Things That Go Bump In The Night (a vampire sex st

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Things That Go Bump In The Night (a vampire sex stNatalie’s body vibrated at his touch. She leaned back, bracing her hands behind her, the rock damp beneath her palms. “I need you now. I want to feel that incredible cock inside me.”He growled and slid his large hands under her butt cheeks and brought her closer to the edge of the stone. His expression turned dark and fierce, and a frightened thrill shot through her. She almost expected him to sprout fangs and sink his teeth into her, like a vampire.“You test my control.” He brought his mouth closer to her pussy and she trembled with anticipation. “I fear with you I have little.”Nat’s breathing was so heavy she could barely speak. “Fuck me, Evvan.”He ignored her, and moved his mouth to the inside of each knee and slicked his tongue back toward her core. She quivered as his lips reached her pussy and he just kissed it lightly and flicked his tongue into her folds, as though he was kissing her mouth in a delicate and sensuous kiss. Nat thrust her hips closer to his face and a growl rumbled within his chest.In the next moment, he pushed her thighs apart as wide as they could go and pressed his hot mouth against her folds. This time he didn’t shroud her senses and she couldn’t stop watching him devouring her pussy. His skin and hair so dark against her pale thighs, his tongue reaching out and laving her from that sensitive skin between her ass and her pussy, on up past her clit to the fine red hairs of her mound. She squirmed, so dang close to orgasm again that she almost screamed with frustration.“Yeah.” She rocked her hips and moaned as he laved her clit. “Oh, yeah. Right there.”But the bastard began licking her folds instead changing his technique and driving her nuts kaş escort with the need to come. He felt big and solid between her thighs as he stuck his tongue into her core, thrusting in and out. As her body quivered with another oncoming climax, he moved back to her clit again.Emerald crystals pulsed throughout the cavern, in time with the throbbing in her pussy. It was like the entire room channeled her sexual energy, magnifying everything she was feeling. “Evvan. Please.” She couldn’t believe she was reduced to begging—but she was going to explode.He rumbled against her pussy and thrust two fingers inside her channel. That magical warmth burst from him at the same time he sucked on her clit.Oh. My. God.So intense was the force of her orgasm that Natalie screamed, loud and long. Her arms barely held her up as she thrashed against his face. Evvan continued, fucking her with his fingers and sucking her clit, bringing her to another climax, and yet anotherAfter the third orgasm—well, it was actually her fifth—she shouted, “S-s-stop!” She could hardly speak as her body shook and trembled from wave after wave of sensation that continued to pulse throughout her like the emerald crystals in the cavern.She no longer had the strength to hold herself up and her arms began to give out on her. Just as she started to collapse back onto the stone floor, Evvan moved his face from her pussy and caught her to him, bringing her into his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck and clung to him, melting into him so completely that she felt they were one. Her body continued to tremble and she was sure it would never stop. She closed her eyes and pressed her cheek against his shoulder as he drew her into escort kaş the pool with him.But even as the thought entered her mind that she couldn’t take anymore, something shifted. “Now, Evvan,” she demanded as she nipped at his shoulder. “Fuck me now.”Evvan growled his desire as he nuzzled Natalie’s silken hair and breathed in her exotic perfume jasmine and woman’s musk. He savored the taste of her juices on his tongue and found that he could not wait to taste her yet again. But first he needed to fuck her, to make her his in every way.He trembled with the force it required to keep himself from impaling her on his cock with no further delay. She reached up and kissed him, her mouth insistent. Sliding her tongue between his lips, she made small mewling sounds that reminded him of the pet wildcat he’d had as an Elfling centuries ago.Pressing his cock tight to her belly he returned her kiss, wanting to be inside her more than anything in this world.“Fuck me, Evvan,” she ordered him again as their lips separated. “I need you inside me so bad I can hardly stand it.”“You are mine, l’tiani,” he growled as his grip tightened around his woman.“No.” She gave him a wicked smile. “You’re mine.”He could find no words to argue the point with Natalie, and chose instead to show her that he possessed her soul and would one day possess her heart as well.With one hand he held her tight, her legs still wrapped around his waist. She braced her hands on his shoulders and raised herself up as he used his other hand to grab his cock and place its head to her channel. Keeping a strict rein on his control, he rubbed his erection against her drenched folds. “Are you ready for me?”“I’ve been ready since I met you.” She wiggled, drawing him kaş escort bayan deeper into her opening. “Now fuck me already.”His gaze locked with hers, he gripped her hips with both hands and brought her down hard, burying himself deep within her hot core.“What an incredible cock.” Natalie gasped and her eyes rolled up to the cavern’s glittering ceiling.“Damn, but those ridges feel good. And you’re so thick, so big.”“The goddess created you for me, and only me.” Evvan held her hips tight and slowly began moving her up and down the length of his staff. “Your quim fits me like a well-made sheath.”She moved her hands to his shoulders and dug her fingers into his muscles. “Fuck me harder, damn it!”Evvan raised her up and down his staff, driving into her with all of his own need and desire. Natalie used her leverage on his arms to meet him with every thrust.“That’s it,” she cried as she tilted her head back, her expression one of sheer ecstasy. “Faster. Harder.”He almost lost himself to the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of her silken quim. Gritting his teeth, he barely managed to keep from spilling his fluid into her womb too soon.Power flowed through him, from limb to limb, from his cock into Natalie’s quim and throughout her being as he released the r’tan, the power the goddess granted the Devline Elvin men to pleasure their heartmates. The warmth surrounded them, suffused their bodies, binding them together for eternity.Natalie climaxed so hard that a choked cry tumbled through her lips and her body bucked against his. “Evvan,” she shouted. “Omigod, Evvan!”He bellowed as he came. His cock throbbed and pulsed inside his heartmate’s quim, filling her with his fluid.She collapsed against him, her sweat mingling with his, the smells of their sex, an aphrodisiac that made him want her again. Right now.Evvan hardened inside Natalie and she raised her gaze to meet his. “Again,” she whispered. “Fuck me again, Evvan…”