The Weekend

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The WeekendTHE WEEKENDI had been looking forward to this weekend for ages; after all it was to be our first real time alone together. The country house hotel was set in spectacular grounds overlooking a large lake and the room I had booked was at the front of the hotel and luxuriously furnished in every way including a magnificent four-poster bed. I had arrived at five o’clock and had already unpacked, had a long hot bath and changed into grey slacks, white shirt and blazer, guessing that you would need time to bath and change when you arrived. You said you would be there at 7 o’clock having come straight from work, and at about half-past six I went down to the bar for a drink and to wait for you to arrive. I felt like a nervous teenager on his first date.You arrived on time and as I watched your car pulling in I stood up and my legs felt as if they had turned to jelly. Even after a hard day at work and a long drive you looked so cool and beautiful and I felt so nervous. We embraced and kissed and I took you to our room trying to ignore the envious glances given by the men in the foyer. When you saw the room you gasped put your arm around me and said: “Mike it’s beautiful, so romantic” Then you kissed me long and deep. After showing you around I left you to sort yourself out and returned to the bar. Just before 8 o’clock you came down and my heart stood still! You were wearing a low cut full skirted dress made out of a soft floating material which swished as you walked towards me. My cock hardened inside my pants as I took your hand and led you into the restaurant. As I touched you a bolt of electricity shot between us and any doubts I had about the weekend vanished.The head waiter showed us to table in a quiet corner of the restaurant where we sat adjacent to each other. We were served by a pretty young waitress called Anna who seemed to sense the smouldering passion between us. She fetched our drinks and after returning with them took our food order. We made silly small talk about everything, the beautiful weather, the state of the nation, your job – in fact everything except why we were really there.Part way through the meal I was pointing out a feature of the decoration in the room when the back of my hand accidentally on purpose brushed against your right breast. You shuddered and gave me a knowing look. Later my napkin fell to the floor and as I reached to retrieve it my right had stroked against your leg and ran up to touch your thigh under the tablecloth. I reached so far up when joy of joys I found out you were wearing stockings, and I felt a suspender strap which I lifted and let go so it snapped against your thigh. Once again you shuddered and let out a low moan.Soon after that, as we awaited our dessert, you excused yourself and went off to the ladies. When you returned a few minutes later a smile played around the corner of your mouth and you whispered in my ear:“Believe it or not I’ve just had a quick wank”. My cock stiffened again.After dinner we went upstairs to our room and as soon as the door closed we fell into each others arms and kissed long and deep, out tongues entwining as the flicked around like a butterfly in each others’ mouths.My fingers found the zip of your dress and undid it as you unbuttoned my shirt, running both hands over my chest. The dress slipped to the floor revealing your sexy underwear: a dark grey satin and lace bra with matching satin panties and suspender belt. I took off my shirt and trousers to reveal my black silk men’s briefs. Your hand cupped my balls and stroked my erection through the thin material. My hands caressed your lovely tits, first through the bra and then slipping a forefinger inside one of the cups teasing your nipple which responded by standing out firm. I repeated this with the other breast before unhooking the bra and slowly sliding it off your lovely shoulders. I pulled you towards me and felt your beautiful breasts pressing against my bare chest. By now my erection was bursting out of my briefs and you were moaning with pleasure. Finally we were naked on the bed apart from your panties and stockings and rolling around in a passionate embrace, kissing and speaking words of love to each other.My lips moved onto your breasts treating them equally in turn before my tongue licked your body down over your tummy finally settling on your cunt which I licked, sucked and chewed through the thin satin.Then we turned into the 69 position and I eased your panties down and off as you took my stiff cock into your mouth and began licking and sucking it, sometimes moving to my balls, so heavy with spunk. You sucked them in turn as my tongue flicked your clit and my fingers penetrated your wet juicy twat. I felt you have your first orgasm.