The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch13)

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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch13)Dorothy walked down the hall, already hearing the arguing between her comrades. She pushed open the doors, seeing the council standing around a long marbled black table. Queen Ozma was sitting at the head of the table, listening patiently. While, Lord Omarion was barking out orders.”We must march on her castle now. If we waste any more time, the witch will be far too powerful, even for Queen Ozma. She must pay for the crimes she has committed. Ah, Ms. Gale, you must agree with me that we must act now.””I believe this is not the time for rash thinking, Lord Omarion. We don’t know, how fortified is the castle? How many troops does she have? We could be marching to our deaths without taking the time to gather ourselves.”The Scarecrow unravel a long parchment of paper, showing a map of Oz. Just then Talika walked in wearing her black armor. “From our spies we have found out that The Wicked Nome Queen has control of The Rose Kingdom,Land of the Mangaboos, Rinkitink, Phanfasms, Whimsies, Ripple Land,Growleywog, and the wheelers. She has almost all of the western lands. Luckily Boboland is still under control of their king.” The Scarecrow nodded towards King Bobo, who raised his wine glass.”Sir Thomas the Red Knight has informed me of some important information. The Land of Ev is throwing a ball in two days. Leandra has been invited by the kings younger brother. The king believes she comes to kill him and to take the Expectacles.”Queen Ozma rose from her chair and walked over to Glinda. “You must go back to your castle and make sure The Great Book of Records is safe. That is her true goal.” Glinda walked up to a wall and tapped on it with her wand. The wall began to shift and a doorway opened showing the inside of Glinda’s castle. She walked through and the wall closed behind her. Ozma turned to the stunned crowd, amazed at the magic of the good witch. “The Wicked Nome Queen wants The Great Book of Records. You see, by wearing the Expectacles she can look a few hours in the future. But if she wears the glasses while looking at the book, the book will show her all of time, from the beginning to the end. She will know everything, no move will be hidden from her sight. That’s why we keep the two separated, no one can have that power. The Wicked Nome Queen must be…. “. Just then King Bobo felt over, his face hitting the table hard. Queen Dolly and Lord Dough rushed over and set him down on the floor. His eyes had gone black as coal, with black veins covering his face and neck. Sir Thomas looked down at the dead king. “He has been poisoned. I have seen these symptoms before. It’s from the junjun flower. I am sorry their is no cure. King Bobo is dead.” Lord Omarion laid his robe over King Bobo.Dorothy looked back at the map. “Now she didim escort will march on Boboland. With Boboland under her thumb, The Country of Gargoyles,The Scoodlers and The Mifkets will pledge there loyalty to her. Queen Dolly, Lord Dough you must travel back to your lands and prepare for battle. Her troops will move on Loland and Hilands first, then Merryland. You both must move your forces to the edge of the valley by the Loland. You will have time. I believe she wanted Boboland but doesn’t want to have her forces split up so soon. But she will march on your lands.” Dorothy grabbed the late king glass and smelled the sweet aroma of the deadly wine. “It could have been anyone. For the time being we will have to be extra careful. Scarecrow, you will escort Queen Ozma back to The Emerald City. I will send word to Ku-Klip to meet you at the castle. You, Ku-Klip, Lion and Jack Pumpkinhead will find The Wizard of Oz. He is the last one to know where the silver slippers are. If Leandra is collecting items, so are we.””Lord Omarion, you will send Wilhelm, Bahman and fifty gobkin soldiers, with Queen Zixi. They will escort her back to her kingdom. Queen Zixi will use your forces to strengthen hers.” She looked over at Talika, seeing her a little disappointed. “I will go to the ball in The Land of Ev. I will take Talika, Sir Thomas The Red knight, and The Tin Woodman with me. We will try to stop Leandra from killing the king and getting the Expectacles.” She looked at all there faces. “We start fighting back from this moment on. Don’t be afraid, as long as we stay together, we can win. What we start today, we do for Oz. Good Luck.”They all broke off into there groups and went their chosen paths. Dorothy smiled at her small group. “Well, what is the quickest way to Ev.” Talkia laughed. “If we had a wand like Glinda we could be there right now.” “Follow me.” Sir Thomas lead them out the room, into the courtyard, in front of the castle. The three friends looked up in amazement. Floating before them was a hot air balloon, attached to a ship.”What the hell is that?!” Talika had never seen anything like it.”I call it, The Sun Dragon. I helped create it.” A wooden plank came down. “Welcome aboard.”As Dorothy was climbing the plank, Nikko, the leader of the winged monkeys was approaching Leandra castle. He swooped down and landed on the balcony ledge. He looked into his queen room seeing her busy. Leandra was on her bed, on her back. Her legs pushed back and out, opening her pussy for Zimo heavy hard cock. He pushed down, feeding that cunt his dick. Her moans muffled by Gotifri cock. Gotifri knelt by her face, pumping her sweet lips open. He held her hair, pulling her mouth further down his shaft. Nikko jumped down and walked to the edge of the room. “Excuse me my queen escort didim but news