The Strict Boss Amrita – Part 1

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The Strict Boss Amrita – Part 1deleteddeletedI need a break”, Aman thought to himself. It was 7 o’clock in the evening on a hot April day in Delhi, and here he was sitting in his office chair glued to his screen.Since his college days, Aman had always been into outdoor activities. He loved traveling. Playing sports was natural to him. He represented his college in track events, played football for his college team and yet here he was putting on weight by sitting on his office chair daily.He had often caught himself daydreaming and thinking how amazing it would be to get a day back in his college. After all, he was one of the most popular guys in college and had an incredible body which was clearly admired by the hungry eyes of girls and women in his college.He had often felt girls looking through his clothes just to have a piece of him. But then those days were gone and he was snapped back to reality on his office desk.“Aman, would you stop day-dreaming and do some bloody work?”, shouted his boss.His boss Amrita Singh was a stern lady, another reason for Aman to hate his job. But you could understand her behavior, she was a self-made entrepreneur who had worked in her entire twenties to make a living for herself and had married a husband chosen by parents because he was a son of a successful businessman.There were rumors that Amrita’s husband would remain drunk all day and cared negligibly about his wife, her business or any work, but those were just rumors.“Ma’am, I will just get it done”, said Aman. “You better”, said Amrita, a bit harshly.Amrita turned to leave. As she moved, Aman couldn’t help but take a deep breath of the perfume Amrita was wearing which was intoxicating. It took him a couple of seconds to recover from it. His eyes couldn’t help but track his boss’ movements and he was stunned as he always was looking at her.Amrita that day was wearing black shorts which showed ample amount of her thighs and a white tight shirt which hugged her slight plump upper body rather too tightly.Even though Amrita was in her early thirties, she never looked one bit over her twenties. She was 5’8, wore heels to add a few inches, had black hair which she had colored dark brown and which flowed over her shoulders. She had dark black devilish eyes and sexy breasts which left many jaws open.From behind, she looked even more thrilling because of her long well-tanned legs and her curvaceous ass. Amrita knew she looked extremely hot and she loved all the attention she got.She liked to make guys drool over her. It excited her to see guys hungry to lay a hand on her but no one could as she was their boss and a strict one. She loved being desired, it gave her a distinct high.Aman heard her boss scream at one or two more of her employees. She then went to her office and closed the door with a loud thud. Amrita went inside took a deep breath and looked at herself in her mirror and a smile came across her lips. She loved herself.She opened the third button of her shirt button just to check if it would show just some more of her cleavage. She felt naughty.She sat in her big chair, crossed her legs and couldn’t help but imagine making out with someone in her office, She wanted to be stripped and choked and fucked on her table. She wanted someone to destroy her pussy, make her difficult to walk and leave her shivering. She craved to be fucked by a man.Her husband wasn’t satisfying her. Most of the time, he was too drunk to get up and when he did have sex, he couldn’t last a minute. sakarya escort Amrita was sexually unsatisfied and her mind and body craved a good fuck. She thought she deserved it. After all the hard work in her life, she deserved a man to take care of her needs.She was almost about to please herself, she felt her legs getting warm and moist, her hand sliding u*********sly toward her clit when she heard a knock on her door.“Ma’am, may I come in?”, Amrita snapped back to reality and it took her a few frantic seconds to compose herself and said, “What is it?”“Ma’am, it is the presentation you had asked me to finish”, said Aman.