Tom Welling Series – Episode 9

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Tom Welling Series – Episode 9Series: Tom Welling SeriesTitle: We Finally MeetSummary: Something incredible happens to me tonight right after I am done with work.Rating: NC-17Disclaimer: Only own the other character, which will remain nameless. That’s right, no Jan! Now you can imagine YOURSELF in the story… if you’re male. Feedback: Pretty please? *puppy dog eyes* Even if it shocked you, or it was totally ridiculous.Note: This will be very different from the other fics. I won’t disclose any other name, and will write in first-person. Another day of work was done and once again I saw the son of the man I had hired this place from. Without it, my store would not exist.Everytime I saw that guy I began to wonder about his sexuality… yeah, and how he would be in bed. I never saw him with a girl, which sure steered my thoughts into the other direction.I walked outside to pull the windmill of greeting cards back inside the store, when we saw one another.”Hey, you must be the guy my dad told me about. The owner of the Ink Shack.” He smiled at me. “I’m Tom, Tom Welling, nice to finally meet you. I heard so much about you from my dad.” He said, holding out his hand for me to shake.After succeeding in placing the windmill of greeting cards inside the store, I shook his hand and told him my name. My parents were on vacation so nobody was home. “Mind if I come in? I am not in a hurry. We can talk more inside if that’s okay with you?” I asked Tom.He was cute. Oh hell no, he wasn’t just cute, he was like a God. Once again I thought about the fact that I had never seen him with a girl.”Sure, would you like a beer while we talk?” Tom asked me as he opened the door for me. “You know, the funniest thing happens, at my other place I always got my newspaper, but here I never get…” The door opened and my newspaper was there on the ground. “Oh, now I gaziemir escort know where the newspaper ends up!” I said with a laugh. “And I would love a beer, Tom.”He winced. “Sorry about your days without a newspaper. I will put them in your mailbox from now on, okay?” he asked as he walked up the stairs. “That’d be really kind of you, Tom.” I said to his back as I followed him up the stairs after having taken my newspaper from the ground and put it in my bag.”Wow,” I whistled, “that is a very nice place, Tom.””Thanks. You know, it actually isn’t mine. My dad had this apartment also for rent, and since nobody was interested, we decided it was okay for me to move in.” Tom said as he handed me a beer bottle.My hand lingered a bit on his before I took the bottle from him. “Thanks, Tom.” Then I nodded. “I see.” “Here, take a seat.” Tom said, indicating the couch. I took the offered seat, not saying thanks this time, because I hate repeating myself.”So how is the store going?” he asked me after we clinked our bottles against one another in a toast and took a sip. “It’s okay, it’s been open for almost a week now.” I explained and started talking about how the greeting cards were more populair than refilling cartridges or buying cartridges.”It’s still in the baby steps, I could advertise for you if you want.” Tom said with a smile. “That’d be great!” I said and before I knew it, I had hugged him.Tom didn’t mind, in fact, he gazed at my shaved face, it was so clean, the skin so soft like a baby, like he ached to touch it. His eyes looked at my lips and for a split second I thought he was going to kiss me, to break that barrier and confirm my thoughts that he was indeed gay, but my lips moved instead. Not to kiss his, though.”So, Tom, I have to let you know that I have seen you around before… is there a girlfriend in your life?”I gaziemir escort bayan had set the beer bottle on the table in front of us and turned to him, awaiting his answer to my question.He shook his head. “There’s no girlfriend. There’s no one, why would anyone be interested in…” Tom started.”someone who is gay?” I blurted out.He flinched, but didn’t move away from me. Instead he put his own beer bottle on the table.Tom Welling stared at me, my eyes back at him, wondering who was going to break this silence.Then he nodded. “Yes, I am gay.” Tom whispered. I smiled, for he had just confirmed my thoughts about him.”What’s so funny?” he asked me. “I’m gay too.” I told him.Once again he stared at me. “You?!” I reached forward and kissed him on his lips, before he could pull away. “Yes,” I whispered.Tom blushed again, finally with someone to make his dreams a reality. He slowly wrapped his arms around me and hesitatingly kissed me back, while my hand caressed the front of his jeans.”I had a suspicion that you were gay.” I confessed as I sought for his zipper and began to lower it with my hand.”Oh?” he replied.”Yeah, call it a weird hunch.” I said with a blush, for his hands were opening the buttons of my shirt. I knew I was wearing nothing underneath and Tom Welling would know too soon enough.Yet it was me who got to his prize first, because to my shock he wasn’t wearing any briefs.I gasped at the size of him already.”Damn, you’re naughty.” I told him, almost wanting to ask if his father knew how naughty he was.Only then he pushed my shirt off, exposing my nude upper body. I blushed as I stroked him. “I always want to have beer over my naked chest and have someone to lick it up.”Tom moaned as he felt my hand on his cock.”I’ve never done that before,” Tom whispered.I let go off his cock, which he took as an insult.”I’m escort gaziemir sorry.” Tom said as he got off the couch and slid his pants off his hips and then he followed with taking off his shirt, so he was truly naked in front of me. I felt my cock harden in my pants as I saw this young God in front of me. “Hey, it’s okay,” I said and then felt him take off my pants along with my briefs so I was as naked as he was.He gently pushed me back so my back touched the couch again. Tom grinned. “Something like this?” he asked me, taking his bottle of beer.I felt the cold beer liquid on my body, around my nipples in a horizontal line which caused them to harden and moaned out.Then I felt his tongue suck it up. “Ahhh yeah, like that Tom!” All the while feeling his hard cock against mine. “Fuck, that was…” I started, but Tom kissed me. Not softly like before, no, hard, demanding.And I loved it. I eagerly kissed him back and not so long after we were french kissing eachother, until Tom pulled away.”Now it’s my turn.” I said with a grin, taking my beer bottle and pouring it over his masculine chest. Without a second gone to waste, I sucked off the liquid and went even lower, so that my mouth was close to his cock.Tom moaned as he knew what was going to happen and not a nanosecond later I had that big cock in my mouth. “Mmmmm oh yes” he groaned out along with my name. “Fuck yes!”Then I felt his hand on the back of my head and thrust his cock in my mouth… and I still loved it. “OHHHH YEAH!!!!” Tom groaned out.I pinched his nipples, my hand that had held his cock now having abandoned that big thick stick of Tom for his other nipple, which caused Tom to groan out in surprise. Let that be the moment he came in my mouth. It was like it had been a trigger for his release.I had never met a guy who came from just two pinched nipples. Eagerly I swallowed all of his cum until he pulled away.I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his lips. “Please don’t ever go bankrupt.” Tom whispered against me. I knew he meant my store. “I won’t, Tom Welling, that I promise.” I whispered against his lips.The End of Episode 9.