“Fuck me please Mike, fuck me darling” you murmured and we writhed together.Then you were on your back with legs spread as I gently guided by rock hard penis into your waiting love hole.“Oh Tanya, my beautiful, sexy Tanya,” I answered as I thrust into your cunt burying myself up to the hilt before thrusting slowly in and out. You shuddered again as you had your second orgasm and I began to fuck you faster, every so often slowly withdrawing before thrusting in hard again.We were in ecstasy and you moaned loudly as I wet my finger with your cunt juices before pushing it gently into your arsehole. There I was fucking your cunt with my cock and fucking your arsehole with my finger. You also wet your finger and probed my arsehole – I felt your climax approaching as the movement between got more frantic.“Cum darling, cum with me” I said“Yes, yes, yes,” you answered “I’m nearly there – Oh, oh, oh, ooooooooooooooooooh NNNNOOOOOOWWWW”As you said this I exploded inside you shooting my creamy spunk inside you.“Yes my angel yes, yes, yes,” I cried out in passion.Then you started sucking and licking my cock and I responded by licking out your pussy tasting your sweetness mixed with my saltiness. Then as passion subsided we kissed deeply and whispered words of love into each others’ ears until we gradually slipped into a deep sleep, still in each others’ arms.At some time in the night we were awoken by the sound of the bedroom door opening. Someone came in and as the figure moved into the dim light of the room. I saw that it was Anna, our pretty waitress from the restaurant still dressed in her uniform of crisp white blouse and tight black skirt. She moved slowly towards the bed…………………………We both looked up and my eyes widened – what on earth was happening?“Anna”, I said, ”What are you doing here?”She smiled softly and said: “I saw the way you both looked at me in the restaurant and thought you might like some company. Would you like me to go?”I glanced at you and we both shook our heads, “No,” we said simultaneously.“OK then, would you like to see more of me?”“Yes please,” I said and you nodded your head.With that she put the bag she was carrying down beside the bed, took a step backwards, and slowly undid the buttons of her blouse. She shrugged it off her shoulders and placed it on the bedside chair. She was wearing a very sexy silk and lace bra in oyster grey. Next she unzipped the black skirt, removed it and put it on top of her blouse revealing a matching pair of French knickers trimmed with lace and a pair of black lace top stockings. She reached behind her back and undid the bra and took it off, revealing a pair of small firm breasts with erect pink nipples. Next she unpinned her beautiful long black hair and shook her head causing it to tumble down over her shoulders.This slow strip tease had the effect of making my penis swell under the duvet, and I saw a certain look in your eyes too. I noticed that you had started to stroke your breasts which were exposed.Anna kicked off her high heeled shoes and climbed onto the bed between us, pushing the duvet away to expose our nakedness. Then reaching out she took my hardening cock in her right had and began stroking it, her left hand sought out your right breast, as she did so she turned towards you and began kissing you. A few moments later she turned her head and kissed me passionately, at the same time moving her left had down over your tummy and searching between your widening legs, all the time slowly masturbating me. This was amazing.After a few minutes of this she indicated that I should come across her and lie on top of you. “Mike, put your prick inside Tanya’s pussy – NOW.”This was a command, and she was taking charge of us. I did as she ordered and pushed my hard cock into your eager cunt, at the same time caressing your full breasts and nipples.“Now, start fucking her,” she ordered, “I think you are a naughty, dirty pair – now keep on fucking, I’ll be back in a minute.”With that she got off the bed, slipped on a bathrobe that was lying on a chair and went to the door of the room. She went outside for a minute and returned carrying a thin supple cane. I realised that outside our door was a rubber plant and this was the supporting cane.She approached the bed swishing it.“You both deserve punishment,” she said, and with that she laid it hard into my upturned buttocks. Strangely I did not feel any real pain, and the stroke made me thrust even deeper into you. She repeated this eleven more times at about 20 second intervals and each time I bucked into you causing you to moan with pleasure.