“Okay, come on in”, she replied. Aman walked into her office holding his laptop and instantly felt dreamy after smelling her fragrance again. The smell just took over him, every time.He kept the laptop at her desk and moved back. His eyes suddenly moved to his boss’s shirt and he couldn’t believe his eyes. The shirt was showing too much cleavage for her employee to take his eyes off. He sensed getting a boner and his manhood pressing against his trouser.Amrita looked up to speak to Aman and caught him staring at her breasts. She suddenly realized she had forgotten to close her button which was providing him too much of a view and was about to shout at him for such an act. She said, “AMAN”.She stopped for a few seconds. Her eyes drifted towards a big bulge in Aman’s trouser which did something to her. She said, “Aman…’s a well-made presentation, well done”.Aman couldn’t believe it, his boss giving someone praise, that was unheard of. He smiled and said a thank you rather too loudly and picked up his laptop. He quickly peeked at her breasts again and was surprised at her boss sitting back on her chair which made her shirt stretch a bit more and a devilish smile on her bosses lips.He turned back and left while covering his boner with his laptop. As soon as the door closed, Amrita stood up and her white face became red. She was having a flurry of emotions, she had never felt like this in a long time. She was confused, how could she let one of her employees behave like that? How could she behave like thatShe went to her washroom, feeling her clit becoming extremely wet and her head feeling dizzy. She looked at herself in the mirror and gazed in her deep black eyes for a minute and realized what she was thinking. Her body and mind had found who they wanted to be fucked by on her table.She was ready, it had to be done. She wanted a man to fuck her deep and hard and treat her rough like a slut. And she was not going to wait any longer.Amrita came out of the bathroom feeling both extremely horny and nervous. She felt herself getting goosebumps and butterflies flying in her stomach. She had newfound desires and the path to fulfilling her desires made her feel very, very exciting. Her thought process was suddenly broken by her phone ringtone.She snapped back into reality and went to pick up the call. It was her husband Deepak calling, “What the fuck does he want?”, she thought to herself. She wanted to ask him the same question but she didn’t. After all, she just loved the money way too much although she hated her husband.Even though he wasn’t loving, nor caring and most importantly couldn’t satisfy her sexual needs, she loved the luxurious life which his money bought. The expensive clothes, the jewelry, the travels – she loved it all. She replied, “Hi honey” in a very seductive voice.Deepak replied, “Babe, where are you, don’t you remember escort sakarya we have to go to a social party tonight? We’re getting late”.Amrita just realized her focus on Aman and her desires had her completely forget about the party. “Babe, I had some important work. I’ll be there soon”, she replied.Although she didn’t want to be at that party, she didn’t have a choice. She had to socially pretend to be truly in love with Deepak for her to continue receiving his money.She left the office hurryingly and went straight for her car where a driver was ready to open the door for her. “Jaldi karo”, she shouted and the man ran for his seat and started the car.“Oh, how I love dictating terms to men”, Amrita thought to herself and felt a small devilish smile on her face.She reached her house and climbed the big round wooden stairs to her room. Deepak was already there and almost ready. He seemed annoyed, he said in a loud voice, “Baby, I had tol..” but before he could finish, Amrita opened her t-shirt, threw it on the floor, stood face to face with her husband Deepak and ordered, “Shhhhhh.. suck them”.The annoyance on Deepak’s face disappeared in a second and he was about to put his lips on his wife’s tits when she moved back. Deepak moved forward but she pushed him back and said, “We are getting late, I am sure you can wait till we come back”.She turned back and was moving towards her locker and she thought to herself, “Huh, men!! I could do all I want with them”.She was just feeling very feisty and energetic. She was having too much fun. Normally at these parties, she would dress elegantly and get her husband home before he gets too drunk and starts making a mockery out of himself.But that night, she had different plans. She didn’t want to be the one taking all the care, the one sacrificing her happiness or time. She wanted to be free. She wanted no limitations on her that night.She opened her closet and bent down to open a trunk she hadn’t opened in years and took out all the clothes. She finally found what she was looking for – a red outfit, which she had only wore once in her initial years as an entrepreneur. She had bought it as a gift to herself.It was a red designer outfit that showed more of her amazing skin that what it covered. It was short and barely managed to cover her ass and showed off her goddess-like thighs and legs. It was held by only two small strings that were over her shoulders and showed her entire back and full cleavage.It was a dress which said, “Look at me and fuck me with your eyes!”She had only worn it once when she had to meet the CEO of another company to whom she wanted to sell the majority of her company’s shares. She had wooed him by her beauty and flirting and got the job done.She wanted to see if it would still work. She had a quick bath and changed into her outfit. She realized she had put on some weight and it only made the dress stick to her more and revealed more of her busty figure. