The Sexual Awakening Part 6: Playing with Fire

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The Sexual Awakening Part 6: Playing with FireI awoke the next morning to an empty bed. I looked around and saw a note lying on the pillow next to me. “Sorry to screw and run, but I had an early call time this morning. Hope to see you again.” I began to replay the events on the previous night in my mind. I could feel myself getting hard just thinking about her soft skin, her firm breasts and most of all that wonderful pussy. How we tumbled out of the shower and collapsed on the bed. How she took immediate control and used me as nothing more than a tool to satisfy her carnal desire. The look of pure joy on her face as she bounced up and down on my throbbing cock. I can tell you one thing without hesitation, celebrities cum just as loud as normal people. I got dressed and made my way to the lobby and slipped outside konya escort with as much stealth as I could manage. I walked the dozen or so blocks home and saw my mother waiting for me. “Where were you Cameron?” she asked. “I was out with Ben, why?” I asked. “Oh really then why did Ben say he hadn’t seen you?” She said with her arms crossed. “I had to call Missy Cameron. To ask if she knew where you were. He grandmother just died and I had to scare her by saying you were missing. So now you’re gonna tell me the truth! Where were you?” I looked around in a panic. Hoping for any way out of my situation. “I was…umm…I was…” “He was with me.” Natalie said coming up from behind us. “Natalie why was my son with you last night?” she asked. “I’m sorry May I really am.” she said. “I broke up with my Boyfriend and konya escort bayan got drunk. The next thing I knew I was in Hogarth. I called Cameron, the only dependable guy I know to give me a ride home.” Mom looked at Natalie, then at me and smiled. “He is dependable isn’t he.” she said. “Come on in the both of you, I’ll make us all some breakfast.” As Mom walked inside I turned to Natalie. “Thank you so much, how can I repay you?” I asked. Natalie smiled a very devilish grin. “Oh I’ll think of something!” she said. “Oh god Cameron…oh FUCK!” Natalie screamed as she rode me. My heart was pounding, my ears were ringing and my head ached but I didn’t care. I had my cock stuffed to the hilt in some of the greatest pussy and the most amazing body this side of a certain Hollywood Starlet who shall hencwforth escort konya remain nameless pressed against me. “Oh I don’t wanna move, just keep fucking me!” She moaned and I was happy to oblige. As I stared deep into Natalie’s eyes I could see her devotion to me, a certain obedience that both frightened and flattered me. “Are you going to come?” she asked. “What about you?” I said. “Do you want me too?” “Yes please.” “Oh GOD I’m Cumming!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. “Now you.” she said nodding. I was about to pull out when she pulled me closer. “No, inside!” she screamed. “I tried to stop my ejaculation, but like Sisyphus rolling his Boulder up a hill my effort was futile. I came so hard I could feel it in my back. Natalie smiled as she fell away from me. “Oh god you came in my brain!” she said. lying spread Eagle on the floor. “Please tell me you’re on Birth control.” I said. “No I stopped after we first hooked up, get ready to be a Daddy!” she said. I quickly got dressed and ran for the Hills. “Oh great, now what am I gonna do?!” I said