“Now roll over, it’s Tanya’s turn.”We complied and rolled over still screwing each other. She repeated the caning on canlı bahis your buttocks and with each stroke you cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I noticed that during this she had put her left hand between her legs and was playing with her own pussy through the silk knickers.After this she made me withdraw and told you to get on your knees with your shoulders on the mattress. As you did this, Anna reached down into her bag and withdrew something that made my eyes pop out.She took out a pink strap-on dildo with a pair of balls attached. She then slipped down her French knickers and strapped on the device before pulling them up again. Dressed only in these and stockings she climbed up behind your up-thrust welted arse, pulled your pussy lips apart and inserted the dildo, pushing it up to the hilt. “Do it to me,” she said as she handed me the cane. I needed no second bidding as I caned her buttocks just as she had caned ours, a full 12 strokes. The stripes soon appeared on the soft skin and she shuddered with pleasure. You moaned as she started to thrust in and out and then she invited me to enter her vagina from behind. I pulled the knickers and the elastic strap of her dildo to one side, opened her pussy lips and held her hips as I too started to thrusting and out of her tight pussy. We moved in unison, gradually building up the tempo – you started to moan loudly in ecstasy, Anna was crying out “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” as we writhed together on the bed – I was grunting now and eventually as the thrusting became harder and faster there were cries of “I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming,” as Anna reached between her own legs to play with her clit and my balls, and we orgasmed simultaneously, my spunk pumping into Anna’s cunt as her juices flowed over my cock then you suddenly cried out: “ It’s spunk, real fucking spunk!”Anna smiled, withdrew from your cunt, took of the dildo and offered it to you. There was a white dribble coming from the tip and you licked it eagerly and then laughed.“It’s bloody double cream,” you exclaimed.“I’m not at waitress for nothing,” she said, laughing too. Looking at the balls we both realised that they concealed a reservoir which could be filled with any creamy liquid. When the balls were squeezed rapidly they would pump out the contents. Then we lay back and cuddled and kissed each other as the passion subsided.We must have drifted off to sleep because when I awoke it was about 6 o’clock.I looked around the room but Anna had gone. Perhaps it had just been an erotic dream –I shouldn’t have had that cheese last night. You woke and rubbed the sleep from your eyes; we kissed“Good morning darling,” I said, “sleep well?”“Good morning yourself, you sexy man, I slept like a log.” I told you about the dream I had in all its detail and you surprised me by saying that you had had the identical dream.“Extraordinary,” I said in amazement.I reached over and kissed you, running my hand down your back until I reached your buttocks; there I felt raised welts running down from the top to bottom of your arse, Then I reached around to feel my own – the same. It couldn’t have been a dream, and I said as much.You smiled at me and said: “Darling Mike, I have a confession to make; do you remember last night at dinner when I went to the ladies.” I nodded. “Well as you know I went into the cubicle and was masturbating myself when I became aware that there was someone next door to me who must have heard me moaning and guessed what I was doing. We came out together and I realised it was Anna. As we were washing our hands she looked at me and just smiled, then winked and she was gone. So it was no surprise to me when she joined us last night.”“You naughty girl,” I said, “you knew all the time.”You nodded and kissed me gently on the lips. As I turned around my hand fell onto something under the duvet, I retrieved it and held it up in front of you. It was a pair of oyster grey silk French knickers heavily stained with pussy juice, spunk and cream – Anna’s. You took them from me and held them to your face inhaling deeply. Then you handed them back to me.“Put them on,” you said“Pardon?”“I said put them on, I want to see what you look like in them.”“Don’t be ridiculous, they won’t fit me.”“Just try.”I slid off the bed and put them on, feeling aroused as the soft silk slid up my legs. They did fit, although they were snug. My half erection started to strain against the grey silk, then you reached out and before I could do anything you began to wank me. In no time I felt my balls tighten and then I shot my load; an ever widening patch of damp white spunk oozing through the grey silk.“That was just for you,” you said as we relaxed on the bed again.Cradling you in my arms and kissing your face I said: “What would you like to do today?”