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought to herself, “Oh what a slut I am! I feel so pure and free”.She put-on extra heels to make her look even sexier. She put on a dark red lipstick and said, “Perfect” while kissing at herself in the mirror.She was walking down the stairs when she could see Deepak sitting on the chair next to the bar and a bottle next to him. He already looked a bit drunk, but he got up and looked at her wife and even in his drunken state he could utter, “Wow, yoouu look stunning”.She wasn’t interested in him. sakarya escort bayan She knew he was far too drunk to be of any use to her.They got in the car and went to the banquet where the gathering was. She got down, Deepak followed her shabbily and they entered the hall. For a minute, the time just seemed to have frozen. Everyone noticed her, men couldn’t believe what they saw and women looked at her with jealousy. She just stood tall and confident.The host came by and shook their hands. Deepak saw his friends at the bar and immediately headed for some alcohol.Amrita was left all alone but tonight she didn’t mind that. She wanted to be hunted and preyed upon.She felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to see who it was. Priyanka – her college friend.Priyanka said, “Wow, look at you, you look so amazing. How do you maintain yourself and look like you are still in college, in fact, hotter I would say. I envy you”.Amrita laughed it out and said with a nice smile, “Thank you, Priyanka”.Amrita went around meeting people and all could do nothing but praise her beauty. But she couldn’t mind any less. All she wanted was a dick in her. She was over-horny, over-excited and all she wanted was a little bit of fun.She was just talking to a friend of her when she heard Deepak’s voice loudly. He clearly was in an argument with someone and overly drunk.She quickly went to where the noises came from and saw Deepak drunk and arguing with a friend of his. She was used to it, so were most of his friends and the people who knew him. It wasn’t that big a deal anymore.She immediately called for her vehicle and supported her husband to be escorted to the vehicle. Normally, she would have sat with her husband and made sure he was comfortable in bed. But not that night, she let the driver take him to the car and she excused herself from the party.She went to the car, in which she made the driver wait outside and said to her drunken unresponsive husband, “I am a slut and I want to be fucked like a whore. And since you don’t do it, someone else will. You good for nothing a##hole”.With that, she closed the door and told the driver to take Deepak home and come back asap. Their house was only a few minutes away. The driver told her he will be here in no time.Aman had had a very tiring day and was asleep soon after dinner at 9:30 pm. He was fast asleep when he was suddenly woken up by a call on his phone.“BOSS” was displayed on the phone. Aman looked at the time again. It was 11:30 pm. What does she want now? He thought. “Why would she call him now?”He cleared his throat and said, “Hi ma’am.”Amrita: Aman where are you?Aman: Asleep in my room ma’am.Amrita: There are some mistakes in your presentation. I want you to come to the office now and correct them. This work has to be done tonight.Aman (asked is horror): Ma’am, you mean right now?Amrita: Yes, I said right now. (a bit loudly this time).Aman: I will be there in 20 minutes.Amrita: Make it quick, I will be waiting. (And she hung up).Aman knew her boss was a workaholic but didn’t know she would ask him to come to the office at this time. Fuck my life, he thought to himself and got up to get ready.The vehicle arrived and the driver got down fast and opened the door for her. He didn’t want to anger this lady and not at this time.The driver asked, “Where to ma’am?”She replied, “Office, and tell them to open my office and everyone else to leave.”The driver nodded.Amrita was going to fulfill her desires tonight. She wanted to be treated like a slut, like a whore and fucked in all her holes. She wanted a cock in her mouth and her pussy, everywhere. She wanted someone to use her and satisfy her. And she had chosen Aman.For tonight, she was a whore and she loved it.To be continued.