from our spy.” The guards stopped as Leandra pulled her mouth off and turned her head.”King Bobo is dead. I have signaled our troops to start invading Boboland. Our spy says Dorothy has split up the council. Queen Dolly and Lord Dough are traveling back to there lands and fortifying the border into Loland.””That’s smart of her. I will have to delay the invasion of Loland and Hiland.””She has sent the Scarecrow, The Lion, Jack Pumpkinhead and Ku-Klip to find the Wizard of Oz. They go in search of the silver slippers. She has also sent fifty gobkin guards to Ix to give support to their army.””Mmm, that could be a problem. Anything else?””Dorothy travels to Ev for the ball. They know you mean to kill the king and take The Expectacles.” “Tell Prince Evrob we will be leaving tonight. Where is our spy?””With Dorothy.””Good. That will be all Nikko.”Nikko bowed his head and flew off into the dark night. Leandra turned her attention back to Zimo and Gotifri. She held Gotifri cock in her hand. “Bad news can always be cured by a nice big cock.” She opened her mouth and devoured his cock. Pumping her wet mouth up and down his veiny shaft.Gotifri tilted his head back moaning, as Zimo placed his hands on her thighs and began fucking down into that pussy again. His balls slapping against her round tight ass, as his cock got wet with pussy juice. He pulled it to the tip, them shoved down hard, feeding his whole cock to her. Leandra moaned out, his cock felt so fucking good. Gotifri pulled his cock out and slapped it on her face. He smeared her hot saliva over her cheeks. “Open that fucking mouth.” She looked up at him and opened wide. Gotifri slide back in and pushed down all the way. Her face now buried in his bush of pubic hair. His rough pubic hair grinding against her soft green skin. Zimo slide in and swirled inside her. Watching her mouth gagging on Gotifri cock. “Thats it bitch, gag on that cock.” Leandra closed her eyes and choked hard, her oozing spit coughing up out the sides of her mouth. Zimo pulled out and leaned down. His tongue sliding along her pussy lips, tasting her sweet nectar. Leandra pulled her mouth off gasping for air. “Oh fuck yes, eat my pussy out.” Gotifri smiled,”So you want that pussy eaten out?” He leaned down and joined his friend. Zimo worked his tongue inside from the bottom, as Gotifri slide his tongue in from the top. Both tongue’s pulling Leandra pussy fluid into their mouths. “Oh fuckkkkkk, I’m cumming!” Her body shook as her pussy exploded. Squirting into both mouths, filling them with her cum. Zimo moved up and kissed her deeply, sharing her cum. They moved it around in each others mouths. As Gotifri tilted his head back and swallowed, wanting it all too himself. didim escort bayan Zimo and Leandra swallowed, the cum so smooth down the back of their throats. She sat up, the three of them covered in sweat. “We’ll I have to get ready for my trip. I want you two to accompany me to Ev.””We are honored my queen.””The honor is mine. You two are my most loyal guards and advisers. Now before I get ready, you two can do one more thing with me, what would you like.” They stood up and walked back from her, whispering to each other. “Come on I don’t have all night, whats it going to be?” Gotifri walked over to the bed and laid down. He grabbed her and had her face him. He moved her pussy over his hard cock and slowly slide her down his cock. She felt the girth of his cock push her pussy lips open. She looked over her shoulder back at Zimo. “Oh fuck, you two know what I like.”Zimo got up on the bed behind her and put his cock head on her tight butt hole. Gotifri reached around, pulling her cheeks apart. Zimo started pushing in slowly, her tight hole spreading to his mushroom head. He stopped when the whole head was in. He waited a few seconds then shoved in hard. Her ass burst open, taking that whole big cock.”FUCKKKKKKKKK!”Zimo began moving his hips, pumping his cock in her tight hole. Gotifri held her cheeks tight and shoved up. Both cocks moving in and out, making her tight holes become gapping holes for big cocks.”Fuck yes. Fuck me, oh god yess. Make me take those big cocks.” Zimo reached up with his right hand and pulled her hair, arching her back. Yanking her back and forth on his thick meaty dick. Her pussy and ass was taking both cocks down to the base. The two guards push in her together and stayed in her. Letting her feel both cocks resting inside her. Zimo slapped her green ass cheek with his left hand. “What type of whore are you.”Leandra moaned out,”I’m a dp whore!”They started fucking her hard again, their cocks hammering her wet juicy holes. She pushed back meeting their thrust, making herself take it all. Zimo looked down at Gotifri and smiled. They worked their cock with vigor until Gotifri moaned and exploded, filling her pussy with his thick seed. Zimo could feel Gotifri cock cumming and it made his cock jump, spilling cum into her tight asshole. Leandra stopped, bracing herself as she felt her pussy and ass fill with thick gooey stick cum.Zimo leaned down and kissed her neck. She grinned back on both dicks. She could feel Gotifri cum filling her belly, as her ass leaked Zimo nasty sticky cum. She just sat on both cocks, loving the feeling of being used.”When we go to Ev, we will kill the king and Dorothy friends, take The Expectacles, and capture Dorothy. I promised you two her and I keep my promises.”She kissed Zimo deeply, as Gotifri pinched her nipples. “What should we do with her first Zimo.” He pulled his lips from Leandra wet mouth. “I think Ms. Dorothy Gale doesn’t know it yet, but she’s going to know what it feels like to have two big cocks in her ass, at the same time.”