……We went down to breakfast and guess what? Anna served us. Nothing was said apart from her quietly thanking us and hoping we’d enjoyed it. I didn’t mention the fact that we had kept her sexy knickers and the cane as souvenirs!As the hotel had such extensive grounds we decided that as it was such a nice day we would order a picnic lunch and a bottle of wine and explore the grounds. We both wore casual clothes, me in jeans and blue cotton shirt and you in white shirt and trousers which were thin, showing off your magnificent breasts and arse. The outline of your underwear showed through the thin cotton.We set off along a well laid path through a wooded area and had walked for about an hour before the heavens opened and the rain poured down. Just at that moment we spotted what must have been a groundsman’s hut amongst the trees and ran towards it. On entering we discovered it was well furnished with a table, chairs and a couple of old but comfortable looking armchairs. There was also a wood burning stove which I lit, and the chill was soon taken off the hut. We were both soaked to the skin so undressed and put our clothes to dry in front of the stove. Dressed only in our underwear you opened the hamper and I opened the wine and poured two glasses which had been provided. I looked at you wearing a white sexy bra and matching panties and thought how much I fancied you. Was it love or was it lust or maybe both. We finished the picnic and drank the wine. I moved from the table and sat in an armchair by the stove. You packed away he hamper and poured the last of the wine. Watching you move sensuously around the room, my cock began to swell inside my pants. You came towards me and sat on my lap putting your arms around my neck. I nibbled your ears and stroked your hair before kissing you gently on the mouth, my hands cupping your breasts and teasing your nipples through the thin material of your bra. They stood out hard against the palms of my hands and I inserted a finger inside one cup to flick it against one of your hardening nipples. Then with finger and thumb I rotated it causing you to moan with pleasure.“You’re making me cum Mike,” and with that you shuddered to climax. Your nipples are so sensitive.As I lay back in the wide armchair you stood up, reached behind you and unclipped your bra. Your magnificent breasts tumbled out in all their glory, with hard brown erect nipples pushed forward, inviting attention. You fell to your knees in front of me and with one swift movement my briefs were off exposing my half erect cock. Without saying a word you reached forward and took it in your hand, slowly stroking the bulbous knob end before lowering your head and taking it into your mouth. Slowly sucking you roused it to its full length and thickness before licking the tip and flicking your tongue over that so sensitive flap of skin under the knob. Pre-cum started to ooze out and you licked that up moaning as you did so. My hands were stroking your full breasts and playing with those hard nipples. I lifted you to your feet and slid down your sexy panties at the same time pulling you towards me; you mounted the chair straddling my thighs before lowering yourself down towards my rampant cock. Holding it firmly you guided yourself down onto it and slowly let it enter your streaming wet pussy.My hand stroked your shoulders running down your back until I was holding your bum cheeks; I squeezed them hard as you slowly rose and fell against me. I responded by thrusting up as you bore down and our movements got faster and faster, our breathing got heavier until we both started to moan loudly.“Fuck me Tanya,” I found myself crying out “Fuck me hard, oh fuck, fuck, fuck”Our bodies moved together and my right hand strayed between your open legs seeking your clit; when I found it, so erect and hard and wet I masturbated it, all the time feeling your weight banging down on me.You were crying out now with sheer pleasure: “Mike, fuck, fuck, oh darling, fuck me hard.”Then in one sweet moment you came in spasms as I released my boiling spunk into your eager pussy. Passions spent you curled up in my arms in the big armchair and stroked my face and neck.“Thank you, that was wonderful,” you murmured.“You were fantastic too,” I replied nuzzling your neck.The rain had stopped so we dressed and packed up ready to leave when I noticed a big damp stain on the seat of the armchair.“I wonder what the groundsman will think of that,” I said.“He’ll probably give it a good sniff, work out what it is and wank himself silly,” you replied with a wicked smile on your lips.With that we set off to walk back to the hotel………………….On the canlı bahis way back we chatted about what we would like to do next.