The shower

30 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


The showerI knew I was gay from a being in my early to mid teens , my first experience was with a much older male I worked with when I was 16, and even though it was all new to me I realised it was what I wanted, not just then but for alwaysDespite that ,on meeting a new date or when first alone in the bedroom with a date I was sometimes a bit nervous…not much ….but a bit. However…one day I had an experience that was to stop that happening.I had made contact with someone who sounded very appealling and compatible and a rendezvous was arranged.I met him in the foyer of a hotel/motel type place and immediately went to his room. The nerves began to kick in eskişehir escort a bit but almost as soon as were in the room he began to strip off, said he was going for a shower and invited me to join him.As he strode towards the shower room I could clearly see his impressive manhood, flaccid but still impressive.I was soon stripped offmyself and he welcomed me with a ‘hello’ as I pulled back the shower curtain and joined him.Like myself he was fully shaved and from the start we were soaping and srubbing each other’s smooth bodies,we were soon kissing face to face and both us were getting extremely aroused.He turned me around and bent me over, eskişehir escort bayan his manhood almost nestling in the crack of my bottom. I fully expected him to mount me there and then, especially as he then parted my legs and I felt the index finger of one hand entre my rose, but he then put his other hand around me and began to give me hand relief,I could feel myself getting more and more excited…..He then paused and squirted shaving foam from behind onto his hand and then smearing all over my already shaved pubic area and this made the whole penile massage even more pleasurable. I tried I really did, but I could not resist and before escort eskişehir very long I was creaming, spurting like I had never experience before.I could not help but groan…and after he had completely emptied my sac he told me to stay where I was……I then felt some lubricant from a small tube being smeared on my rose, now all relaxed after my orgasm, he held my hips as his excited manhood entered me, it felt so good as he took me , he too found it hard to contain himself and he soon was groaning as he emptied himself into me ….after he had been pleasured we continued our shower, with more kissing following, then we dried each other off before laying on top of the bed………….the ice well and truly broken……and reader I can tell you I have found this introduction to work everytime for those nervous meets.In fact…this is the introduction I always initiate now……you might want to try it yourself sometime