the ‘Schweppes Tonic bottle’, ‘Use it Slut’, and he bent forward and pushed it into me.I felt it go in, it was hard, but made me fuller feeling, not overly pleasurable, but it was something to grip on to, and my pussy muscles, were, at that moment, thankful for small mercies, and small bottles, so I started using it and playing with my clitoris, as he stood over me masturbating.Watching your friends wife, in her forties, debasing herself with kastamonu escort bayan a bottle, must have an overpowering effect on a man, especially a man wanking over her as if she was a sex object, his tirade of filth and debasing sentiments, were adding to his pleasure, as he watched me bottle-fuck myself, during my need for an elusive orgasm.I saw him move away from his vantage viewpoint and sidle up to my head, I stopped, leaving the bottle embedded inside my pussy, and reached out for him, but he scolded me, ‘Keep fucking your cunt with the bottle, you fucking slag bitch’, and as I reached down and took the base part sticking out, he took my head in his hands and turned it towards him, I knew what he wanted, so I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in and shot his load down my throat.I worked feverishly on the bottle, he was cumming and I tried to emulate him, but I was so numbed by booze, the feeling had gone.I sucked and chewed on him, finally dozing off, the drink had conquered me, and I could recall him wakening me from time to time, encouraging me to cum, so the bottle would go in and out a few more times, then sleep.In the morning everything was hazy, I knew what we had been doing, so my attitude was more bravado than shameful, I never felt threatened until months later when he called for a quick fuck session, he was staying in the hotel in town and needed to screw, I was his obvious sperm bag.I politely to him to fuck off, and he reminded me off the video he took of me with the bottle, I went cold, of course thats what he was doing when he awoke me to continue, so as I fell silent, he told me of his needs in my dress apparel, for our meeting, and every time he visits, I make time for him, now he is coming back to town, and he wants to meet my nieces, so Lisa will come with me, I am sure you will want to know the outcome.