“How do you fancy a sauna? There’s one in the hotel with a cold plunge and a hot tub,” you asked.“Sounds great to me – let’s do it.”We checked at reception and the complex was empty, so we booked it.Shortly afterwards we found ourselves taking a shower before going into the sauna box dressed only in towels.I poured water onto the hot coals and as there was no one else about we let our towels slip until we were naked. We held hands and kissed and before long the perspiration was running down our bodies. I watched as trickles of moisture ran from your neck down your body and between your full breasts. I then licked between those lovely orbs tasting your saltiness before transferring my tongue to your right nipple whilst at the same time playing with your slippery left breast with my right hand. You shuddered and murmured out that you were cumming. Your hands slipped down my body, one played with my cock and balls and the other fingered my arsehole; my prick responded to this attention and was rigid with desire. Then my mouth moved down as your legs parted and my tongue lapped around your engorged pussy like a hungry dog. You tasted so good and I spread your labia until your lips were fully exposed like some exotic flower. Pushing my tongue into your orifice made you moan in delight and I sensed another orgasm approaching. After a few minutes you dropped to your knees on the sauna floor and began to give my cock the attention it needed so much. Your mouth engulfed it before you started to concentrate on the tip and underside while your insistent finger pushed further inside my arsehole until you reached my prostate gland which you then started to massage. We were both in heaven and I felt my balls tighten as precum came out of the tip of my cock – this you eagerly licked off with a look of ecstasy in your eyes. I pulled you to your feet and kissed you tasting our combined juices plus the salt of our sweat. Then we lay down on the bench, you on top and facing me, you lowered yourself down and reaching underneath, you guided my willing penis into your hot, wet vagina. I stroked your breasts and pulled on your erect nipples as you rode up and down on me faster and faster. I felt the slats of the bench pressing into my back and buttocks through the towel, then suddenly you arched your back, threw your head back and with a loud moan had a huge orgasm crying out with pleasure and drenching my cock and balls with your cum just as I spurted my load into your waiting pussy. After we had calmed down we sat hand in hand kissing and smiling at each other in the way that only lovers do.Later we left the sauna box and went into the whirlpool bath. You positioned yourself right over one of the jets and I watched as a look of sheer bliss came over your face – my god you were having another orgasm.“You dirty girl,” I said “No need for me then.”With that you put your arms around me and held me so that the jet was now stimulating me, you wrapped your legs around me and I entered your cunt once again and our orgasms were simultaneous. After a while I turned off the jets and we just floated in the water and watched as white cum and spunk floated in the water around us.That evening after a leisurely romantic dinner (Anna was off that night) there was no doubt as to what you wanted and I needed. We had a nightcap at the bar then made our way to our room, the scene of so much action the previous night. I had a shower while you undressed and put on a bathrobe. You disappeared into the bathroom and when you emerged you were wearing the most fantastic white silk nightdress; narrow shoulder straps and a bodice which showed off your beautiful breasts and nipples. As you walked across the room to the dressing table the silk flowed against your body revealing every curve. “I’m wearing matching panties too,” you said with a smile.“Wow” was all I could say “you’re beautiful”You sat down and brushed your lovely hair before rising and walking towards me as I lay on the bed, naked except for a pair of black satin men’s briefs. My arousal was obvious by the bulge in my pants.You slid into bed beside me and kissed me deeply. Your hands stroked my body as I ran my fingers through your hair. My lips moved downwards and I began to suck on your left nipple though the white silk, then the right one until they both stood out proud. You moaned and then suddenly you came with a shudder and a cry of: ”I’ve cum darling, I’ve cum.” I’d never known such sensitive nipples. My hand continued to stroke your bottom and legs through the silk, concentrated on your inner thighs, coming so close to touching your pussy but just avoiding it. Finally my fingers reached out and stroked the damp gusset of your thin silk panties, sliding