Toilet Sex…

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Toilet Sex…It was a week after Larry and James had taken me and savagely made me have sex with them. I was in the toilet on the third floor trying to exam my anus, it was very sore and felt like it was swollen.I was trying to look through my legs as I bent over in front of one of the toilet’s mirror. I was shocked to hear a voice say ‘what are you doing David, I snapped my head up to see another classmate, Curtis, standing at the privacy wall.I stood up and reached for my pants, twice I reached and could not get a good grip on them to pull them up. Curtis walked over to me and took hold of my left hand and with his right hand he stroked my left butt cheek.I looked at Curtis and he said ‘don’t worry, I’m not gonna give out your secret’. I tried to move away and Curtis continued konya escort ‘don’t have to, just about the whole school knows what Bruce and Charlie did to you’.Fear crept over my body I trembled from head to toe as Curtis moved my left hand closer to his crotch. Curtis rubbed my hand over his rigid cock through his pants. ‘Don’t you want some of this tube meat’, Curtis asked.Guiding me to one of the stalls, Curtis pushed me in first and told me ‘bend over and hold the handicap bar’. I started to protest but Curtis had stepped on my pants and pushed me between my shoulder blades causing me to stumble forward. I reached my hands up quickly and caught hold of the handicap bar.My butt was poked up and out, I heard Curtis unzip his pants and spit his rubbery hard wet cock konya escort bayan head slipped through my butt crack effortlessly. I cringed as his cock head brushed against my tenderly sore anus.’Curtis’, I said ‘I don’t want to…’ Curtis pushed his cock head through to my anus and his head was already in my anal opening before I could finish. Curtis wasn’t all that big, but my butt was still very sore and with each movement of his cock I groaned in pain.Curtis had me by the hips and begin to rock back and forth in a rhythmic fashion. With each thrust I would go forward and with each pull I would return to where I was before.Curtis picked up the pace as he got more excited, soon he was ramming very hard into my anus and I was trying to keep from being knocked escort konya over with each thrust. Curtis moaned sensuously as he let go three huge squirts of fuck juice into my anal cavity.As his fluid struck the insides of my anal walls Curtis cock would throb so violently that my butt clinched his penile shaft with each throb. I heard myself moaning in pleasure as Curtis grind deep into my butt.As Curtis pulled from my anus I bent deeper and back up to him as he slowly with drew his average size cock from my butt hole. When his cock head slipped from my gripping anus Curtis said to me ‘I see why Larry and James took this pussy, it’s tight and good’.Curtis took some toilet paper and wiped his cock zipping up his pants he exited the stall and left the toilet. I turned around and sat upon the toilet and pushed out as much of his baby making fluid from my anal cavity as I could.I cleaned up and left the toilet, walking down the hall I could here some one giggling, but every time I turned around I could see no one.