them up and down and teasing your clitoris until your excitement was obvious. Then I pushed first one then two fingers up your cunt so that you could feel the sexy silk stimulate the walls of your vagina.Meanwhile your hand took a part of your nightdress and began to stroke my eager cock with. It felt so erotic, soft silk stimulating me so much that I thought my cock would prematurely explode, but I managed to keep it in check.Our bodies twisted and turned in sexual pleasure, I took off your soaking panties and began to masturbate your pussy and clit. You shuddered in my arms and the begged me to come inside you. I rolled you onto your back, your legs were spread and my eager cock nuzzled against your twat; for a while I rubbed it up and down stimulating your clit before thrusting deep inside you. You moaned as my cock reached right up inside you until my balls rested against your bum; your legs wrapped around my back as our mutual thrusts began to get faster and faster.“More, darling , more,” you moaned, “harder, harder please fuck me harder – oh fuck, fuck, fuck.”I thrust into you with more eagerness than I could imagine until you cried out in sheer wanton bliss, “Don’t stop, please don’t stop, I’m cumming darling, I’m fucking cumming aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh………. so lovely you sexy, sexy man,” and with that I exploded into your swollen pussy as your cunt muscles held me tight inside wringing out every last drop of my spunk.I stayed inside you until my cock went flaccid and then with a “plop” it came out. You lowered your head and licked eagerly up and down my shaft and balls while I lapped at your juicy cunt.Finally we flopped back onto the soft bed, kissed and cuddled for a few minutes before falling into a deep, dreamless sleep, still wrapped around each other……………………..The following morning after breakfast we decided that although it had been some time since either of us rode a horse we should make use of the stable facilities offered by the hotel. The fact that we had brought no suitable riding kit presented no problem as the stables had all the necessary kit. Our sizes were provided and by mid morning two sets of clean kit had been delivered to our room. We got dressed and looked at one another. You wore tight white riding breeches, white silk blouse a hacking jacket and riding boots and held a thin riding crop in your hand. I was similarly dressed with a white loose fitting cotton shirt. Riding hats completed the outfits. We smiled at each other; you looked stunning, every inch the horsewoman. I slapped my boot with the riding crop and you shuddered and said: “Quite the Mr D’Arcy ; ooooh I do like it when you’re all masterful!”We went around to the stables and saw the stable girl, Sally, who had sorted us out two docile mounts, which I had asked for. Yours was called Harry and mine Dolly. We were provided with a map of the area showing all the bridleways and green lanes, and were shown the location of a nice pub in a small village about six miles away.With that we set off, and before long I felt quite at home. When you went in front of me I could see you beautiful bum encased in the tight material of your breeches and got an enormous erection. You were having a devastating effect on me. We walked, trotted and cantered our way around the area finally reaching the recommended pub at about noon.We dismounted, tethered the horses to a fence next to a horse trough and went inside to order some food and drinks. We then sat outside in the bright sunshine and talked while we had our lunch and suddenly I realised something. You unbuttoned your hacking jacket and I saw that you weren’t wearing a bra; your magnificent breasts pushed against the white silk of your blouse and your nipples were erect and prominent, my cock swelled in appreciation.“Oh you’ve noticed”, you said smiling, “you know all morning I have had the most sexy feelings as the silk blouse rubbed against my breasts as we rode along. My nipples have been erect all morning and I feel so horny it’s untrue. In fact to tell you the truth I have had three or four quick orgasms.”“Naughty girl,” I said.I told you to be patient and you smiled and leaned over and kissed me.We finished lunch, you re-buttoned your jacket and we remounted our horses and set off. After about an hour we found ourselves at the top of a hill with magnificent views across the countryside. We tied the horses to a fallen tree and admired the vista. After a while you took my hand and we moved into a wooded area.I slapped my crop against my boot and you quietly said: ”Yes please.”You took off güvenilir bahis your jacket and laid it on the ground. Then you bent over a fallen branch and spread your legs. Your arse looked so inviting, so tightly encased in those white breeches, the outline of your panties showing through the material. Twelve strokes of my riding crop later you were gasping and begging for more. You stood up and undid your breeches, dropping them to the tops of your boots revealing a pair of silky satin sky blue briefs trimmed with white lace. You bent over again with spread legs. Twelve more rapid strokes across your panties made them ripple sexily as you gasped and moaned with both pain and pleasure. Then I lowered the panties to reveal a striped red bottom. I pushed the crop between your spread legs and rubbed it to and fro along your slit pausing every so often to flick the leather tab against your hard clitoris before reversing it to slide the handle gently into your eager cunt. Your gasps became more urgent as you had yet another climax.“Fuck me Mike,” you cried, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me NOW –PLEASE FUCK ME.”I needed no second bidding and within seconds had undone my breeches and lowered them and my pants to reveal my hard throbbing prick. As I moved between your spread legs and your right hand came back to guide me into your sweet love hole while my hands reached around to caress and squeeze your beautiful breasts and nipples through your silk blouse.Your climax came so swiftly it took us both by surprise and you shouted out that you were cumming. This triggered my own orgasm and I spunked hard into your pulsating cunt which continued to grip me until the last drop was wrung out of me.We fell to the ground on our jackets and kissed and cuddled. Then you picked up your crop and said: ”My turn now, let’s see if you can take it like a man.”I bent over the branch with my bare arse exposed. You gave me 24 hard cuts which made me gasp but the result was worth it; as if by magic my cock became stiff again and within seconds it was in your mouth. You sucked and licked it so hard, at the same time caressing and stroking my swollen arse before inserting a finger into my arsehole and finger-fucking me. In no time I came again and you swallowed every drop.After about an hour lying together in the dappled sunshine, we dressed, remounted our horses and made our way back to the hotel, both our arses throbbing as the leather saddles rubbed against our breeches.“I don’t know if you noticed,” you said to me as we rode along, “but there are big stains on the crotch of my breeches – perhaps Sally will notice and sniff them”“Perhaps she will get off on that,” I laughed as we rode on, after all Harry and Dolly weren’t going to tell……………..We got back to the hotel in the late afternoon, returned our horses to Sally who smiled at us knowingly and went to our room. After the exertions of the day all we wanted was a hot bath, a drink and dinner. We bathed together washing each others’ bodies, your hands concentrating on my cock, balls and arse and mine your breasts, nipples, bum and pussy. Afterwards we got dressed, you in a light summer dress, black satin underwear and sheer tan stockings, me in light grey slacks and white shirt. We went down to the restaurant early, had a drink then were shown to a table by the head waiter. Anna was on duty again and she smiled at us as she handed us the menus; we both smiled back at her.At the end of the meal as we were drinking our coffee she returned to the table with the bill for me to sign and simply said: “Would you like some company again tonight?”We both nodded and then she said:“Can I bring a friend?”Again we just nodded and suddenly she was gone.We went to bed and just cuddled, not sure what to expect from Anna and her “friend”. You wore a white silk nightdress and I was naked apart from a pair of men’s red satin briefs.At about 12.30 we were dozing in each others’ arms when there was a tap on the door, it opened and in walked Anna and Sally from the stables. Anna was wearing a simple cotton dress and Sally a short grey skirt with a low cut white silk shirt, her blonde hair tied into a pony tail. Both were in high heels and what looked like stockings.“Would you like a show?” asked Anna.“Mmmmm yes please,” we said together.Without another word the two girls stood by the bed and started to kiss each other, their hands wandering all over each others’ bodies. Then they started undressing one another, item by item until they were only in black silk and lace bras, panties and lace top stockings. Their kisses and caresses became more passionate as they unclipped each others’ bras letting their hands wander over each other, teasing and squeezing their hard nipples. Anna began sucking on Sally’s nipples which made her groan with pleasure. By this time my cock had become so stiff it had escaped the confines of my briefs and I was rubbing it slowly against the cheeks of your arse through the silk of your nightdress. My hands were on your breasts as I stroked your hardening nipples through the soft material. My cock was rampant, pushing out through the top of my pants and I began rubbing it up and down your bum crease through the soft silk of your nightie. My hands reached around you stroking your breasts and nipples and you moaned softly. Your right hand was stroking your pussy and occasionally straying to caress my balls. It was my turn to moan softly.The girls moved onto the bed and began to make love to each other. Sally produced a pink dildo and began teasing Anna’s pussy through her panties, now Anna moaned as Sally pulled the panties to one side, inserted the prick into her pussy and began fucking her. By now my cock was pulsating and I was trying not to cum but it was too late and I pumped my spunk onto your silk covered buttocks – at the same time you shuddered and had an orgasm too. You took off your nightie and we all changed positions and I ended up on my back being sucked hard by Anna, Sally was astride my head with me licking out her pussy, you lay on your back beside me with both girls playing with your tits and pussy. We were doing this for some time when Anna changed our positions so that you and Sally were all on all fours. Anna meanwhile had found the cane she had used on Friday night and swished it through the air.“Now,” she said to me, “I want you to fuck each of us in turn until we cum, and woe betide you if you cum before any of us do!”Sally was first and as I felt my stiff, hard cock slip into her willing pussy she thrust back at me and within seconds she was crying out for more“Fuck me harder, harder, harder”.I obliged until the squelching sound of my cock thrusting in and out of her pussy was driving me wild.While this was happening, Anna was thrashing my buttocks with the cane, urging me on. Then quickly Sally’s orgasm was there, and she collapsed on the bed with me on top.Then as I slipped my dripping wet cock, still fully erect from Sally’s wet cunt she changed places with Anna, who lay on her back with legs spread wide ready to take my cock.Sally picked up the cane and carried on where Anna had left off. My arse was sore but I felt no real pain as I thrust in and out of Anna’s tight cunt, my balls banging against her arse, and her legs wrapping around my back. Suddenly she spasmed and came to orgasm. Still I had not shot my load.Finally it was your turn. Lying on my back, you faced me and straddled my body, slowly lowering yourself down on to my eager cock. This is what I had been really waiting for. As you rode up and down on me with your bum stuck out Sally began caning your arse, gently at first and then harder until you cried out, while Anna played with your tits and nipples. With each stroke of the cane you squeezed my cock so hard I thought I would cum, but I managed to hold on until I felt you ready to cum, then throwing your head back it happened and once again my prick and balls were drenched in pussy juice. With a final heave I felt my balls empty and the fantastic feeling a man feels as he cums. Up to a dozen pumps and then your cunt was full of my spunk.You took your silk nightie and wiped my cock and balls and then the four of us cuddled, kissed and stroked each other until we dozed off to sleep. At about 3 o’clock I was aware of Anna and Sally getting off the bed and getting dressed, they kissed us both and then left.We woke early and I felt as fresh as a daisy. We looked at each other and inspected each others bums. I leaned over and kissed and licked your striped arse – you did the same for me and then our lips were pressed together, tongues entwined and my cock grew stiff again.So easily I slipped into your warm wet pussy and once again and felt your warm breath against my neck. This time it was slow and long until in the last few frantic strokes until we both came together, your buttocks clenching as you felt the rush of creamy spunk fill your vagina.We cuddled and kissed – our weekend was over and work called……..After breakfast, where Anna was on duty again, I helped you to the car with your case, kissed you goodbye and watched as you disappeared down the long drive. I paid the bill and loaded my own car, then set off for work.I arrived at about ten, but the hour didn’t matter, after all it was my company. I went straight to my office and within seconds my secretary walked in and put a pile of mail in front of me, bent down in front of me, her low-cut blouse giving a good view of her cleavage and said:“Did you have a nice weekend sir?” and flashed me a smile.“Yes thank you Tanya, it was perfect”, I replied smiling, my cock stiffening inside my pants as I thought of what we had been up to……………..XXXXXXXXXXXX